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Jalya - Chapter One: Hobbits

O - Foolsday, Yanissir 15th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: All the way you'll hear what they've heard on their journey. The man who left is the Duke of Outer Cybaria, and he is angry with the Lady diAiul for not demanding more troops. He wants her to convince the Sidhe and Elves to help in
the fight against the Ibarite heretics, and she refuses. You've never heard of her, but they tell you that her brother just recently died, and she is the new Countess. She is a good friend to the Sidhe and the Elves.
Jalya: hmm
GM: It's going to be some time before you get to Stanshyre. Anything you want to do in particular?
Jalya: I assume that during the journey, I find a staff (slightly taller than me)
GM: yes.
Jalya: each night before sleeping I'll whittle the staff a bit w/ my knife, and add items that I may have found along the way, attaching things like feathers, braided locks of my hair, etc.
* Jalya will tell Larn in some detail the battle, but not how she managed to get involved in it.
GM: And you explain that the glacier is why the humans are having a drought, right? Although it's funny, since the battle occurred when these people offended the river god, so the glacier is enacting his punishment.
Jalya: yeah I explain all that
GM: [what one thing do you want to study with them also?]
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: [can hobbits do magick?]
GM: [they're faeries, so yes they can learn it. hobbits excel with Actor]
Jalya: [I want to raise my actor]
GM: The other hobbits, btw are named: Arny (the redhead), Cole (he mumbles), Hamm (skinny), Deece (gap toothed)
* Deece will laugh when you mention the river god. "That's where we're goin'. Yeah. Right Cole." and he nudges Cole.
Jalya: "I'd almost forgotten what it's like to be around other Fae."
Arny: "You stay out in the wild too long."
Jalya: "well.. considering most of my childhood, I suppose I'm comfortable with it. And being with Zalith makes it more fun."
Jalya: "I like oscillating between the two environments, tho. We can communicate, you know..."
Larn: "Where is your kitty friend, by the way?"
Jalya: "He wanted to stay away from cities for a while. I think it might be his purpose to teach me how to communicate with other animals."
O - Foolsday, Yanissir 22nd - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: When you get to the place where the river splits, you follow the lesser Baudiin into Ityrre, and almost immediately walk into the Hobbit settlement there. You're passed through the small gates with no hassle, and get the strange impression of height. It wasn't as noticeable with just 5, but a whole village of short men and women is strange to you. You stand a full head above everyone here. If you don't stop them, the children will braid your hair as you walk. Once you've passed the fourth rounded hill you're completely lost in the dirt paths. The Hobbits do not look lost at all.
Jalya: "Is it just me, Larn, or have I become conspicuous?"
* Jalya lets them braid it
GM: You resist the urge to climb some of the lower hills, realizing that most have doors inset on them like cellars.
GM: When you find where they're going, a place without any paths worn by bare Hobbit feet, your hair is decorated like your staff, braided tightly.
GM: Cole will chuckle
* Jalya feels like dancing
Jalya: :) can I make myself appear hobbit height?
GM: you're not tall yourself, so you could hunch down, but they don't seem to notice. In fact, you miss a little of their
conversation because they talk under you.
Jalya: "want me to braid your hair, Cole?"
GM: He'll shy away. Hamm grins wide and nudges him.
Jalya: heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee
Larn: "I thought Ormal was meeting us here."
Deece: "I told you he would be late."
* Larn bellows "Jooooohhhhhhnnnn!"
* Jalya looks
GM: After Hamm bugs him Cole wanders off, looking at the hills carefully.
Jalya: we still out side?
GM: yes. this is apparently undeveloped land. It must be why the Larn and his men took passage on the ship. They're buying land here.
Jalya: I see
GM: The children didn't follow you here, but you hear them giggling down the paths.
GM: A pot bellied Hobbit stumbles around the hill. He's smoking a thin, hand-rolled cigarette. "I told you I would be here." he says, shrugging and giving Larn a goofy grin. Larn just turns and walks among the hills.
Jalya: "This is wonderful."
* Cole is shaking his head.
* Hamm is edging his way to you, stopping when Larn turns to look at John Ormal.
Larn: "You said burrow John, not garbage dump."
Jalya: lol
* John drops the butt leaving it to smolder on the dewy grass.
* Jalya stamps it out
GM: Cole mumbles in Larn's ear, Hamm edges closer.
Larn: "How do I know you'll have enough for what we're buying?"
John: "I told you I can cover you. My mother is letting me take some of..."
* Larn just waves him off. "Dwarves drive a hard bargain. And who d'you think has to carry it back down."
Jalya: "some of what?"
* John looks at you, and his eyes just nearly bug out of his head.
* Jalya smiles
Hamm: "Can I pick your jaw up, Ormal?"'
Jalya: heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee
* Cole laughs hard and starts coughing.
* Larn keeps a straight face. "I won't give you more than 3 for this. I don't care what your mom gave you."
* John gives a sad mug to Larn, but you see him looking at you out of the corner of his eye.
* Jalya winks
GM: His knobby fingers are already smoothing out a leaf to roll another cigarette.
Jalya: (He's not attractive to me, but I'll let him think that I think he is.)
John: "I got it in gold. I know they have silver up there so they want gold." he licks the leaf and tightens the cigarette
up. "So I got it in gold."
Hamm: "Have you met our friend Jalya? She's coming with us."
* Jalya extends her hand
John: "Oh she is!" he takes your hand and brings it up for a kiss. "It will be fun then."
Deece: "She's taking your mount John."
John: "Then how are we getting to Mohr'Kaidann?"
* Larn just grins at him
Jalya: "I'm not used to being in this form... I've been a lynx for the past 5 months"
John: "Yeah, she won't need a mount."
Jalya: :)
GM: Larn walks to him, putting an arm around his shoulder and leading him off. He shakes his head. "John, you wouldn't expect a lady to walk all the way to Mohr'Kaidann. That would be unseemly."
John: "But..."
Larn: "And you can make sure that the goblins don't come and mess up your land... before we buy it, right?"
John: "And my dad said..."
Jalya: <to Hamm> "I think I could convince him to agree w/ Larn's price."
* Hamm just grins. "He's lucky Larn is letting him have 3 barrels. We may not even buy this place, so he'll have to buy his 3."
Jalya: "Is it really that bad?"
Hamm: "It's okay. John Ormal is just an idiot."
GM: Cole is kicking around and digging some of the grass up. Deece follows after Larn, getting rid of John.
Jalya: "I think I can get him to take 2."
Cole: "... 'nother week a'work... find a crew before we go ..."
Hamm: "We just want him to front the money. Larn has an Elf friend."
Jalya: "what's that, Cole?"
* Cole just shakes his head, keeping it down.
Hamm: "He's afraid of you. You're too pretty."
* Jalya blushes
Jalya: "Thank you..."
GM: Larn and Deece come back, smiling and trying not to laugh.
Jalya: "Good news?"
Deece: "Nymph wouldn' sing for that if she were starved for love!"
GM: Larn gives him a quick Sh! and then says "We have mounts arranged and can leave for Mohr'Kaidann tonight. Unless you want to rest."
Jalya: "I'd like to take in the town a bit, actually."
* Deece shrugs and starts to set up camp.
Larn: "Not much to see, but we're in no hurry."
* Cole will go and mumble in his ear, Larn's grin grows to a full fledged smile.
Jalya: "Do hobbits have anything like that meaded milk?"
Hamm: "We will when we get to Mohr'Kaidann. The old Sheriff was a devoutly sober man."
Larn: "Feh. Good thing we're willing to haul it down."
Jalya: "I suppose it can wait 'til the soon after."
* Jalya spreads her blanket out on the grass
GM: With Cole helping, a fire is lit and Hamm fetches a snared rabbit, skinned in a brief moment, and sizzling on a spit. The sky here is clearer than you expected this close to the Cauldron. The stars are starting to peek out of the sky, and the balanced moon is rising.
Jalya: "Why do we cook our food?"
* Larn will frown at you. He has a small pot of what looks like jam, and he's spooning it over the browning meat.
Deece: "We're not savages."
* Jalya Stares into the sky, and blows a kiss to the moon
GM: Cole has his pipe out, the largest you've seen. He takes a coal from the fire to light it.
Jalya: "I suppose I have been spending too much time w/ Zalith...."
Larn: "You live in the world. You should see more of it."
Cole: "... sneaky Elves... "
Jalya: "The wild is a world too, but it's very different."
Deece: "And I like the parties."
Jalya: "what was that Cole?"
Hamm: "You make yourself sick on parties."
Jalya: "Parties are good"
Larn: "Can you find your way back to Gynnlyn's?"'
Deece: "I'm not the one who was singing that bawdy song on the boat, barfing the chorus into the sea."
Jalya: "But so is savoring the blood of the groundhog you've just caught and killed with your teeth."
Hamm: "How can you stand that mannish goat piss of a beer?"
* Cole sticks his tongue out, making a disgusted face.
* Deece falls over laughing and takes Cole's pipe.
Hamm: "Hey you have to share!"
Jalya: "what are you smoking?"
* Cole fumbles in a pouch tied close to his belt. "... out'a the desert ..."
* Larn shushes everyone and stands up, looking around.
* Jalya listens intently
* Cole winks at you and hands you a leather bundle. It smells... skunky...
* Hamm takes the pipe from Deece.
* Jalya opens the pouch
Deece: "An Eshu sold it to him." in a cloud of smoke.
* Larn seems satisfied nobody's listening and sits back down "Cole has been farther than any Hobbit I know."
Jalya: "really..."
GM: It's a thick pungent bud just wrapped in a square of worn leather. There is a circle branded on it, with an eye in the
Cole: "... And I saw the god there too... "
Jalya: do I recognize the symbol?
GM: nope.
* Hamm is now nudging you with the pipe.
GM: If you don't take it, Larn will reach across to get it...
* Jalya takes it
Jalya: "uhh... now what..?"
* Larn will hold a coaled stick to light it for you.
GM: You will probably hack your head off on the first hit, especially if you inhale well.
Jalya: "ph"
Jalya: "oh"
Jalya: >pheewwwoooooooooooooooooooooooot!<
GM: This, of course, makes all but Larn fall back and laugh.
GM: Larn smokes with you, and by the time it's ashed everyone has water and some of the rabbit. Cole produces some small sweetcakes from his pack, placing them by the fire to warm. It feels wonderful to sleep here under the stars. It's
breezy, but with the hills there's always a nook to curl up in. And, you feel perfectly safe as well
Jalya: :)
) - Windsday, Yanissir 23rd - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Next morning you'll wake to the sound of the Hobbits packing.
* Jalya bops
Jalya: "What kind of mounts will we have?"
* Deece grins "Hamm tried to get goats, but Larn found good donkeys for only 15 silver."
Jalya: :)
Jalya: "You are quite the businessman, Larn."
Hamm: "No donkey's worth three silver if you can't eat it."
GM: Cole comes back with waterskins full and some dried meats, and once you've finished your morning sticky bun they're packed and ready to go.
GM: it takes you a moment to get packed. this is more than you've carried in a while. you're carrying an extra waterskin' plus some extra food, just in case hunting is bad in the lowlands.
Jalya: "Let's go, guys."
GM: The kids are running around like heathens
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: if any of the try braiding my hair today I'll belt them one. (actually, I won't, but she's in a mood today)
GM: you're glad to be away from their screaming when you get into the open hills.
Jalya: has it been dry up here too?
GM: yes
) - Fireday, Yanissir 25th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: you make excellent time, and when you get back to Sarinilar you have your donkeys waiting at an inn.
Jalya: "this doesn't look much like I remember it..."
GM: Hamm and Deece take down several birds with carefully aimed stones before you get into town, then wait while Larn is dickering over a price with the innkeeper.
Jalya: :)
GM: It's not so pleasant looking around these parts, tho' you haven't been around in a long time. You're sure you're about 4 days from Gynnlyn's treehouse.
GM: Business is slow, so the boys fetch a low price.
Jalya: :)
Jalya: will I have my own room?
GM: There is a pair of bitter looking men by the hearth, one of them polishing a notchy bronze short sword.
Cole: "... wouldn't sleep there ..."
* Larn just shakes his head.
Jalya: "Maybe next time."
Hamm: "Loell says there's been goblins seen around here just yesterday."
Jalya: "that makes me feel better."
Larn: "I don't want to stop if we can help it."
Cole: "... nearly no moon ... perfect cover... "
Jalya: "good cover for ambushes tho."
Jalya: are the dour men talking?
GM: yes. They're complaining about the goblins. You're very close to Ordo here
Jalya: "we're four days from Gynnlyn's... you expect us to not stop for the night, Larn?"
* Larn glances towards the two men, then says "We wouldn't want to keep her waiting..."
Jalya: "Ok... let's go..."
GM: Money is exchanged quickly, and you go to the stables to pack supplies on the donkeys. Larn looks nervous.
Deece: "They'll be right behind us."
Jalya: "Who? What aren't you telling me, Larn?"
Larn: "Those men. And goblins will be right behind them. The dark eyed one killed a goblin warlord."
* Jalya whispers "what do they have against us?"
Larn: "We don't need them charging us for protection. Let them take care of their own trouble."
Jalya: "ok... let's go"
GM: You lead your donkeys to the road and mount up, taking a quiet pace towards the little village. A sign reading Du'lak is just yards from the first homestead, with no population mark or pennon. When you pass the house it's blackened and abandoned.
* Jalya reaches into her pack and grabs the jar that Gynn gave her, opening it
GM: the wax cracks and crumbles to the ground. Inside is a small amount of a peachy colored cream or paste.
Jalya: can I tell what it does? [0 successes]
GM: no idea.
GM: The next field has the charred remains of a wagon still smoldering in a field. A slaughtered calf lies in the dooryard.
Jalya: "we should pick up the pace, guys... this is nothing like I remember it looking like."
GM: Larn and Cole agree.
* Jalya puts the lid back on
GM: Hamm suggests you go around the village, just in case, but Larn decides it would be faster to through. No need to stop.
Jalya: "I'm happier not finding what did this..."
* Jalya speeds up
GM: When you close in on the square you see the smoking remnants of a bonfire, small scraps of dark red and green banners at the edges.
Jalya: have I seen the banners before?
GM: Yes, they're Ibarite flags. It looks like a battle happened here, and the Ibarites lost. You don't see and Imperial Tambran pennons either.
Jalya: "fye"
Jalya: [clarify: You don't see and Imperial Tambran pennons either.]
GM: [that means this town was attacked and maybe taken over by Ibarites, but they were then defeated, but not necessarily by the Tambrans who they took it from.]
Jalya: hmm
GM: In fact, you know this is about a week old, and if anyone's left they should be filtering into the town within the week.
Jalya: hmm...
* Jalya picks up the pace
GM: if you go any faster you'll be running.
GM: Just as you get to the other side you see two piles of junk, vague in the dark starlight.
Jalya: "wait..."
* Deece sniffs the air. "Goblins..."
* Jalya stops, holds up her hand and listens intently [2 successes - alertness(5)]
GM: You can hear a horse back just after the sign. Those men must have followed.
Larn: "They must have a hunting beast with them."
Cole: "... hunting he says..."
Jalya: "sh.."
Deece: "Gor! it's a big one."
* Jalya whispers: "Something's behind us"
Jalya: is there an alley we can sneak down?
GM: no, you're outside of the village proper. you're just over a quarter mile into farmland.
Larn: "Keep your wits about you."
Jalya: so we're in the open
GM: yes. and there is only a sliver of moonlight.
Jalya: "Do you have any weapons?"
GM: All of them have small rocks in their hands. Deece has a short sword at his side, ready to draw.
* Jalya unslings her bow, but keeps moving
GM: Larn leads you on, Hamm and Deece flanking you, but hanging back a bit. Cole lingers
Jalya: "Do you know what he's doing? Does he have a plan?"
Jalya: [3 successes - alertness(6)]
GM: You hear a faint creak, and look to your left. The pile of junk on that side shifts just slightly, but you hear the groan of a stretching line.
Hamm: "We hope nobody notices us..."
Deece: "What?"
Larn: "Sh!"
* Jalya stops when she hears the creak
* Jalya motions everyone else to stop
GM: It continues, just faintly. Larn motions impatiently for you to keep moving. Someone is winding something out there.
* Jalya looks for a wire across the path
Jalya: "wait a sec..." [1 success - investigation(8)]
GM: No, you don't see one.
* Jalya keeps moving
Cole: "... hiding over there..."
* Jalya whispers "where?'
* Larn nudges his donkey and turns. You see him look out at the junk pile to your right.
GM: [initiative]
GM: Larn and his boys raise up and fling stones towards the junk pile -
* Jalya nocks an arrow
GM: You hear shouts and two Goblins fall back out of range.
GM: There's a thunk behind you and a badly aimed ballista bolt whooshes out into the darkness.
Jalya: "I hate battle"
GM: Well, unfortunately for the goblins your bow can hit much further than a thrown rock. You've stopped, yes?
Jalya: when that balista shot went by my head.
GM: It was wide, they were aiming for the donkeys.
* Jalya shoots towards the goblins [0 successes - Archery(7)]
GM: Ouch. They're pretty far out, and it is dark.
GM: You hear them winding the ballista again.
Jalya: I mostly just wanted them to know that we aren't defenseless.
GM: Cole is mumbling to himself, Deece and Hamm toss a few more rocks out, then turn their attentions to the ballista. Larn is taking aim.
Jalya: "duck"
GM: There's a shrill whistle from where the ballista is hidden.
* Jalya readies another arrow
GM: Deece and Hamm circle around, watching both sides. Larn sidearms his rock into the darkness...
Jalya: "when you hear it stop winding, run"
GM: the rock ricochets of some wooden framework.
GM: Hamm throws another into the darkness behind you, but you don't hear it connect.
* Jalya fires towards the ballista (trying blindly to hit what's winding it) [2 successes, - archery(8)]
GM: Larn tosses another w/o aiming.
Jalya: mind you, she doesn't want to kill... but blindly firing could produce that result.
GM: You hear a goblin cry out, and when he stands his eyes shine in the little shred of moonlight you have. Larn's rock beans him in the head and he falls back.
[05:28] GM: [Initiative]
Jalya: can I hear the ballista being wound?
GM: the winding is starting to slow.
* Jalya fires one more arrow, same target [1 success, - archery(8)]
GM: he fell back, so you have to guess where he is.
GM: Cole knocks a flint and steel together, creating bright sparks under his chin. "Try it agin' I sez" he shouts, the loudest you've ever heard him speak.
GM: You hear the groan of the line go quiet, then the lever is thrown. There is a loud snap, then a twang and you hear a
goblin cry out.
Jalya: "Run"
GM: Larn and Hamm take off, Cole goes to slap Deece's donkey because he's hanging back to throw more rocks. There is a gurgling from the dark shadows - apparently the ballista line snapped.
* Jalya runs
Jalya: heehee
Jalya: [4 successes - [Alertness(6)]
GM: Something large is above you, flying. swooping rather. you can hear the throaty grumble of a gryphon.
GM: Another shrill whistle from the darkness, this time from the right.
* Jalya looks up, and tries to get it to help us
GM: Larn gives a short shout and he and Hamm start a heavy gallop onward. Deece is just now back on track, with Cole right behind him.
Jalya: [2 successes - Enigmas(7)]
GM: It seems like the goblins control the gryphon
GM: [init]
GM: The gryphon strafes the road just behind you, raising a storm of dust and ash around you. Deece cries out as it snatches a lock of his hair.
GM: Hamm is leaning precariously on his speeding donkey, pulling rocks out of every conceivable place, hurling them out at the shadows.
Jalya: ok, I try to wing it
GM: Okay, are you maintaining a gallop? Larn and Hamm are, and Deece and Cole will be next turn. In fact, unless they find quick mounts now, you will lose the goblins easily.
Jalya: no... but I am moving fast (will be at gallop when the others are)
GM: okay, so you're sticking w/ D & C.
Jalya: yeah
Jalya: [Botch - archery(9)]
[05:49] Jalya: >Botch<
GM: Oh no!
GM: The gryphon comes out of his ascent after the first dive, and makes his way towards one of the junk piles. When it turns towards you, you fire - hitting it directly in the eye. The chunk of wood it grabbed flies out of its grip. It reels back and crashes onto the ground, pinning at least one goblin, probably two or three.
Jalya: :)
GM: Deece and Cole catch up to you and you all charge on. You hear horses catching up and a man's voice shouting "Get the gryphon!"
* Jalya gets outta here
GM: The hardy donkeys run with all their might, panicked into flight reflex. Just as you get out of earshot, you hear the
gryphon's screams as the men butcher it.
Jalya: [3 successes - Conviction(7) - and also gains 1 temp Reverie]
GM: alright. you know it was wrong to let the beast be murdered instead of set free, but it was an accident. hitting it in the eye ruined it for hunting anyway, so it's out of its misery.
Jalya: I was defending myself... it was attacking me. and if we had turned back, the men would have hacked us for it. and that would have been more killing. I did want to communicate with it first.
GM: Exactly. But you can still feel the faint tinge of regret - the Reverie's punishment for innocence lost.
GM: The donkeys will race until the moon is near setting, but no further. There's no water to be found for an hour, so you're forced to squeeze some extra water for them to keep them going.
Jalya: eek.
GM: Deece finally dowses a spot for you, and Hamm and Larn will set up camp while Cole leads the donkeys to drink. You were nearly exhausted near the end of the battle, but now you're just melancholy.
Jalya: "I hate battle."
GM: Summer is nearing end, and in the high mountains it is probably already cold.
Jalya: <to Larn> "We'll be heading into my dominion soon."
Larn: "How long has it been, Jalya?"
Jalya: "About a year, actually..."
Larn: "I hear there were troubles recently."
Jalya: "Zalith and I took off last spring, and just headed northward..."
Jalya: "Remember the battle I told you about? It took place there - Mohr'Kaidann"
Larn: "There was a dragon star that night, I hear."
Jalya: "Probably... I don't remember much about the sky... just the horror..."
Larn: "The sky is still your surest sign."
Jalya: "I know... but that's one night I try very hard to forget."
* Jalya wraps one of the banners around her
GM: you and the Hobbits have set up camp, and you can feel the chill of summer's end nearing
* Jalya stares into the fire
) - Waterday, Yanissir 26th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: The next morning you wake up later than usual. Larn and Cole are gone, and Deece is still asleep. He must have had last watch. Hamm and Arny are tending the fire and working on breakfast.
Jalya: <somberly> "Hi guys..."
Hamm: "Good morning. Thought you'd never wake up."
* Arny gives you a half-hearted grin. "Larn is trying to throw those awful Mannish hunters off our trail."
Jalya: "I was having disturbing dreams about last night."
Hamm: "I'm not surprised."
Jalya: "I feel terrible about it, but there was nothing else I could do..."
* Arny shrugs. "At least it's not a prisoner now."
* Jalya grins
* Hamm grins wide. "Helluva shot though."
* Arny shushes him
Jalya: "I suppose that's true... I guess..."
* Jalya shudders
Jalya: "I wish Zalith were here..."
GM: The fire is blazing now, and Hamm puts a small copper pot on to boil water.
Arny: "Yeah, where did your four-footed friend go?"
Jalya: "He needed to go visit is lord, and if I went along, they may think that he'd taken the role of 'pet'. That would be bad. This is the first time I really missed him... maybe I've become emotionally attached to him... "
Jalya: "so... what's for breakfast?"
Hamm "Hopefully a rabbit, if Larn's aim is still as good as it used to be."
Arny "His lord?" his eyes get quite serious.
Jalya: "He's quite intelligent... we communicate telepathically."
Jalya: mm... rabbit
Jalya: "Maybe I'll just hunt."
GM: Hamm gets wooden cups from his pack and starts to sprinkle some morning herbs. "You want tea Jalya?"
* Jalya grins, and changes to lynx form
* Jalya shakes her head
* Jalya jumps up to Hamm
* Hamm giggles.
* Jalya purrs
GM: He'll pat you on the head, but Arny frowns at him. "She's not a pet." Arny seems a tad nervous for some reason. not badly, but definitely more careful.
Hamm: "Aw hell, but I han't seen a Pook' in ages."
* Jalya jumps down and skitters off into the fields, stopping to "merrow" at them after about 5 feet
GM: When you pick your path and wander into the light woods you see Arny whispering in Hamm's ear. Hamm's grin falters, and his eyes widen.
* Jalya goes searching for a rabbit - it's likely they'll cook it... ruins the taste. :) [3 successes - survival(6)]
GM: The pickings are slim, and you almost consider having a mouse or maybe swatting a bird. But then you find some old burrows, which means there must be something near. You dig out the third burrow you find and smell the leavings of baby rabbits, several weeks old. Smells like they left through a different hole. You search around some and nearly step on a cottontail shuddering in the late summer grass.
Jalya: is it an infant, or an adult?
GM: It bolts, but you're on it faster than a tick on a dog. [no, it's just grown]
* Jalya licks her chops
Jalya: will it be enough to feed everyone?
GM: no. it's just enough for you, assuming you catch it.
* Jalya chases the beast [0 Successes - athletics(7)]
GM: you're right on its heels, swerving and dodging around the trees when it finally gives you the slip, diving under a rock.
* Jalya continues the chase after the miscalculated lunge
GM: You paw at the rock, hoping to dig out enough to get to it, but the ground here is very rocky.
* Jalya stops and goes around to the front of the rock
Jalya: hmm
GM: Then you hear some footsteps approaching from the southeast.
Jalya: =^. .^=
* Jalya climbs a tree near the rock.
* Jalya keeps an eye out for the rabbit escaping too
GM: You scrabble your way up, trying to look as natural as you can. are you going to hide, or just look like a forest creature?
Jalya: just be a creature... I can hide later if need be
* Jalya looks around to see what might be nearing
GM: You hear a booming laugh, and you now see a helmeted head coming around a rise. The man climbs over the rise, and behind him is a shorter man - the two men from the Inn at Du'lak.
GM: "I can't believe they left such a prize behind!" says the first.
[04:58] GM: The second man must be his retainer, since he's carrying the bulk of the gear. "Where do you think they went to?"
1st: "They can't be far. Halfers don't travel very fast."
Retainer: "I don't think it's a good idea to pester Fae folk, Baru. Even if they're just halfers."
Jalya: hmm   just halfers indeed
Baru: "But the pretty girl with them. She's no halfer..."
* Jalya listens
GM: His retainer pauses to reshoulder his heavy pack. "I dunno what sorta faerie she could be."
* Baru stops, about 12 yards from where you are. He holds a hand up for his retainer to be silent.
* Jalya crouches
Jalya: [2 successes - alertness(7)]
GM: You can see the bunny poking just a whisker out of its hole.
* Baru gives a finger twitch signal to his retainer, who hands him an arrow. Baru notches the arrow and sidesteps slightly.
Jalya: can I leap to the rock from here? [4 successes - athletics(6)]
GM: You leap down onto the rock, startling both the bunny and the retainer. Baru lets the arrow loose - but it sticks into bare ground as the prey recedes back into hiding.
Baru: "Blast!" he motions for another arrow, his eyes fixed on you.
* Jalya hisses and growls [Botch - Intimidation(8)]
GM: The retainer regains his composure and hands Baru an arrow. Baru chuckles and draws, aiming carefully.
* Jalya growls again
Jalya: [2 successes - athletics(6)]
GM: You leap forward from the rock just as his fingers loose the string, the arrow wizzing just over your head. The retainer cries out. Baru stands his ground, scowling.
GM: [initiative]
GM: You're now just a few feet from him, but he's faster than he seems. He turns sideways just as you charge towards him, making his profile much narrower.
* Jalya runs between his legs, and then cuts left and hides in the under brush. the idea here is to wait him out... that's my breakfast he's after
GM: when you dodge towards him he reaches down to grab you.
[05:17] Jalya: [4 successes - athletics(5)]
GM: You slip between his legs, and just as you get past you feel him tug on your tail, pulling you backwards.
[05:18] Jalya: what?
Baru: "Gotcha!"
GM: With one hand he holds you steady, and he works his second hand up to the scruff of your neck. You see his retainer coming, rustling thru his pack. [might(6) to escape]
* Jalya executes one of those amazing cat U-turns and claws the shit out of his arm. [3 successes - unarmed(4)]
GM: You whip around, hissing and spitting, and draw a long gash on his wrist.
Jalya: wooHOO!! does he loosen his grip any?
GM: His grip is like iron, though, and he nearly has you pinned. You see his retainer come up with a sap.
* Jalya panics
* Jalya tries to get at his face [3 successes - unarmed(5) + Willpower point]
Baru: "Feisty little critter..." His second hand finally manages to pin you, but he has to roll you sideways. This gives you a perfect chance which you take, slashing up at his face. He jerks back just in time to save his eye as you scratch across his forehead. He growls and tightens his grip, then throws you.
Baru: "Fye! I'll have this one broken!"
Jalya: yikes [3 successes - athletics(5)]
GM: Fortunately his throw is awkward. you can try to land harmlessly.
GM: You twist in the air and push off of the tree he threw you at, then land running with him right behind you.
* Jalya runs into the underbrush
GM: [initiative]
GM: You charge into the underbrush, zigzagging just enough to throw him off your trail. He's right behind you at first, but soon his size proves to be a hindrance.
Baru: "ARROW Gant! Give me ARROWS!"
* Jalya evades, making triple "merrow" sounds
Jalya: "merow-row-merow" [2 successes - subterfuge(4)]
GM: you zag once more, then skid to a halt as your mews echo back. Baru blunders up to you, breaking through the cover, then looking around. He spots your trail and starts to pad slowly towards you.
* Jalya doesn't move
GM: He peers over you, then around you. "Cats don't burrow..." he scratches his head, then wipes blood and sweat from his eyes.
* Jalya doesn't move
* Gant comes up behind him, panting and trying to hand him an arrow. "We'd better go Baru. I think I know where the halfer's went."
Jalya: !  shoulda stayed put
* Baru grumbles "Shoulda snapped 'er neck!"
GM: Gant tugs on his arm impatiently, and Baru spins and smacks him, sending him back a step.
* Jalya is not moving
Baru: "Those halfers will be in plenty of trouble soon enough, and we'll be there just in time to help." He makes one more cursory search, then gives up, and the two of them walk on.
* Gant is nursing a sore jaw.
GM: Just as their lumbering steps fade to echoes you feel your glamour starting to fade.
Jalya: ok...
Jalya: lynxes can run fast, right?
GM: not necessarily any faster than a human, but you can take advantage of paths they can't
* Jalya sprints back to the camp
GM: they may see or hear you, it's hard to be fast and quiet
Jalya: if I see them then I'll worry... Gant may not know for certain where we are. I'll try to take the trails, staying near to the underbrush in case I glimpse them
GM: When you get back to the camp you see that they've spitted 3 rabbits on the fire and Deece is awake, sipping tea. Hamm and Larn are playing knucklebones in the dirt.
* Jalya sprints in to camp, and quickly (and unmodestly) changes to human form
* Arny looks up as you charge in, breathless. "Hello? Are you okay?"
* Jalya gasps for air
* Larn drops the bones and peers at you. "You're being chased..."
Jalya: "they.. think... they know... where... we are..."
Jalya: "water..?"
GM: Cole mumbles incoherently. Hamm grins goofily "Who does?" Deece gets up and hands you a freshly filled skin.
Jalya: "the humans"
* Jalya guzzles
Larn: "You mean those fools from Du'lak?"
* Jalya nods quickly, still swallowing
GM: By now your knees finally stop shaking, and your breathing is getting under control.
Jalya: "they attacked me. I was hunting, and they were after my breakfast"
Cole: "... in th' head... know what's best for 'm...
* Larn shushes Cole. "Let's move then."
Hamm: "I'm with Cole. I'm not afraid of some human."
Jalya: "My back hurts... bastard really wrangled me."
* Cole holds a hand up. "shhh..."
GM: you can hear them coming now, much quieter than their earlier blundering
* Jalya quietly slips towards her belongings and grabs a banner to wrap herself in
* Jalya whispers to Larn "they're coming"
GM: Larn and Cole start packing up, gathering the half cooked meat and putting out the fire. Deece and Hamm gather rocks.
Jalya: "Don't, guys... let's just go... I don't want to have to kill man folk today""
GM: Their footsteps stop - you know they're at least 30-40 yards away, but the exact direction is difficult to figure.
Jalya: "shhh"
* Jalya raises her hand [3 successes - investigation(8)]
GM: You can hear them making camp themselves, being as quiet as they can, but not quiet enough.
GM: With the camp broken, Larn distributes everything, and signs for everyone to quietly move on.
Cole: "... teach 'em ..."
* Jalya whispers to Larn "they're making camp"
* Cole bites the end of his thumb and drips three drops of blood into the ashes. As each hits, you see faint sparkles in the dust.
* Jalya whispers to Hamm: "Any of that bunny for me?"
GM: Hamm can't seem to keep his eyes off of you.
Jalya: of course not, he just saw me naked.
GM: But Larn hushes you and gestures more aggressively, whispering "Come on, we need a cold trail."
* Jalya mouths "coming" and follows [1 success - stealth(6)]
GM: You all pad carefully out of the clearing, leading the donkeys as far in the middle of the dirt road as possible. Once you've gone several yards, down past the bend in the road, Larn motions for you to pick up the pace. It's getting a little
greener as you go, and the woods thin out a bit.
Jalya: when we get far enough away, I ask Cole "what did you do back there?"
* Cole grins "Just a parting gift..."
* Jalya giggles
* Hamm giggles "Yeah, something they won't forget when they find our camp."
Arny: "I think if we want to just bypass Pawlosz we can cut a nearly a day's worth of travel."
Larn: "I think we should let Jalya decide, since she knows the way."
Jalya: "Yeah... let's just get to Gynn's... No time for dilly dally now..."
Jalya: "Is there any of those rabbits left?'
* Hamm takes one from his pack and unwraps it, tearing off pieces. He hands you a leg. "Bet you're hungry after that."
GM: Cole takes one out himself, and gives half to Larn.
* Jalya takes it with a thankful grin
Jalya: "I am... and I would have had Bunny Tar Tar if they hadn't wandered up."
Hamm: "Shoulda just stuck around. Better than being chased by oafish humans."
Jalya: "Humans are too violent, Hamm."
* Jalya munches Is it rare enough?
GM: Rarer than most would have. not bad, but it would probably be better either cooked or raw, instead of in between
Jalya: I'll deal...
- Moonday, Yanissir 28th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: It's another couple of days before you find the woods where Gynn's tree is. It's grown up quite a bit around here, and with Pawlosz shrinking, there are fewer men out here looking for lumber.
Jalya: Good
* Jalya hugs Gynn's tree
Jalya: "Ahh... home"
GM: Gynn floats out of the higher branches, glowing a faint lavender.
Gynn: "Hello child!"
Jalya: "Hi, beautiful."
* Jalya twirls her hair
* Jalya kisses Gynn on the cheek
Jalya: "this is Larn..."
GM: Gynn floats down to his face level. "How is the Lady these days? I hear she took ill."
* Jalya can't get a smile off her face
* Larn smiles "Quite the contrary - it seems she had hidden herself away. She wishes you to know of her new daughter, who she has named for you."
* Gynn'Lynn floats backwards in a somersault, giggling. "A new baby girl!" she squeals.
* Jalya claps and jumps up & down
Jalya: "How sweet... Larn, you didn't tell me that."
* Larn blushes a bit. "I was bound by oath to tell none but Gynn. It doesn't hurt that you just happened to be here."
Gynn: "I say we celebrate!" she says. You see the tree reach up as if stretching from a long nap, and the leaves grow just the slightest bit thicker.
Jalya: "I've missed you, darling... How have you been, sweetie?"
GM: Gynn leads you all through the magic doorway and into the underground house.
Gynn: "It's been lonely here. The humans can be trouble sometimes, but I do still miss their songs."
Jalya: "Oh... hun..."
Jalya: "why are they leaving?"
GM: The Hobbits set to the kitchen, cutting up the remains of the rabbit and cooking stew. Gynn starts a slight flow of sap, enchanting it into a magic brew.
Jalya: "I hear Pawlosz is nearly deserted"
Gynn: "After the battle and the loss of the temple I think they gave up. And the dragon men from above have no need for this place. They just took their battle farther down."
Jalya: "dragon men?"
* Gynn nods "The ones who worship the dragon in the Cauldron."
[06:30] Jalya: "I'm happy that you are safe, Gynn..."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Home will be safe. It always is. You should come with us to chat with the elves"
* Jalya twirls her hair
Gynn: "I wish I could. I remain bound here though, at least for another two or three decades."
Jalya: "why?"
Gynn: "Without me there would be no magic here at all. I made a promise to a Dryad pair that I would keep this place sacred until their child is of age."
Jalya: "Ahh.. yes... I forgot..."
GM: By now the stew is simmering nicely, and Larn and Cole rummage in their packs for instruments. Arny starts to drum on the table, accompanied by Larn on a small pipe and Cole on a stringed tortoise shell. Hamm just sits, watching the conversation and occasionally humming along.
Jalya: "Dance with me, Hamm"
* Jalya kisses Gynn on the hand, and stands up
* Cole laughs, then picks the tune up to a much faster tempo.
Jalya: (he read my mind)
* Hamm blushes, then stands. "I got two left feet."
Jalya: "I have two right ones... well, when I'm a lynx, anyway"
* Jalya smiles
* Larn chuckles, nearly dropping his pipe, then picks up the reel along with Cole.
GM: Hamm just shrugs and takes your hands, haltingly showing you the steps. Gynn floats above and showers blue and purple sparks over the table.
* Jalya grabs Hamm's hand and begins bouncing like it was Ale Jam
Jalya: "It's better to just frolic, darling"
GM: He gives up trying to show you the steps which are obviously too complicated for him anyway, and you two spin and bounce around the room, knocking over chairs, spilling drinks, and laughing your asses off.
* Jalya bops
Jalya: "wooHOO!!"
* Jalya gets tired after about 10 minutes, and then gets some of that enchanted sap
GM: Gynn's brew is quite heady (which you already knew anyway) and soon the guys are drunk as lords and singing bawdy songs from Alanth.
Jalya: LOL
GM: Cole is the only one who seems to be able to hold his liquor, and his fingers only stop playing long enough to drink.
* Jalya is slightly impressed
Jalya: "So, Hamm..."
* Jalya takes him inconspicuously aside
* Hamm looks up at you blearily. He seems to have forgotten the next stanza of some awful song called "Daughters of
GM: Hamm "Hmmm...?"
Jalya: "I saw you blush when you saw me naked."
* Jalya kisses him on the cheek and starts dancing again
GM: He immediately blushes again, although it's a bit hard to tell - they're all red from drink.
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee"
Jalya: (I hope I'm not leading him on too much.)
GM: [Hamm is not a tough nut to crack]
- Foolsday, Diandir 1st - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: The party will last until daybreak, when you've finally eaten and drank all there is in the house.
Jalya: This is the forest... we can always get more.
GM: Cole has passed out under the table. Larn and Arny are playing knucklebones, but the game is dragging and Arny is yawning. Deece has fallen asleep also, lying sprawled in a tub. Hamm is sitting with his eyes drooping, yet still focused (somewhat) on you.
* Jalya winks at him
* Hamm grins and looks down.
Jalya: tiredly, "Gynn?"
* Gynn is sitting at the edge of a cup, watching the game. "Yes?"
Jalya: "Want us to sleep anywhere in particular?"
GM: She giggles "I think it's best to let the boys pass out where they are. I plan to sleep in the branches."
Jalya: "Ok... I best gather the blankets while I can still stand"
* Jalya puts a blanket over Cole
GM: Larn makes a last throw, counts a few on his left hand. "Ha! That's game."
Arny: "Yeah yeah... you always win..." he yawns and stands. "I'll help you with the blankets, Jalya."
* Jalya claps lightly for Larn
GM: Hamm seems to have passed out in his chair, his face slowly sliding towards his empty bowl. Larn jostles him just before he has a faceful of gravy. "Go lie down you hamhock."
Jalya: "Should we move him to the floor, Arny?"
GM: Gynn floats up from her cup and pulls the leafy drapes over the magical windows, making the inside a dappled greenish haze.
Jalya: "Hey Larn... suppose Cole would mind if we smoked from his special pipe?"
* Arny lays a blanket down for Hamm, then goes to get Deece out of the tub.
Larn: "I'm sure he won't mind too much. I have yet to see him run out."
Jalya: "wooHOO!!"
Jalya: "Do you mind, Gynn?"
Gynn: "Not inside the house. The tree doesn't like fire inside, unless it's the cookfire."
GM: Cole's pack is the only one still cinched up most of the way. Inside is a heady mixture of unusual smells.
Jalya: "Ok, hon... I thought so.. just needed to check... I have missed you, Gynn'lyn"
Gynn: "It has been far too long, child. And a perfect reason to celebrate."
Jalya: "Yes... it has..." and it is"
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Larn...? Do you know what it looks like?"
* Larn lays a blanket across Deece, who doesn't even wake up when dumped out of the washtub. "There should be a poke tied on the back - in a black leather pouch."
Jalya: "Ok.. thanks"
GM: You can see the ties, but the pouch they're attached to has been tucked inside.
Jalya: hmm
* Jalya tries pulling
GM: the pouch comes right out, and with it a waft of some musky aroma. [0 successes - intuition(7)]
Jalya: mmm....
GM: but that's quickly overshadowed by the pungent herb inside the pouch
Jalya: "who'll join me outside?"
GM: Larn nods and looks at Arny, but he just shakes his head and snuggles under his blanket.
Jalya: "Come out for the conversation, Gynn?"
* Jalya twirls her hair
Gynn: "Sure. Besides, I want to see what's so special about this..."
Jalya: "Ok... It's a spiritual experience..."
GM: you can't untie the pouch from his pack, so you'll have to take the poke out of it.
Jalya: ok... I suppose I'll load the pipe right there then [1 success - wits+alertness(7)]
GM: There's a loud snap, and a spring loaded trap on the poke snaps onto one of your fingers. You drop the pipe on the floor. Larn snickers, then laughs out loud.
Larn: "I love that trap!"
* Cole stirs a bit. "... bloody mannish... see about it..." <in Aelfar>
Jalya: "ow! No wonder you didn't get it yourself"
* Larn picks up the pipe. "Sorry 'bout that. I so rarely get to see any of his tricks go off."
* Gynn buzzes Larn's head. "That wasn't very nice." but you can tell she's grinning herself.
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee that's ok, hon... it will soon be worth the swollen finger."
* Jalya packs the bowl
Jalya: "shall we?"
GM: Gynn floats outside, holding the door open for you and Larn.
* Jalya steps out into the morning sun
GM: Larn clears some leaves from the tree's base, settling down in the chilly shade. Gynn lights on a low branch, sipping a drop of dew from a leaf.
* Jalya ducks back inside, grabs 2 blankets and rushes out, wrapping Larn, then herself
GM: The sun's rays are just peaking over the horizon. The Caulron is peaceful today, only a thin streamer of white smoke issuing from it. One of the tree's branches shivers a bit, then bows down just slightly, letting more of the sun down where you are and abating some of the chill.
Jalya: <to the tree> "Thank you"
* Jalya stands, facing the sun, arms outstretched, palms up
Jalya: "hold on... need to do something first... I almost forgot how wonderful this place is..."
Larn: "Might get rain in a day or so."
Jalya: "Which is why I'm admiring the sun now..."
GM: The sun warms your face, and you feel the last of the regret of reverie slipping to dream. It's going to be a beautiful day.
* Jalya basks for a moment, and blows a kiss to the sun
Gynn: "You should have seen the storms we had just two weeks ago. It was thunderous!"
* Jalya drops her arms "Really?"
* Jalya turns
Gynn: "I was almost afraid that this poor tree would be stripped of leaves." the tree shudders again, for effect.
[07:17] * Jalya hugs the tree, Jalya kisses it, then sits next to Larn.
GM: The tree feels just slightly warm - you can feel and hear the magic coursing through the trunk.
Jalya: "The people up north are in a terrible drought, Gynn."
Gynn: "I can't imagine why, what with the way it stormed all winter."
Jalya: "I think there's an iceberg blocking the river."
Gynn: "Iceberg? You've got to be kidding!"
Jalya: "No.. I saw it fall.
Larn: "I bet that's another reason Pawlosz is nearly abandoned."
Jalya: "Do you have flint & tinder, Larn?"
* Larn just chuckles. He strikes a small fire and holds it for you to light the pipe.
Gynn: "Where could it have come from?"
* Jalya lifts a finger to Gynn: "Just a sec.."
* Jalya lights the bowl
GM: The potency almost makes you choke, but by now you expect it.
* Jalya inhales deeply, burning her throat
* Jalya coughs a bit after the exhale
GM: Larn takes the pipe gingerly and puffs it, holding the fire to the bowl, then whipping it away as the herb flames up.
Jalya: "Remember last winter, I went up to Pawlsoz?"
* Gynn giggles, and sends a few greenish gold sparks down. "Yes. I can't believe Zalith would go with you to that place. Speaking of Zalith, where is he?"
Jalya: "He went to see his lord, or some such thing..."
* Gynn nods knowingly, then leans into the wreath of smoke from you and Larn. Larn hands you the pipe.
Jalya: "I watched the destruction of the river god's shrine... and I was alone then too"
* Jalya takes it.
Jalya: "It was terrible, Gynn... Anyway, an iceberg fell into the river. I think it's still there... we're going to ask the elves to move it."
* Jalya lights the bowl
Gynn: "Must have been powerful magick to cause that. And if it's still there it must be more powerful than any magick I've ever seen. Unless it was an oath of death. That could do it."
* Larn chokes. "Oath of death?! That doesn't bode well."
Jalya: "That doesn't sound happy..."
Gynn: "It's not like it sounds, but it isn't happy. If a magus is in dire need, he can fuel a most potent spell with his own life. It must have been important."
Jalya: "whoa..."
* Gynn is getting a little woozy from the smoke.
Jalya: "come, rest on my shoulder, Gynn... my lungs are bigger than yours."
Jalya: "Ya know Larn... there's got to be a way to cool the smoke..."
* Gynn floats down, nearly missing your shoulder. She giggles "You're not kidding..."
* Larn just shrugs, taking the pipe and lighting it. "I bet you Cole can figure it out too." he looks aside, then says low "I
think maybe his father was a Goblin, the way he cobbles things together."
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee yeah... but I was just thinking... we could make this even more of a spiritual experience by adding something... follow me here... we use fire, right...?"
GM: Larn nods. Gynn nearly falls off your shoulder.
Jalya: "fire requires air to burn, right?"
GM: He nods again.
* Jalya picks Gynn up and sets her down on her (Jalya's) legs
Jalya: "... and the pipe is made of clay, right?..."
* Gynn just flops over and lies down in the crook of your knee. "No more f'r me thanks."
* Jalya giggles
Jalya: "ok Gynn"
Jalya: "... clay comes from the earth, right...?"
Larn: "I think so. You never know with Cole..."
Jalya: "And the plant... grows on the earth, right? Now... we have fire, air and earth involved..."
Larn: "So you say we need water to cool it, right?" his eyebrows wrinkle in thought. "But that'll just mux the works up."
Jalya: "I think I have an idea... I won't pursue it now... Need to sleep first."
Larn: "Sounds like a good idea if you c'n get it to work." You can see his eyes are already getting droopy, as are yours.
Jalya: "But I wanted to ask you something... before we pass out..."
* Larn nods. "Uh huh...?
* Jalya falls and lets her back relax
* Gynn sits up and stretches, yawning her little squeaky yawn
Jalya: "Feel tingly, Gynn?"
Jalya: "What do you think of Hamm?"
* Larn snickers. "I think Hamm is in for a world of trouble."
Jalya: "how so?"
Gynn: "I may not make it up into the branches. You may have to help."
Jalya: "Ok..."
Larn: "I've seen the way he looks at you. And I won't be foolish enough to counsel you in any way."
* Jalya picks Gynn up and lifts her to the branches, setting her on the widest one (w/ a Gynn sized dip in it, if possible)
GM: the tree is more than willing to oblige, laying a leaf over her for a blanket.
Jalya: =)
Jalya: <to the tree> "Thank you... good morning"
* Jalya kisses the tree
* Jalya sinks back down next to Larn, wrapping the blanket closer
Jalya: "he's kinda cute... n that shy, boyish way... but I really had fun dancing w/ him tonight."
Larn: "And loyal..." he yawns and stands. "Just be careful. He breaks easily too."
Jalya: "That's what I needed to know... hope I didn't lead him on too much. He's a great pal... I just hope I didn't send any wrong signals."
* Jalya mumbles "he's gotten cuter the more he looks at me too..."
Larn: "He's very good at getting the wrong signal."
Jalya: "I'll be careful... thanks, Larn."
GM: Larn will help you up, and the two of you will weave your way into the tree.
* Jalya lays down near, but not directly next to Hamm
GM: Larn sets a chair up against the wall, leaning just a bit. He sits, pulls his hat over his eyes and, nods off.
* Jalya mutters "I hope I do the right thing... Lord and Lady, let me do right..."
* Jalya dreams of rainbows

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