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Jalya - Chapter One: Return to Mohr'Kaidann

- Foolsday, Diandir 1st - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Gynn will have lunches packed for you when you awaken around noon, and your waterskins will be filled with sweetwater. She has also taken the liberty of throwing away your old potion, as it was spoiled.
Jalya: oh... no wonder
Jalya: "Thank you sweetie..."
Gynnn: "I was working on some new ideas before you showed up. I think you may like this." and she floats over her worktable. There is a small vial there, sealed with wax. Inside is a faint lavender liquid.
[16:45] Jalya: "what is it? pretty color" ;)
* Gynn giggles. "It's supposed to be a fertilizer - I wanted to see if I could make some of the trees around here a bit bigger, but it doesn't seem to work. But apparently it makes things seem smaller."
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee that might be handy"
Gynnn: "Hopefully I can get it to work right."
Jalya: "I hope so too..."
GM: Hamm and Larn are packing up the donkeys. Deece, Arny and Cole have gone ahead to scout, making sure those pesky humans don't surprise you again.
* Jalya starts to gather her things
Jalya: "What did the old potion do, Gynnn?"
Gynnn: "It was a healing salve, but I think it would only have made you sick by now. Can't seem to find a way to make them keep longer than a few weeks."
Jalya: "Good thing I didn't try to use it. I wish you could come with us..."
GM: You hear a few of the guys' bird calls outside. Gynn helps you pack, mostly supervision.
Gynnn: "You know how much of a homebody I am."
Jalya: "Well, Zalith is coming to meet up w/ me here in a few days... we should be back by then."
Gynnn: "I'll make him welcome"
Jalya: "Thank you honey... you are always so sweet to me."
Hamm: "We're ready to go..."
Jalya: "Thanks Hamm... I'll be right out"
* Jalya smiles
Gynnn: "It can't be helped..." she floats over and gives you a peck on the cheek.
* Jalya blushes
Jalya: "aww..."
Gynnn: "Don't keep them waiting now. May the stars keep you."
Jalya: "And you as well, dearie. Thanks... see you in a few days"
* Jalya goes outside and joins the hobbits, giving Hamm a few scratches through his hair when reaching the party.
Jalya: "Ready when you guys are"
GM: Arny comes up from the south and joins you - Cole and Deece are going to stay out a ways.
Jalya: that may be wise...
Jalya: "They do know where we're going, right?"
* Hamm grins
GM: The trip to Mohr'Kaidann is brief - only about 10 hours. You have to leave the donkeys at the base of the falls since they won't make it up.
Jalya: is the iceberg there?
GM: The ice is still there, and it nearly fills the small lake at the bottom of the falls. Even in late summer the falls are half-frozen - spires of crystal with streamlets running over them.
* Jalya hates the cold
Jalya: "we need to move that, guys... but first we need to find the elves..."
GM: It's quite chilly now, and very dark. The Cauldron is still peaceful, the thinnest ribbon of white smoke drifting lazily northward. Cole and Deece catch up a bit later and they'll make camp here.
Jalya: will I know where they are?
GM: it shouldn't be hard.
* Jalya builds a fire
Larn: "We have some Dwarven men expecting us."
Jalya: "That's good..."
GM: You have the definite feeling of being watched.
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: <to Larn> "Feel like we're not alone here?"
* Hamm grins.
Larn: "The Elven host likes trespassers even less than most."
Jalya: "They probably have scouts watching us from the trees"
Deece: "I'm sure we'll have been announced by now."
Jalya: "if not?"
Jalya: hmm
* Larn stands up and stretches. "May as well not delay things."
* Jalya wonders if that potion will work on the iceberg
Jalya: "Are you going to invite them for dinner?"
* Jalya twirls her hair
Larn: "They wouldn't meet us out here." He looks towards the faint remains of Pawlosz. "They don't want any of the mannish to know they're here."
GM: There is a shrill whistle from above, but very faint.
Jalya: "The mannish scare me... they are barbarians."
Arny: "I think we've been announced."
Jalya: "Probably"
Cole: "... their gods... always wanting... "
Larn: "Then I suppose we should start climbing."
Jalya: "Did anyone mention to the Sidhe that we were doing this?"
* Jalya starts climbing
( - Windsday, Diandir 2nd  -:- Night of Wooing - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: This is the worst part of the trip, since there are no easy ways up. By the time you and the Hobbits get up to the entrance of Mohr'Kaidann the sun has risen over the horizon, making a dark shadow of the Cauldron. You're met by 2 stern Elvish guards who escort you in without a word.
* Jalya whispers to Hamm "Friendly, aren't they?"
GM: You'll get a grin from Hamm, but a stern look from the Elves. The place looks nearly deserted for the first few minutes of walking, but then you pass through two sharp switchbacks and the entire complex opens up. Inside are enormous caverns, all carved in typical meticulous Dwarven detail.
Jalya: oo - pretty
GM: There are torches made of ice that glow with the color of moonlight. You can now hear the life in this place - both a hidden mine and a giant living complex. The guards bid you to stay just beyond the switchback.
Jalya: "You'd think we were mannish, the way we've been treated..."
Larn: "They haven't had this place very long. I don't think they're quite used to dealing with Dwarven business."
Jalya: "Dwarves can be a bit severe"
GM: The guards are now returning, leading a heavily built Dwarf.
* Jalya smiles to the Dwarf "Hello"
* Larn steps up, ignoring the Elf guards' irritated glares, and offers his hand. "Larn Joenz. Good to finally meet you Iyarl."
GM: They shake hands. He nods to you and the others. "It is good to meet you as well."
* Iyarl dismisses the guards. They hesitate, then leave.
Arny: "I didn't know this place was so beautiful."
Jalya: "it is pretty, huh?"
Larn: <to the Elves> "Wait. This young lass wishes an audience with an Elvish lord."
* Jalya blinks her eyes
* Iyarl steps up to you and bows. "I am Iyarl Koern-Fvall."
Jalya: "I'm Jalya"
* Jalya extends her hand
GM: He takes your slender hand in his rough paw and shakes it as gently as he can. He's even shorter than the hobbits, but wide as any doorframe you've ever seen.
Jalya: "Good to meet you, Iyarl"
Iyarl: "What brings you to an audience with the icy Elves of Mohr'Kaidann?" He leads you further into the complex and towards a bustling market.
Jalya: "There's a chunk of ice at the foot of the lake... it's blocking the river, and the northern areas are in a serious drought. I seek the Elves' help in moving it"
* Iyarl nods. "I remember the battle when that ice fell. None of us know from where it came."
Jalya: "I was there..."
GM: After winding through the crowds and alleyways of the market, you reach a small rock garden where Iyarl bids you to sit.
* Jalya has a seat
Larn: "The ice seems to be drying the river up to the north."
Iyarl: "I can get you an audience, Jalya."
Jalya: "I appreciate it, Iyarl"
* Jalya twirls her hair
* Iyarl snaps his fingers twice, then turns to Larn. "Are you ready to do business then?"
* Larn nods. "We have donkeys down below ready to be loaded, and silver to trade."
Jalya: <to Hamm> "What kind of business?"
* Hamm leans over to you. "We're buying ale to take back to Stanshyre. That's how we're buying the land."
Jalya: "ahh..."
* Jalya scratches Hamm's head
Jalya: "I see... want to come to the Audience with me, Hamm?"
* Hamm blushes "I don't know if I should. I'd just make a fool of myself."
Jalya: "No way... You can just come with me... you don't have to say anything..."
* Jalya smiles
GM: Another dwarf approaches, carrying a pitcher of dark ale. Larn and Arny take out their cups, and they're filled. Hamm fumbles to get his cup out and drops it. Larn snickers.
Iyarl: "I'm certain it will be to your liking."
GM: When everyone's cups are filled, Iyarl whispers into the server's ear.
Jalya: "Can I try some, Hamm?"
* Hamm takes a sip, then hands you his cup. His upper lip has a foamy moustache.
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee"
* Larn nods appreciatively. "Very fine. I'm sure this will fetch more than enough."
* Jalya is tempted to lick it off, but doesn't
* Jalya takes a sip
* Hamm wipes at his upper lip and grins.
GM: It's very stout and bitter
* Jalya hands the cup back to Hamm: "I think I like that meaded milk better..."
Arny: "It's a bit stout for one as fair as you, I imagine."
* Hamm takes a deep draught, grimacing a bit.
Jalya: "Yeah... I like sweeter drinks..."
Iyarl: "I can have four barrels brought down today, and another four tomorrow night."
Larn: "I'm not sure we can handle eight. I think six will be fine."
* Iyarl nods. "We can settle up when we bring down the second load."
GM: The server returns and whispers in Iyarl's ear. Iyarl hands him a copper and turns to you. "Lord Bukel is willing to call an audience for you with the Lady Annan. Is tonight soon enough for you?"
Jalya: "That would be perfect. Thank you, my friend"
* Jalya smiles
Iyarl: "Then it's settled. You will be my guests until tomorrow evening, and then I shall see you off."
Jalya: "Thank you... Fathom the guards will be a bit nicer?"
* Iyarl shrugs "Nice isn't something you expect in an Elvish guard, especially here."
Jalya: "I guess they weren't picked for their charming demeanor..."
GM: You hear music, low at first, then louder. After a few minutes you see several minstrels, singing something in the guttural Dwarven tongue. Iyarl stands and does a brief jig with one, his dark red hair flying out behind him. Then he sits back down, all grins.
Jalya: ooo
Larn: "I think we should rest now. We've been traveling for some time."
Jalya: "yeah... I could use a nap..."
Iyarl: "I'm sorry. I forget how difficult the climb is for you." and he gets up to lead you to a place to rest.
GM: It's not far from the market, and inside it's much warmer. There is a huge roaring hearth with blankets and thick rugs laid out around it. Iyarl helps you all lay out beds, then puts a cover over the doorway. "I'll see that you aren't disturbed." The hobbits are pretty tipsy on that potent Dwarven ale. In no time they're sound asleep.
Jalya: "Thanks..."
* Jalya curls around Hamm
GM: It takes a bit for you to get to sleep - you're not quite used to being so far underground, and Hamm seems to be a nervous sleeper. GM: But once you do sleep you sleep like the stone itself. [you'll regain 1 WP]
GM: You're awakened by Hamm, shaking you gently.
Jalya: "Hmm?"
Hamm: "You should get ready. Lord Bukel will be here soon."
Jalya: "Thanks..."
GM: There are pitchers of water and stone bowls by the hearth. Arny is running his fingers through his hair, making it more of a mess.
Jalya: lol
GM: Larn returns from what must be the privy, and he's the cleanest one so far.
Jalya: "where can I have a bath, Larn?"
Larn: "I wouldn't try that privy - it's nearly smaller than I am." he snaps his fingers at Hamm. "Why don't you rig something up for her?"
* Hamm finishes washing his face and smiles. "Sure." He looks around, then starts to put some blankets up near a corner, making a makeshift screen.
Jalya: "Thank you, Hamm..."
* Jalya smiles
Hamm: "It's no problem."
* Jalya goes & primps
Jalya: "I wonder if I'll get better reception if I go in there naked."
GM: There's some laughter from the other side of the screen. Just as you're starting to dress you hear someone
enter. Larn says hello to the newcomer. A very deep voiced Dwarf asks "Who here requests the audience?"
* Jalya peeps "I did"
GM: Just inside the doorway, between two armored Dwarf guards, is a dark haired Dwarf, dressed in fine silver and green raiments.
* Jalya steps out when ready (not naked)
GM: He turns to you and lowers his head just a bit. "I am Lord Bukel. I will accompany you to the audience. Lady Annan is anxious to meet with you."
Jalya: "I'm Jalya. Pleased to meet you, m'lord..."
GM: The Hamm falls in behind you, with Arny lagging just before the guards. Larn has business with Iyarl, so he stays.
Jalya: "wish us luck..."
Bukel: "Lady Annan is as curious about the ice as you are."
Jalya: "oh?"
Bukel: "None here know how it came to crash from the falls, but it was certainly the event that ended the battle."
Jalya: "Gynnn'lyn thinks it may have been an 'oath of death' or some such thing..."
Bukel: "Mayhaps. One only hopes that whoever made it come meant no ill will for Mohr'Kaidann."
Jalya: "..and if they did?"
Bukel: "Then perhaps only the power of the Cauldron can remove it."
Jalya: "hmm"
GM: When you get to the audience chamber you have to wait a bit to be announced and escorted in. When you get in you see that the chamber has been totally changed from what you saw before. Instead of the heavy Dwarven carvings and traditional Troll workings, the entire place has been decorated in delicate and airy silver tracery.
* Jalya admires the splendor
GM: At the center of the cavern, suspended from the ceiling by silver chains, sits a tall and elegantly dressed Elven woman, with long opalescent hair.
* Lord Bukel kneels. "My Lady Annan, I come to bear a visitor who requests a favor from you. I introduce to you the Pooka adventurer Jalya." and he motions to you.
* Jalya kneels
Jalya: "My Lady..."
* Lady Annan smiles, her face radiant and very friendly. "I am pleased to meet you Jalya. I hear you wish to speak of the ice which remains unmelted at the base of our wondrous falls here at Mohr'Kaidann."
* Jalya rises
GM: Lady Annan motions gently, and her chair lowers to make conversation much more personal. Her skin is so clear and white it's as if she's carved out of ivory.
Jalya: "I do, my Lady... The regions to the north are n a severe drought because of it. I seek the assistance of the Elves in moving it to restore the proper balance of nature."
* Jalya can't help but smile at her beauty
Annan: "The ice is as much a mystery to us as to you. Perhaps there are consequences to meddling with it."
GM: Her eyes are beguiling - the right is pure crystal blue, while the left is a deep jade green.
Jalya: "Mayhaps... but people are suffering..."
Annan: "Bukel tells me that you saw the ice yourself as it fell that night."
Jalya: "I did, My Lady... It was a terrible day."
Annan "Do you mind if I use you for an Augery?"
Jalya: "a what? what's an Augury?"
* Annan smiles at you. "A powerful divination, child. I hope your eyes and memory may guide our decision."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Sure... I'll assist you. I'm honored."
GM: There is a booming voice from across the cavern. "I forbid it!"
Jalya: ?
* Jalya looks
GM: The room echoes a moment with whispers, then falls silent. A pale Elf is crossing the chamber, dressed in severe robes of midnight blue trimmed with silver. His hair is the same opalescent sheen as Lady Annan's, only it is cut shorter - similar to a mannish cut.
Annan "Why brother, what troubles you?"
GM: He steps up behind her, looking down at you with glaring and angry eyes. "This could be a trick, sister."
Jalya: "me...?"
* Lady Annan waves him off casually, then turns to you. "Jalya, this is my brother Hailorenn. He is overreacting, as usual."
Jalya: "Greetings, Lord Hailorenn."
Hailorenn: "I am Lord here, Annan. I will not have our secret place revealed."
Jalya: "I am many things, but I am not a spy."
* Annan sighs impatiently. "'Tis only an Augury brother. Even if she is a spy..."
* Hailorenn frowns at you. "You will speak only when spoken to."
Jalya: "Aye, my lord..."
* Jalya lowers her eyes
GM: Annan stands, her eyes flashing angrily. For the first time you see the fury beneath the beautiful exterior. "She has obeyed the forms Hailorenn, and I will not have you treat my guests this way." They glower at each other, and he is the first to look away.
Hailorenn: "Do your Augury then."
* Annan sits, smiling again. "Much better. Now Jalya, please step forward and we will see what you have seen."
* Jalya steps foreword
Jalya: "Thank you, m'lady..."
GM: She reaches out and places her hands gently on either side of your head, then bows her head down to touch her forehead to yours.
Annan: "Tell me first how you came to the battle."
* Jalya closes her eyes
Jalya: "I was wanting to prevent the destruction of the statue of the river god... and I followed a dwarf & a mannish knight to the scene of the battle..."
Annan: "You have a fondness for the Gods of Man?"
Jalya: "I respect the beliefs of others and I have always had a fondness for the river... I though the statue was beautiful, and hated to see it destroyed."
* Annan nods slightly. "Did you fight in the battle, or only observe?"
Jalya: "I took part, regrettably"
Annan: "And you saw when the ice fell?"
* Jalya sheds a tear
Jalya: "Yes."
Annan: "You have dreamed that moment many times, I can feel it in you. Hold that dream in your mind's eye."
* Jalya does
* Jalya weeps
GM: Her hands leave your face, then there is a sharp sting as she plucks a hair from your head. "We will see what you have seen." and she hands the hair to Hailorenn, who tosses it into a candle's flame.
Jalya: [ouch]
GM: It smokes much heavier than you would imagine, and the candle's flame crackles with energy. Then, like a projection, an image of the battle fills the room - men and Dwarves battling other men, Goblins raiding bodies, arrows flying like startled birds.
* Jalya turns her eyes away
* Annan raises her voice, filling the chamber with it's resonant tone: "Show us the ice!"
* Jalya tries to envision it
GM: Then you see the image focus, and you see one of the Balgari men praying. He has suffered a grievous wound, his neck has been savagely bitten and he is nearly covered in blood. He can barely stand. There is a dark shadowy shape beyond him, difficult to focus on. The Balgari warrior calls out, beseeching the sky, and you see a brief overimage of a tall pale woman with flowing golden hair.
Jalya: hmm
GM: The woman's image then melts into a blue-white light that flies up, and then you see the ice - forming rapidly at the mouth of the falls, then crashing down, smashing the Balgari man, the shadow beyond him, and everyone around them.
* Jalya cries
Hailorenn: "And what is this supposed to prove?"
* Hamm steps up beside you, hesitantly putting an arm around you.
* Arny opens his mouth to speak, but then closes it again.
* Jalya buries her face in Hamm's embrace and cries some more.
Annan: "That man ended the battle, and sacrificed himself to do so. Nothing more, brother."
Hailorenn: "And what is so important about that?"
Annan: "Jalya has come to ask for us to remove the ice. I believe it has served its purpose."
* Hailorenn softens a bit, but not by much. "I agree, sister. But how do you propose we move it?"
Jalya: "I think I have something that can help."
* Annan, who was at a loss for an answer, brightens. "Oh?"
* Hailorenn's suspicious look returns, and he returns to his sister's side.
Jalya: "Gynnn'lyn gave me a vial... she said it made things smaller. I am not sure if it will work on the ice, but she said it made trees smaller."
Hailorenn: "Let me see this magickal potion."
* Jalya reaches into her pack, and produces the vial
* Hailorenn reaches for it, nearly snatching it from your hand, but then easing up for the sake of civility. The holds it up to his eye, then snorts. "Nonsense. This pyx would not even dent the glacier's surface."
Jalya: "it was a thought... Maybe we could magick the ice."
Annan: "And we would not dare ask for the help of the mannish folk in Pawlosz. I fear the Dragon Men will have it cleared before summer's end."
Hailorenn: "We have tried that already. Don't be foolish, the magick that created it is far more powerful than we can dispel."
Jalya: "We don't need to destroy it, really.. just move it from blocking the river"
Annan: "What my brother means is that anything powerful enough to move or remove it would attract undue attention."
Jalya: "what kind of attention?"
Hailorenn: "From the humans, of course. If they knew of Mohr'Kaidann they would covet the silver mine for themselves."
Annan: "He is right, Jalya. The war these men fight will need silver - more silver than they have now."
Jalya: "Hmm..."
Hailorenn: "Such a shame their own foolish desires stand in their own way."
Hamm: "So we're just supposed to give up?"
Jalya: "I'm not.... I have a plan, if the elves will hear it."
GM: Hailorenn looks down his nose at you. Annan waits patiently.
Jalya: "How about this: a small group of us could go down, move the ice with our magick. Then we keep going... The elves can make their way back here unnoticed. We could leave an obvious trail from the river, and then the elves could break off, hiding their trail back to Mohr'Kaidann. The hobbits and I will continue back to Gynnn'lyn's. We'll be safe there, if we're followed. I'm not saying it will be easy, but I'm saying it is possible."
Hailorenn: "And where do you propose we put this ice?"
Jalya: "just out of the way of the river... in the ruins of the shrine, perhaps."
Annan: "She's right, brother. We wouldn't need to move it far."
* Hailorenn frowns.
* Arny grins "And I'm sure that the ice moving will only make the humans fear the Faerie curse more."
Jalya: "But at least they won't be suffering... the land there is so dry...
Hailorenn: "I believe this can be arranged."
* Jalya smiles
Annan: <to her brother> "Splendid! Have your men ready by moonrise tomorrow night."
Hailorenn: "I will have the guards spread out tonight to keep away any watchful eyes." He sweeps around and leaves by the back entrance.
GM: are you going to resist pranking him?
Jalya: nah. he was a bit of a dick. was the clasp to his robes exposed?
GM: Yes
* Jalya uses Legerdemain to mooch it shortly after he exits.
Jalya: but I will try to leave the hall before doing it
* Jalya bows
* Annan bows her head. "We will meet you tomorrow before the sun sets, and we will see about moving the ice."
Jalya: "Thank you, my lady..."
* Jalya bows, turns and bunks [bunk = a small, unclasping gesture - 2 successes]
GM: Just when your hands finish their unclasping motion a small round silver pin appears in the right - it shows the dual moon in balance.
* Jalya tosses it down her blouse
* Hamm snickers.
GM: When you get back to the entrance the guards will escort you back to your chambers.
Jalya: :)
Jalya pulls the pin from her blouse
GM: Larn still isn't there.
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: "Want this, Hamm?"
* Hamm shakes his head. "Oh no, I couldn't."
Jalya: "Ok... I'll just toss it then"
Arny: "That's probably for the best. I don't think Lord Hailorenn would find that at all amusing."
Jalya: "I wonder how long his clothes stayed on..."
* Hamm giggles "Hopefully just long enough."
GM: Arny and Hamm will get bored eventually and decide to go back to the market for something to eat.
Jalya: "I'll go with you"
* Jalya hides the pin again
* Jalya will casually place it somewhere in the market [3 successes - sleight of hand (6)]
GM: The market is the same crowded mass as before, and it takes some time to get food and find a place to eat. There is constant chatter and shuffling about, although compared to an open air market it's tame. The Dwarves aren't much for carny games. It's not that difficult to ditch it just under the counter at a food stall where they serve the heavy venison stew.
Jalya: :) now he can't pin the pin's absence on me  (not easily anyway)
* Jalya sits next to Hamm, enjoying her stew
GM: The rest of the night and day go by uneventfully, unless you have plans.
Jalya: no plans...
( - Earthday, Diandir 3rd - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: and when you awaken you will have regained a mana point.
Jalya: wooHOO!!
* Jalya gets ready
GM: Larn doesn't return before you go to sleep. When you all awaken you find him back, fast asleep himself. You have enough time to eat and drink and clean up a bit before you have to meet with Hailorenn and his men. Hamm and Arny will have to go and help with the last two of the ale barrels.
Jalya: "I'll meet up with you guys at the camp. Wait for me, k?"
Hamm: "We'll be there."
GM: Hailorenn will send men to retrieve you just after Hamm and Arny leave. Larn is just starting to wake up.
Jalya: "Good morning, Larn... I'm going with the elves... I'll meet you back at the camp..."
* Larn yawns "Okay... see you tonight then."
Jalya: "buh-bye..."
* Jalya turns to the elves: "Let's not keep his Lordship waiting"
GM: The guards will take you near to the audience chamber where Hailorenn and about a dozen other Elves are waiting. They're dressed in light armor. Hailorenn gives you a suspicious look when you arrive.
* Jalya just smiles at him
Jalya: "I'm ready"
Hailorenn: "The false trail has already been laid out. Two Dwarves, skilled in Glamour, will assist us from the entrance at the falls. We will go to the bottom to move it from there."
Jalya: "Sounds good. Let's go restore nature's balance."
* Jalya smiles
Hailorenn: <to one of the other Elves> "Lovirein, you and your men will cover our trail."
GM: Lovirein nods. Then you all make your way to the entrance behind the semi-frozen falls. The moon is just a bare sliver in the sky.
* Jalya blows a kiss to the moon
GM: There are already two Dwarves there, and they're carrying heavy silver hammers etched all over with runes.
Hailorenn: <to the dwarves> "Wait for our signal. It will not be long."
GM: He then has 3 of the Elves stand at the cardinal points around your group, and they begin doing a complex dance. Then all of you are lifted from the ground and you fly downwards rapidly, and land right at the edge of the ice wall.
Jalya: "That was fun... I should learn how to do that... Tell me what I need to do..."
GM: Hailorenn ignores you, giving orders to the Elves first. He has some clear some space for the ice to make sure it doesn't fall and somehow crush you. Lovirein and his 3 men almost immediately melt into the surrounding shadows. Once the others are busy he turns to you. "It would be best for you to stay out from under my feet, Pooka."
Jalya: "as you wish, Elf."
* Jalya moves aside
GM: It doesn't take them long to prepare the way, since anything smaller than a boulder really doesn't matter considering the size of the ice.
Jalya: "I want to thank you, m'lord. Thank you for doing this"
GM: Hailorenn has his men spread out, and they begin another dance, this one slower and much simpler than the last - pushing against the air, turning, then moving their bodies in waves, before they begin again.
Jalya: hmm
* Jalya watches intently
GM: At first nothing seems to happen. For several minutes you just watch as they dance. Then there is a slight moaning from the ice, and you can see that it is shifting slightly. Cole and Deece approach, leading one of the donkeys. Deece
waves to you.
* Jalya waves back, and places her finger to her lips
GM: The Elves increase the pace of their dance just a bit, and the ice starts to slide just a bit towards the right. You see several cracks are starting to form.
* Deece whispers "Do you think it will work?"
Jalya: "I hope so"
Cole: "... disaster..."
* Jalya whispers: "hush Cole.."
GM: A small group of Dwarves comes from a narrow path you hadn't noticed before, bearing a pair of large barrels. Deece and Cole lead the donkey to them and they load it up. By now the ice is really singing - it creaks and groans with
every slight shift and the cracks are getting wider.
Jalya: =)
Jalya: is there a way I can help?
* Jalya whispers a prayer to the Powers that Be to let this work
GM: you can nudge it with your legerdemain - that's what the Elves are doing. but you should be careful, this is a major undertaking
Jalya: ok. I'll try nudging it in the direction it seems to already be moving [1 success bunk = hand motion, as if shoving the ice]
GM: The ice slides just enough to clear the falls about halfway and water starts to course down much more rapidly. Icicles and giant chunks of ice begin to rain down.
GM: [fuck. they botched...loads of 1's]
GM: The ice makes it difficult for the Elves to coordinate their dance, and the ice starts to topple.
Jalya: I'm going to try to guide it. after I dodge it [botch - athletics(8)]
GM: The individual plops of ice into the lake become a constant crash as the ice cracks into hundreds of gigantic chunks. You're showered in icy water and icicles. You jump back to avoid a particularly sharp piece, but end up slipping on the uneven ground. [soak 5 levels of damage] Soon you're buried in ice.
Jalya: !!
Jalya: "I'm going to catch a cold, I know it" [1 success - Resistance(7)]
GM: alright, you're woozy but still conscious. You can hear shouting now, and it appears that the worst is over.
Jalya: did we succeed?
GM: Well, sort of. The ice shattered, so it's out of the way now.
Jalya: that's good
* Jalya rubs her shoulder
GM: you'll want to dig yourself out of the ice. You're literally buried.
Jalya: if I take the potion, will my belongings shrink w/ me?
GM: You don't know. Remember, Gynnn's descriptions of her potions are always vague...
Jalya: hmm
* Jalya tries to dig herself out of the ice [1 success - Might(6)]
GM: You start to push up on the ice and shift it a bit. The cold is numbing you terribly.
Jalya: FUCK [botch - Resistance(7)]
GM: that's another bashing level. You're starting to freeze up.
Jalya: screw it
* Jalya drinks 1/2 the potion
GM: It tastes very bitter and it goes to your head almost immediately, making you feel strange. Then the ice around you starts to shimmer and grow a bit. You see the Hobbits and a pair of Elves coming to help dig you out.
* Jalya starts looking for a crack she can slip out of
GM: half the potion didn't seem to help much - everything only grew by about 1/3 as much
* Jalya finishes the rest
GM: The bitterness nearly gags you, but it seems to do the trick - the ice chunks around you suddenly bulge out, becoming 3 times larger, then 4.
Jalya: [1 success (via WP) - Resistance(7)]
GM: okay, you hold on through sheer force of will - the cold sapping your strength slowly. Hamm, Deece and Larn are throwing ice left and right, digging you out and shouting your name.
Jalya: can I get through a crack in the ice chunks? (and am I still clothed?)
GM: You're struggling in the ice, trying to break through the cracks. Yes your clothes seem to have come with you.
Jalya: (whew)
GM: After several minutes the Hobbits finally manage to free you. You're having difficulty hearing them, but they seem to be shouting to you.
* Jalya shouts "I'm here! Hurry!"
Jalya: can they see me?
GM: They've dragged you out now, but you are still having trouble hearing them.
Jalya: Must be my size
GM: After a bit you will pass out from the cold and shock.
Jalya: at least they can carry me easily
( - Fireday, Diandir 4th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
Jalya: I assume that they took me back to Gynnn's
GM: When you awaken, it's to Gynn hovering over your head. You're wrapped in blankets, nearly mummified in fact.
* Jalya blinks
Jalya: "am I dead?"
Gynnn: "No, but you could have been. I can't believe the trouble you get in."
GM: When you finally manage to work your neck free enough from the wrappings, you see that Zalith is sound asleep on your feet.
Jalya: aww...
Jalya: "I only swiped his cloak pin because he gave me disrespect"
* Jalya just lays there... I don't want to wake Zalith
Gynnn: "And you had me worried to death. And that poor Hobbit boy, nearly cried himself dry over you."
GM: You feel awful. You have never felt this awful in your life. Your whole body aches, your fingers and toes feel like they're being pricked by needles.
Jalya: "How is Hamm?"
Gynnn: "I thought he would never make it. He insisted on finding things for me to heal you - he dug for roots, he brought firewood. I tell you, that boy is infatuated."
Jalya: "Must be the ears..."
* Jalya grins
GM: There is a big goose egg on the side of your head, and you're sure that your left ankle is sprained, or worse.
Jalya: "Did we do it?"
Gynnn: "Well it's a good thing he was here. There is no way I could have wrapped that ankle. It's swollen up like a poisoned apple. Yes, of course you did it. I think the river hasn't flowed so high in all my time here."
* Jalya moans in pain
GM: Zalith stretches a bit, then rolls over, his legs kicking lightly at the air. He's a bit dirty, and he is sound asleep.
Jalya: He's so cute when he sleeps
* Jalya blows Z a kiss
Jalya: "Good... then it was worth it... Thank all the blessed Gods..."
* Gynn floats over, hovering a cup by you. "You'll want to hold your nose when you drink this."
Jalya: "ok..."
* Jalya tries to sit up (without waking Zalith, if possible)
GM: It's not easy at first, but once you shift your weight away from your bad ankle it's much easier. Zalith just rolls off of your feet, still snoozing.
Jalya: =)
* Jalya holds her nose
GM: You get a faint whiff before you do. It smells worse than you feel.
* Jalya smiles
* Jalya inhales through her mouth, lets it go, then swallows it
Jalya: "Bleh..."
GM: It's hard to keep down - it's thick and sludgy, and it tastes like boiled bark mash. Gynn glares at you, making sure you take it all down, then she smiles.
* Jalya gasps: "..water...?"
Gynnn: "I don't know what that will do for your ankle, but it should keep infection down." She floats a cup of water over to you, half full. "Can't have too much. You need to let the medicine work."
Jalya: "The hobbits didn't save any of that ice that hit me, did they?"
* Jalya sips half of it, then sets the cup down
Gynnn: "I hardly think so. They were too busy bringing you here. They said you were raving."
Jalya: "Is that some kind of dance?"
* Jalya is still a bit delirious
* Gynn clenches her jaw, then can't hold it and starts to giggle. "I know what you did. You drank it, didn't you?"
GM: There's a knock off to your left, then you hear Larn's voice. "Haloo?" Gynn flies over and lets Larn and Hamm in. Hamm has his arms loaded with food, and when he sees you're awake his face nearly splits in two with a wide grin.
Jalya: "yeah... I had to, Gynn... had to make it easier for them to carry me..."
Jalya: "Larn... are those twins you?"
Larn: "Had to what?"
Jalya: "drink the potion"
Gynnn: "She drank my potion."
* Larn gives her a puzzled look
* Jalya smiles at Hamm
Jalya: "Hi..."
* Jalya waves
* Gynn flies back over to you. "You silly, it didn't really make you shrink. You just thought you did. And I think the ice made it worse."
GM: Hamm unloads the food, then brings you some bread, but Gynn waves him away.
Gynnn: "Leave her alone! She's healing."
Hamm: "Are you feeling better?"
GM: You're not tingling all over, finally, and your bones don't ache so much now. (heal 2 levels)
Jalya: "Yeah... I'll be ok, Hammy boy... Lemme chat w/ Gynn for a second..."
* Jalya scratches Hamm on the head affectionately
GM: Hamm goes and sits at the table, fidgeting nervously. Larn is repacking the food, leaving half for you.
Gynnn: "I think you'll be right as rain by Sunday."
Jalya: "Thank you... ' :) "I hope so, hon..."
* Jalya motions to Gynn
Larn: "I hope so too As much as Hamm and I would love to stay, we must be back in Stanshyre as soon as possible. I would hate to leave knowing you were still hurt."
Jalya: "I'm in good hands, Larn... Thanks... You guys are the best."
* Hamm's face falls. "You mean we have to leave? Now?"
* Larn just frowns at him.
* Gynn floats nearer.
Jalya: <whispers to Gynnn> "Can you put some kind of spell where they can't hear us, but we can hear each other, and they can hear each other?"
Gynnn: <whispering> "I believe they'll be on their way in just a moment..."
* Jalya says aloud to the Hobbits: "I'd feel better if you could stay just one more day."
* Jalya smiles
* Hamm brightens up immediately.
Jalya: "Or even a few hours...?"
Larn: "Are you certain? We can't tarry overlong."
Hamm: "I think Cole can handle things by himself."
* Larn frowns at him again.
Jalya: "You'll come back then won't you?"
Jalya: "Cole... heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee"
Jalya: "...mumble..."
Jalya: "he's a riot... :)"
Larn: "Ahh, no. We'll be home in Stanshyre once the ale is sold. Although I don't imagine Cole will ever stay in one place for long."
Hamm: "But we can at least stay long enough to say goodbye properly..."
Jalya: "I'll come and visit you as soon as I'm better then..."
* Larn shoulders the pack. "Aye, you would be most welcome."
Jalya: "Yay..."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Come give me a hug, guys..."
* Hamm takes his pack. "Let's pack up the donkey, and then we'll say goodbye proper."
Jalya: "..ok.."
* Larn gives you a hug, gently.
Jalya: "Take care, my friend..."
* Hamm is a bit more ambitious, and you nearly have to push him away.
Jalya: "Aww... you are sweet, Hamm..."
* Jalya kisses him on the cheek
Hamm: "I fear I will miss you terribly."
Jalya: "May your journey be free of incident"
* Larn takes him by the elbow "Come now, let's load up so we're not caught without daylight."
Jalya: "I'll miss you too Hamm... But I'll be up in a few weeks."
Hamm: "May the stars keep you."
Larn: "And the road beneath your feet be kind."
Jalya: "..and you as well.."
* Jalya smiles
GM: Just before they leave Hamm turns and waves again, then is nearly dragged out by Larn. Gynn giggles.
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee"
Jalya: "I am in such trouble, Gynnn..."
* Jalya drinks the rest of the water
Gynnn: "What trouble can that Hobbit be?"
Jalya: "He's got it for me... and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't exactly encourage it..."
Gynnn: "I think a month or two at home should cure him. Few Hobbits are adventurous enough to chase such wayward prey as thee."
Jalya: "wayward... heh.. am I wayward?"
* Jalya grins
Jalya: "What happened to me up there?"
Gynnn: "The ice broke apart is all. It was just too much for the Elves to handle. I hear one lost an eye."
Jalya: "I just remember shrinking in a snow hill and elves dancing with frantic hobbits... I didn't drink the potion until after I was in it tho... I guess it fell on me, huh?"
Gynnn: "You were nearly buried alive. From what Larn told me, the biggest part fell right towards you."
Jalya: "no wonder I couldn't find a crack in the ice. what I want to know is what happened when I was 'raving'..."
Gynnn: "And the silly potion didn't help any. You were so busy thinking you were small you couldn't manage to free yourself."
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee I forgot your elixirs could have that effect..."
Gynnn: "You were making an ass of yourself, crying out about how small you had become."
* Jalya laughs
Gynnn: "Although it may have been for the best. If you had shifted too much you may have crushed yourself in all that ice."
Jalya: "Good thing I have this bump on my head... I'd hate for them to think I was insane."
* Zalith yawns, and his eyes open just a bit. *Oh... you're <yawn> awake. Finally..."
Jalya: *Yeah... Hi love. have a good journey?*
Zalith: *I was afraid you would be out for much longer.* he stretches. *Good enough, I suppose. Dull mostly*
Jalya: *I missed you too, sweetie*
* Gynn starts a fire and looks over the food that was left.
Zalith: *I heard the crashing when the ice wall fell. Impressive*
* Jalya scratches Zalith's head
Jalya: *It fell on me... I was lucky. I owe those Hobbits my life. I'm going to go visit them when I'm better...*
* Zalith stands and stretches again, then rubs against your hand. *Visit them? Where?*
Jalya: *Stanshyre. I think*
* Jalya pets Zalith lovingly
Zalith: *Sounds like a typical Hobbit place to live.*
* Gynn finally decides on some of the roots and the dried meat, and sets to making stew.
Jalya: "Thank you Gynnn... you are the best, sweetie..."
Zalith: *My Lord was quite pleased to hear of our adventures together.*
Gynnn: "I do what I can."
Jalya: *Really? I thought he didn't like me*
* Zalith snorts *It isn't that he dislikes you...* he sits himself in your lap, purring contentedly. *... he's just particular.*
Jalya: *why did you need to visit him?*
* Jalya strokes Zalith
Gynnn: <mostly to herself> "I swear, those boys wouldn't know a ripe root from a stick..."
* Jalya laughs loudly at that
Zalith: *I can never tell. He just insists on keeping tabs, I suppose. Being an emissary can be trying...*
Jalya: *I suppose. I got to embarrass an Elf lord*
GM: You're feeling quite cozy now, and your ankle is really the worst of your troubles. You're sure you'll be able to travel in less than a week, if you wanted.
Jalya: wooHOO!!
Zalith: *And I missed it... I always miss the good things...*
Jalya: *You won't next time. I promise*
* Zalith purrs, then hops up onto one of the stools.
Gynnn: "Could you help me with the stew?"
Jalya: "Sure... Assuming I remember to limp"
* Jalya shoves herself up w/ her arms
Jalya: "How long was I out, Gynnn?"
* Jalya hobbles to the kitchen
Gynnn: "Only all night." She puts the magic fire out, then works on floating the bowls to the table. "We were afraid you would be out for a week, with that bump on your head."
Zalith: *I doubt that. I know how hard that head can be...* licking his chops at the smell of the stew.
* Jalya giggles, and relates that comment to Gynn
* Gynn laughs "You're terrible, Zalith!"
* Jalya ladles the stew into the bowls
GM: The stew is wonderful, if a bit thin. Gynn always seems to be able to make wonders out of nothing.
Jalya: "He can be right tho... This is fantastic... I love you, Gynnn"
Gynnn: "And that is what is important, child. Of course I love you."
Jalya: *I assume it meets with your approval, my love*
* Jalya smiles
* Jalya finishes eating...
* Zalith licks at the bottom of the bowl. *How could I begrudge you your tiny mother?*
GM: Basically the next couple of days just float by. Gynn keeps you fed and makes sure you don't just lie around. Zalith does the lazing about for both of you, and he muses about your travel plans. By Moonday you're healed enough to travel, though your ankle is still a bit tender.
Jalya: should I heal one level? (to bruised)
GM: Yes.
Jalya: ok...

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