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Chapter Two: Escape

OŘ - Sunday, Junori 6th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: It's a bit moist out today, but there is a fresh ocean breeze.
* Simar still keeps an eye on Ivan
Simar: does he ever say how he got in here?
* Ivan was captured during the Tambran raid
Simar: k - that’s what I’ll say to then
GM: <Jalya> A couple acolytes will provide you with a bowl and pitcher of water to clean yourself before the Tambran men assigned to you will come.
* Jalya wakes up missing Zalith
* Jalya cleans herself up
GM: <Simar> you and the other men will be allowed to wash yourselves before the auction. Two tubs of water are provided. Half of the guards are hauling some things out of another wagon.
Simar: I guess I’ll clean up then
* Ivan will run a finger down the scar on the side of your face. "Do you think you'll fetch a good price, looking so dangerous?"
* Simar laughs. "should I care?"
Ivan: “If I'm lucky I'll be bought sooner rather than later."
GM: The guards are now giving the slowpokes hell. Since you bathed as early as you could you're at the front of the line. Ivan stands just behind you.
* Simar tries to keep Ivan by him
GM: You and the other men are now being led out onto a wide platform. Men surround you, looking at muscles, some at teeth. Looking for tattoos as well. You’re popular - you look like you could work long days
Simar: well I don’t look all that grateful
GM: <Jalya> Arlen will bring the men around when you've finished. Their captain is finishing his breakfast, and they'll lead you around and out the kitchens.
 GM: The captain will hold an arm up for you to wait while 3 large and heavily laden wagons are driven through to the docks.
Captain: "Do you think she would stay in the city?"
Jalya: "That's little likely... in fact... I'm not certain where she may go... but I have some ideas."
Captain: "Then where, mayhaps, would she go?" He seems annoyed to have to 'babysit' you.
GM: They're setting up some boxes and long flats to arrange the merchandise. You can see the last touches on a long stage being made. There are also some silver items, knives, glyphs and the like. And masks like the Ibarite warriors wear. There are many fine furs, some from animals no longer in winter colors.
Jalya: :~ "What's the occasion? ... Captain?"
GM: He's looking over some of the furs, measuring one against his arm.
Captain: "What?"
* Jalya shudders
Jalya: "when I came to the city, I had my familiar with me... has anyone seen a lynx around?"
GM: One of the men chuckles "I'm sure there was one near here somewhere's."
Jalya: "He'll find me, I suppose... What's going on here today? Looks like some special event."
GM: An auctioneer is starting to warm up.
Captain: "This is a big one. They have prisoners for the Colony."
GM: Two lines of men are led out and onto the platform.
Jalya: "Colony?"
GM: The other man says "Yah, Alanth. Don't you know anything?"
Jalya: "I've never heard of Alanth... I'm from Sarinilar
GM: He shakes his head at you.
GM: The Captain drops the furs and walks across to some crates being opened by the slave auction.
Captain: "You cannot sell that!"
* Jalya is confused
GM: The captain takes a sword out of the crate - a broadsword, with the traditional angular line etched across the blade. It's the sword of a noble House.
Jalya: I am keeping an eye out for Zalith. when I'm not walking, I'll stand with my arms over my head from time to time, so my pheromones will be carried on the wind - I need to find Zalith
Jalya: [3 successes - intuition(6)]
GM: That sword belongs to one of the slave men, and he clearly wants it back.
Jalya: hmm
GM: The guard has taken you to the far end of the auction now, where there are the masks and where the slaves are still being picked over. The other guard on you is getting impatient while the captain argues with the merchant over whether he can sell the sword
Simar: is that my sword?
GM: Yes. It's so damnably close too
Simar: do I see it?
GM: yes
Simar: what’s between me and my sword? .....assessing my chances
GM: you have 2 men assessing your strength and a guard.
Simar: how many guards do I count?
GM: there's 1 on you, plus the second who is debating whether to go with you or back up the captain. plus, there are 6 on the slaves, and another couple here and there.
Simar: is there a reasonable avenue of escape?
GM: right now, not that you can see... But you do see one unusual thing - there's some sort of faerie being escorted by where you are.
Simar: not an elf right?
GM: You don't think she's an Elf, they don't usually have black fur on their ears.
Simar: where’s the sword at?
GM: The captain is wrapping it in some cloth to keep it safe.
* Ivan nudges you lightly on the arm.
Ivan: “Simar..."
Simar: "what?"
* Simar watches his sword
* Ivan nods back, and you see Ermann, one of the rougher men. He's menacing Ivan again.
* Simar looks at Ermann
* Ermann just eyes you back.
Simar: "hey dung hole you wanna see your teeth on the ground? then you can be toothless like your mother was"
* Ermann stands and starts to crack his knuckles. One of the guards raises a whip.
Simar: "I am grateful for her being toothless though"
GM: There are a few laughs, then Ermann is whipped across the shoulder. He grabs at it, yanking the guard off balance.
* Simar pushes Ermann into the guard [1 success - Might(6)]
Jalya: "I want that sword"
Guard: "Ha! Skinny thing like you..." He whistles at the captain "Hurry up!"
Jalya: "Yes... Did they tell you what I did to that cell door?"
GM: The guard frowns, "Jes' faeries trick's all."
Jalya: "No... it was my strength. I may not look like much, but I know how to use what I have."
GM: The Captain is finally walking back, sword in hand. "Sacrilege, just to auction off this fine blade of the realm."
Jalya: "It's pretty..."
Jalya: do I have my equipment?
GM: not your bow and arrow. but the captain has them
* Jalya will get them back
Jalya: any sign of Zalith?
GM: So far no
Jalya: :(
Jalya: he hates cities anyway...
GM: The 3 men are finally back together, and they're working on muscling through the gathering crowd. The slave auction is about to begin now as the buyers take their places.
Jalya: Did Cole happen to give me a set of runes, or did I make a set when I studied w/ him?
GM: You probably made a set, you had plenty of time.
GM: The talkative guard points "A fight!" and he backs a bit to cover your rear.
* Jalya looks at the stage when she hears "a fight"...
GM: One of the slave men has grabbed the guard's whip, and the man behind him shoves him down off the platform. The guard starts grappling with him, and other guards approach with whips raised. The captain grabs Jalya and starts to get her out of there. "Come on, this ain't no time to look around."
Jalya: "Yes it is... one of them owns that sword."
* Jalya stays put, ignoring the guard.
GM: It isn't a particularly hard shove, but it got him out of the way. Ivan bolts.
* Simar heads after my sword ...going through what ever I have to [1 success - Athletics(7)]
GM: The captain who has your sword is now dragging the faerie girl out through the crowd.
Jalya: "Let go of me..." [no successes - Might(6)]
GM: Simar shoves into the crowd, whips cracking behind him. [soak 1k]
Jalya: <to the Captain> "don't they teach you how to treat a lady at knight school...?"
GM: He's managed to get you out of the crush, and now he's just getting you into the foot traffic.
GM: S: There is a hard sting on your shoulder, but you shrug it off easily.
GM: One of the men who was with the Captain is moving to intercept Simar
Jalya: I bet he's the owner of said sword...
GM: Yes, that is the man you saw before - you could almost feel the waves of want when the Captain raised the sword up.
Jalya: did the Captain let go of my arm yet? [3 successes - Might(6)]
GM: Now you and the Captain are engaged in a fierce tug of war. He has a good grip on your wrist, and he's got your feet scooting on the ground. "Come On Youlittebrat!"
Simar: is there a small man I can pick up and throw at the on coming guard? [2 successes - Might(7) w/ WP]
Jalya: "Let me go you warthog... if I'd wanted to run I would have by now"
GM: The guard keeps hold of your hand, but stops trying to drag you. Then he shouts into the crowd "Nort, look out you idiot!"
GM: Okay, Simar grabs a juggler from behind, just as he separates himself from the crowd, then throw him sideways into the guard.
Simar: [0 successes - Unarmed Combat(8)]
GM: The crowd is just too thick, and you only manage to tie things up here. The crowd is parting in front of the guards coming up behind you.
Jalya: "He'll kill for that sword."
GM: The captain draws his narrow blade. "He may die for it if he persists."
Jalya: "There'll be no killing near me."
* Jalya throws herself towards the slave [1 success - Athletics(6)]
GM: You go to jerk your hand out of his grip but slip. But his grip wasn't that tight, and slipping yanks you free.
* Simar yells to intimidate the crowd into moving [0 successes - Intimidation(6)]
* Jalya runs up to stop the slave
GM: Another slave darts through the crowd and runs into the captain, knocking him down.
GM: Apparently the people aren't worried about you, since the guards are closing in. They are now trying to slow you down.
* Simar keeps pushing for the sword
GM: Simar - You see Ivan knock the captain over, grab a cloth wrapped bundle, then take off through the crowd.
GM: J - There are people trying to hold the slave man down.
GM: Whips are cracked and men are shouting for everyone to clear out. [Simar: soak 2K]
GM: That one stung a bit more, but they're too far to really lash you.
* Jalya runs up and tries to stop the guards from whipping the slave yelling something about violence not being the way
Jalya: "Stop it!"
GM: Simar - The faerie girl pushes through and stands in front of you.
* Jalya grabs the guards arm [botch - Unarmed(8)]
GM: You push through and jump to grab his arm and the whip wraps around your arm. [soak 2k]
Simar: where's my sword?
GM: You're not sure. The Captain had it last, but Ivan may have taken it.
GM: The captain gets to his feet and shouts "Get Him!" pointing after Ivan.
GM: [initiative]
* Jalya tries to pull the whip from the guard
Simar: do I see Ivan?
GM: You see the spot in the crowd where he is
* Simar picks up this faerie and grabs the whip around her arm and pulls at it
GM: k'
GM: Jalya, the man grabs you from behind and starts yanking on your entangled hand.
Simar: can I get either the whip off her or the whip? my plan is that they may be less likely to whip me if I got the fairie as a shield  ;)
GM: Well, I'm seeing what she plans to do to see how that affects your action, because either of those outcomes is not like a 1-action affair, they take place over several phases. or, she may help you
Jalya: I'll try to use his momentum to flip him over me
GM: then Simar, which of those outcomes do you prefer?
Simar: they seemed to be protecting her...I want to free her from the whip
GM: alright - Unarmed(7)
Jalya: note. I'm trying to keep hold of the whip as well
GM: Make that Simar: Unarmed(8) - Jalya: Unarmed(7)
Simar: [2 successes]
Jalya: [3 successes + WP]
GM: Simar grabs Jalya's wrist and starts to yank it, hoping to get it free, but she leans forward and flips him up, his feet in the guard's face.
GM: [Simar, soak 3B]
GM: Simar's feet clunk off the man's iron breastplate, pushing him back a few feet into the crowd, like ninepins. Unfortunately, that was hard, and your feet smart like mad.
Jalya: "That's your sword..."
GM: The captain calls from an the near corner of the warehouses "Archers! Stop that boy!"
Simar: "that’s my sword!!"
Jalya: does he still have hold of my wrist?
GM: You are now semi tangled together.
Jalya: to Simar: "No killing. Not today. Fathom?"
GM: Jalya is grabbed from behind and yanked back, pulling the whip taught.
Simar: Jayla is being yanked the way I wanna go right?
GM: sort of, yeah.
* Simar punches whoever is grabbing her...... [2 successes - Unarmed(6)]
Jalya: [ow.. rope burn]
GM: Heh - You step forward and he loses his balance, expecting you to pull back. Then bam! he's got a solid jaw.
GM: [new init]
* Jalya isn't used to combat
GM: You're in his guard, and Jalya is likely to slip this guy. Only you better make sure you're untangled completely
* Simar picks up the faerie and runs for Ivan [2 successes - Athletics(6) - after blowing a luck point]
Jalya: !
GM: What do you plan to do now, Jalya. He's manhandling you again.
Simar: hey I’m hoping you're important enough not to get shot full of arrows
GM: You push past the guard and into the crowd.
Jalya: Well... since he's running away from the guards (who will catch him, I'm certain) I'll grab my small knife from my belt, and prepare to use it.
GM: Jalya - are you going to be sneaky/blatant in drawing the knife?
Jalya: sneaky... [3 successes - sleight of hand(7]
* Jalya must be ambidextrous
Jalya: am I over his shoulder?
GM: not yet
GM: The girl is slipping. she's not holding onto you.
* Jalya grabs
GM: [S: soak 3K and J: soak 2B]
GM: This guy's in a hurry, running right into people with you in front. The whips are cracking across Simar's back.
* Simar tries to get to Ivan [2 successes - Alertness(7)]
GM: You've just crashed through the crowd. More guards are coming on horseback now. If he went around the warehouse he'll end up running across the beach. He may be hiding in the warehouse.
GM: [Init]
GM: Right when Simar pushes out of the crowd a guard is there waiting...
* Jalya tries to untangle the whip (and keep it in case I need it)
* Simar plays punt the guard (kick) [0 successes - Unarmed(8)]
GM: Jalya - it only takes a second to unwind it from your arm. Then Simar is punched in the head. make a wits(7) roll to get the whip from him.
Simar: :(
Jalya: [2 successes]
Jalya: :)
GM: [Simar soak 2B]
GM: Okay, in the moment of slack you slip it off his wrist. now you have a weapon in each hand, but you're a little disoriented.
Jalya: did that punch do anything to upset the fact that he's carrying me?
GM: we're about to find out
Jalya: uht-oh
GM: but come on, it's only 2B. Simar has shrugged off much worse.
GM: Now that hurt! then his other one comes around...[soak 1B more]
GM: But that doesn't faze you, and you can stand your ground.
GM: [init]
GM: What's your primary concern here Simar. you get 2 actions
Simar: to get the hell outta here and get my sword
GM: so nevermind the girl. 'kay... Jalya, you can escape with little difficulty. You gonna run past this guy Simar, or try to fight past him?
* Simar runs  [1 success - Athletics(7)]
Jalya: so I'm on the ground, right?
GM: Yes. He basically puts you down and is now dodging to a wall to get around the guard. This may be your last chance before the horsemen get here.
Jalya: the captain has my bow... bastard...
* Jalya runs
GM: k, you get to the corner Simar, but he's right behind you, trying to grab you.
* Jalya is following Simar... I gotta know why that sword is so important
* Simar ducks down to flip this guy over me [2 successes - Unarmed(7)]
GM: You duck down under his reach, but only end up shoulder-blocking against him, pushing him back.
GM: One of the horsemen is right on Jalya's back.
GM: [init]
GM: Well kids... You can hear the captain inside the warehouse, "I want him in chains!"
* Jalya runs past Simar's struggle, sprinting towards the boy that he was chasing
* Simar runs for the warehouse
GM: [Both: 2 successes - athletics(5)]
GM: Jalya is right ahead of Simar at the doorway when 3 guards from inside step in front of you. 1 has a cudgel, with studs halfway down it. the next has the customary broadsword. the third has a whip.
Jalya: I'm gonna blow my last WP and try to jump over them [0 successes - athletics(6)]
GM: Jalya jumps right into the middle guard
Jalya: !
Jalya: do I knock him over?
GM: we'll find out after Simar does his do
* Simar picks the guy with the whip to run over
GM: Like a move thru?
Simar: yup [1 success - Unarmed(6)]
GM: he shoulders down and smashes back into you, knocking you sideways into the wall. [soak 4B]
GM: he totally knocks you aside.
Simar: ow
GM: [init]
Jalya: did I knock the guard down?
GM: do you want to?
Jalya: since I failed the jump over, yeah, I guess [1 success - Unarmed(6)]
GM: Simar, he may have dislocated your shoulder.
GM: The guard grabs onto you.
* Jalya looks the guard in the eye and says "No killing."
GM: Actually, you can tell he's trying to subdue you. But the man with the whip is getting ready to give Simar a lash
Simar: am I on the ground?
GM: Yes, leaning against a wall but you can stand up if you have to.
* Simar stands
GM: you gonna block/dodge the whip? [you got a hella penalty]
Simar: it sure beats just getting hit [3 successes - athletics(7) + WP]
GM: You stand and step away from the wall, just beside the whip's crack.
Jalya: get this oaf off of me....
* Jalya stabs the guard in the arm w/ her knife [2 successes - Melee(7)]
* Jalya has been held by the mannish too much today
GM: There is the clashing of swords in the warehouse.
Simar: any chance of running?
GM: [Jalya - soak 2B]
GM: He shakes you around, and then you stick him in the arm. He lets go of you quickly after that.
GM: [init]
GM: The captain backs out of the warehouse, blocking 2 rapid strikes then double stepping back again.
Guard: "Awright girly you better straighten up!" and he motions for the man with the cudgel to come over.
GM: Simar, you see Ivan come out of the doorway, your father's sword slashing and striking crazily.
* Jalya tries to run between the captain and whomever he's fighting.
GM: alright, if you insist...
Jalya: she hates fighting  (besides, he still has my bow)
GM: The guard grabs your arm and jerks you back. "Watch out there!"
GM: The captain has dropped everything he had, and you see he's fighting for his life. The boy has the sword in his hand now, and he's fighting like a wolverine on loco-weed.
* Simar moves to blindside the captain [spending willpower, due to injuries. 0 successes - unarmed(6)
GM: You charge at the captain, but he ends up swerving around you, and Ivan doesn't seem to notice you.
* Jalya tries to evade that pesky mannish guard [1 success - athletics(6)]
GM: And the guard will pull you with him gently, since you're going that way - and you slip past him, running...?
Jalya: yes
GM: to?
Jalya: inside the warehouse (presumably where my bow is)
GM: No, it's on the ground where the fight is happening.
Jalya: ahh then I drop the whip and try to get to it and my arrows
GM: alright.
GM: [init]
* Jalya still has the knife drawn
GM: I know
Jalya: running to get my bow & arrows... if anyone comes to clash, I'll skewer them.
GM: You'll basically have to join the fray. but this time the one with the cudgel is going to try to stop you.
Jalya: fine
Jalya: I'm gonna evade him [1 success - athletics(7)]
GM: You go to sidestep him, and he swings it down on your shoulder... [soak 2B]
Jalya: ow
GM: Simar, you watch as Ivan cuts the last of the captain's guard to ribbons. His sword goes clattering, Ivan slices a finger off, then bring it down on the elbow. The captain is kneeling, begging for his life, and Ivan is raising the sword again.
* Simar grabs the dropped sword and try to get to Ivan
Simar: "IVAN!!" [1 success via WP, since wound penalties killed all his dice - rapport(7)]
GM: He has the sword raised, and he's breathing hard. you can see the veins in his arms are throbbing.
GM: The guy with the cudgel is swinging at you again Jalya...
* Jalya is getting outta there... gonna try to stop the boy from killing the captain
Simar: "Ivan!!! settle laddy....we need him alive ..."
GM: okay, now that they've stopped, you can get behind Simar [athletics(7)]
Jalya: [0 successes]
Jalya: fye
GM: that's okay, he swings short - he hesitates because of the captain's state. There is an awful lot of blood, and he's grasping the stump with a white knuckled hand.
* Ivan jerks, and he drops the sword. "Uh...?"
* Simar gets the sword
* Jalya grabs her bow & arrows
GM: The crowd is silent.
* Ivan steps back "He saved your life, captain."
GM: Simar kneels down painfully and picks up the sword. there is an immediate rush on contact.
GM: Jalya picks up a couple stray arrows, slotting them into the pack.
Simar: anywhere to run?
GM: you can go down the road aways then cut through the warehouses. that way you can avoid the beach. but you're in sad shape
Jalya: <to the Captain> "No killing."
GM: [LOL, this dude is fountaining on the ground, whimpering. but you make sure he won't kill anyone...]
Jalya: [just a statement, actually]
Jalya: <to the captain> "I'm going to find my sister now."
GM: Ivan will throw an arm of Simar's shoulder and help him to run.
Jalya: <to Simar> "How should we get out of here?"
* Simar takes Ivan and heads down the road
* Jalya goes with them
Jalya: how many arrows did I grab?
GM: 6
GM: It's slow going at first, but when Ivan gets you balanced it gets better. The two men are helping the captain, and you hear them calling for militia men to go around the crowd.
* Jalya takes the lead, ducking and turning around as many corners as she can
Jalya: "Follow me" [1 success - Larceny(7)]
Simar: "by the gods............ you fought well Ivan"
* Simar looks at the faerie then at Ivan
* Ivan is shaking. "Such a hunger for blood..."
Simar: "why not"
* Jalya thinks to herself: "the mannish and their gods... what could Cole have meant?"
GM: You run ahead, then realize they won't be able to keep up, so then you double back. There are men with nets coming. So now you cut down the alleyways.
* Simar follows the faerie with Ivan’s help
Simar: "I’m proud of you Ivan. you did well"
Jalya: Can I make myself look like a guard?
* Ivan starts to shake off the effect of the sword, and he looks around for ambushes
Jalya: I can make myself look like Arlen... [4 successes on Fuddle]
Jalya: (Also, I make certain that I change in their view)
GM: The girl disappears, and you see a Varial Priest standing there. You must be hallucinating.
* Jalya (as Arlen) "Trust me... I have a plan. Yaniss is about to work in weird ways."
* Ivan will nod and continue going.
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: [0 successes - Larceny(7)]
* Simar hangs onto Ivan
GM: You've gotten yourself into another crowd, this one nervously backing off from the excitement. Unfortunately, you're lost.
Jalya: I fathomed that would happen...
Jalya: <to Ivan> "Do you know where we are?"
Ivan: “We cannot cross the river. Duke diTambrec will have us hung before our heels cool."
GM: [Duke diTambrec holds Outer Cybaria, which is currently where most of the men fighting the against the Ibarites are coming from.]
* Jalya looks for an alley to duck into
Simar: "maybe a cellar to hid in 'til night fall" [0 successes - Investigation(7)]
Jalya: "or a church"
* Ivan smiles.
Jalya: "I have an idea."
Jalya: do I see the temple from where I am? [1 success - Alertness(6)]
GM: Yes, there is a temple spire, but it's too far from here.
Guard: "Hey! Stop those men!"
Jalya: "don't run."
Ivan: “Simar! I don't know if I can use that sword again."
* Jalya calls out "I have them. They are now in my care."
GM: The horsemen are slowing, but the crowd is parting quickly.
* Jalya whispers: "just play along..."
Horseman Guard: "Out of the way, Master Arlen. Those men are killers."
Jalya: "They surrendered themselves to me. This man saved the captain's life."
* Jalya points to Simar
Jalya: "I'm taking them to the temple... he has repented."
GM: The first man thinks - the two others are readying a net and whip.
Jalya: "as has his young friend."
* Simar grips the sword in his good hand.......just in case
Horseman Guard: "You can attend to them in gaol. Come forward men, if you have surrendered."
* Simar looks at Jalya
GM: Two more guards on foot are approaching.
Jalya: "Have you worked with the newly repented, sir?"
Horseman Guard: "Yeh, some did repent, in Pawlosz." He'll grin
Jalya: "I'll hold them in the cells beneath the temple, but first, they must embrace their new life in all it's glory."[1 success - subterfuge(7)]
Jalya: "I won't have any killing here today. Follow from a distance, if you like, but keep a distance. They can be trusted."
GM: Okay, he'll have the footmen grab Ivan and Simar, pulling them out of the crowd. Then he'll motion for you to step up. "Lead the way.
Jalya: "Follow me."
* Jalya walks calmly, and coolly to the Temple
* Simar is to messed up to argue
* Jalya looks back to make certain the slaves aren't roughed up
Simar: how many men are there?
Jalya: a lot
GM: there are 4 men, and another 2 are moving to join
* Simar looks to see how Ivan's doing...........
GM: Ivan still seems a bit shaken about his encounter with the sword
* Jalya leads them to temple
GM: The nearest temple will take you back through the crowd you just escaped.
* Jalya hopes Arlen isn't there
GM: [I'm curious - exactly what is your plan?]
Jalya: [I'm making this up as I go]
GM: [that's what I was guessing]
Jalya: going back through the crowd is ok... it's symbolic, sort of, if these Ibars 'have repented'. besides... I'm the town Priest, I think I hold some weight
GM: Yes, but the crowd in question witnessed one of these men chop off a captain's arm. and this isn't a mere town, this is a big port city - there are several priests.
* Simar is getting a little nervous
Jalya: that's what the guards are for...
Jalya: "I want you to protect these men, as well as keep them from escaping..."
GM: The lead guard will chuckle "I hope you give 'em a good strong blessing, considering where they're goin' now." The guards are just now pushing some crowd out of the way. You can see the captain has been taken away
Jalya: "I have, and Yaniss will continue to do so... however, I think that they can help us."
GM: The one who took the sword has been looking it over, and he seems impressed by the quality. The lead guard will give you a puzzled look. "Yannis?" You can see the men who were assigned to take you to find your sister, questioning other guards and looking around for you.
Jalya: "Long story..."
* Jalya continue towards the temple
GM: now, I realize your disguise is well made, but what about these two men - they'll be spotted and, mind you, the temple is in the complete opposite direction of where you would likely want to go
Jalya: they are in my charge now, having 'repented' that is, until I can persuade the authorities otherwise, we're stuck with the guards
GM: [I think what the guard was saying is 'repent-smepent'. they're likely due for a hanging....]
Jalya: "My goals here are to save lives, not destroy them... everyone who finds a new path should be given the opportunity to explore it."
* Simar isn’t liking the guy eyeing his sword ...and is really not liking heading back where we came from
Guard: "After what he did to the captain?" he shakes his head "He'll be lucky to get a quick death, I say."
Simar: that’s not a goood thing to hear
GM: The one looking over the sword has a disquieting smile on is face as he rewinds the cloth around it.
Jalya: "Ivan attacked the Captain... Simar saved the Captain's life.. a True Sign of repentance."
* Simar is really thinking this is a bad idea now
Jalya: "Ivan saw the error of his ways, and stopped the attack... also a sign.. these men must be given a chance to redeem themselves."
Guard: "These men are slaves, Master Arlen. Slaves and no-gooders at that. Their worth will be determined by Sarvas himself I'm sure."
GM: [heh - doesn't help that you don't understand a lick of their religion...]
Jalya: "I'm sure as well... but I'm compelled to save their souls, if nothing else."
* Ivan is starting to look pale.
Simar: 'be strong Ivan....stand proud"
* Ivan looks down at his hands, which are still clenched tight.
Simar: [1 success - Alertness(6)]
GM: the guards have gathered another 6 men and they're spreading out through the crowd. you'll never make it to the temple w/o being spotted. You've just gotten to the road that leads to the nearer temple. The crowd is just starting to disperse.
* Jalya starts mumbling prayers (ala Cole style)
* Simar still doesn’t like this
GM: the crowd's murmur starts to get a little close for comfort - talk of hangings, new uprisings to the south, new
* Jalya looks back at the slaves again
Simar: I will stagger closer to it making it seem my injuries are getting the better of me - keeping close to the sword
GM: Simar seems in bad shape - his shoulder must be dislocated.
* Jalya steps back to put her arm around him for support
* Simar whispers to Jalya.........."are you sending us to the gallows faerie?"
* Jalya whispers: "no... I'm saving you from them... I hope."
Simar: "I pray that you do "
* Jalya isn't certain she wants Charatt's blessings
Jalya: "yeah me too..."
Simar: oh that sounded soooo reassuring
Guard: "I'll bet the captain will be glad to see these two dealt with."
Jalya: "How is he... any word yet?"
GM: He grins his idiot grin "Bet he won't be using that arm on girlies in the Purple Donkey, eh?" The one with the sword frowns at that... must be a personal joke
Jalya: "some of them will appreciate that... I'm sure."
GM: You'll be approached by a pair of men, and the guard will tell them to hold off, indicating you. "Seems our good Master here is taking them for a final blessing."
Jalya: "That I am..."
GM: The two men glower over Simar and Ivan. One of them is one of the guards that was escorting Jalya earlier. "Did you find the sword?" he asks.
Jalya: "Yes."
GM: The quiet one back with the two slaves will nod. "I will attend to it."
Jalya: "Keep it safe."
GM: Simar, you see the guard with your sword, his hand jerking just a bit towards the handle of your blade when it's mentioned.
Jalya: "And don't handle it... I believe it responsible for the Captain's condition."
GM: The first man will walk to him "No, give it to me. The Captain will petition for it." The quiet one will back up a bit. he's looking nervous.
Simar: "no!!"
Jalya: "Wait. The sword may be cursed."
GM: The head guard rolls his eyes and steps between the slaves and the guards. "Don't start..."
Jalya: "Yes... don't start."
Jalya: "we need to go inside... and bring that sword with."
* Simar grabs for Jalya's dagger [2 successes - Intuition(7) + WP]
GM: You pray that you can remember where she put it under that illusion of hers, then reach for her back and snatch the dagger.
* Jalya grabs Simar
* Simar puts the dagger to Jalya's throat
GM: The man with your sword looks over and his eyes widen. You see him reaching for your sword.
Jalya: "STOP! There will be NO KILLING."
GM: His hand freezes, clutching the sword by the cloth-wrapped blade.
* Jalya looks into Simar's eyes
GM: The two other guards in front of you will step back, and the crowd finally notices what is going on.
Jalya: "Listen to me if you want to live."
GM: you have her dagger to her throat now, but you know this won't be easy to maintain.
Simar: "nobody move!!!!"
Jalya: "Listen to me if you want to live."
Guard: "See, I told you it was nonsense, good Master"
Jalya: "You must have faith"
Simar: "I don’t like what I’m hearing here"
* Jalya never looks away from Simar's eyes
Jalya: "We will change that... but we MUSSST go inside to atone... hear me."
GM: The crowd starts to close in around you, blocking the way to the temple. "Look! The Heretic slave is loose! ... Is he going to kill the priest?! ... "
Jalya: "NO! He isn't... Are you Simar?"
GM: Just above the crowd you can hear the beginnings of the slave auction
* Jalya spends a mana and Mooches the dagger back to herself [3 successes]
* Jalya does mutter a prayer to Yaniss
GM: *blink* the dagger is gone.
Jalya: "Now... let's go inside."
Simar: "oh dung"
* Jalya grab's Simar's injured arm and drags him into the temple
GM: The crowd does a collective gasp, and then parts for 'Arlen' to take the men for their last blessing.
Jalya: "Never under estimate the Gods..."
GM: This temple is much smaller than the other.
Jalya: good. is the temple empty?
GM: The pair of postulants have already lit incense and prepared the altar. The priestess here, a thickly built woman with wide square hands, stands waiting beside it.
Jalya: <to the lead guard> "Stay out front with your men. No one gets in or out of this temple unless I say so... I must speak with the Priestess about this."
Priestess: "Have you truly come to renounce the words of Charatt?"
* Ivan just swallows. You see that his fingernails are starting to bite into the palms of his hands.
* Jalya still has Simar's arm
* Simar is not saying a word
* Jalya twists his arm. "Answer her."
Jalya: have the guards moved?
GM: They're staying at the door - 2 in and 2 out, mainly to keep the crowd out.
* Simar looks for his sword
GM: one of the men inside is the one with your sword.
GM: She'll just wave at them impatiently. "No matter. They will be given the blessings." Simar - you see the glyph she's wearing, and the images on the walls are not of Junon, but his wife Spera.
* Jalya leads Simar to the altar
Simar: well at least that’s something
* Jalya looks around for another exit
GM: This temple has a small way to either side of the altar, although you're not sure where they'd lead.
* Jalya whispers "please... trust me..."
* The priestess lays out a cloth and pours wine in two small silver goblets. She stands at the other side of the altar and gives Simar and Ivan a stern look. "Kneel before the Mother and her Husband."
* Jalya whispers: "do it"
* Simar looks at Ivan
* Ivan stands dumbly, a drop of blood spats on the marble floor. He looks like he could faint any second.
* Jalya looks at Simar and winks.
* Jalya says "Do it." and rolls her eyes to the nearest hallway
* The priestess will hand one of the goblets to 'Arlen'
Simar: "you want me to kneel?"
Jalya: "Aye"
* Simar looks at Ivan and have him help me to kneel
* The Priestess does her blessing on the wine.
Jalya: "drink... and let your troubles be swept away..."
* Simar whispers to Ivan............"be ready"
* Ivan looks at you, his eyes glazed, and you see him starting to fall backward.
* Simar tries to catch him
* Jalya hands Simar the wine, 'blessing' it.
GM: Oh that's going to hurt...
Simar: oh yeah huh
GM: You will basically step behind him, easing his fall.
Simar: did he faint? is he bleeding? what’s wrong with him?
GM: He's fainted. His eyes are rolled back in his head
* Jalya checks his pulse: [0 successes - healing(7)]
* The Priestess opens her eyes. "Oh Great Lady! What's happened?"
* Simar looks at Jalya
GM: One of the guards snickers.
GM: You can feel his pulse, but that's about it.
Jalya: "He's fainted..."
* The Priestess will kneel beside you, and help Simar up. "You've been badly hurt!" she says.
Jalya: have the guards moved?
GM: No
Jalya: good
* Simar gives her a look like 'that’s an understatement'
Priestess: "We cannot bless them like this. I'll take this man, and we'll bring them to the back to be healed."
GM: The guards step forward, drawing steel, but the Priestess glares at them "You stay at the door."
Jalya: "Good idea."
* The Priestess half drags you into the back and sets you against the wall. The whole time she's prodding your injured shoulder.
Simar: "my friend... help my friend"
* Jalya grabs Ivan
Jalya: "They may worship the Dragon, but these are still good men, Sister... it baffles me."
GM: Ivan is dead weight, but with a little effort you can get him into the back room.
* Jalya drags Ivan to the back
* Simar is not liking the messin with the shoulder part
Priestess: "They are children of our Mother's sister - Junon's word is not the only one."
Jalya: "Indeed, it is not."
* Simar quotes some lines from his reading that would seem to fit this situation
GM: Once the priestess has Simar braced against the wall she'll hand him a thick slab of leather. "Bite down on this if you wish to keep your teeth."
GM: [well, it is common to both churches that Spera and Talia (the wives) are still close, nevermind their husbands' quarrel]
* Simar bites on the leather
* Jalya puts Ivan on a table
* The priestess then shoves your shoulder back into place with no warning whatsoever.
GM: [endurance(8) and heal 4]
* Simar bites down hard [0 successes]
GM: Simar's legs turn to jelly and he slumps to the floor, unconscious from the pain.
* The Priestess hefts Simar upright on a stool, leaned back against the wall. "Heh... They always look tougher on the field."
Jalya: "That they do."
* The Priestess then starts rummaging amongst unlabeled jars, picking out herbs. "So, Arlen, how are they treating you at the court?"
Jalya: "They seem to be treating me well... they take my counsel. I saved a faerie girl's life the other day, you know."
GM: She grins "But you still get into trouble converting the Heretics." She pinches the leaves of a dry herb and holds it under Ivan's nose. He jerks up, wide awake. She then pinches it again and goes to Simar.
Jalya: "I have faith in the mannish for some reason."
Jalya: oops
Priestess: "Heh..."
GM: Simar jerks awake with a strange sharp smell piercing through his skull. When your vision clears you'll see Jalya kneeling down in front of you, holding a twig under your nose.
* Simar looks around startled
* Jalya looks for an exit
Priestess/'Jalya': "Don't bother. We can escape any time you're ready."
Jalya: who said that?
Jalya: !
'Jalya': "But we had better be quick about it."
Simar: Jalya or Arlen?
GM: Jalya, not Arlen.
* Jalya unravels her cantrip and hugs Josilyn
GM: You see another Jalya squeal and hug this one from behind.
Jalya: "Sister"
* Simar thinks he's delirious
Simar: "Ivan?"
Josilyn: “I had a dream that you would be here."
Jalya: "Really?"
GM: Ivan is rubbing his eyes, confused. You can see the difference between them now - the new one must be Jalya's sister. She appears maybe 5 years older, and she is wearing what seems to be a party dress.
Jalya: "They say you took a child.."
Josilyn: “But I didn't know if I should come and get you. I'm sure these people are angry about that poor girl."
Jalya: "They wanted to kill me for that... I'm angry at you for that..."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "but it's so good to see you" (squealing)
* Simar is a little confused
GM: She isn't smiling now. "I'm sorry. I had to Jalya." Ivan sidesteps around them to Simar. "Um... who is she?"
Jalya: "you can tell me why on the way..."
Simar: "what in the smoke and fire is going on?"
Jalya: "I'm sorry... Ivan, Simar, this is my sister, Josilyn... And I am Jalya."
* Josilyn turns to look at you, and you see another difference - her eyes are a fiery yellow green.
* Jalya's are blue-lavender
* Simar is at a loss for words at this point
GM: She'll lean and half whisper to Jalya "Are they... yours?"
Jalya: "By tonight, they may be."
* Jalya winks
Ivan: “Where do you think you're taking us?"
Simar: "my sword"
Jalya: "We're saving your skins... that's what we're doing..."
Simar: "where's my sword?"
Josilyn: “I can get it for you, if you do me a favor."
GM: [one of the guards in the main hall still has it]
* Ivan whispers to Simar "Can we trust these faerie devils?"
* Simar looks at Ivan
Simar: <whispering> "for now....but be wary, this may be our only means of escape"
GM: [Jalya -2 successes - Alertness(5) for acute hearing]
Josilyn: “I know you don't trust us. I don't blame you."
Simar: "I see we at least share that"
Jalya: "I saved your life, and I didn't even know your name, Simar..."
Simar: "yes......I owe you we owe you"
Josilyn: “We have to save that little girl."
Jalya: "From what?"
* Josilyn is looking around for an exit, but there seems to be none
Jalya: no windows?
GM: No windows that Simar could get out of.
Ivan: "You'll have to go out the front. These small temples are built to have only one way in and out."
Jalya: hmm...
Guard: <from the hall> "We cannot wait all day, Holy Masters."
Simar: "I am not going anywhere without my sword. tell the one with my sword to come back here"
Josilyn: "I will give it to you in good faith." and she takes up a scripture scroll and begins reading it in a high singsong voice. She appears again as the priestess, then calls out to the guard to "Come hither good man."
Jalya: can I heal myself? [0 successes - Healing(7)]
GM: well, you can at least pick up a couple herbs
Jalya: =)
GM:  [stealth(5), both of ya]
* Jalya hides [2 successes]
* Simar gets ready to bush whack this guy [1 success]
Simar: "lay down on the table Ivan. look...........look dead"
GM: The guard comes in and the 'Priestess' leads him, blocking the hall from his view.
Josilyn: "The one who fainted is quite ill and I will need your help to hold him down."
* Ivan lies down, then as the Priestess comes in he starts to twitch.
* Jalya gets ready to grab the sword
* Simar grabs something to club this guy with
GM: you've got a heavy apothecary type jar or a thin broomstick to work with
Simar: jar
GM: Okay, that takes you to where Jalya is hiding.
* Jalya whispers "No killing."
GM: The guard will place his sword and the other on the stool Simar was sitting on before, then goes to hold Ivan down. He is turned nearly with his back to you, and Josilyn as the Priestess starts to mumble some mumbo-jumbo over Ivan.
* Simar gets the jar and crashes it over this guys head [5 successes - Melee(7)]
GM: [ouch, I think we can skip the damage on that...]
Simar: (boooooya!!!)
GM: You crack the jar on the back of his head, spilling fine powder down his back. He slumps down, semiconscious, or possibly dead.
* Jalya checks [to see if he's dead]
GM: He's alive, for now.
* Ivan grins "And now we are both armed." as he sits up
* Simar gets his sword back
Jalya: "No killing... not today."
Josilyn: "Well, how do we get out now?"
Simar: "damn these windows"
Jalya: "they're looking for a Faerie and these slaves, right?"
* Josilyn nods
Jalya: "not 4 hobbits"
Josilyn: "Can you handle all of that? I have been straining my own Glamour lately."
Jalya: "I think I can handle me and Simar. Ivan, however..."
Josilyn: "Maybe together our Mana will be strong enough." and she waves for Ivan and Simar to come over.
Jalya: "anything as long as we don't have to fight our way out"
* Simar goes over to her
* Ivan is hesitant, but then hefts the steel short sword.
Jalya: "Trust me."
* Simar grins at Ivan
Jalya: "trust us..."
Josilyn: "Alright, let us concentrate."
Jalya: "Listen now, powers all... bring us wind so we shan't fall... nor shall we be slashed to bits, turn us all into hobbits."
* Josilyn joins in your chant, and you two will dance around singing it.
GM: [0 successes for Jalya's Fuddle, but w/ her Actor affinity she gets 1 on Simar]
Jalya: ACK
Simar: oh that's not good
GM: actually, since your dice are pooled with Josilyn's she balances out the failure, and since both your affinities are for Actor that means 1 extra success for the 2 humans, so...
Jalya: <whew>
GM: Simar and Ivan have taken on the appearance of Hobbits. Ivan has a striking resemblance to Hamm... Jalya and Josilyn, however, have not changed.
Jalya: !
Jalya: "it will have to do..."
Josilyn: "Hmmph! Not strong enough. Well, we had better run then..."
Jalya: "Yeah..."
Ivan: "Run?"
* Simar looks at Ivan all big eyed
* Ivan is now about 3 1/2 feet tall...
Simar: "with these little feet ?"
* Ivan looks back at you, shrugs, then starts towards the door.
Jalya: "yes... run."
Simar: how big is this sword now to me?
GM: it seems to fit perfect in your hands.
Jalya: "C'mon"
* Simar gets ready to run then
Jalya: there's still one guard...
Jalya: "Let's just stroll out there in ignorant bliss..."
* Josilyn runs out into the hall and shouts "Look out! He's called up a daemon!"
* Jalya runs to the door and starts screaming "A daemon a daemon..."
* Ivan runs, but he's giggling instead of shouting.
* Simar runs out
GM: The guard runs in, but has to wait for the four of you to pass.
* Simar runs like hell
GM: The guards outside come in, they stand in front of Josilyn to stop her, but then they hear the guard in back shouting.
* Jalya runs, screaming: "They've called up a daemon"
GM: You run around the guards and into the entrance yard, which is now cleared of people. The slave auction is now at its end.
Josilyn: "I don't know how long this will last."
Jalya: "Let's bolt."
* Simar is going to follow the ladies
Jalya: how far are we from the outskirts of the city?
Josilyn: "I have a hideout..." she runs around the temple and jumps over the back fence and into an alley running from a park.
* Jalya follows her
Simar: are fences gonna be a problem ?
GM: they don't seem to be...
* Simar follows them
GM: The hideout isn't far, but your disguises are gone before you reach it.
Jalya: eek
* Josilyn motions for you to hold back and looks around a corner, panting.
* Jalya stops
* Simar holds
Ivan: <whispering to Simar> "Didn't they say she took a baby?"
Jalya: "She did. I almost swung for it."
* Ivan will glare at you.
* Josilyn shushes you.
* Simar shrugs
Josilyn: "I think they've figured out you disappeared."
Jalya: "well, we're screwed anyway..."
* Ivan walks over, neverminding Josilyn, and peers around the corner himself.
* Jalya peeps too [2 successes - alertness(5)]
* Simar watches their backs: [1 success - alertness(7)]
GM: you can see a pair of small squads, starting to search buildings.
Ivan: <whispering back> "And where is the hideout?"
Josilyn: "It's in the sewer, just off to the side."
GM: Jalya, you hear one of the squadmen: "They'll be hung for certain, or maybe even thrown to Deimuu."
GM: Simar, You see one squad is coming up to the alley you just left.
Ivan: "We should be able to get to it here."
* Jalya whispers: "we're hung if we don't get to it."
Simar: "we have company coming behind us"
* Ivan points to a sign on the building beside you. "This is a bathhouse."
* Jalya ducks in
GM: Simar, you're right there by the door.
* Simar opens the door & heads in
GM: The two girls duck in, then Ivan.
Simar: [3 successes - Stealth(6)]
GM: and the door is shut quietly, not even echoing on the tiles inside.
* Jalya tiptoes in
GM: This is the entrance, and you can see several robes hung up. Must be for very wealthy merchants. Everything is pale gold and green tile, even the benches moulded from the walls.
* Jalya locks the door (if possible, quietly)
GM: no lock - but there is a bar
* Jalya waits
GM: You hear the guards go by the door. one hesitates, but is then pulled along by the others "I wouldn't..."
Jalya: !
* Jalya gets ready to pull the bar down
GM: You can hear water splashing in the common bath to the right.
* Jalya listens intently
GM: Ivan ducks his head to the left. Jalya, you can already hear that there is a man in one of the private room, snoring lightly.
Jalya: hmm...
* Simar looks for where the drains might be (quietly)
GM: in the baths.
* Ivan will look back and say "I don't think there's anyone in here."
* Jalya quietly bars the door
GM: A guard taps on the door, lightly "'Allo? Good sirs?!"
* Jalya mouths "get into the empty one"
* Ivan just shrugs and creeps into the private hall
* Simar goes in the empty one
GM: well, there are doors...
* Jalya follows
* Josilyn will come last.
GM: There are 4 doors here, a short hall, and 4 more. they're smooth stone against the wall, and there doesn't seem to be a way to open them.
* Simar checks down the hall [2 successes - alertness(7)]
GM: There is someone in one of these chambers, snoring lightly behind a door. But you can hear someone else padding in there quietly.
* Jalya starts looking for a key or panel to push [0 successes - enigmas(6)]
* Jalya needs to get healed
GM: You must have to physically slide these doors aside. maybe they have guards to do it.
* Jalya tries to slide one open [2 successes - Might(7)]
GM: There's another tapping at the door, and he calls louder "Good sirs? It's urgent!"
GM: You press against the door and try pushing as hard as you can. You'll hear a faint crunch and the door shifts, but that's all.
Simar: [1 success - Enigmas(6)]
Josilyn: "Damn! I think you jammed it."
GM: Simar, you realize that when she steps up to the door to push it, she's standing on a pressure plate. you have to stand back to open the door.
Jalya: "did I?"
Ivan: "I heard something break.
Jalya: "try another door"
GM: You hear a mumbling servant up at the entrance "What is it?"
* Simar grabs her up ...stepping back and then stepping on the pressure plate
GM: The plate is locked down now. she's jammed it solid.
* Simar goes to another door and does it
GM: When you don't stand on the plate the door pushes in easily
* Jalya blushes
Guard: "We have a pair of escaped slaves on the loose. Has this door been barred all day?"
GM: the servant lies "Yes."
* Simar goes into the room
* Jalya follows
GM: The room is very nice round, with one extended edge for a washbasin and a privy. The pool is full of hot water and an astringent smelling steam fills the air.
* Jalya prepares to bathe
* Ivan stops and waits for the door to shut. "I hate to tell you this..."
* Josilyn grins "I was going to say the same thing."
* Jalya whispers "what?"
Simar: "what ?"
* Ivan points at the pool. "That doesn't go to the sewer."
* Josilyn points at the privy "That does."
Jalya: "ew"
Ivan: "At least this place is new."
Jalya: "true..."
Simar: icky at this point in not to happy about it....but would just about eat his way through doodoo right about now
Jalya: lol
GM: Josilyn will hold the door and Ivan will take the seat off the privy. He'll stamp his foot on it a few times, breaking the wood frame and sending it down. It does smell... someone apparently went to town in here and hosed the walls down. they haven't cleaned it yet.
Jalya: "ew..."
Jalya: is there a way to lock this door?
GM: no
Simar: "well any port in the storm"
* Ivan peers down "Looks safe enough. Here, let me help you down Simar. It will be easier on your arm."
* Simar nods
Jalya: "Wait a sec..."
Simar: "no time"
Jalya: "I'm not going down there. not yet"
Simar: "worry bout your loveliness later"
Jalya: "besides.. the servant lied..."
Simar: there was a basin right ?
GM: yes. There is a wet rag in it now
* Jalya makes lavish waving motionis with her arms, coaxing waves into the water in the bath. [4 successes - Gimmix]
* Ivan will step back. "I'm all for washing out that stench, myself."
Simar: heh looks like I wont have to sweat it
GM: The water slops around in the pool, then rushes into the privy *whoosh!* in a huge scented wave. Then the water spills across the floor, sudsing and fizzing lightly
Jalya: "Let's go.."
* Simar rolls his eyes
Josilyn: "Hey, I normally roll in it..." and she'll climb down.
Jalya: "After you..."
* Jalya motions
Simar: "you plan on making the whole sewer smell like flowers or can we go now ?"
* Jalya follows them
* Ivan will help Simar down
* Simar goes down
* Jalya waits a minute, then jumps down after
GM: It's actually not bad here. You only have to hunch down a bit, and a couple yards west it opens into a wider tunnel that leads out to sea.
* Simar will follow Josilyn
* Josilyn walks up a couple of chambers left then lowers her head and steps in.
GM: It's not far, just across the street really, and you're in one of the sewer worker's 'lunch stops.' There is baby, wrapped in a thick blanket. She's sleeping quietly
* Simar finds a spot to sit
Jalya: <to Josilyn> "Jos... how did you know I'd be here?"
Josilyn: "I told you, it was a dream. I just knew you would be here to help me."
* Jalya gets a good look at the baby
GM: She has Odél's cheeks.
Jalya: "Why did you feel compelled to take her?"
* Simar rests
Josilyn: "I had to..." she looks at the humans - Ivan is waiting patiently for the explanation.
Jalya: "tell me... why..."
* Simar listens to these two ladies and try to figure out all of this
GM: She'll whisper something in Jalya's ear, very quietly.
Jalya: =)
Ivan: "No, tell us."
* Jalya holds up her hand.
* Josilyn looks at Ivan, and shakes her head.
Simar: "why not trust us.....we've trusted you"
GM: Jalya and Josilyn exchange a few brief words in Aelfar.
Simar: [2 successes - Int+Aelfar(6)]
GM: [knew that point in Aelfar would come in handy...]
GM: Josilyn's life was saved, and the one who saved her asked her to do it. Jalya asks why, and says the child could have been hers.
GM: Josilyn gives the men a suspicious look.
* Simar looks at Ivan
Ivan: "If you don't tell us, then we have no reason to follow you." he looks at the little girl "And we should take her with us."
Simar: "it appears its a life for a life.....much like our situation.....Ivan"
* Jalya looks at Simar
Josilyn: <to Simar, in Aelfar> "Your mother was a fishwife's cousin."
Jalya: "I guess he heard us, Jos... no point in being secret about it..."
Simar: "this lady owes her life to one who has saved hers"
* Simar looks at Josilyn
Simar: "you should trust us"
Josilyn: <back in Verite now> "I need you to save the child when I give her over to this magus."
Jalya: "I'll do that."
Simar: "we are in your would be dishonorable to refuse one who saved our lives. sound familiar ?"
Josilyn: "I must leave in the morning, and I doubt we will be found here."
Ivan: "We can stand watch."
Jalya: "We should leave before sunrise"
* Simar snickers
Jalya: "gives me time to heal my wounds."
GM: Ivan will nod, and Josilyn agrees. "And I can tend to your injuries."
Jalya: "Thanks Sis..." =)
Simar: "what a group we make"
Jalya: "I'm having some issues, Simar..."
Simar: "issues? you have issues ?"
Jalya: "I know you are an Ibarite, and I loathe them for the bloodshed that I witnessed. Bloodshed caused by your religious zealousy..."
* Ivan digs through Josilyn's pack and finds some bread and a flask of water. He passes some bread around for everyone.
Jalya: "But I find you... interesting... you have honor, and that I didn't expect."
* Jalya takes some bread
* Josilyn will massage Simar's shoulder. "They can't help it, Jaley - the gods like to play with them."
Jalya: "Tell me something... Why did you destroy Demmiu's statue?"
Simar: "because it was time for another god to take his place"
Ivan: "It was an affront to Deimuu's image."
* Jalya blinks
Simar: "why do you care about our gods?"
* Simar really isn't liking this girl judging him like this
Jalya: "It intrigues me...  What do you mean, Ivan?"
Ivan: "These men of the Empire believe that Deimuu favors the usurper against his step-father."
* Simar isn't gonna say anything the one who saved his life
Jalya: "Cole said to me to be watchful of them, watchful of the mannish...and how they were favored... but they bring battle and war... and something about me needs to fathom why."
* Simar figures Ivan has thing handled with explanations
* Jalya just wants to hear an answer
Ivan: "These men of the Sacred Stars brought the battle to us, and they took the lands that we had lived on for centuries in the name of their god's war.
* Simar eats his bread and enjoys the shoulder rub
Josilyn: "And besides, at least the Heretics are right about something."
* Ivan nods "Charatt gives us the sun each day, not his selfish brother Junon."
Jalya: "It doesn't matter who gives the sun... we should celebrate the fact that it is."
* Ivan shrugs "You will understand when Pawlosz falls under Dar Ibarite."
Jalya: "I hate war. I saw the statue destroyed, and labored to restore the river..."
GM: [Dar Ibarite translates, incidentally, as "Shadow of the Dragon"]
Ivan: "And we labor to rebuild that temple, in the proper honor to Deimuu and his mother."
Jalya: "Wow... I did not know that."
Simar: "that is until they raided us"
* Ivan will sit. "Yeah, until we were betrayed." he sighs and tosses the scrap of crust on the floor. "I wonder what has happened to Pawlosz now."
* Simar wants to run his sword into Korg's gut still
Josilyn: "What happened to the river?"
Jalya: "It was blocked by an iceberg. I took it upon myself to go to the Elven Council and petitioned them to help me move it."
Josilyn: "Oh... So that's why the river was low. I had heard about a battle up on the Cauldron."
Jalya: "After seeing it crash down, I had to do something about it. I was at that battle, which is why I hate killing."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Simar: "you were there?"
Jalya: "I was."
* Simar stares at her
* Jalya wishes she had some of Cole's smokeweed
Jalya: "I hate destruction Simar..."
Ivan: "And for whom did you fight, tall-ears?"
* Simar doesn't want to hear the answer
Jalya: "I regret participating. I mostly shot attacking Goblins... Actually, I mostly missed..."
Ivan: "well, did you?"
Josilyn: "Ha! And mother said I was the bad child."
* Jalya ignores that
Ivan: "I mean, move the ice. Did you?"
Jalya: "We did. I almost died. It broke apart and fell on me"
* Ivan gives you a solemn nod "We are in your debt. You have restored the place to its true glory."
Jalya: "Then you are also indebted to the Elves.... I couldn't have done it alone. As I was saying... I hate war... I hate destruction. that seems to counter the wishes of those who create. But I can't seem to hate you for it..."
Simar: "Molo Naur probably would have loved to have met you"
Jalya: "I helped Simar because I didn't want to see bloodshed. ..and... I have discovered that you have honor... you have impressed me... both of you."
* Jalya smiles
Josilyn: "I thought that Moh..." she blushes. "That the waterfall was a Trollish stronghold."
Jalya: "I don't pay attention to borders, Jos... I could care less about who claims what... It's good to glimpse you again, sis..."
Josilyn: "Yeah, which is why you must wander the ass end of Ordo."
* Josilyn has finished tending all of your wounds, and it is getting late. [Jalya, heal 2]
Jalya: "Excuse me?"
Josilyn: "I'm surprised that Goblin ridden section of the Cauldron hasn't been overrun."
Ivan: "Those we met were not that great a challenge."
Jalya: "Gynnlyn's magick helps keep them away..."
* Simar closes his eyes and listens.... he probably could sleep for a year
Josilyn: "How do you know Gynnlyn?"
Jalya: "She took me in when I got lost... You know Gynn? and she didn't tell me?"
Josilyn: "I know her name. A dryad friend of mine has a daughter moving up to that backwater territory."
Jalya: "ahh..."
GM: Simar will lose a bit of what they say as they slip in and out of Aelfar. Ivan will give up and stand outside to watch.
Jalya: "I saved the life of an Ibarite... Mother must be turning..."
OŘ - Moonday, Junori 7th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: Ivan and Simar will awaken a few hours later - Jos and Jaley have been chatting all night.
Josilyn: "Have you heard from Mother?"
Jalya: "No... in fact, I thought you were both dead."
GM: [your mother, incidentally, is not a lynx Pooka...]
Jalya: (she isn't?)
GM: [no. their animal affinities are not genetic but spiritually inborn. she was a fox]
Jalya: (ok)
GM: [Pooka aren't born as animals, but as baby Pooka with cute ears]
Jalya: out of curiosity, are the baby's ears human?
GM: Yes, it's a human baby
Jalya: k
* Jalya pokes Simar
Simar: "huh?'"
Jalya: "Good morning..."
* Ivan stretches "Don't you girls ever sleep?"
* Simar stands and stretches
Jalya: "Sometimes. I have trouble sleeping without Zalith around... I need to watch for him today..."
Josilyn: "I think we had better leave now. If we're careful, we can be out of Gávan by sunrise."
Jalya: "Where do we have to take this child?"
Josilyn: "He said he would find us, but not in the city."
Jalya: "and... uh.. you realize that we can never come to this city again, right? we'd be nullified."
* Josilyn grins "Oh well, I didn't like it that much anyway."
Jalya: first Stanshyre, now Gávan... boy I'm getting a hell of a bad rep
GM: The watch has been doubled, and you can hear them searching the bathhouse now - something about a thief and a jammed door. It'll take a little stealthing, I imagine [D#6]. everyone is healed, btw
Jalya: [1 success]
Simar: [1 success]
GM: It will take until sunrise just to get to the city walls, but you will hide in some fish baskets and go out in a wagon

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