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Chapter Two: Getting Along

OØ - Moonday, Junori 7th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: The wagon runs a bit fast just out of town; they're late and have to catch up with the rest of the group. You'll slow once you've gotten into the light woods.
Jalya: once they get slower, I vote we jump out.
Jalya: "Let's go..."
* Jalya grabs the Child
* Simar gets out and jumps off
GM: [Stealth(6) all around]
Jalya: [3 successes]
Simar: [1 Success]
* Jalya jumps out
GM: You'll all creep out of your baskets and hang your feet off the back just as the wagon starts to fall into line. Once you've gotten clear of the trail you'll see some of the caravan guards closing in behind the latecomers - the trail just starting to dry up enough to throw up dust.
Jalya: "whew"
* Ivan keeps close to the girls.
* Simar makes sure the caravan keeps going - watching it go
GM: The two rear guards will hold back a bit, looking at one of the basket lids that is crooked, but then they'll go around a curve and out into the shadows of the trees.
Jalya: are they near us?
GM: Not really now, unless they double back
Jalya: ok...
Simar: '......that went well"
Jalya: "Yes..."
* Josilyn has the baby.
Ivan: “We should watch our backs. No caravan guards should be that sloppy."
Jalya: "I agree... want me to take up the rear?"
Jalya: do I recognize where we are?
GM: You're near where you camped briefly with Zalith last year.
Jalya: "Follow me... I need to meet up with someone... Trust me, that was competent for them."
Simar: "hell they will have no trouble tracking us that’s for sure"
* Jalya starts heading towards that campsite [0 successes - investigation(7)]
* Ivan rolls his eyes "If that were an Ibarite train there would be twice as many guards. Of course, we aren't anywhere near Ordo..."
GM: The place is hard to find now, what with the river being higher than last year.
* Jalya just hopes Zalith is ok, and will find me
Josilyn: “What are you looking for?”
Jalya: "A campsite Zalith and I made last year. I figured that when we got separated, he'd try to meet up with me there."
Simar: "and who is this ....... Zalith?"
Jalya: "He's my familiar."
Simar: "..........."
Jalya: "He's a lynx."
Simar: "not like we have any where to be I guess"
Jalya: "We do. We need to get this child to safety. Wherever that is"
Josilyn: “No, you have to return her to safety, once I've delivered her."
Ivan: “You have yet to explain who you're delivering her to and why?"
Simar: "he has a point. how did this magus save your life?"
Jalya: "It is a life-debt."
* Simar looks at Josilyn
* Jalya stops
Simar: "well.....I could use a goood story"
* Josilyn blushes, "It was a trap, is all."
* Simar can relate
Simar: "go on"
* Jalya tries to think of a mark that Zalith will recognize, but any pursuers will not (to show the direction we travel)
Simar: pee on something..... hehehehehe
Jalya: not a bad idea
Josilyn: “It was silly really. I've been hanging around Gávan off and on for a few years. I just assumed that there weren't many trappers here.
Jalya: <in Aelfar> "So it was a steel trap? Were you in animal form?"
Josilyn: <Aelfar> "Yes, and I get my fool leg caught in one. But a magus found me, and now I owe him this favor."
Simar: doesn’t know these ladies can change forms yet right?
GM: well, faeries are known for strange abilities
Jalya: <Aelfar> "I see"
Simar: "you were sneaking around?....why? why else would you be using your magic to travel as an animal?"
Jalya: "to experience being animal. you mannish wouldn't fathom it."
* Simar snickers
Simar: “you got that right”
Jalya: <in Verite> "Go on ahead for a bit... I want to cover the trail."
* Simar laughs
GM: "No need to go any farther..." a voice calls out, echoing among the narrow trees. "You have been found..."
* Jalya unslings her bow
* Simar spin with sword ready
GM: A man floats down onto the path, clad in dark grey robes, dust stained from foot travel. "I hadn't realized you would bring associates..."
Josilyn: “It was an accident, Sir Magus. My sister and I met under difficult circumstances."
Jalya: "That much is certain."
* Simar keeps an eye on this guy....... ready for anything
Mage: "No matter. I see you have the child. Bring her to me."
GM: Josilyn takes the child to him, carefully lifting the blanket's flap so he can see. He looks down on her and nods, taking the baby gently.
Jalya: "Why do you want this child?”
Mage: "It is no concern of yours, save that she will come to no harm."
Simar: "how do we know that for certain?"
Jalya: "This is a concern of mine, Sir Mage."
GM: He coos over the baby, and you see he is a bit hesitant. Then he steels himself and says "She is destined for great things, and greater places." He floats up from the path.
Simar: “wait!!"
* Simar looks at Josilyn
Simar: "what would it do to explain to the one who has done you this favor "
* Jalya knocks an arrow
* Jalya whispers to Ivan: "Get beneath him... catch the child. on my mark..."
Simar: "she has jeopardized her safety by doing this for you!!! EXPLAIN!!! or are you a that much a coward!!!"
Jalya: has he his back turned?
GM: The mage hovers a few yards up, hesitating again. "This is destiny - and we are mere children in its grasp." There is a faint popping sound, and the magus disappears with the child.
Josilyn: “NO!"
* Simar curses
* Jalya cries
Ivan: “I could have told you he would do that..."
* Simar gives Ivan a look
* Ivan shrugs "Well, he had the Eye of Junon amulet on. Just guessing, is all."
Jalya: hmm
Simar: "Junon?"
* Ivan nods "Yeah, the All-Seeing Eye of the sky god." he snorts. "Or something like that."
Simar: "now what ladies?"
Jalya: “Well, he wouldn't go back to Gávan, that's for certain.”
* Zalith comes charging out of the bushes on the side of the path, skids in the wet earth and stops.
Jalya: "ZALITH!!!"
* Ivan jumps back when he sees the wildcat charging out of the woods. "Wha?!"
Zalith: *Hurry! I know where they are! We have to hurry!*
Jalya: *Oh..?*
* Simar looks at the creature
Jalya: "We have to hurry guys..."
Simar: "what?"
Jalya: "Follow us. This is Zalith... he says we have to hurry... he knows where they are."
GM: Josilyn will kneel down to say hello, but Zalith has no time. He takes off back from where he came, only this time at a half-trot.
* Jalya follows him
Zalith: *I don't know if we'll make it in time*
Jalya: *Well... lets run*
* Simar looks at Ivan and shrugs then follows Jalya
* Jalya starts running
Jalya: "C'mon..."
* Simar runs
GM: The woods are very light here, and it isn't long before you enter a small, hilly clearing. There is a faint yellow portal, glowing with mystical energy, and standing in front of it is the magus in gray and another man, dressed in a simple white tunic.
* Jalya knocks an arrow
* Josilyn shouts "Don't you dare harm her!"
* Simar thinks ..... well there goes the surprise
GM: They'll both turn towards you - midway through the act of the gray magus handing the child over to the other.
* Simar keeps running
Jalya: Am I close enough to hit this guy?
GM: The man in the tunic will hold the baby in one arm, and hold up the other hand. "Hold!"
* Simar heads toward the two
GM: Yes, you can shoot if you think you need to
* Jalya holds the bow ready, but doesn't shoot yet.
Jalya: "Why should we?"
GM: The gray mage will look at you all impatiently. "I told you this was no concern of yours."
* Simar is looking for symbols on the one in the white tunic [1 success - cultures(8)]
GM: You don't recognize his clothing exactly - in a way it resembles some of the old-style garments worn by Varial priests, but the new Cult has abandoned them.
GM: The one in the tunic will back a step towards the portal, then say "This child must be protected from danger - hers is a strange and dangerous path."
Jalya: "And how do you know this?"
GM: "I am become an agent of that fate," he says.
Simar: how far am I from them?
GM: just a couple yards. the gray robed mage will back a step away, nervously. "I only wish my debt cleared."
Simar: I stay out of Jalya's bow shot path
Jalya: "Don't be cryptic with me. Why is this child important to you?"
GM: the one in the tunic will stop looking through you and actually seem to focus on you. "You may ask her yourself, one day."
Simar: "we mean the child no harm"
GM: The portal is starting to go from yellow to orange.
* Simar grabs the one in the tunic by the arm
Jalya: who has the child now?
GM: the man wearing the tunic
Jalya: !
GM: The gray robed mage will back up another step when he sees the portal change "They have found us...!" and he turns to run.
* Jalya lets him go - keeps her bow on the other man
* Ivan will take off after the gray robed magus.
Jalya: "Give him the child. I will keep her safe."
* Josilyn keeps behind Jalya.
GM: Simar, whatcha doin?
Simar: making sure the tunic guy don’t go through the portal. "the child stays!!!"
GM: Oh, okay. because the portal explodes.
Simar: uh oh
Jalya: !!
Simar: ow
GM: Yep - in a shattering blast of intense yellow-orange light, the portal explodes almost soundlessly. It’s then is eclipsed by the image of a dark black-green hand, which seems to grasp the man in the tunic, baby and all. The force of the blast will send Jalya backwards, sprawled on her sister, and Simar will end up losing his footing a moment, stunned by the flash. Ivan will fall forward from the force, but you'll see the gray robed magus, who was just starting to take off into flight, blown up and out like an ember from a flame.
Josilyn: “Oh no..."
Jalya: yikes "We're screwed..."
* Ivan will leap to his feet, looking back, then turning around 1 1/2 times completely confused. "What happened?"
GM: There is a small scorched place where the portal was, a thin whisp of smoke curling up from it.
Josilyn: “Oh no..."
* Jalya picks herself up off the ground. "What do we do now, Jos?"
* Zalith will pad over to the scorched place, sniffing it lightly.
* Josilyn is pale as the bright moon, her eyes like saucers. "I... I don't know..."
Jalya: *Your cat lord know about this kind of thing?*
Zalith: *That I do not know. And he may not be easy to ask*
Jalya: "This is now officially bizarre."
Ivan: “But where did he go with the baby?"
Josilyn: “Do you think...? No, not after that explosion. They must be dead."
Jalya: "They can't be."
Simar: "something grabbed the man"
* Jalya wishes she had some of Cole's smokeweed
Jalya: "This is not a good sign"
Ivan: “What do you mean, not a good sign?" he kicks at a small pile of stones. "Why did you have to give him that child?"
* Josilyn looks down, and then leans against a tree.
Jalya: "I should have fired that arrow when I had the chance."
* Simar looks at Josilyn
* Jalya looks at her feet
Josilyn: “I didn't have any choice."
Simar: "cow flop"
Jalya: "I wonder if mannish mages are behind all Fae abductions of mannish children."
* Josilyn glowers at Simar "How dare you!... He had a geas over my head and you judge me?"
Simar: "oh sure it's so easy to blame it all on us isn’t it..."
Ivan: “Wait..."
Jalya: "well.."
Simar: "but the second you mess up you blame it on magic ways"
Ivan: “Does anyone know where that magus was from? Most Sorcerers I know are priests."
Simar: "for all I know you could be lying"
Jalya: "I wasn't blaming... just pondering. Forget I said anything."
* Jalya looks at Jos
* Simar glares at both the ladies
* Josilyn will walk up and right into Simar’s face. "I could give you nightmares worse than your father could scare up."
Jalya: yep...she's my sister alright
Simar: "and I could make your insides your outsides"
Jalya: "Simar. Josilyn. Stop it right there."
* Josilyn turns "Typical Mannish response..."
Simar: "yes there we go again ....blaming the  'mannish'"
Ivan: “Whoah hey getoffame!" as Zalith tackles him...
Jalya: "The bigger question is, what do we do now?"
Simar: "hey!!"
Jalya: "Zalith..."
* Simar stomps towards Ivan and Zalith
Jalya: *what are you doing?*
* Zalith's tail nub is sticking straight up, and he's staring Ivan in the eyes.
Zalith: *This boy is brilliant, I tell you. I can't stand to watch you ignore him."
Jalya: "Don't do it, Simar."
Simar: "call off your fur ball Jalya!!!"
* Zalith just sits and watches while Simar comes up behind him.
* Ivan will push him off and scoot back.
* Zalith sniffs
Jalya: "He says that Ivan is brilliant and we should listen to him."
Josilyn: “That I seriously doubt."
Simar: "oh now the fur pile is smart too"
* Simar sits down on the ground..... wondering what the hell is going to happen next
Jalya: "He knows things... he's an emissary"
Ivan: “Well, it's true. That was not a priest. Who was that magus?"
Jalya: "Jos?"
Simar: "he wore the tunic from olden days"
* Josilyn shrugs. "I don't know. He isn't a local Magister, he has an Alanthi accent."
Ivan: “Yes, that's who I mean. Who was the one in the tunic?"
Josilyn: “I've never seen him before."
* Simar will explain what I figured out this guy might be
Jalya: "Who was the mage, Jos?"
Josilyn: “I didn't know him either, except that he helped me escape the hunters who had set the trap.”
Jalya: "and he mentioned it being paying a debt as well..."
Ivan: “How do you know he didn't set that trap?"
Josilyn: “I'm starting to fear that may be the truth."
Simar: "really"
* Jalya ponders
* Josilyn will look down. "Yes, the debt..."
Jalya: "yes... when he started backing away, he said it..."
Josilyn: “Oh yes, that... I don't know about that." she will sit down and take a skin from her pack. "I wanted to be away from him as soon as I could."
Jalya: *What should we do, hon?*
Jalya: "I don't blame you"
* Jalya sits next to her sister
* Zalith will stand and come to you, rubbing your leg *I think we should get away from here before someone comes to see what the big flash was all about*
* Jalya pets Zalith
Jalya: *Good idea...*
Ivan: “Well Simar, what should we do, sir?"
Jalya: "We should get out of here..."
Simar: "I’m afraid I agree with the lady......."
Josilyn: “Now I don't know how I'm going to get to Alanth."
Jalya: "Why do you need to go to Alanth?"
* Jalya starts heading into the woods after taking a sip of water
Josilyn: “I think mother may have gone that way."
Jalya: "really? Why is that?"
* Ivan will watch as they start to leave.
Jalya: "Come on guys... you know they'll be looking for you..."
Josilyn: “It would be the easiest way back to Aelfheim, especially if she is as far gone as the Elves tell."
* Simar looks at Ivan
Ivan: “That pair is trouble."
Simar: "I agree"
Ivan: “Are we free men now?"
Simar: "and we can do nothing about the child it seems"
Jalya: "You are not... your gods demand that because I save your life, you must repay the favor. Right now I need you. That mage was from Alanth. Our mother may be in Alanth. Looks like we need to get there and away from here."
* Ivan will laugh "You don't know our gods."
Jalya: "Are you coming, or are you going to be dishonorable like the rest of the mannish?"
* Simar gives her a mean ole look
Josilyn: “But the only other port near here is across the river."
Jalya: "Well?"
* Jalya puts her hands on her hips
Ivan: “We will be arrested there."
Jalya: "C'mon."
Simar: "we will be arrested just about anywhere around here"
Jalya: "So let's get outta here. There's a port somewhere in Tambrect."
Ivan: “I don't want to go to Alanth. They wanted me in the mines across that sea."
Jalya: "Listen... it's the only lead we have... I must get that child back. What ever took her was... unholy."
Simar: "we did say we would help in this, Ivan. but if you do not wish to do this...... I can not make you""
* Jalya pulls a rune [3 successes - intuition(7) for Soothsay w/ a WP]
Ivan: “Aye."
Jalya: =)
* Simar mumbles to Ivan..."but that doesn’t mean we have to trust these long ears"
Jalya: “I heard that”
Simar: "oh my   what a mannish thing to say"
* Simar sneers
GM: You draw Ur - a major change ahead
Jalya: will that tell me if she's alive
GM: You see her, surrounded in mists at the edge of which you can see a glint - maybe of glass. just beyond that glint is a vague blur of color and motion, but everything in the mists moves very slow.
* Simar turns to Ivan
Ivan: “We could be free men there, perhaps. If we stayed out of the mines."
Simar: "besides the child should be with its own kind ..... and we are its only chance ... either us"
* Simar points at the ladies
Simar: “or them"
Ivan: “You want the child, but not a wife?" he grins. "You enjoy a challenge."
Jalya: "There is drastic change on the horizon."
GM: you know she's safe, and beyond the reach of anyone
Simar: "I go where I must but I will not make you follow..... as you said you can be a free man"
Jalya: "and she's safe..."
Ivan: “Ah, if only I had someone to tell when we make it back home."
Jalya: "Let's go... I'm not going to be here when people investigate"
GM: [you've been half walking the whole time...]
Josilyn: “Are you certain she's safe?"
Jalya: "Without a doubt."
Simar: "I will consider her safe when she is in my arms. lets go long ears"
Jalya: "She's in no danger. Not right now."
* Simar follows these ladies
GM: Josilyn seems relieved, but you can see she's still tearing up. You'll pick up the pace and follow the caravan a bit, merging your tracks with theirs. You can see some trees bent slightly and some with branches sheared off - shockwaves of the blast.
Jalya: *If he calls me that one more time, I'm going to make him look like Margaret*
Zalith: *Well, they are nice and tall - almost as cute as mine*
* Jalya blushes
GM: You'll hear some men in the trees, maybe caravan men, but you are far enough away to not worry now. Josilyn will curve the trail back north and to the east, heading further into Tambrect.
Jalya: <to Jos in Aelfar & whispered> "Maybe we should go back to Gynn's..."
Josilyn: <Aelfar, whispered> "We can discuss this when we camp tonight."
Jalya: <Aelfar, whispered> "I'd love to see the look on her face when she sees I've been duplicated..."
* Jalya giggles
* Simar walks with Ivan..... not speaking at all
GM: Josilyn seems to know this territory well, and with Zalith's help you will find a well secluded camp only a few yards from the trail. Ivan's mood will improve with the walk, and he will gather wood and start a fire once the camp is settled on.
* Jalya hugs the nearest tree. "Thanks to the Powers that BE I'm out of that City..."
* Zalith will watch Josilyn a lot, fascinated.
* Simar helps Ivan gather wood
Jalya: *Heeheehee... now you get to look at two of me..."
* Jalya will gradually tell Zalith the story over the night
* Josilyn will hunt and help cook - she finds a good sized turkey.
* Jalya smiles
Ivan: <whispering> "I thought you would want to go home."
Simar: "...........yes   I do   but there is a matter of honor I wish to settle"
* Ivan nods "I understand"
Ivan: “I wonder why they want the baby back so badly?"
Simar: "I said I would get the baby back but I never said I would let them have it"
Zalith: *I knew it wasn't you I saw out in the city, but I had to follow*
Jalya: *I'm glad you did*
* Zalith looks at Josilyn and she giggles
GM: When you return you see the girls caught a sizeable turkey, and they're almost done cleaning it. It's odd watching the lynx as it stares alternately at the girls. It does seem to be following any conversations.
* Simar thinks that a little creepy
* Josilyn spits the turkey and waits for the fire to get hot.
* Simar doesn’t trust the fur ball either
Ivan: “So now is when our paths are set, aye?"
* Simar looks at Ivan
Simar: "do you ever feel you can affect fate?"
Jalya: "We didn't come together by accident..."
* Ivan will smile. "I remember Molo, and he always told us to be masters of our fate."
* Jalya helps w/ the cooking
* Simar wonders what Molo is doing right now
Ivan: “And I do believe that we will free our homeland from the Usurper and his men."
* Simar claps Ivan on the back
Simar: "yes...and that will be a glorious day"
Jalya: "You are very good at disagreeing with each other..."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Josilyn: “Then tonight we shall be fair and even with each other. Where shall we go?"
Jalya: "humans... so good at disagreement... I don't want to ever fathom war. it fascinates me... and scares me at the same time."
Simar: "I don’t expect you to understand our 'mannish' thinking. then again look who’s talking to little fur balls"
Jalya: "Call Zalith a fur ball again, and you'll wake with your bloody throat slit."
* Josilyn will put her hand on your shoulder. "Calm sister, he can't help his tongue."
* Jalya grins
Simar: "that sounds .... almost mannish"
Jalya: "I'm still shaken by whatever that THING was... Sorry to have snapped, but please, try to show us a bit more respect, Simar."
Simar: "I can only try"
Jalya: "all I ask, Simar..."
Ivan: “He is listening to us, isn't he?"
Jalya: "Yes... Zalith is listening..."
* Jalya winks
Ivan: “We don't expect you to understand our war. It's none of your business, and we're pleased you stay out of it."
Josilyn: “Not much longer."
Jalya: "What do you mean, Jos?"
* Simar looks at her
Simar: "yes...... explain"
Josilyn: “The lady of this county is having trouble with the Duke."
Ivan: “You mean Alford diTambrec?"
Jalya: "I can fathom how maybe the Elves and Sidhe might get sucked in to this... but Pooka?"
* Josilyn nods. "And the Alanthi have a lot of friends among the Sidhe. I know they will help if diTambrec has his way."
Simar: "Pooka?"
Jalya: "We're Pooka, Simar... We aren't too common."
* Simar rolls his eyes
Jalya: *silly mannish... I want nothing to do with their clash*
Zalith: *Yes, but their battles are happening on the doorstep of Mohr'Kaidann*
Jalya: *True.*
Ivan: “Alanth hasn't been helping in the war?"
Jalya: "Not from what I've heard."
Josilyn: “They don't see it as their fight."
Jalya: "I don't either."
* Simar listens intently
Jalya: *Think we can trust these Ibarites, my love?*
Zalith: *I think we can, but I will be watchful*
Josilyn: “Well, until Alanth does join, that is the only way to escape the battles."
Jalya: "It's that bad?"
* Jalya smiles *You are so good to me. I love you.*
Zalith: *I think they're more afraid of you, actually*
Jalya: *Oh?*
* Jalya sighs
Ivan: “It only seems peaceful this far north."
Josilyn: “You haven't seen how the army has grown since the river became strange."
Jalya: "I have... in Pawlosz. The troop size nearly tripled."
Ivan: “We would have liberated Pawlosz."
Josilyn: “And you can't now?"
Jalya: *Is the Cat Lord going to get involved in this as well?*
* Zalith is looking at Josilyn
Jalya: [2 successes – Rapport(6) to fathom Zalith’s thoughts]
GM: Zalith is definitely fascinated by her. Also, he seems to be talking to her occasionally, and since his communication isn't verbal, you can't overhear it.
Jalya: Hmm
Jalya: "One man's liberation seems to depend on another's subservience..."
Ivan: “Oh no, we would never make those people servants." he looks to Simar. "Molo knew. The Empire had Pawlosz under their thumb."
* Simar nods
Ivan: “And what good was Pawlosz to them? A forgotten temple?" he shakes his head. "No, it was the mines."
Jalya: "mines?"
Simar:  "they wanted the silver mines"
Jalya: "I know of no mines in Pawlosz"
Ivan: “They're nearly empty now. And where did that silver go?"
Jalya: "hmm... why clash over an empty mine?"
Ivan: “And that statue was a disgrace to the honor and image of Deimuu. The silver was a gift, true, but the true value is the waterfall."
Jalya: ! that's why the ice was called down... hmm interesting...
Josilyn: “So you were the ones who knocked it down?"
Zalith: *Maybe they can be trusted*
Jalya: *Maybe... were you chatting with Jos?*
* Zalith licks his paw
Jalya: *I think that's great... I'd like to communicate with her the way you do with me too.*
* Ivan shakes his head. "No, but Simar was there. And Master Molo Naur is the one who destroyed the statue."
* Jalya still thinks that was a shitty thing to do
Zalith: *You will learn perhaps. Or maybe she knows how*
Jalya: *I'd like to learn*
* Josilyn catches Jalya's eye *How much do you want to learn?*
Jalya: *Wow... I want to learn how to communicate like this with everything.*
* Simar stares into the fire remembering that battle
Ivan: “And you tell us that you removed the ice?"
Jalya: "It was Glamour. Nothing more."
* Ivan will look down and mutter "They'd be bones by now..."
Jalya: "Who?"
* Josilyn is watching Simar.
Jalya: "Jos...?"
Josilyn: “So who made the ice in the first place?"
Simar: “it wasn’t Molo"
Ivan: “We thought it was the Elves."
Jalya: "It wasn't the Elves. Who is this 'Molo' anyway?"
Josilyn: “They thought their god had cursed them up around here."
Jalya: "Gynn thinks it could have been an 'oath of death... Simar...? Who is Molo?"
Simar: "a great man who had a vision. a man I was to protect"
Josilyn: “Death oath?" she shudders "Terrible magick, something you would do only in desperation."
Simar: "yes but who's death magic?"
Ivan: “If that ice was created by an oath of death, then perhaps they wished the ice to remain."
Jalya: "Well... that won't matter now, then will it?"
* Jalya mutters "I wonder how the Child ties in to this"
Jalya: "The river has returned to its proper flow."
Ivan: “Molo Naur is a great Ibarite priest. He is the one who sees the destiny of Pawlosz as a free city."
Jalya: "Isn't it free now?"
Ivan: “Jalya, if Pawlosz were free, the silver would have made that temple a glorious place. When Pawlosz is under Dar Ibarite we will not steal their money in tax to pay for soldiers they do not need."
Josilyn: “Why would you want a wall of ice? I mean, you said it fell from the top. What did it hit?"
* Jalya twirls her hair
GM: Seems that things will be best decided in the morning.
* Jalya stretches out on her blanket, staring at the moons, blowing a kiss to them before losing consciousness.
* Simar will take first watch.......
* Jalya dreams about that impending change
OØ - Foolsday, Junori 8th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: Ivan will sleep in - he took midnight watch. It's a chilly morning - wet. Could be rain in a day or two.
* Jalya wakes, puts on her cloak
* Simar has no cloak, he only has a tunic
* Simar stays by the fire
Jalya: "If you are cold, Simar, you can walk wrapped in my blanket."
* Jalya walks up behind Simar and places the blanket around his shoulders
* Simar gives her a look of thanks
GM: Josilyn is gone, but her pack is still there by the fire.
Jalya: she must be hunting. where's Zalith?
GM: Maybe he's out with Josilyn.
Jalya: hmmm.....
GM: Ivan is filthy, covered in mud up to his knees.
Jalya: "What was he doing last night?"
* Jalya points to Ivan
Simar: "taking watch"
Jalya: "on his knees?"
* Simar looks at him
Simar: "I couldn’t say" hell we all are filthy
GM: Yeah, with the continuing thaw there is mud everywhere. Now that the sun has gotten bright the dripping has begun in the trees around you.
Jalya: "I think Jos and Zalith are hunting... I wonder if they'll bring back enough for all of us."
* Jalya starts adjusting the tension on her bowstring
Simar: "some food will be goood"
* Jalya just had an epiphany about Jos & Zalith
Jalya: "I think Jos wants to find out what happened to mother. We should go to Alanth."
Simar: "and what about the child?"
* Jalya gets a somber look on her face
* Simar looks down
Jalya: "We may not be able to show ourselves around here until we get her back. And I have a weird feeling that a clue to her whereabouts will find us on the way to Alanth."
Simar: will Alanth be safe to go to bill?
GM: in Alanth it's unlikely anyone would know you.
Simar: k
Jalya: "If we stay near here, the Tambrans will find us."
* Ivan wakes with a start, his face pale and sweaty.
Jalya: "Good morning."
* Simar looks at Ivan
Simar: 'Ivan? ok?
* Ivan rubs his eyes. "I thought it might be a dream." he yawns. "No such luck."
Jalya: "You're dreaming alright..."
Simar: " how did you get all muddy Ivan?"
* Jalya mutters "It's just merging with the waking world"
GM: He'll wipe some of the dried mud from his shins, then half crawl closer to the fire.
Ivan: “I was covering our tracks. The nights are getting brighter."
Jalya: "Good plan. How would you feel about taking a voyage?"
* Ivan grins. "I go where my captain goes."
* Simar grins
Simar: "Ivan.....I think we are going to Alanth"
* Simar looks at Jalya
Jalya: "Yeah... I think we need to be where we aren't being looked for."
GM: You'll see Josilyn through the trees, tiptoeing around a boggy patch.
* Jalya doesn't say anything...
* Jalya pretends to not notice
GM: Zalith isn't with her.
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: where could he be?
Jalya: hmm
* Josilyn drops a pair of rabbits by the fire and sits down heavily. She smiles at Jalya. "Good morning."
* Jalya twirls her hair and smiles...
Simar: "rabbits"
Jalya: "'morning, Jos.. where's Zalith?"
* Simar skins them for cookin'
Jalya: "you're going to cook them?"
Josilyn: “He says he'll get two more. I found a bush of winterberries, want to get some?"
Jalya: "Sure... "
Ivan: “You wish for one raw?"
Josilyn: “Not mine!"
Jalya: "It's an acquired taste, I suppose..."
Simar: "one of these are getting cooked"
Jalya: "If you cook it well, it will be fine... but rare rabbit is gross."
* Josilyn will take a small wood box out of her pack and hand you a pouch out of it. "This should be good seasoning."
Jalya: "Rabbit has to be raw or cooked for it to taste right."
* Ivan will start skinning the second one.
* Jalya stands
Josilyn: "Okay, we'll be back."
Jalya: "Yep."
GM: She'll lead you just south of the mud pit and then down into a shallow ravine. There is a thorny bush growing with wild abandon out of the rocky wall.
* Simar sets up some sticks for cooking on
GM: When the girls are out of earshot, Ivan will say "Do you think the third cat is one of them too?"
* Simar thinks about it
Simar: "she did say it was a familiar. maybe so"
Ivan: “We'll need clothes, and names to travel under."
Simar: "where we gonna get clothes?"
Ivan: “There should be a small village nearby that hasn't been given word yet. If we hurry..." he gives you a hopeful look. "But the two tall ears are a bit conspicuous."
Simar: "we can go in and let them on the outskirts"
* Ivan thinks "They did disguise us before, but I remember the sister said she was drained."
Simar: "we will see what  we can come up with"
Jalya: "I'm glad you get along with Zalith so well, Jos."
Josilyn: "I was surprised myself. He's unusual."
* Jalya starts picking berries and mutters a word of thanks to the plants before doing so
Jalya: "He's been my companion for years now. He's incredible. How do you communicate telepathically? I've only been able to do it with Zalith."
* Josilyn eats a couple berries, drops a couple into a pile. "He speaks to you. I can do it as well."
* Jalya puts berries in her pack
Jalya: "I discovered that last night, but I can't seem to do it on my own, except with Zalith."
* Jalya munches a berry or two
Josilyn: “As I said, he speaks to you, and can understand you."
GM: They're very tart, and a dark red. They're still a tad crunchy.
Jalya: "and you too, evidently. But then again, I expected as much... we are twins, after all."
Josilyn: “He knows a very powerful spirit."
Jalya: "You mean the 'cat lord'?"
* Josilyn nods. "Yes - one of the Animal Lords."
Jalya: "He's always been really cryptic about him to me...
* Josilyn spits an especially sour berry out, then wipes her mouth. "I have met one of the Animal Lords, I know they're potent spirits."
Jalya: "When did you get separated from mother, Jos?"
Josilyn: "At the same time you did, I'm sure. I mean, I had only left the den to find water, and when I came back you were both gone."
Jalya: "How weird..."
Jalya: "I woke up and started looking for you."
* Jalya munches on another berry
* Jalya looks at Jos and smiles. "I'm glad we found each other."
* Josilyn smiles "Just in time too!"
GM: Ivan finishes spitting his rabbit and puts it on the fire with yours. You see the cat Zalith coming, a fat pheasant in his jaws.
Simar: "looks like the cat got lucky"
GM: He'll drop it by the fire, look at the two of you, then turn and run back into the trees.
Simar: "if he is one of them why doesn’t he change into one of them?"
Ivan: "Maybe he thinks he's fooling us?"
* Simar shrugs
Simar: "could be"
Ivan: "It could just be enchanted, perhaps." he rubs some of the crushed herb on the rabbits as you turn them.
Simar: "you think the ladies  might have turned him into a cat?"
Ivan: “Maybe they'll do the same to us." he thinks a bit, then winks. "Mayhaps not such a bad life after all. I don't think that her sister likes us." he stretches and finishes wiping the mud from his legs. "Or maybe she just doesn't like you."
Simar: "heheee  well I know I didn’t impress myself to kindly to them. I guess I’m not goood at swooning women"
Ivan: "It's the sword." the looks up "Here comes that cat again."
GM: and sure enough, Zalith comes back with another rabbit. He'll drop it, then sit and lick his paw a moment.
* Simar watches the cat as he cooks the rabbit
Josilyn: “I was worried about those mannish slaves you brought, but they seem tame enough." she scoops up her pile into her pack.
Jalya: "They still worry me... being Ibars and all... but there's something about the older one... Simar..."
GM: Josilyn will then lower her voice, as if there were someone around to hear, "I didn't want to say in front of them, but I had to give him that child. He had a geas upon me that I could not break."
Jalya: "Yikes..."
Josilyn: “But that isn't our problem now. It's the humans."
Jalya: "Well, you are free of it now, and I'll help you find the child. She was almost mine. how are they a problem?"
* Josilyn shakes her head. "You've seen them fight - they're warriors. One of them is bound to put me under the same binding."
Jalya: "They owe us. We saved their lives. It's some honor-binding belief they have that makes them obliged to help us."
* Jalya slings her pack over her shoulder
Josilyn: "No, no. You're not listening." she stops and looks at you. "If they save my life, I must grant them a wish." she throws her hands up. "Or my life is forfeit."
Jalya: "Is that the Geas you are held under?"
* Josilyn nods. "Like I said, the Animal Lords are potent spirits."
Jalya: "Did they give you the power to grant wishes?"
* Josilyn grins. "No, silly. But I have to do my best."
Jalya: "So, we'll make certain that only I save your life..."
* Jalya grins
GM: She'll punch you on the arm "That makes me feel so much safer..." then she starts running back to the camp.
* Jalya chases her, giggling
Simar: "good  hunting there noble cat?"
* Ivan will approach him carefully, reaching for the rabbit. Zalith will give him a bored look as he snatches it away.
* Simar looks for some kind of reaction
* Ivan will then get back to your side of the fire and start skinning it. "I've never seen one that color before."
Simar: "ever see one give up food either?"
* Ivan shakes his head.
* Simar eyes Zalith
GM: You hear the girls before you see them - running and giggling. Zalith will stand and lope out into the trees, returning when the girls get there - a small pigeon this time. Zalith leaves just as you get in sight of the camp, and when you get back he is returned, with his own dinner.
GM: 3 rabbits and a pheasant are now skinned and cooking on the fire.
Jalya: *good hunting, my love?*
* Jalya pets Zalith
Zalith: *I can't believe how fat they got"
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: *more for us carnivores*
Josilyn: “Have we decided on what path we take then?" as she peels a strip of rabbit to chew on.
* Jalya empties the berries from her pack and say "Alanth."
* Zalith is biting the feathers from his pigeon, but his eyes are always watching and alert.
* Ivan will nod "Aye, to Alanth."
Simar: "we may need to find a village  near here get clothing and supplies"
Josilyn: "I won a pair of coins from a sailor in town, that could help" she rummages in her pack and pulls out two heavy square slabs of coins, with the Broken Sword emblem and a small ruby.
Simar: "we need clothing   and   some armor ...I feel way to exposed with out some kind of armor"
Jalya: "How do those help, Jos? Will it be enough for all of us to buy passage?"
* Ivan will take one of the coins and look at it, translating the Verite line at the bottom. "One Lord's Crown."
Josilyn: “I've seen them a lot recently here at the port. I think they're worth quite a bit."
Ivan: "I've never seen one. It must be a new coin."
* Simar starts handing out bits of rabbit to everyone
* Jalya takes it and starts munching
* Jalya offers the berries
* Simar starts with the rabbit
GM: The berries are tart, and a few are crunchy, but there isn't much other than rabbit
Josilyn: “We can always take a Sidhe vessel across."
Jalya: "Good idea. I don't think money will be an object when we get to a village..."
* Jalya pets Zalith as she eats
Jalya: "But how would they feel about our friends, here?"
Simar: "wait  did you say Sidhe?"
* Josilyn nods "Yes. The Sidhe in Aruath have many friends on Alanth." Then she shrugs "The Sidhe wouldn't care if they were Ibarites, as long as they behaved." she licks her fingers. "Besides, we don't have to say they're Ibarites, do we?"
* Jalya looks Jos in the eye
* Jalya tries to communicate telepathically... *Do you think it's a good idea to take them to Aruath?*
* Simar puffs out his chest
Jalya: "We don't... but they might."
* Simar decides to shut up
Jalya: "Far be it from me to tell others how to worship."
* Jos will take another strip of the rabbit and hand it to Jalya to eat. "Give and share" <in Aelfar>
* Jalya takes the strip, eats half of it, then hands the rest to Simar
* Josilyn looks back at Jalya *Knowing the subtleties of Spirit takes some giving in.*
Jalya: *Yes...*
Ivan: “We could always pretend, for the sake of disguise."
Jalya: "That would make me more comfortable."
Ivan: “I'm no fool, I can wear a disguise."
Jalya: "Can you, Simar?"
Simar: "yes  if necessary"
Zalith: *Oh boy, you mean a sea voyage*
Jalya: *Problem with going over seas, sweetie?*
* Zalith will flatten his ears *I think I'm going to be sick*
* Jalya scratches his head
Jalya: "You'll get over it." (aloud)
Josilyn: “Only, it's too far to go all the way to Aruath." she leans back "Hopefully one of their vessels  will stop near here soon."
Jalya: "Where's the nearest village anyway?"
* Jalya looks at Ivan
Ivan: “Well, unless we pretend we're a circus I don't know how we'll get passage."
* Simar snickers at that
Jalya: "Leave that to me and Jos."
* Ivan shrugs "I don't know. I've never been here before."
Josilyn: “A cloak can take care of that."
Jalya: <in Aelfar> "and a little glamour"
* Jalya finishes her breakfast
GM: The fire is starting to die out, and you've had your fill. Ivan will stand up "I think we had best be off."
Jalya: "Agreed."
Josilyn: “Zalith and I found a small stream that goes east - I'm sure that will lead to a village."
* Jalya grabs her staff
Simar: "let's get to it then"
Jalya: "Lead the way then, Jos"
* Zalith stands, and he will lead you to the stream, which curves from a small cave towards the east and into the thicker woods.
Jalya: "Just as long as we don't go back to Gávan... ever."
GM: With the shade and slight breeze it gets rather cold, and the damp has permeated everything. After a few hours of walking you'll rest, but after 10 minutes you'll hear the shouts of Tambran soldiers.
Jalya: !!
GM: They're still a ways off, but they must have found part of your trail - maybe the campsite.
* Jalya whispers "let's get out of here."
Simar: "they'll follow our trail"
* Ivan whispers "Let's hope we can find the village first."
Jalya: "Maybe not"
Simar: how cold is the stream?
GM: very cold
Simar: so much for walking in the stream
Simar: "let move"
Zalith: *I'll hang back and maybe try to distract them.*
Jalya: *Don't get yourself killed, my beloved.*
Jalya: "Zalith will try to distract them... and I have an idea."
* Zalith will fade back, hopping the stream first and keeping close to the trees.
Jalya: "Earth below, livid and green, to others make our trail unseen." [repeated 8 times - 4 successes for Fuddle]
* Josilyn was in the lead, but now she's hanging back behind the men.
* Simar moving out quickly
GM: You'll keep going, only as fast as you can be quiet. Then, when you slow to get your bearings you'll see the plants are growing thicker behind you.
Jalya: =)
Josilyn: “I think we're close." as she holds up a soggy scrap of cloth.
Jalya: "looks that way.."
* Jalya keeps an eye out for Zalith
* Simar keeps going
GM: Jalya, you can hear a few women in the stream ahead.
* Jalya motions for everyone to be quiet and stop
* Josilyn will keep very close, but she looks ready to bolt at any moment.
* Simar stops
* Ivan will perk an ear up. "Washerwomen..."
Jalya: whispers "there are women in the stream"
Josilyn: “Great day for it..."
* Jalya laughs
Jalya: "should we bother sneaking in to town?"
* Ivan shushes you "We should wait for them to leave." he points to Simar. "They don't like men peeping in on them."
* Simar agrees
Jalya: "ok... we'll wait"
* Jalya leans against a tree, hugging it
* Josilyn will creep forward a bit more, peering through the dry reeds. "They're fishing some out of the water."
* Simar finds a spot to hide out keeping an eye out behind them [0 successes - investigation(7)]
GM: It only takes a few minutes before they gather their things. One of the women will hang back, obviously still looking for something.
* Jalya whispers in Aelfar "some fish?"
* Josilyn shakes her head, then holds out the sash, still dripping. "Their laundry. Looks like some fell in. Maybe a fight."
GM: The last girl will finally go, shaking her head. Ivan will come up to a crouch, then help Simar up.
Simar: "well  what now?"
Ivan: “At least they didn't stay all morning."
* Simar nods
Jalya: "Let's head to town"
Simar: "you think you ladies will be welcomed there?"
Jalya: "Why not?"
* Simar shrugs
Ivan: “Too early to be harvest... I wonder what our story will be."
GM: It's not much - there are 4 good sized houses, then a large barn. You can see some men out looking at the pasture, and a couple building fence. There are 2 other buildings, one obviously a boarding house. You don't see a tavern sign though.
Jalya: hmm
* Jalya will investigate
GM: The road opens into a large round common area of he 4 houses, where the well is. There is a small shrine to Spera by the stream. The small village is built right where the stream curves to the south, and you see some irrigation ditches that are in need of repair.
Jalya: anyone in the circle?
* Simar looks at Ivan
GM: 3 women are there, wringing out sheets and complaining.
* Jalya goes up to them, smiling
Jalya: "Pardon me... where might we find a shop for clothing?"
GM: One of them, and older woman with greying red hair, will give you the once over. "Shop?"
Jalya: "I take it there is no store around here."
GM: She shakes her head "Gávan is where you wish to go."
* Jalya smiles and says "Thank you."
* Jalya turns and goes back to the group
Jalya: her smile becomes a frustrated grimace
Jalya: <in Aelfar> "Looks like we keep going up stream"
Josilyn: "Good idea. Hopefully they won't remember us."
Jalya: "who?"
Josilyn: "These folk, when the men from Gávan show up here."
Jalya: "whoops."
* Simar rolls his eyes
GM: You're through the little place in no time, and walk for miles beside fences squaring off tracts of land. However, if you keep following the creek, you'll be going south (the opposite direction you want to go)
Jalya: hmm
Simar: "do we really want to go this way?"
Jalya: "We’re going North."
* Zalith will finally catch up to you - on the other side of the creek.
Zalith: *They're lost, but they will be here by tonight*
Jalya: *Then we'll have to not be here*
Jalya: "They're lost, but not for long."
Simar: "dung"
Jalya: *should we be on that side of the creek?*
* Ivan will take a large rock from by the fence, take a few steps out into the water, then toss it to make a ford.
Simar: "lets travel then"
* Zalith will sit and wait patiently.
* Ivan comes back to look for another good sized rock.
* Simar grins at Ivan........
Jalya: how wide is the creek? and can I get a good run to jump it? [1 success - athletics(6)]
GM: Not very, but the stepping stones will help. When Ivan splooshes the second rock in he's made a good stepping path across.
GM: You will land in the water on the other side.
Jalya: "brrr... cold... Good thing it's just my feet"
* Ivan will get in the water and start working with the rock. "Hopefully they'll try to follow us on this convenient trail."
Jalya: "Are you being sarcastic?"
GM: He'll step back to admire his handiwork. "A broken ankle can slow them down." and he wades out of the water, taking off his tunic and wringing it out.
* Simar crosses
Jalya: "Ahhh..."
* Jalya empties water from her shoes
* Simar claps Ivan on the back
GM: On this side is a huge field, and you'll have to hop a fence first.
Jalya: how tall?
GM: not particularly, just noting that you are crossing a fence
Josilyn: “We need to get across fast."
* Jalya bolts
GM: [everyone, alertness(7)]
Simar: [2 successes]
Jalya: [0 successes]
GM: Jalya bolts, keeping low, almost moving on all fours, then her foot slips, sending her off balance. But she manages to catch herself and stop. Ewww... Ivan starts to walk, but then stops himself, scraping at his shoe. It's manure, of course.
* Jalya goes back to the creek and washes the shit off her shoes
* Simar snickers
Jalya: "could be worse... could be blood"
* Simar moves out
GM: Ivan just wipes his shoe in the wet grass. Josilyn is way ahead of you now, and Zalith is standing, waiting for Jalya.
Jalya: *that was silly of me.*
Jalya: [0 successes - survival(6)]
GM: Alright, you guys will move out, trying to keep a low profile. You'll see a small barn off in the light fog. The ground ahead looks a bit rougher - more hills. The fog is getting thicker.
Jalya: "Should we stay in that barn, or keep moving?"
Simar: "maybe we should hide out in the barn til the fog goes sense breakin a leg "
Jalya: "Sounds good to me."
GM: [both- alertness(6)]
Jalya: [1 success]
Simar: [2 successes]
GM: Those aren't hills, they're cattle. One of them is starting to stand. They're very large creatures, about 2 thousand pounds of dark muddy brown critter.
Simar: "........whoa"
GM: a few more are starting to move to get up. one of them raises it's head at you, mist dripping from its nose. A light drizzle is starting to fall.
Jalya: have I seen a creature like this before?
GM: they're not common in the mountains - they're very big for cattle.
* Jalya begins to slowly make her way to the barn
GM: There are about forty head here that you've counted, and they're all starting to stand and mumble nervously.
Jalya: uht oh
* Simar thinks Jalya has the right idea
GM: Now that you're closer you can see that the fence also includes a small pond behind the barn.
Jalya: "I think these beasts are kept in there"
* Ivan has stopped - he's eyeballs to nose with one of the cattle. "Whoaaah... " he backs up. The critter follows him, raising his head and then licking Ivan across the face.
* Simar winces
Simar: "well can't you talk to them?"
Jalya: "I can try" [1 success - Animal Ken(6)]
GM: Two of them start sniffing after Zalith, who takes an immediate dislike.
* Jalya tries to communicate that we mean them no harm
GM: One of them will sniff Jalya's face.
* Jalya smiles at it
GM: As they walk past you (Ivan still backing up) you'll see that the one after Ivan is a steer. Two of them are standing about arm's reach from Simar, eyeing him.
Jalya: "don't run. be slow and gentle"
Simar: "I think we should head for the barn now"
Jalya: "slowly"
* Ivan takes another step, right into a cowpie. He starts to slip backwards, his arms pinwheeling.
Jalya: oh no
* Simar starts moving towards Ivan now
* Josilyn starts shooing them away - one is chewing on the flap of her pack.
* Ivan falls flat back, and the steer snuffles his face. "HELLS!"
* Simar goes to help Ivan up
* Jalya laughs
Jalya: "c'mon..."
* Simar tries not to make sudden movements or laugh to loudly
GM: It'll shy away when you get to Ivan, it's head low.
* Jalya watches Simar & Ivan
Simar: "c'mon now gooood sir"
Simar: did he land IN the cowflop?
GM: his left leg is all in it.
Jalya: ew
GM: there's no shortage of it right here
* Simar can't help but snicker
GM: in fact, there's really no way to avoid stepping in it by now.
GM: When you get to the fence most of them are following you, a few with their heads flopping and their heels kicking.
* Simar assists Ivan to the barn
GM: You'll hear a door slam just when you get to the gate. "... stupid animals I'll be a better man for't."
Jalya: !
* Jalya stops
* Simar looks towards the sound
* Zalith gets surrounded, but he hisses and swats at one, and it backs off. Then he dodges between a couple and runs into the barn.
GM: The house must be on the far side of the barn
* Jalya runs into the barn
* Josilyn holds the door for you
* Simar gets to the barn asap
GM: Ivan will shoo her in and shut the door behind him. Zalith is already up in a small loft. You'll hear the man go out and scold the animals.
* Jalya climbs up quietly, and motions for the others to follow [2 successes - stealth(6)]
* Simar looks for a place to hide [2 successes - stealth(6)]
GM: There is plenty of hay stacked, and there are a few small stalls.
* Jalya is up in the loft w/ Zalith
* Simar hits the hay
GM: The loft is a cozy squeeze, but Josilyn will squeeze in the other side
Jalya: =)
GM: The farmer will come into the barn just as Simar settles in. He looks around, listening...
* Jalya holds her breath
* Simar freezes
Zalith: *watch this...* "MrrrreaaaAAAAAARRRR!" and he leaps down onto the stacked bales, hissing at the farmer, who backs away.
* Jalya suppresses the urge to giggle
GM: The farmer will back away to the door. "Whoahnowthere..." and then he slams the door shut. Zalith will curl up on the bale, eyeing Simar.
* Simar grins
Ivan: “I hope he doesn't return to beat you senseless, my tall eared friend."
* Jalya whispers "me too"
* Simar speaking very quietly....."so do we stay here?"
Jalya: "Should we still stay here?"
Jalya: hmm
Simar: "I guess so"
Jalya: "as long as we keep hidden, it should be ok."
Simar: "may as well rest up"
Jalya: "Beats being in the rain... probably will storm tonight."
Simar: "we should leave before sunrise though"
Jalya: "Agreed"
GM: It will rain all day, and you'll only hear the farmer once before nightfall. This was an unusual rainstorm for the two Ibarites - most of their weather is dark clouds and thunder.
* Jalya opens her pack and starts passing winterberries to everyone
* Simar keeps telling Ivan..."cowflop is goood for the skin"
GM: Ivan will just ignore you, wiping his leg on the hay.
Jalya: "with all this fog, it's hard to tell where the sun is... Any clue how long until nightfall?"
* Zalith has his ears perked up. He jumps up, looking around.
Zalith: *mice...*
Jalya: *at least you won't be hungry later.*
Josilyn: “I think the moons should rise soon. I should see them before we go."
Jalya: "Me too. hope the fog lifts by then"
* Ivan will give up on cleaning up and stretch out. "Then wake me when you're ready to go."
Jalya: "I'll wake you..."
* Simar is more than happy to sleep in the warm hay the rest of the time here
* Jalya winks at Josilyn
GM: Josilyn will climb up and onto the roof once it gets dark, and she'll watch the moon for hours. The cattle will wander out of sight into the rainy dark.
* Jalya follows Jos to the roof to view the moons
GM: It's hard to sleep with Zalith hunting. He'll be quiet for a while, then suddenly dart and dig, or yowl unexpectedly.
* Simar gets all the rest he can
Ivan: “We can try to take what we need before we go."
Simar: "steal?"
Ivan: “Only what we need."
* Jalya listens intently [3 successes - alertness(6)]
Ivan: "There won't be another large village for days, and there's no point in going to Gávan."
* Jalya blows a kiss to the moons
* Jalya stands, and goes quietly back into the barn
* Simar thinks on it
Jalya: "What do you plan to take? Cattle?"
* Jalya grins
Simar: "yes.....and hide them in those big ears of yours"
* Ivan looks up. "If we can find any clothes." he gestures at Simar and himself. "We look like escaped slaves."
Jalya: "That's true... I say, as long as you don't take more than what  you need, it's ok... just be discreet about it."
* Zalith will hop up on your lap, a mouse squirming in his teeth. *Why don't you get them some?*
Jalya: *I could, I suppose...*
Simar: "I just am not too keen on stealing from this farmer.."
Jalya: "Fine. I'll do it then."
* Jalya pets Zalith
Ivan: “And why not leave one of the coins in payment." he grins at Simar. "Unless she can't make change..."
* Simar looks at Jalya
* Zalith will lower the mouse and drop it, watching it dart its head back and forth.
Simar: "it would be the right thing to do all fairness"
Jalya: "Fine... leave a coin. I'll get you some clothes."
Simar: "Thank you, Jalya"
* Jalya twirls her hair
Jalya: "don't mention it..."
GM: Just when it gets to a crevice in the bales, Zalith jumps and grabs the mouse, dragging it back out and pawing at its head.
Jalya: *You love playing with your food... that's so cute.*
* Jalya pets Zalith on her way out the barn
Zalith: *Funny, some would say that of you too...*
* Jalya giggles
* Ivan will find a better place to hide while you go.
Jalya: I'm making my way to the farmhouse, looking for drying laundry or something outside
* Jalya is creeping towards the farmhouse, being very quiet [1 success - stealth(5)]
* Ivan watches as Jalya creeps out. "Do you think she'll get caught?"
Simar: "let's hope not, I feel sorry for the farmer if she does"
* Ivan grins "Not necessarily..."
* Zalith will give up on playing with the mouse and finally kill it.
GM: You had managed to mostly dry off in the barn, but once you get to the house you're again soaked from the constant drizzle. You pause a moment, seeing Josilyn's shadow on the barn roof, then creep up to the door.
Jalya: I hate rain...
* Jalya listens at the door [3 successes - alertness(6)]
* Simar watches intently
GM: You can hear someone snoring lightly inside, and the faint sound of a child saying prayers to Talia.
Jalya: hmm... would I know what the mannish think Talia looks like?
GM: you don't even know who Talia is, exactly, although it must have something to do with healing.
Jalya: can I make out what the child is praying about?
GM: she's asking for Talia to ease illness, although you came in midway so you're not sure who is ill.
Jalya: well, I assume that the mannish make the Gods in their image (save for Charrat)
GM: well Deimuu was this half fish looking thing... according to the statue
Jalya: With that in mind, I intend to *become* said Goddess... with a long flowing light blue dress, tall (like 5' 10") and with flowing blonde hair.
* Zalith bats at the dead mouse a couple times, then gets bored and walks up to Simar, looking at him intently.
* Simar wonders whats up with mr. kitty....getting a little nervous he's looking at me now
GM: After a couple minutes he'll stop looking at you and just sit, licking his whiskers.
Ivan: "I know you can understand me, Zalith. Do you tell your friend what we say when she's not here?"
* Zalith ignores him.
* Jalya whispers: "Gods of love, Gods of light, Goddess of healing be in their sight" (4 times, then adds:) "In your image, make me glow, in Talia's name, herin I go." [5 successes for Fuddle + WP]
GM: k' you'll feel the power of the Glamour settle on you just as the child finishes her prayers.
* Josilyn will finally come down from the roof, dripping with rain. She'll pat Zalith on the head and sit down on the floor.
* Simar goes back and forth to watching Zalith watching for Jalya
* Zalith will give you another quick look, then go and hop into Josilyn's lap.
* Jalya opens the door, quietly
* Josilyn <to Zalith> "Yes, I know..."
* Josilyn seems to be studiously ignoring you two. Ivan looks a little annoyed.
* Ivan will finally just sigh in annoyance and go outside to pee.
* Josilyn continues to have some private conversation with Zalith.
GM: You push the door open, but it stops after a few inches.
Jalya: can I see what's blocking it?
GM: You peer into the dark room and see the door is pushed against a chair.
Jalya: hmm
GM: you can push it, but it's likely to make noise
* Jalya pushes the door open, not worrying about the sound it will make, but tries to be quiet about it anyway
GM: You push the door slowly, sliding the chair until it hangs up on something. but the door is open enough for you to slip in.
* Jalya slips in
GM: The small house is even smaller on the inside. You see the farmer asleep on the floor, and two children in bunks against the far wall. One of the children is sitting up.
Jalya: has she noticed me?
GM: apparently - she's looking right at you, mouth wide open.
* Jalya raises her finger to her lips, then motions to the sleeping farmer
* Jalya tip-toes over to the child [3 successes - stealth(6)]
GM: The child will swing her legs down onto the floor, wrapping the blanket around her thin shoulders. She looks about 5 summers old.
Girl: "Who are you...?"
* Jalya whispers: "Shh... quietly... I'm Talia."
GM: She looks at you, a bit skeptical. "I don't believe you..."
Jalya: "I am She... the healer. Tell me... who is ill?"
Girl: "But you're all wrong..." and she'll stand up, taking a strand of the long blonde hair. "Are you hiding?"
Jalya: "We Gods and Goddesses can take many forms. We may not always look like what mortals expect."
Girl: "My mum said that I should only call to you if there was no other way. She said you'd be mad."
Jalya: "She was wrong about that, my Child. Tell me again... for whom did you pray for?"
Girl: "My brother, he's too sick to go south to fight the Heretics. My dad says if we don't stop them now they'll have the dragon right on our door." she shudders.
Jalya: "Yes... that is true. Is your brother here?"
GM: she shakes her head. "He's still in Gávan with the 'scriptshin men. But my dad says he'll be back home if he doesn't get better."
Jalya: "I will visit him as he slumbers."
GM: the little girl will yawn and sit back on her bed. "Don't tell my dad. He said it's bad to pray to you, since you're married to the Dragon." she'll lie down. "But ma said you had another good face too."
Jalya: "She was right about that... you will soon fathom that 'evil' and 'good' are subjective terms. Would you like to do a favor for me, my Child?"
GM: She yawns again "Okay, but I have to sleep now. What do you need?"
* Ivan will come back in with a wide grin. "You will never guess what I found..."
Simar: "what?"
* Ivan will motion for you to come out of the door a bit, then point to a pair of trees at the corner of the house. "There's a playhouse up there."
* Simar looks at Ivan
Simar: "and?"
Ivan: "With play clothes in it. Simar, we don't have to worry about breaking into the house..." then he thinks a second. "Well, not that it isn't already too late."
* Simar snickers
Simar: "was there anything we could use?"
Josilyn: "You mean you send my sister in there to be caught and killed, and you want play clothes?"
* Ivan nods at you, ignoring Josilyn.
Simar: "if Jalya comes back empty we may have to resort to wearing them"
* Simar looks at Jos
Ivan: "I think they'll be perfect."
* Josilyn will look away from you, patting Zalith.
Simar: "so send Zalith in ther to go get her if you're afraid for her Jos.... but I think she is quite capable to take care of herself in there"
Josilyn: "I'm sorry. I just... I get worried, is all."
Simar: "too bad you didnt feel that way for the child"
* Josilyn's face will go red. Zalith glowers at you.
Jalya: "first... I need your secrecy... this is only between you, and myself... I won't even tell my husband. Swear?"
GM: The little girl smiles. "Okay."
Jalya: "There are two travellers in the area, they are cold, and wearing little more than rags. They need clothing. I cannot stay in Mortal form very long... Would you fetch me 2 shirts and 2 pair of breeches so that I can take it to them? I fear I have little control over the physical world... my domain is in healing alone."
GM: She'll close her eyes and snuggle up in the blanket. "You can take my brother's old clothes from my playhouse. He doesn't want them, and I think they're icky."
Jalya: "ok... Thank you for the donation, and for keeping this our secret."
GM: She'll open an eye and peer at you. "Are you sure you're really Talia? You seem awful nice."
Jalya: "When there are cries in the dark from the forsaken, that is when I come... to help the most needy. I will heal your brother, Child..."
Girl: "Thank you."
* Jalya kisses her on the forehead
Jalya: "Sweet dreams."
* Jalya slips out, quietly closing the door behind her
Ivan: "Let's just go get them."
* Simar ignores her and Mr. Cat
* Simar goes back to watching for Jayla
* Ivan will get back into shelter to wait with you.
* Zalith climbs down from Josilyn's lap and comes to the door.
GM: You see Jalya in her magickal disguise come out of the house.
* Jalya looks around for said playhouse
GM: You don't see it at first, but you do see the two men and Zalith waiting at the barn door.
* Jalya goes to them
* Simar tilts his head
Simar: "well?"
Jalya: "There are some old clothes in a playhouse, the child tells me... she freely gives them to us, but I think they need a good washing."
Simar: "we still leave the coin as you said.....I will not take from a child"
Jalya: *I've never been a goddess before*
* Jalya unravels her cantrip
* Zalith will look at you seriously *Josilyn is upset, very upset*
Jalya: *at me?*
Zalith: *No. At first I thought it was these men, but that isn't it*
Ivan: "I already found them. And I doubt they'd stand up to more than a dunking. But they'll do for now."
Jalya: "I should have just waited then... if you insist on leaving the coin, leave a note, saying it is a gift from Talia."
Simar: "like any child can read"
Jalya: "Her parents may be able to."
Ivan: "Talia?" he grins. "You were supposed to be Talia?" he laughs. "Good thing it was a child you chose to manifest to..."
Jalya: "Well... I have never seen an image of Talia"
Jalya: *Did Jos tell you what's wrong?*
Jalya: "The good thing is, if she mentions this to anyone, the decription she'll give won't be of me."
* Josilyn will stand up. "I'll go get the clothes." she walks to the door. "I don't know if we should stay much longer."
Zalith: *No, she doesn't want to talk about it. But the Ibarites are goading her about the baby, and she doesn't want to tell them about it*
Jalya: "I'll come with you, Jos..."
Jalya: *I'll keep that in mind, my love. Thank you.*
Ivan: "We'll get everything ready to go when you get back. Josilyn's right, we should go soon."
Simar: "agreed"
* Jalya follows Josilyn to the playhouse
GM: It's a very well made house - their father must be a carpenter.
Jalya: "You were awfly quiet on the roof... Are you mad at me?"
Josilyn: "No, but I think those humans hate me."
GM: The clothes are just strewn about, slightly damp from the weather. A few are mock ups of Tambran tabards and military emblems, but the rest are just well worn clothing - breeches, stained shirts and the like."
Jalya: "why so, sis?"
Josilyn: "Because of the baby. They probably think I wanted to steal her."
Jalya: "I know that you didn't. And I know you wanted to save her... but she is safe, for now... I'll try to talk to them at some point in the soon after."
* Jalya ignores the Tambran looking items, and tries to find something that will fit the 2 humans
* Zalith will stay at the door, as if keeping watch.
* Ivan will pick up his things and start repacking everything. "So we're getting on a Sidhe ship with these two... Now that's what I call adventure."
Simar: "heh....... to say the least. I am glad you're with me Ivan"
Ivan: "I knew you would get us free. I didn't want to be some monkey in an Alanthi mine."
Simar: "nor did i"
* Ivan laughs "You, in the mines? I doubt that. You'd end up a gladiator or something, I'm sure."
Simar: "either way it was not my fate....this I believe is..."
Ivan: "What if they just charm us and make slaves of us themselves? I mean, don't the Sidhe think we humans are no better than pack animals?"
* Simar thinks about that
Simar: "then we promise each other now that we won't let that happen to either of us "
Ivan: "But how will we know they've not charmed us already?"
Simar: "easy.....I still don't trust Jos"
* Ivan nods.
Simar: "and Jalya......she is a total mystery still"
Ivan: "She would be the one to charm us, I expect."
Simar: "then just don't let her kiss you"
* Simar winks at Ivan......... grinnin'
Jalya: "They don't fathom your reasons, Jos. I'm not certain I do. But I do know one thing... we will try to get her back."
Josilyn: "Not if they don't hang me first. Aren't the Ibarites supposed to hate faerie folk who interfere with them?"
GM: Almost everything here will fit Ivan, but Simar is a bit too wide in the shoulders for most of it.
Jalya: "I'm learning something about the Ibarites. In fact, many of my preconceptions are being unravelled. I don't think they pose a threat to you. If they do, I'll kill them myself. I love you Jos."
* Jalya hugs Josilyn
* Josilyn will start balling up the clothes you pick out, tossing away a shirt that is far too wet.
* Jalya looks at the Tambran looking items to see if something will fit Simar.
GM: There is a heavier grey shirt with a pair of sword patches on it. Turned inside out it should work.
* Jalya turns it inside out
Josilyn: "I think this is the best we can do." she still looks a bit down, but not as bad as before.
Jalya: "Let's go... I think they are eager to get on the road."
* Zalith will trot out just as the two girls get out of the tree.
Jalya: *You look concerned.*
Zalith: *Not so much anymore*
Jalya: *oh?*
Zalith: *Trust me, they're as afraid of you as you are of them*
* Josilyn will hand you each a ball of slightly damp clothing.
Jalya: *That's good to know*
Jalya: "we come bearing clothes."
* Jalya smiles
* Simar sorts out what was given him
* Ivan will shake his out and throw the shirt over the ragged tunic he's wearing.
Jalya: "Sorry he couldn't be dryer"
Simar: "this will work "
GM: The breeches look a little short, but the shirt is fine, if inside out.
* Simar wrings his out and puts his on over his tunic too
* Simar isn't gonna argue
Simar: "did you leave the coin?"
* Josilyn nods
Josilyn: "I don't think those breeches will last more than a day in this rough country. Try not to split them until we can get better ones."
Jalya: "Let's get going before the sun rises... farmers awaken early."
Ivan: "At least we don't look like slaves. Now we just look like serfs." and he half smiles.
* Simar grins
Simar: "let's be off"
Josilyn: "I think I know where we can get passage..."
* Jalya giggles "That you do... and a great disguise it will make"
Jalya: "Lead on, Jos."
O) - Windsday, Junori 9th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: The rain will finally abate by sunrise, and you'll camp just long enough to make a fire and dry off.
* Jalya distributes some winterberries from her pack
* Simar is freakin' starvin'
* Ivan will take the last bits of yesterday's bird from a makeshift pouch and heat strips on sticks in the fire.
Josilyn: "There is a new port being built, just another day or so from here. I think if we can find some Sidhe friends there they'll be willing to get us out of here with no questions asked."
* Simar can't argue with that
Jalya: "That's good... I wish we were closer to Gynnlyn's tho. I'd like to tell her what is going on."
* Zalith doesn't eat, since he had his fill of mice in the barn.
Ivan: "And where would these Sidhe friends take us?"
Jalya: "Alanth."
Josilyn: "We can ask them to take us to one of the smaller ports, if you think the bigger cities are too dangerous."
Zalith: *That will only make them suspicious...*
Jalya: "I don't think that's a good idea, actually. If we ask to go to a small port, that could make us look like we're trying to hide. Sometimes it's easier to hide in plain sight."
Simar: "they wouldn't be expecting us to go to Alanth......I don't think"
Ivan: "Any port is fine, as long as it's close."
Zalith: *Yes, close*
Simar: "yes. agreed"
* Josilyn nods.
Ivan: "Okay, we've rested long enough. Time to get to marching." He blushes, "That is, if it's okay with you, captain."
Simar: "indeed it is goood sir"
Jalya: "Fine with me."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Let's go."
Jalya: *Are you coming on the ship, Zalith?*
Zalith: *Do I have much choice?*
Jalya: *You always have the choice, my love... which is why I'm honored that you stay with me.*
GM: The path, what little there is beyond this farm, is just one gigantic mudhole that never seems to end. You'll end up resting twice before sundown, and by then you're exhausted. But you can see the small port town Josilyn was speaking of, and the two ships docked there.
Jalya: "Should we camp outside of town?"
Zalith: *I can always go in and make sure our wanted friends here aren't in danger*
Jalya: *good idea.*
Jalya: "Zalith is going to have a look around the town... make certain we have lost our pursuers."
* Zalith will get up and take off for the little town. From here you can see the torches and lanterns, and hear some of the construction going on. The place will probably have a good sized guard on watch tonight.
Josilyn: "Aren't you afraid they'll try to make a hat out of him?"
Jalya: "He's the one who offered..."
Simar: "the cat offered?"
Jalya: "Yes, Simar. Besides... he can take fairly good care of himself."
Ivan: "I knew he could understand us."
Jalya: "He's very bright, you know."
Simar: "you must tell me about your 'familiar' when we have half a chance"
Jalya: "Now seems a good time. What would you like to know?"
* Ivan will yawn. "I don't know about you, but if I don't get some sleep my legs will collapse under my weight."
* Simar looks at Jalya
* Jalya twirls her hair
Simar: "is he one or you......or did you make him like that?"
* Jalya nearly falls down laughing at that
* Josilyn will stand. "I'll go ahead and take watch and let you sleep." and she'll walk off a ways.
Jalya: "Ok Jos..."
Simar: "what.....tell the truth"
Jalya: "Actually... he found me... and yes, he is a lynx... I didn't mux him."
Simar: "he's a real Lynx?"
Ivan: "Not even to make him talk to you?" he lays out on the driest ground he can find and stretches out.
* Simar finds it hard to believe a regular lynx can just so happen to talk with Jalya and understand words and stuff like that. Jalya is blowing smoke up his ....well he's not convinced
Jalya: "Yes... he's a real lynx. but he's far from ordinary..."
Simar: "and you have done nothing to him?"
Jalya: "nothing at all... I just about freaked when he spoke to me..."
* Simar eyes her a moment
* Ivan will yawn and roll over to rest "I think I would too..."
Jalya: "I thought Gynnlyn had slipped me some wicked herb."
* Simar lays back and relaxes
* Jalya sits near a tree, and leans against it
Simar: "can you tell me then.......why will he not speak to us?"
Jalya: "I'd have to ask him, but I can speculate a bit. I think that it may have to do with mine and Jos's animal affinity... it happens to be lynx. hence the ears"
* Jalya points to her ears...
Simar: "so you are an animal shaman of some sorts?"
Jalya: "no... I'm a Pooka. Pooka have a tendency to be good with animals"
* Simar nods
Jalya: "in fact... that's why those cattle didn't trample us."
Simar: "I did not know that..........."
Jalya: "Now you do."
Simar: ".................thank you for that then"
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "You are welcome..."
* Jalya twirls her hair
* Jalya mutters "... wish I ... love him..."
Simar: [3 successes - Alertness(6) to hear that]
* Jalya had said "I wish I could fathom why I love him so much."
* Simar gives her a look
GM: The sky is gorgeous tonight, with the lacy white clouds surrounding the occasional white puff backlit by the emerging Bright-Moon. The activity in town is still on, and it seems to have increased in fact. Ivan by now is dead asleep.
* Jalya looks up at Simar
Jalya: "what?"
Simar: "you love him like a ..... pet right?"
Jalya: "He's like... more than that... he's become family to me. He'd be very irritated if people thought he was my pet."
* Jalya is trying to cover her slip-up
* Simar nods
Simar: "I could see that... "
Jalya: "He's my familiar. I'm glad that he gets along with Jos. You don't tho. Why is that?"
Simar: "I am not used to big cats giving opinions and making will forgive me"
Jalya: "I mean Jos... Zalith is always wary of the mannish. Why don't you like Jos?"
GM: You'll see a small crew of men approaching from town. They are singing some off-color drinking song and weaving slightly.
* Jalya will ignore them
* Simar keeps an eye on the men [0 successes - investigation(6)]
GM: They'll slow when they see your small fire, and they'll lower their voices. But they don't approach, instead veering wildly to the left to avoid you.
Simar: "I have a problem with her just handing over a child she wanted saved "
Jalya: "I'm uncertain how much I should tell you about that... but she honestly had no choice. You know that right now, you are endebted to me for me saving your life, right?"
Simar: "yes ... and as I said before I owe you for that.... and will not go back on my word... as long as I can trust you. I am a man of honor...."
Jalya: "I trust you there... But in Jos's case... it was more extreme. The debt demanded that she do ANYTHING for the wizard. She didn't like having to take the child. That's why we're going to get her back, and I need your help to do it."
Simar: "................and so you shall have it"
Jalya: [3 successes - alertness(5)]
GM: You'll hear the sounds of a struggle in the woods a little to your left.
Jalya: "good... do you hear that?"
Simar: "what?"
* Jalya stands and turns her attention towards the scuffle.
GM: It's died down now.
* Simar sits up....listening
Jalya: "There's a fight over there..."
GM: the trees are a bit too thick, and with the brighter moonlight the shadows are too deep.
Jalya: "or was... I'm going to have a look."
* Jalya walks towards the sounds
* Simar watches her as best as possible
* Jalya has her hand on her knife
* Jalya speeds up
GM: k' you'll creep into the woods, hearing the struggle pick up a little then die down again. Then you'll hear men laughing.
* Jalya investigates [3 successes - stealth(5)]
GM: You'll keep close to the trees, padding as lightly as you can until you can see the backs of two of the men.
Jalya: what are they doing?
GM: She's out of your sight now, Simar - too far into the shadows unless you follow.
GM: They're keeping low, watching something struggle in a snare trap - a heavy net suspended from one of the stouter trees.
* Simar walks out some....straining to listen [0 successes - investigation(7)]
* Jalya climbs a tree for a better view [4 successes - Climb(5)]
GM: You do see Jalya's shadow for a moment, then it seems to float out of sight. You do hear men laughing quietly, but that's all. The net stops writhing as the victim gives in. The men then converge on the tree, working on the rope.
* Simar keeps watching and listening
GM: one says, "Now what've we got here?"
* Jalya knocks an arrow
Jalya: I know that tone of voice... mannish use it when they are about to do something evil
GM: They finally manage to free the main rope and the net falls to the ground heavily. It opens a bit, and when they finish clearing it out you see Josilyn lying there, eyes closed.
* Jalya fires the arrow into the ground next to one of them
GM: They'll jump and turn, one shouting "'ey!"
* Jalya knocks another
GM: By now, Simar can see what is going on more or less
* Jalya is hoping they haven't spotted her
* Simar heads that way ..... sword out
* Jalya fires it next to the other man
GM: They're looking around, confused, and one of them will run. (there are 3, BTW) Simar will break into the clearing, and the other two men will turn tail and run into the trees.
* Jalya leaps from the tree, runs up to Jos. checks to see if she's breathing
GM: She opens her eyes when you get to her. "Are they gone now?"
Jalya: "I think so... you ok?"
* Simar watches their backs
* Jalya helps Jos to her feet
* Jalya retrieves her arrows
* Josilyn will grin at Simar "Guess they thought you were a ghost or something."
Simar: "what are you doing in a net?"
Jalya: "what happened?"
* Josilyn shakes her head. "I just wasn't paying attention, that's all."
Jalya: "looks like a hunter's trap..."
Simar: "we should get back to the fire"
Jalya: "yeah.."
* Josilyn will retrieve a small pouch filled with winterberries that are a bit riper, tho now a bit squished as well.
* Simar keeps an eye out for them.....just in case they get brave or stupid
Josilyn: "I think I found some good mushrooms too, but then this happened..."
Simar: "............foood ... you were out looking for food"
Jalya: "First rule of survival..."
GM: When you get back to the camp you'll see Ivan totally undisturbed. Josilyn will pick through the berries, tossing away the worst ones and passing out the rest.
* Simar will keep watch now
* Zalith will return just a little after midnight.
Jalya: "You need sleep... I'll keep watch."
Jalya: *How's it look?*
Zalith: *I think we'll be fine. In fact, they're looking for work crews*
Jalya: "Hmm"
Jalya: "Looking for workers, huh..?"
Simar: "then we should mix well"
Jalya: "Simar... if you and Ivan work for a couple days, you might be able to buy yourselves some armour."
* Simar shrugs
Jalya: "just a thought..."
Simar: "a little work won't hurt. and I could use armor"
* Jalya smiles
Simar: "I don't think there is any in this town though"
Jalya: "I'll wake Ivan in a few hours... you two get some rest. you can get some in Alanth."
* Simar takes Jalya's advice and gets some sleep
* Jalya tries to communicate w/ Jos via telepathy
* Josilyn will actually take some of this time to work on teaching you more of the ins and outs of the Art of Primal.
Jalya: =)
Jalya: <to Jos> "I think I straightened things out..."
Josilyn: "I hope so. Although tonight was a bit too close for comfort."
Jalya: "you did more than get careless looking for food... what went on?"
* Josilyn will twirl her hair. "Sometimes I forget to look."
Jalya: "Don't do that to me, Jos... what were you up to? Were you thinking about ditching us?"
Josilyn: "No." she twirls her hair so hard it jams on her finger. "Okay, I was thinking about it, but I wasn't going to do it."
Zalith: *I told you. She's still mad at herself about the human child*
Jalya: "Listen, honey... stop kicking yourself over this... we'll get her back. Granted, we have no idea where to start looking, but we'll find her."
GM: She'll finally get her finger out of her hair and give you an angry look. "No we won't. It's just my luck, that's all. Jalya, I'm a jinx."
* Jalya hugs Josilyn
Jalya: "You are not a jinx. Listen to me, and listen good. I know how stubborn you can be, because I'm that way too. Right now, I want nothing more than to get her back, Jos. She was nearly MY child. I'm not giving up on her, and you aren't either."
* Josilyn stands, looking up at the moon. "I know. I heard about the faerie guest they had at the Baptism, and I knew it had to be you. That's why I came back here in the first place." she kicks a rock into the fire. "And I stepped into another trap."
* Jalya lets that hang in the silence for a bit
Jalya: "How so?"
Zalith: *she does seem to have a problem with traps*
Jalya: *and I have a problem with mischeif...*
Jalya: "How did that wizard gain dominion over you?"
Jalya: *great team we'll make huh?*
* Zalith just licks his paw.
* Josilyn will wave at Simar and Ivan "Like they said, that magus probably set it up that I'd need him to save me.
Jalya: "and so what if he did? He's dead now. You can still try to correct the error."
* Josilyn shrugs. "I still think you'd be better off without me. I can try to find Mother and you can save the child."
Jalya: amazing... her own hopes are fleeting, yet Jalya is trying to convince Josilyn of that which Jalya isn't certain.
Jalya: "I'd feel lost without you. It's like all that time we were apart never happened at all... like it was just a dream in between. I need you."
* Josilyn laughs "But you've done so well, and I've only made a mess of things. I anger one of the Animal Lords, I lose this child, I anger everyone I meet." She looks down. "I think it may even be my fault Mother is gone."
Jalya: "I haven't done that well... not by fae standards, anyway. But I think I've done better. And I need to help you."
GM: She'll turn to you. "Help me?" she smiles. "That would be nice." she looks down at the men. "But you had better watch me around them. We can't have them saving me, or it will only cause more trouble."
Jalya: "I know. Is there anyway to break this spell over you?"
* Josilyn shakes her head. "I have to find some way to atone for my mistake, and then petition the Lord of Ratkind myself."
Jalya: "Atonement is finding my baby... the baby"
* Jalya blushes
Jalya: *our baby*
Zalith: *Our blessed baby. Maybe that's what Arlen meant when he said Yannis gives mixed blessings*
Jalya: *hmm... maybe... if we can ever go in to Gávan again, I'll have to ask him.*
Josilyn: "Could be..." she sighs. "In any case, no sense in dwelling on it now. If I'm to stay with you I'll have to do my best for you and your friends."
Jalya: "I want you with me, hon.."
* Josilyn will spend most of night teaching you how to listen to the quiet voice of Spirit, and encourage you to try to listen to Ivan and Simar's dreams.
* Jalya will do that
O) - Earthday, Junori 10th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: And the next morning, Simar will awaken suddenly to Jalya's ear in his face.
* Jalya jumps back
* Simar blinks at her a moment then gets a little worried
Jalya: "Good morning?"
* Josilyn went to sleep just before sunrise, letting Jalya take last watch.
* Simar eyes her suspiciously
Simar: "what were you doing?"
Jalya: "I was listening."
* Ivan will roll over, mumbling in his sleep a little.
Simar: "what..... was I not breathing or something?"
Zalith: *He probably thinks you were trying to steal his breath*
Jalya: "You were snoring like a diseased yak. The sound resonated in a most peculiar way."
Simar: "well don't scare me awake...... I can be a bear in the morning"
Jalya: "Sorry... but the closer I got, the more interesting it became."
Simar: "I have no wish to hit a lady.... even if by accident"
* Ivan will finally open his eyes. "Huh?"
Jalya: "Hello Ivan... Simar was explaining his morning emotions to me. They are... exciting."
* Jalya winks at Simar.
* Ivan will sit up, rubbing his eyes. "I dreamed we were still in Gávan, only this time we got sold. I only made five lousy coppers too."
Jalya: "I'd pay 6 for ya."
* Jalya giggles
GM: He'll grimace at you. "Very funny."
Simar: "Ivan my boy..... what would you say to doing a couple days work to earn some money?"
* Ivan thinks a moment. "Sounds like a good idea. I'm sure they need help building."
* Simar grins
Simar: "my thoughts exactly"
Jalya: "Ivan... I know Simar's your captain... but I just want to say thank you for coming along."
* Ivan will stretch the sleep out of his limbs and walk around the cooling embers of the fire. "I go where my captain goes."
Jalya: "You guys go ahead... I need to sleep a bit first."
* Jalya walks over and curls up next to Jos.
* Simar looks over at Jos
* Josilyn doesn't seem to be sleeping too well
Jalya: "She needs me..."
Simar: "Jalya....... keep an eye on your sister... make sure she stays out of any more nets "
* Jalya rests her hand on Jos' back and pets her
* Simar gets up and stretches
Ivan: "Nets?"
Jalya: "I will... She's had a rough couple of weeks."
* Simar laughs
Simar: "and we've been dancin' through the daisies"
* Jalya wraps her cloak into a pillow and wraps her blanket around herself and Jos.
* Simar shakes his head
Jalya: "You weren't forced to steal a child."
Ivan: "Don't worry, we'll find her."
Simar: "you have no idea what I have had to do"
Jalya: "That's what I keep telling her. One day, I'll believe it myself."
Simar: "Ivan.... let's go make some money"
Jalya: "You can tell me about it later... Zalith will watch us... don't worry."
Simar: "Jalya...... I want you to watch the sword...... I am trusting you "
Jalya: mumbles" ermf ... yeah..."
Simar: "wonderful"
Jalya: "I'll keep it under... the blanket with me."
Simar: "rest well "
* Jalya pushes herself up a bit to take the sword.
* Simar takes Ivan and heads to where the building is going on
Jalya: "I shall... good luck, my friend."
* Jalya places the sword between her and Josilyn, after wrapping it in Ivan's blanket
* Jalya sleeps
* Simar goes w/ Ivan to find work
GM: When you get into town you'll see several groups of guardsmen about, but they don't seem to be doing much more than watching the work going on and drinking. It doesn't take any time at all to find a place to work, and you'll be helping hoist up a few walls and doing some roof work.
Simar: hey for me
GM: Ivan ends up doing most of the gofer work for the first hour (since he is kinda skinny), but then he manages to convince them that he can do more than just run errands and ends up doing pegs on your crew.
Ivan: "You know, if we do end up back home, I think Lauri will be more willing to marry me." he grins "Now that I'm a big adventurer."
* Simar snickers
Simar: "well just keep your head about you ... oh mighty adventurer"
Ivan: "I've been thinking. Even if we do find this child, how are we going to return her, considering what happened." he starts pounding the next peg in and waits for a couple of men to go on. "I mean, if we let the girls take her back, won't they just arrest them?"
Simar: "we will have to cross that bridge when we get to it..... first we have to find the child"
* Ivan nods. "Of course, once we find her we don't have to go home..." he takes up another peg and waits for the next wall to be hoisted up.
GM: You'll then see one of the strangest sights ever - a pair of tall, heavily built and stony looking Trolls carrying gigantic logs under each arm walking towards where the pier is being finished.
Simar: "will ya look at that"
Ivan: "I didn't know Trolls even got this close to the sea. I thought they were afraid of the water."
Simar: "I don't know...but I'd hate to get on the bad side of one of them "
GM: Ivan nods. When the wall is in place he starts pounding in pegs.
Ivan: "In fact, I don't think I'll be going home, Lauri or no. I don't think there's anything in Ühraid left for me."
* Simar thinks about ..... vengeance
* Simar thinks about it long and hard
* Ivan sits and waits for the next bucket of pegs to come, watching as the Trolls walk by. "As long as Alanth doesn't join the war, I mean."
GM: One of the Trolls will stop and watch, then reach an arm up and just shove the wall right into place.
* Simar gives the troll an amazed look
Troll: "Think you need stronger men..."
* Simar grins at the troll
GM: His friend will laugh, and they'll walk back to the pile of logs, picking up another load and walking it to the pier.
* Simar keeps workin'
Ivan: "You know what's weird? I remember some friends from Pawlosz who said that Trolls used to keep that waterfall where the temple was. I wonder why there's Elves there now?"
Simar: "maybe they let the trolls do the lifting and the elves do the thinkin'"
* Ivan laughs.
GM: The bucket finally gets there and your crew finishes the structure work, then moves to the next building. They're doing an awful lot of work on this place, considering you don't see many people clamoring to live here.
Simar: as long as it pays ....cows can live here
Ivan: "I'm worried about you, Simar. You're always so..." he screws up his mouth, trying to think of the word. I don't know. It's like you're mad at the world."
* Simar looks at Ivan .... thinking he's probably right
Ivan: "And now that you don't have Molo to soothe your spirit, I'm afraid you'll just leap into some battle to ease your anger."
Simar: "good thing I got you to keep me from bitin' too many heads off"
* Ivan shrugs "Yeah, but not forever. I don't think you'll ever settle down."
Simar: "I'll settle well enough when the breath has left this body...  but not before"
* Ivan rolls his eyes. Then, just as he starts pegging the next wall your crew is relieved for lunch.
* Simar is freakin' starved again
GM: There is more than enough food - it looks like they planned for twice as many men. They seem to be in an awful hurry to get this place built up.
* Simar will feed his face then
GM: Ivan will grab some extra food to take back with you to camp. There seems to be a small but steady trickle of men coming in, and once you've finished you'll see another ship is starting to come in.
GM: Jalya, you'll wake up a little before noon with Zalith snoozing in the space behind your knees. You have a slight crick in your shoulder from sleeping on something hard, which turns out to be Simar's sword.
Jalya: !  how'd it get there?
Jalya: where's Jos?
* Jalya is a bit dazed
GM: After a few minutes of bleariness you'll remember that he asked you to watch it, but you don't quite remember deciding to lay on it. Josilyn is up in the tree, keeping a look out.
Jalya: I didn't
* Jalya sits up, and pops her neck back into place
Josilyn: "You look like you slept on a rock or something."
* Zalith will just curl up when you move, sleeping steadily.
Jalya: "Simar asked me to watch his sword... I don't recall using it as a pillow tho."
* Jalya strokes Zalith
* Jalya yawns
Josilyn: "Are you serious?" she jumps down out of the tree, landing in a crouch. "He actually trusted you with his sword?"
Jalya: "Yeah... I think he was afraid of something happening to it..."
* Jalya stands
Jalya: "When did you awaken?"
Josilyn: "Not too long ago. I just couldn't sleep well."
* Jalya rubs her neck
Jalya: "I know... I was sleeping behind you a while."
* Josilyn will look at the blanket wrapped bundle, reach to unwrap it, but then pull her hand back. "He'd be mad if I touched it, I'm sure."
Jalya: "Maybe... there's something weird about it... I just can't put my finger on it... Ivan had fought with it once, and he stated that he couldn't wield it after."
* Josilyn's eyes glitter. "Really?! Wow!" she unwraps it a little, just enough to expose the jeweled hilt. "Maybe it has the power of their dragon god in it."
Jalya: "After the dreams I had, I think it's something more sinister than that."
Josilyn: "More sinister than the dragon god?" she laughs. She reaches down and touches the hilt lightly, then draws her hand back. She blushes at her tentativeness and giggles. "Thought it might bite me."
Jalya: "It might... I dreamt of blood."
* Jalya rummages through her pack for some winterberries
GM: There are only the unripe ones left, since the riper ones never seem to last more than a few minutes.
Jalya: "Damn... None left."
GM: Josilyn will unwrap the sword the rest of the way, careful not to touch it. It's a beautiful broadsword - the blade of a Tambran Knight in a style they don't even make anymore. It has some glyphs etched on it and the jagged line indicating where Tambreci's own sword was said to break.
Jalya: do I know the glyph's meaning?
GM: no, since you can't read. Although you recognize one from Arlen's robe - it resembles a sword piercing a slitted eye.
* Jalya traces the glyph that she recognizes with her finger
Jalya: "I wonder what this means..."
GM: When you touch the blade it feels unusually warm, but then you guess that's because you slept on it.
Jalya: "We should rewrap it, Jos..."
Josilyn: "It's beautiful. I wonder where a slave got this kind of sword." she looks at the glyphs a bit closer. "I thought you said he was one of the Ibarites. Isn't this a Tambran sword?"
Jalya: "I think it is... and yeah... he's an Ibarite... maybe he killed it's former owner, and took it."
* Josilyn raises an eyebrow. "Could be." She starts to rewrap it. "Prolly why he hides it."
Jalya: "Yeah... And he's obsessed with it."
* Josilyn puts the bundle back where it was. "Obsessed? Hmmm..."
* Jalya stands and puts the sword with Simar's other belongings.
GM: <Simar> The funny thing is, most of the men coming to work don't look much better than those who were to be sold as slaves. Hell, some of them might be here.
Ivan: "Looks like we shouldn't have any trouble getting passage out."
Simar: "lets hope so......"
GM: When you get ready to go you'll see the pair of trolls come to sit at one of the tables, clearing it almost immediately, both of men and of food.
Ivan: "I wonder if the girls are awake yet. Prob'ly are, since I almost never see them sleep."
* Simar looks up at where they're camped at
Simar: "they are probably out exploring"
Ivan: "You mean getting into trouble."
Simar: "I really hope not"
GM: When you turn back to finish the last of the stew you'll look over head of the man across from you and see one of the slaves from the auction...
Simar: [1 success - Alertness(6)]
GM: You're sure you recognize him, but you only see him by the back. Then, just when you're about to just shrug it off he turns and you realize why you recognized him. It's that skinny weasel Derro, a slave from some Sarna backwater town - he's lucky he didn't get his hand hacked off for theft. And you know he's a rotten snitch.
* Simar thinks this is not goood
Simar: he saw me?
GM: you don't think so - he's just starting his shift, but since he's a gofer he'll be all over.
* Ivan goes to get another flagon of ale for each of you, and when he returns he gives you a funny look. "What? You look like you've seen a ghost."
Simar: can I find anything to wrap my head and face?
GM: Well, the shirt you're wearing is long - you could tear off a strip from it.
* Simar takes off the shirt and uses it as a wrap
Simar: <whispering> "Ivan we have trouble"
* Ivan will sit, sipping his ale. "You're acting..." then he hears you and stops and lowers his head, whispering "Trouble?"
* Simar points, trying to be inconspicuous........"Derro..... over there"
* Ivan will pick his flagon up and drink, looking over the rim. "No... Oh great. We had better get out of here before he sees us. He'd sell us for half a crust of bread."
* Simar whispers "wrap your face......say its a sunburn problem"
* Ivan nods and takes his shirt off to wrap himself, tearing a sleeve in the process.
Simar: "spit and piss!!...."
GM: A couple of the men will laugh. One asks "Sun too much for you? You look like my cousin Erl from Cybaria!"
* Simar laughs....."it must be the sea air"
* Ivan nods "Yeah... first time this far North."
GM: Derro keeps with a crowd of some of the larger men, laughing his weasely laugh. Then one of them sends him to get ale, and he starts walking towards the mess tables.
* Simar makes sure his face is covered
GM: Ivan watches Derro closely as he gets 3 flagons of ale and starts carousing with the men there. Then Derro will clap you on the back.
Derro: "Aren't you hot man?"
* Simar grunts shaking his head
Ivan: "Keeps the sun off."
Derro: "I can getcha a hat if you need it." and he grins. "Only a copper."
* Simar disguising his voice....."no"[botch - subterfuge(5) - but fortunately stupid Derro botched too]
* Derro's face will fall, then he gets an angry look. "Hmph. Try ta help a guy." and he leaves.
GM: The man across from you will snicker. "I hate that guy."
Ivan: "I think we should be getting back..."
* Simar nods
* Simar gets up heads out
Josilyn: "I think I can see them coming..." as she shields her eyes from the sun.
* Jalya turns to look
Jalya: "You sure that's them?"
GM: Once you get out of the city's perimeter you'll pick up the pace a bit, and Josilyn and Jalya are awake, waiting for you.
* Josilyn nods. "And it looks like they brought food."
Jalya: "Thank the Powers. I'm famished."
* Ivan sets down a whole loaf of bread, 2 roasted chicken legs, and a half full pitcher of beer. "You wouldn't believe the spread they have."
Josilyn: "They just let you take all this?"
Simar: "ummmm we might have troubles"
Jalya: "oh? the Tambrans in the city?"
Simar: "A face I didn't need to see"
* Jalya sits on her cloak and takes a chicken leg. "Thank you, Ivan."
Ivan: "One of the slaves from the auction. A real jerk."
* Jalya munches
Jalya: "How is that trouble?"
Simar: "as low as they come.... he would sell his sister to a soldiers camp"
Jalya: "oh..."
Ivan: "They have food for more men than they have. They're really pushing to get this place built."
Simar: "he's matter what"
Jalya: "That isn't good."
* Jalya looks at Jos... "Would you like to be sold to a soldier's camp?" and winks, grinning
Josilyn: "Not in this life I wouldn't." as she tears into the brown bread.
* Jalya giggles...
Ivan: "If we're not careful, we may have to give Derro a premature burial."
Jalya: "If you said yes, then I'd have to worry about you."
* Jalya sterns up.
* Zalith will perk up at the smell of food, then come over and sit in your lap, sniffing your fingers.
Jalya: "No killing, Ivan."
Simar: "damn it all.......I don't think we can just kill him Ivan..."
* Jalya rips a piece of chicken and hands it to Zalith
Ivan: "Only if he sees our faces. There's no other way to keep him quiet."
Jalya: "Sure there is..."
Josilyn: "Well, why don't we just get rid of him now before he becomes a problem?"
Jalya: "But I can fix your faces. You might have a problem getting paid tho."
* Simar looks at the ladies
Jalya: "Jos?"
* Jalya looks at her as if she were just at an Elven Council meeting and farted loudly.
Josilyn: "You say he's greedy. Why not let him see you when the time is right, offer money to keep him quiet, and then have him get himself lost."
Ivan: "I don't think he'd take that. The Tambran slavers can pay him more."
* Simar is not to happy about this
Jalya: "He'd do it for a Lord's Crown, I'm certain."
* Josilyn nods. "Or how about a whole pile of them."
Jalya: "You have that many?"
* Jalya grins
* Josilyn grins. "In a way..."
Jalya: "heehee I thought so."
* Jalya twirls her hair
Ivan: "Of course, I'm sure he wouldn't be able to resist a pretty girl like you - and two of you to boot." he elbows Simar. "It might work."
* Jalya sets the remaining chicken leg on the ground for Zalith to finish the remaining 1/4 of it
Simar: "he is low enough to let his worm do the thinking"
* Zalith will scarf it up and chew on the bones. *Now I won't have to hunt today*
Jalya: "You want to offer him us?"
Jalya: *This is starting to make me sick.*
* Ivan shakes his head. "No, but if you make the offer it might sweeten the deal. He knows we have nothing."
Jalya: *Not the chicken...*
* Zalith will look up at you. *It wasn't my idea...*
Simar: "can you make him just forget about us or something?"
* Jalya looks at Jos...
Jalya: *I know. Thought of that with a mannish is enough to make anyone ill.*
* Simar feels his stomach turning somersaults
Simar: "nobody is saying to even touch the maggot"
Ivan: "Certainly not. If he gets too bold we can always keep his hands off you."
Josilyn: "I wish we could, but my Glamour isn't up to that. Unless Jalya can...?"
* Jalya rips a hunk of bread
Jalya: "Alas... my own glamour is weak as well."
Simar: "maybe we should just kill him and be done with it"
* Jalya has an idea.
Zalith: *He's right, it might be easier to just kill him if the need arises*
Jalya: "When you go into town, I'll go with you. If he asks, I bought you. I did, in a way."
* Ivan laughs. "You bought us?" he laughs some more. "Now I feel like a concubine."
* Simar rolls his eyes
Simar: "we can just keep our faces covered"
* Ivan nods. "Yeah, we can always keep our faces covered."
Josilyn: "It could work."
Jalya: "seriously... How would he know they didn't catch you and sell you at the next auction?"
* Simar thinks about it
Jalya: "Listen to me for once, Ivan. This can work."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Jalya: "Trust me."
* Jalya smiles
Josilyn: "And if it doesn't we can fall back on another plan."
Ivan: "You didn't see the guards there."
Jalya: "Bribe him. Not kill him."
Simar: "there are A LOT of guards down there"
Jalya: "What.. are they Trolls or something?"
Jalya: "Tambran guards?"
Simar: they are Tambran huh
Zalith: *I'm sure Simar can take care of this Derro character should the need arise, and you just need to avert your eyes* and he grins at Simar.
GM: [yes - you are not only in Tambrect, but in the Kingdom of Tambrect. where you're from is considered to be the Tambran Kingdom of Cybaria, though should the heretics have their way it will become Dar Ibarite]
Jalya: hmm...
Jalya: "This might be a minor problem"
Simar: "what?"
Jalya: "But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."
Josilyn: "Just be careful, and see how quickly we can get passage. If we can avoid the problem, all the better."
Jalya: "I thought you knew the Sidhe here, Jos. Are there Sidhe here?"
Josilyn: "I know *of* a few, sure. And I wouldn't be surprised if some were to show up."
Zalith: *Yes, avoidance would be the best policy*
* Simar starts fashioning a better cover for his face
Jalya: "Wait a moment... you look suspicious."
Ivan: "Another ship is just coming in, probably more men. I'll bet they'll be setting sail soon."
Jalya: "We need to be on that ship. Don't cover your face... we'll go with my plan first."
Josilyn: "Well, why don't we all go this time and we can see about getting passage while they avoid this Derro character."
* Simar sighs
Jalya: "My thought exactly."
Simar: "aaaaaalllllright"
Jalya: *want to ride in my pack, Zalith?*
* Jalya scritches his head
Zalith: *I can walk...*
Simar: "at least this time I'll have my sword"
* Jalya looks at Jos *Told you he was obsessed*
Jalya: "It moved last night. When I laid down, I could barely move..."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Simar: "you might not want to touch the sword"
Jalya: "I fathom that."
Simar: "it's......... uh....... cursed......... a little"
Jalya: "You saw where I put it, right?"
* Simar nods
Jalya: "I woke with it und... CURSED?!?!"
* Jalya looks at her finger
Simar: "did you touch it?"
* Josilyn will laugh. "Yes, but we didn't wield it."
Jalya: "I traced a rune on the blade... the one that matched the one on Arlen's robe."
Simar: "as long as you don't wield it.... I think you'll live"
* Ivan is pale. "Yes, don't wield it."
Jalya: "The blade was really warm, but I thought that was because I had slept on it. Simar?"
Simar: "what?"
Jalya: "Don't ever leave that with me again... I mean it." a definite tremble in her voice.
Simar: "... can it be you are.......... nevermind.  well ... if you insist"
Ivan: "We, uh... We should wrap it tight so the guard won't see it. They'll arrest us for sure if they see it."
Simar: "for sure"
Jalya: "who am I, Simar?"
* Simar smirks
Simar: "forgive me goood lady......I will frighten you no more"
Jalya: *do you know who he thinks I am?*
Zalith: *No. But that sword must have some history. I doubt it was simply theft that bound it to him*
* Jalya shudders
Jalya: "Whatever... Let's get going..."
Josilyn: "Yes. No more spooky talk."
* Simar wraps up the sword
* Ivan will help you wrap the blade, but he won't touch it.
Jalya: "I'm glad I fought the urge to touch it. Hold it..."
* Simar looks at Jalya as if determining if she is infected
* Ivan will put the remains of lunch in the fire, then help gather the rest of the camp up.
* Jalya whispers to Jos <in Aelfar> "Told you he was obsessed."
* Simar shakes his head
* Jalya shrugs
Jalya: "Fate works in weird ways I suppose."
* Simar lol
Jalya: "What's so funny?"
Simar: "yes fate.... I seem to hear that every where I go"
Jalya: "Fate must be stalking you. Perhaps it's in that sword..."
* Simar doesn't seem all to happy about that idea
Ivan: "Master Naur always said to be a master of your fate, not to be mastered by it."
Jalya: "Well... in the now, I'll be your master. Fate can have it's way with you later."
* Simar gives her a look
* Jalya grins
GM: The camp is cleared, and Ivan will scatter the fire and stamp it out, since there's not enough dry earth to cover it.
Simar: "well shall we?"
Jalya: "Jos... Think we can glamour up some chains, to lead them in on?"
* Jalya winks at Simar
Josilyn: "Now now, no need to make them surly."
Jalya: "Let's go. Simar is surly when it's early."

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