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Rotes for Mage

The following are a variety of rotes usable for Mage. Many of them are conversions of spells from spell lists in other games, useful as examples of how to vary your effects beyond simple, direct methods.

Animal Companion (Spirit ooo):
By calling out the the Totem spirit father of a particular animal, the Mage may summon a normal animal of that type. Once called, the animal will act as a companion and protector. Such companions can prove to be invaluable in the wilderness - acting as scouts, helping in a hunt, and warning of impending danger.

[This rote is usually done as an extended ritual, each roll representing an hour's worth of time. The successes are used to determine the length of time that the animal will remain. The animal companion is not under the caster's direct control; instead it is compelled by its totem father to cooperate and communicate with the caster. The bond is immediately broken should the caster mistreat the companion or move beyond its natural territory.]

Binding Charm (Life ooo):
When lethal force will not do, sometimes a Binding Charm will do the trick. This rote freezes the muscles in the target, rendering him immobile. This effect is useful for escapes and intimidation.

[The successes on the roll determine how much of the target is immobilized. 1 success will slow a single limb while 2 will freeze it completely. At least 4 successes are required to completely paralyze a target, and larger creatures may require more. Note that this rote does not affect the undead.]

Camp (Life oo, Matter oo, Prime oo, Spirit ooo, sometimes with Forces ooo and/or Life ooo)
A very handy rote when you're stranded out in the wilderness. First the Mage calls out to small helpful spirits, then she provides them with basic raw materials with which to construct the camp. The spirits then do what they can to suit the comforts of the caster and her party.

[This rote alters the plants in the area and summons minor spirits to tend to the needs of the caster and her party. They create beds of grass and shade, and gather fresh water and firewood. The Forces variant will light a fire for the camp, and the Life 3 variant creates bland but nutritious food.]

Chameleon (Entropy ooo, Forces oo)
When stealth is a major consideration and cover is at a minimum, mimicking the color-changing talents of the chameleon is a Mage's best bet. With this rote, the mage becomes nearly invisible as his coloration blends almost perfectly with the background.

[The Forces effect shifts the Mage's coloring, while Entropy coordinates these shifts to match the background as closely as possible. The successes rolled on the effect are added to the difficulty for anyone to spot the Mage using this rote. The rote's effect is reduced or negated if a target moves faster than walking speed.]

Cloak of Fear (Mind ooo)
Sometimes the dark reputation of Mages is a useful thing. By conjuring up fearful images within the minds of others, a Mage can cause them to tremble and waver, and may even cause those weak of heart to flee in terror.

[The successes on this rote are added to the D#'s of anyone in the area (including friendly forces) unless they are shielded from Mind effects. If the successes exceed the Willpower of any target they are likely to flee from the caster.]

Eel Skin (Life ooo)
Definitely the best way to escape grapples and bonds. This rote causes the caster to exude a slippery, grease-like sweat from his pores, making it nearly impossible to grab him and making most bonds slide right off.

[This rote requires a turn before the effects become noticeable, as the Mage must sweat some of the greasy substance first. The successes are added to any attempts to escape from grapples and most bonds. Should the caster get 4 or more successes, then hand to hand attacks against him require at least 2 successes or they simply slide off.]

Glue (Matter oo, Prime oo)
Whether it's used as an escape or to keep unruly foes in line, Glue is definitely one way to get someone's attention. This rote spews a large sticky glob onto the target that sticks to them like warm taffy. Attempts to wrench free are rarely pleasant and sometimes even harmful. After some time the Glue tends to become unstable, melting into an acrid smelling liquid.

[The Strength of the Glue is equal to the successes rolled. Should the target struggle to get free, they must match their Strength against the Strength of the Glue - a botch resulting in damage equal to half the Glue's strength.]

Misdirection (Entropy oo, Mind ooo, Prime ooo)
Whenever subtlety and stealth are required, all it takes is another wise-ass Mage to come around and screw things up with their Magickal senses. This rote gets beyond that by creating conflicting and random sensory impressions, making it difficult to detect any sort of magickal workings.

[The successes from the effect roll are subtracted from any detection power used in the immediate area. To detect this ability requires at least one more success than the rote.]

Shout (Forces oo, Life ooo)
When you must absolutely be heard, this rote will do the trick. By enhancing her vocal cords and temporarily increasing lung capacity to phenomenal levels, the Mage releases a powerful cry that can be heard for miles. This cry is so powerful that any caught in it may be stunned.

[Life increases the Mage's vocal capacity, and Forces increases the effect. The successes determine the range at which the Shout may be heard. Additionally, anyone or anything within a cone roughly 1'x3' in front of the Mage will be hit by a tremendous force - brittle objects will be shattered and living targets will take 2 levels of damage. Living targets must also make a Stamina(8) roll. The successes are subtracted from the successes on the rote to determine how many turns the target is stunned.]

Slip 'n Slide (Forces ooo)
Another helpful rote for those times when escape is necessary, Slip 'n Slide makes almost any surface difficult to walk on and nearly impassable.

[Forces reduces the effects of friction within an area determined by the successes. It takes at least 2 successes to stop a single pursuer, additional targets requiring a success each. Any person in this area must make a Dexterity+Athletics(8) to remain standing. All movement in the area has its D# increased by the successes.

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