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Name James Cedric Ourandis Tradition Euthanatos
Alliegance Rogue Nature Caregiver
Essence Questing Demeanor Bon Vivant
Age 32 Concept Bookstore Owner / Oracle
Description Heavy set man in his early 30's, shoulder length black hair that is flat and limp, often in a ponytail, Dark brown eyes, expressive eyebrows, thin, greasy looking moustache, usually smiling
Appearance Slouchy and unkempt most times, rarely bothers to shave, likes to wear black
Background Wealthy upbringing Birthplace Malibu, CA
Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Alertness Do Computer
Athletics Drive Cosmology
Awareness Etiquette Culture
Brawl Firearms Enigmas
Dodge Leadership Investigation
Expression Meditation Law
Instruction Melee Linguistics
Intuition Research Lore
Intimidation Stealth Medicine
Streetwise Survival Occult
Subterfuge Technology Science
Correspondence Life Prime
Entropy Mind Spirit
Forces Matter Time
Backgrounds Specialties
Avatar Perception: Watchful
Dream Charisma: Genial
Resources (Item: Spec)
Arcane (Item: Spec)
Talisman (Item: Spec)
Merits/Flaws Arete
Claustrophobia (Mild) dot2.GIF (304 bytes)
Cursed: If he should taint his Art with blood, his workings will be accursed until atonements are made. (D#'s increased by 3, Paradox is doubled) dot2.GIF (304 bytes)dot2.GIF (304 bytes)dot2.GIF (304 bytes) Willpower
Higher Purpose: To help the lost find their way
Nightmares: James frequently dreams of the deaths he has experienced. dot2.GIF (304 bytes)
|| Quintessence =========== Paradox || dot2.GIF (304 bytes)

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