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Paths of Virtue

The Path one chooses to follow describes his moral values and outlook on the world around him. It is a collection of ethical and spiritual values that guide him on his travels through life. The rating of the Path shows the character's spiritual development. The Path rating is also the maximum amount of mana that the character can hold, and those who have magickal abilities are limited by their rating in their Path. The following are some of the available Paths in Myth, along with descriptions, and a Hierarchy of Sins list. This Sins list describes actions that would violate the Path at that particular rating, and any infraction of one's level or lower on this list should designate an immediate Conviction roll.

Path of Simple Virtue Hierarchy of Sins

This is the most basic of Paths, the path of the common folk. Adventurers, and those who practice magick of any sort usually have too rarefied a morality set to keep this simple outlook. It is provided here mainly as a baseline, and to be used for the everyday man.

10 Accidental wrongdoing
9 Purposeful wrongdoing
8 Purposely inflicting injury
7 Theft and robbery
6 Negligent killing
5 Wanton destruction
4 Murder in the heat of passion
3 Sadism and perversion
2 Premeditated murder
1 The most heinous and demented acts

Path of Valour Hierarchy of Sins

The Path of Valour is a common warrior code among the Varial people. This Path exemplifies the honorable status of the knight and many noblemen. Few women follow this Path, as most consider the role of a warrior to be that of a man.

10 Failing to assist someone in need
9 Treating a peer with disrespect
8 Placing personal desire above duty
7 Breaking your word to a peer
6 Failing to assist a friend or peer in need
5 Striking an unarmed opponent
4 Failing to provide hospitality to a peer
3 Treating a superior with disrespect
2 Breaking your work of honor to your Lord or a loved one
1 Breaking a sacred oath

Path of the Guardian Hierarchy of Sins

This Pathi s a somewhat common and wide ranging one, with followers in all cultures and creeds. The Path itself is not commonly taught, but rather becomes one's center after taking an oath. This can be a rather demanding Path, depending on the ward. The ward one must guard is usually present (or the location of) the oathtaking ceremony.

10 Loss of ward at no fault of your own
9 Failure to protect ward at cost of your life
8 Any breach of security | Allowing emotion to override your better sense
7 Failure to protect ward even with serious risk to self
6 Showing mercy to enemies of ward
5 Disobeying an order from a superior | Failure to protect ward at moderate danger to self
4 Leaving post without permission
3 Showing cowardice | Failure to protect ward at minor risk to self
2 Overt disrespect to ward
1 Failure to protect ward even when no risk is present to self

Path of Blood Hierarchy of Sins

The Path of Blood is one of vengeance and strict adherence to one's family codes. There are some slight variations of this Path, but this is the basic outline. In general, this Path is one of strict family loyalty and honor.

10 Breaking your word of honor to an outsider
9 Failing to pursue duty at any cost
8 Not killing an outsider when there is need
7 Ignoring an opportunity to further your family's interests
6 Being disrespectful to clanmates
5 Placing personal ambition and desire above duty
4 Failing to pursue duty in the face of minor danger
3 Being disrespectful to Elders
2 Revealing family secrets | Failing to assist or avenge a clanmate
1 Breaking your word of honor to a clanmate

Path of the Sacred Stars Hierarchy of Sins

This Path is a general description of the faith and virtue of the Varial church. There are a few minor variations between temples that are devoted to specific gods, but this Path should do well for any devout character, especially in Tambrect.

10 Acting above your station | Treating your lessers unkindly
9 Accidental wrongdoing
8 Breaking your word of honor
7 Purposeful wrongdoing | Inflicting injury without cause
6 Theft and robbery
5 Failing to observe the Varial rites | Disregarding and omen from the Gods
4 Acting in a treacherous or deceitful manner
3 Wanton destruction
2 Sadism and perversion - "Following the Dragon Path"
1 Premeditated murder

Path of The Dragon Hierarchy of Sins

The Path of The Dragon is an exacting and difficult way of life. This Path stresses power and authority through ambition, strength and excellence. The Path is taught and reinforced by the Ibarite priests, and outside of their influence there are few followers.

10 Spending less than 2 hr.s per night in ritual or meditation
9 Failing to use whatever means are necessary to achieve greater power
8 Accepting defeat | Allowing another to take credit for your doings/intrigues
7 Helping others when it is not to your advantage
6 Failing to respect those who posess greater power and wisdom
5 Treating your lessers poorly (without necessity)
4 Backing down when you know you are right
3 Turning down a chance for increased power or wealth
2 Losing face in front of a crowd
1 Accepting someone less capable than yourself as your superior

Path of Harmony Hierarchy of Sins

The Path of Harmony is a Path common to tribal folk and those who prefer to live in the wilderness, including many Faeries. This Path stresses the inherent connection of all things, especially with Nature.

10 Failing to observe any sacred spirit ritual
9 Causing harm by inaction or neglect
8 Being away from Nature for longer than a week
7 Overly cruel behavior | Needless torture
6 Killing for any reason other than survival
5 Avoiding contact with Nature, animals, or spirits
4 Being away from Nature for longer than a month
3 Being disrespectful to one's Totem or a Great Spirit
2 Taking more than one needs | Refusing to share a surplus with others
1 Destroying a part of Nature or allowing it to be destroyed


Path of the Beast Hierarchy of Sins

This Path is similar to the Path of Harmony, stressing one's connection with Nature and reverence for spirits. Followers of this Path tend to be very territorial, and it is very common among the warriors of tribal people.

10 Failing to spend at least 2 hours a day communing with Nature
9 Attacking a clearly superior foe
8 Killing for any reason other than survival
7 Overly cruel behavior | Needless torture
6 Avoiding contact with Nature or animals
5 Making a sacrifice to someone unrelated to you
4 Failing to provide safety for loved ones/comrades
3 Failing to defend your territory
2 Feeling guilty for a necessary action | Showing mercy to a dire enemy
1 Refusing to kill when it is necessary for survival

Path of High Adventure Hierarchy of Sins

This odd path evolved among many of the noble Faeries who romanticized adventure, romance and the passions of the Mannish folk. Most of the elder Fae this that this Path is rubbish, and that those who follow it are childish and silly. This Path is similar to the Mannish Path of Valour in many ways, and the two seem to have influenced each other over the years.

10 Actively contributing to boredom | Not embarking on a quest for any reason
9 Failing to rescue a companion or loved one at any risk
8 Being disrespectful to someone of higher station | Failing to pursue duty and honor at great risk to self
7 Killing a foe when he could just as easily be captured or simply thwarted
6 Not accepting a fair challenge | Attacking an unarmed foe | Breaking your word of honor
5 Killing when there is no need | Allowing a loved one or companion to be captured without a fight
4 Failing to pursue duty and honor with minimal risk to self
3 Acting in a crude or vulgar manner | allowing your honor to be waylaid by emotion
2 Premeditated murder | Failing to pursue duty and honor with no risk to self
1 The most heinous and demented acts

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