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Prelude - Simar: Pawlosz

GM: okay, you're 16 when you father goes to Pawlosz
Simar: k
GM: yeah... where were you born?
Simar: on the slopes of the cauldron
GM: on the slopes of the cauldron it tends towards the cold. And Pawlosz is icy in the winter. there's a gorgeous waterfall nearby that freezes solid every year.
GM: Your father pretended to still side with the Tambran church. So, I'd say for a year or two you haven't seen him. He's had to stay in Pawlosz, a 4 day journey in the summer.
GM: when's your birthday.
Simar: the 8th of Diandir
GM: anyway, you'll get your knighthood while he's still away. you're 16 at the time, which is a year behind. Your mother tells you of your father's honorable station while he's gone. Your father only guards the Tambran temple there because his brother is a priest there.
Simar: OK
GM: Then you hear that a new priest will be taking men to Pawlosz - They plan to remove the tyrant's temple and raise one to praise Charatt. Your mother and father are both members of the Dragon's temple. Since you're a knight now, you can join the men and see your father, at least over the winter. I bet you have a brother and or sister who can take care of your mother while you're gone.
GM: Your mother doesn't want you to go. it will only undermine your schooling.
GM: dude, your character must be a big dude, even at 16. stamina 4 and tough. str 3
Simar: right on
GM: what kind of armor you want?
GM: your parents are comfortable, and the post your father takes makes taxes easy
Simar:   leather armor

OĜ - Sunday, Galici 6th -:- Grand Parade - Imperial Year 208 • Myth •
GM: You will get to train when you first get there, and when you first meet your father it's a total surprise to him.
GM: His name is Anton. When you meet your father he is very surprised, as I said. You can see he's not wearing the Cybari crest anymore. Your camp has the dragon sigil on the flags, and the priest says he is preparing to free the town from tyranny. The priest's name is Molo Naur.
GM: Your father is keen to catch Naur's sermons. He says there will be a sign from the gods.
GM: Your father wants to take you to see the statue. It's an icy night, early in Galici. The sky is very dark, dominated by the nega moon. He says to you "They waste their money trying to appease the god of the river."
GM: It will take nearly until dawn to get to the waterfall. It's a dark and forbidding place. You've heard tales of dwarven folk here, which means there may be trolls in the mountains here. The waterfall is still flowing, the sliver of moon throwing pale haloes from the spray. There is a huge statue of Deimuu the river god. It's beautiful, and must have been expensive to make, and difficult to ship and place here.
GM: Pawlosz is a small town.
Simar: k
GM: Even though their armor is new and their swords are fine steel, the men here have ragged cloaks. The winter has been hard, and these people can barely feed the men barracked now.
GM: Your father points at the statue. "The Holy Emperor only placed this place the god on his side in the war. He does not pay a proper tribute."
GM: Anton is a big man himself. Tall, very dark black hair cut short for battle. You remember when you were younger, when he kept his hair longer and your mother had the parties.
GM: You know that Tambran messengers have already alerted the Emperor's army.
GM: Are you going with your father to the next sermon?
Simar: yeah  you know it
GM: There is a bright purple ring around the negamoon. it is briefly pierced by a shooting star, making a yellow line across it. like the eye of a dragon.
GM: In any case, it's late now and will be later when you get back to the barracks. Anton is seeing about getting you one of the new swords. He'll loan you his if you like. And you can write home in the morning. A messenger is being sent.
GM: Unfortunately it won't be after breakfast. There isn't any breakfast the next day. Naur is up and raving at the first ray of dawn.
Simar: heh  OK

OĜ - Moonday, Galici 7th - Imperial Year 208 • Myth •
GM: The dark sky still in the west is shot with meteors. Just when Molo Naur tells people to gather, some of the scouts return with news. All of the watch had fallen asleep. Everyone's bowstrings were cut.
Simar: what
GM: Molo Naur says that Deimuu will not bless the battle for the Imperial men. Today is a feast day for Galaik, and the river god takes offense to the timing, says Naur. It is a feast for the wealthy, I might add. They throw small gifts out to the poor in a grand parade. Your father snorts at that. "Disgusting. They give them sugar and ribbons instead of food."
GM: Most of that money came from near here. A rich silver vein.
GM: the next day you'll have your own sword - one of the few remaining steel swords from the old Cybaria guard.
GM: By now most of the town of Pawlosz is barricaded. the small camp just beyond the falls has grown with Ibarite resistance fighters, many of them stamping the ground with impatience. They want to go to battle, but Molo Naur remains firm. A few more scouts are sent out, but this time they avoid going anywhere near the falls for fear of disturbing the faeries there.
GM: There are reports of strangers from the West who have come to Pawlosz, a small band of warriors.
GM: How eager are you to go into battle?
Simar: I would love to prove myself    especially to pops
GM: You can tell he's anxious - you even see him reach to twirl at his now close-cropped hair a couple of times - but he maintains his cool.
Anton: "Naur will know when the time is right."
Simar: I still will go by his words  so I will wait for when he says go
GM: Naur maintains an erratic schedule - several hours of deep meditation, then a brief sermon on the Virtues of the Dragon, then he goes among the gathered warriors offering blessings. You never see him eat.
Simar: never ? close are him and pops ?
GM: Not exactly close - your father seems to idolize Molo Naur. Which isn't terribly unusual, most of the men who were here when you arrived were enamored of the man.
Simar: OK
GM: And those you came with are near fanatical. It's only the newest arrivals who aren't as taken with him. They are tired of waiting for some temple sweeper to give them the go ahead.
GM: By the time it starts to get dark the camp has broken up into several small sparring circles and training areas. The men are nervous, and they expect a large Tambran force to arrive in Pawlosz
Simar: and we plan to do what ?
GM: According to Naur, he intends to go to the temple complex at the base of the falls and destroy it. It's a large area by the riverside with a sizable temple and the newly placed gigantic statue of Deimuu.
Simar: OK I remember now
GM: Your father is unwavering in his belief that Naur will shatter the statue and temple with no interference, but if the Tambrans arrive the army is here to defend the priests.
GM: As the dual moon rises you see Naur and a small circle of his acolytes come from their tent with a dazed and almost glowing look on their faces. Every person he passes goes silent with awe. Naur is fairly crackling with energy by the time he gets to the center of the camp.
GM: Your father is busy with his own prayers when Naur comes out, and he rushes to get dressed and ready.
Anton: "Has he seen the sign yet?"
Simar: "it would appear so.........."
GM: He hands you a small vial of Dragon's Oil to anoint yourself. "We should be ready. Tambrect's tyranny will be struck a blow soon."
Simar: if he has anointed himself   then I will do so too. I will ready myself......
GM: You both follow the crowd, and soon the camp is half trampled in excited men. The whisperings and mutterings become a sea of cacophony.
* Naur raises his arms, as do his acolytes, making a circle around him. "Raise your eyes to the heavens, brothers of the Great Dragon!"
Acolytes: "The Eye and the Claw of Charatt are upon us."
GM: The air is saturated in the bitter smell of Dragon's Oil.
Naur: "The lost son of our Master's Wife has withheld his blessing from the undeserving tyrants."
Acolytes: "The Eye and the Claw of Charatt are upon us."
GM: Everyone kneels, and you see your father run his thumb on his blade's edge as a battle blessing. This is the act of a suicide mission.
Naur: "Charatt calls to our hearts, he cries out..."
* Naur and his acolytes cry out in unison - "VENGEANCE!"
GM: At that moment the earth starts to shake just slightly, but picking up rapidly. You can hear the rumblings of the Cauldron becoming deeper.
GM: The two moons are evenly balanced now, waxing towards the Bright moon. But its light is obscured by a dark purple-black cloud erupting from the mouth of the Cauldron. Before the sky is completely obscured, a huge red streak shines across the sky, leaving a burnt orange trail. A dragon star!
GM: Everyone erupts into a gigantic battle roar. Then they start marching towards the river. Your father holds back a bit, taking the time to organize his men somewhat. You see a two small groups of Storm Knights protecting other circles of Priests. There are also several packs of slave-warriors, controlled by a High Priest.
Simar: whoa  this is the shit!!!!
GM: When you get to the battle site you see that Molo Naur is directing all his energies to the temple. There is a small force of Tambran Templars there, but you see a larger army is approaching.
GM: [I told you it would be a big event...]
GM: Before the Tambran defenders can get there, Naur calls down fire from the sky, and it starts to rain down ash and hot pebbles. The statue rises slightly from it's pedestal, then shatters into sharp pieces, which themselves shatter, until it's nothing but dust shimmering in the night air.
GM: Your father calls a charge, and you and the men he's picked run to pick off the Templars holding the temple. You are unhesitating in your charge, beheading one Templar, then plunging the blade straightaway into the next one's heart. The dying man claws at your face feebly, then dies as you try to push him off your weapon with your foot.
GM: Once you've freed it you see the Tambran army is advancing faster than you expected. They're setting up pikes and sharpened sticks just behind their men - there will be no retreat. And you can see that they appear to have some Dwarven friends among them, tho' none charge into battle.
GM: what will you do next?
Simar: I will keep up with my fathers company .....and go where we are going
GM: They're just holding their place now. Most of the Templars here have fled back to the larger army. Molo Naur and his priest are finishing up the temple's destruction. When they finally turn their attention to the battle the Tambrans will be doomed. If Deimuu had blessed them they would have a chance, but offending him seems to have sealed their fate.
GM: Your company hold off the charging Tambrans, but eventually you have to fall back to the river's edge. You lose almost half your men to archers in the trees. You know it's not likely that the Tambrans are such good marksmen. The shots loosed from the woods are far too accurate for men - they must have some sort of Faerie help.
GM: The ground rumbles and the air is filled with smoke, soot and ash. Everywhere you turn you see stumps of columns and ragged pieces of fallen walls.
GM: You, your father, and a handful of men take cover behind a sturdy section of wall. There are steady plunks of arrows against it, and you can see many of the gathered Ibarites fall.
Simar: I stay with pops
Anton: "I think they may have set up an ambush for us." he grins, his teeth bloody from a blow to the face. "But I doubt a few tricky Elves can turn the tide."
GM: At that moment you hear a loud cry from above. "Mohr'Kaidann!" A bright blue flash comes from the source of the waterfall, and you see 4 forms freefall to the ground. When they land you see it's 4 elven warriors with longswords drawn. They land in the center of the priests, sending them scattering.
GM: Your father goes pale
GM: Two more quartets of flying Elven warriors come down, taking the resistance fighters by surprise.
Simar: oh shit!!!
GM: Three of your father's men run - although one of them redeems himself by running towards the new threat. You see Molo Naur in the center of the fray, holding a wounded arm, but you can see he's still chanting. He wades through the attacking Elves, tossing them around with a wave
of his good arm. Every one of them that tries to touch him is crisped instantly.
GM: Anton calms himself and gives a quick blessing. Your group is now just you and him, plus a veteran named Olahg and his retainer Meir
Olahg: "With Naur our victory is assured."
Simar: whoa shit   "OK"
Anton: "We should make our way around..." he points to the smoking remains of a garden. "If we come out on the other side we can surprise that last group of elves."
GM: You hear another battle cry - the Dwarves have joined the fight.
GM: The temple is now just a pile of rubble, and the priests are starting to regroup. When you get into the smoke of the garden you're very close to the lake at the base of the waterfall. There's a warship on the lake, just now coming out of hiding - a Tambran vessel. But your father and Olahg don't notice it. They make their way through the choking smoke and crouch behind the remains of a decorative bench, waiting for the Elves to turn their backs.
GM: There are 3 elves left in the group, fending off 5 Storm Knights and a pair of slave- warriors. The Elves are moving as if in a dance - twirling and slashing in what seems a random pattern.
GM: A ballista bolt swooshes through the smoke and impales an acolyte just as his circle begins to call down another strike. It startles Meir and he cries out. Your father and Olahg just charge, with Meir right behind. You can hear another vessel taking to the water far behind you.
GM: what's your plan, charge or see what's up with the ships?
Simar: tactically I gotta know what's up with the ships how many there are    how close  etc
GM: Okay, you hold back and look around. You can now see two ballista crews on the Tambran ship, one of which is about to fire. The other ship is a wreck, thrown together with no rhyme or reason - a Goblin ship, and it's charging the Tambrans.
GM: You hear Olagh give a battle cry, but it's cut short.
Simar: I gotta see what happened to him
GM: The ballista fires, the bolt whooshing just a few feet to your left.
GM: Olahg is on the ground wrestling with an Elf and a Dwarf, with Meir at the edge of the fray looking like he's spanking them with his staff.
GM: Your father has a second Elf at his feet, scrabbling the last of his life out, and he's spinning to strike at the third. There are now dozens of Dwarves and Goblins on the battlefield.
Simar: can I get to him to help ?
GM: help what?
Simar: pops
GM: It's funny - this is probably the first time in your life that you're glad to see goblins.
Simar: I bet
Simar: wait who's in more trouble ? pops or Olahg ?
GM: He's doing fine actually. With two of the Elves dead their amazing battle-dance is much less effective, and he has the Elf backed up to the mountainside.
GM: Olahg takes a blow to the head and Meir manages to beat the Dwarf away from him. The Elf rights himself and turns to take care of Meir. Beyond them you can see someone lurking in the shadows.
Simar: I take the shadow one if possible
Simar: no wait.  I'll help Meir. he doesn't seem to  capable
GM: Alright, he smacks the Dwarf a couple of times, knocking him to the ground and oblivious to the danger behind him. When the Elf raises his sword to strike he hesitates and turns to face you.
Elf: "You will not desecrate this place."
Simar: I'm on the elf
GM: You leap at him, hoping to catch him off guard, but he parries the blow easily, turning you around. He takes a step back, assessing you. The shadow looms up from behind him.
Simar: I wanna know what this shadow thing is     I'll hold my attack and see if it's gonna do anything
GM: The Elf seems oblivious to it and he steps forward gracefully, lacing the air with feints and strikes. You parry the first few easily, but soon he's blooded your arm and nearly cut your face - he's clearly playing with you.
Simar: oh shit. I got trouble then
GM: Then, just as you back up from a vicious riposte, you trip over a bit of rubble and fall under his blade. He falls on top of you, and your arm is bathed in warm blood.
Simar: roll this guy  off of me
GM: The shadow chuckles, a deep basso rumble.
Simar: if the elf guy isn't moving anymore I'll look at the shadow and see how bad my arm is also
GM: The elf is gasping his last breath. You're okay, but a little shaken, and your wrist is sore from being twisted. You'll have to wrench your blade from the Elf's gut.
GM: The darkness floats away like smoke, and you see a thin man wearing the white and blue robes of a High Moon Priest. His smile is bookended by long white fangs. "Yes, you will do nicely in my brood."
Simar: WTF
GM: He seems to float just above the ground, and he hovers towards you slowly.
Simar: I'll stand up
GM: You see your father dispatch the Elf, then he turns to you with a victorious grin, which falters quickly when he sees what's happening.
GM: You feel your head turning to mush, and soon your vision centers so all you can see are the piercing eyes of the fanged monster. "Yyyyeeesssss... aaa ffffiiiiinnnee wwwaaarrrrriiiooorrrr....."
GM: Your heart pounds fiercely, and you try to escape, but your feet ignore you, taking you one step closer to the fiend. Then the eyes widen and your vision clears. The monster falls to the ground, and you see your father behind him.
Anton: "That is no Dragon Priest."
Simar: "what was that!!!"
Anton: "Some sort of... monster. Posing as one of our holiest men."
GM: Then a group of Tambran warriors, led by two Templars crash their way through a barrier. "Get them!" they shout, and charge. Your father only has a short dagger, but he draws it just the same. He yells for you to run. Unfortunately he has little chance, and he's overwhelmed in little time. You manage to keep them at a distance, then, just as you are about to give up hope, you hear a strange loud chant from 2 men.
GM: Behind the Tambran men you see the monster in priests robes start to rise, his eyes gleaming silver-blue in the night. Then a shadow covers the moons like an eclipse. You look up and you see something huge falling down the waterfall - a gigantic chunk of ice the size of a glacier. The Tambran men pay no mind to it, grinning at the shocked look on your face.
Simar: wtf
GM: You're no fool - you run like hell with the Tambran dogs at your heels. There is a huge crash as the ice smashes into the lake, sending up a gigantic wave of icy water over you and the Tambran men. You're washed into the lake and have to swim for your life. Once you're safe you can see that the battle is done except for the scavengers.
GM: Goblins and Dwarves scatter across the fields of rubble, and you watch as both of the warships sink beneath the churning waves. It's hard to say who won the battle
Simar: shit   OK. do I know where pops is ?
GM: He was killed by the Tambrans, but now he's buried under the ice.
Simar: oh shit
GM: You can see that in the confusion of the fight you've grabbed your father's sword. It's covered in blood, some of which is a thick black ichor.
Simar: I hold onto it big time
GM: The blood doesn't drip though - in fact, it seems to evaporate, or maybe seep into the sword itself.
Simar: trippy
GM: After the battle you're mainly lost. Pawlosz falls to martial law, and all the Ibarites are executed or forced to flee. When you finally make your way back home you see your house has been razed and your family name has been stricken as heretics. With little else for you to do you end up as a mercenary for a while, until you get a place with the cult as a guard.
GM: During your stint as a mercenary you notice that there are a lot of caravans with Elven merchandise. You manage to pick up a smattering of Aelfar, though you know it's only barely passable. You probably still hold a bit of resentment towards the Elves, heavily mixed with awe.

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