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Simar - Chapter One: Dance of the Falcons

O - Foolsday, Savarit 22nd - Imperial Year 209 • Myth •
GM: The next morning is murky as well - the skies completely overcast with black and grey clouds. Harekk is finally back, nearly late for his morning watch. Ivan is just coming back from last watch, and he looks very tired.
Simar: go about my routine as usual
* Simar look at him "cold getting to you youngin'?"
Ivan: "I wanted a second watch, *yawn* but I couldn't stay awake."
Simar: "trying for promotion? or just crazy?"
* Ivan smiles, then sits on his bunk. "I need a little extra silver..."
Simar: "aah trying to impress a certain lady with gifts?"
* Ivan grins "How can you tell?" He takes his mask off and wipes it down, placing it at the foot of his bunk. "But I think she thinks I'm too young."
* Simar shakes his head
Simar: "well if you need advice you should talk to Garen. he seems to have women figured out"
GM: He laughs "Be careful with him, he'll have you hitched when you're not looking." he takes his boots and armor off, then goes to warm himself at the fire.
Simar: "too true"
GM: The head guardsman will walk through, smacking Harekk on the back of the head for being late, then pausing to watch over you and Denna before he continues on. Ivan stretches out on his bunk.
Simar: I think I'll go check on Molo .....or is it way to early to bug him?
GM: Molo is already at the construction yard, overseeing the polishing of the head.
Simar: well I know where I'm going the yard. I'll stop and grab some bread or something to eat on the way
GM: Garen will come on watch after a bit, taking his place at the far end of the yard. The construction seems to be going well, and Molo looks content with the current design. Lady Soredh makes an appearance around lunchtime, pleased with the head and curious about the new designs.
Simar: I can go BS with Garen and keep an eye on things just so I'm somewhat close to Molo
Garen: "What is it about that priest?"
Simar: "he has taken it upon himself to give me an know smarts work well ....along with a goood sword arm"
Garen: "Sometimes I wonder... you almost want to study more than practice arms these days."
Simar: "you still can't beat me I lay any amount of money on now I have some wisdom"
* Simar grins at Garen
* Garen laughs. "Plan to see Harra today?"
* Simar pokes Garen's chest kinda hard with my finger
* Simar look at him
Garen: "You're in a pique today."
Simar: "just checking to see if you have tits..........I could swear you sound like the lady matchmaker"
Garen: "Plan to be a bachelor all your life?"
Simar: "my time will come soon enough"
Garen: "That's what I'm afraid of..."
GM: Lady Soredh, while watching the polishing, is also keeping a close eye on Molo.
Simar: ok she worries me still
GM: Yeah, when Molo first came to hraid something about her has seemed very different.
Simar: "well I'll let you get back to your standing nap there Garen"
* Simar claps him on the back and walks towards Molo
GM: He rolls his eyes at you. "We'll see who's sleeping..."
* Simar snickers
GM: Molo is taking a breather, for once. He sits on a block of scrap stone and drinks a bit of wine. The front of the head is about halfway done, but the back is going to take some time.
Simar: I am gonna stand back some from them and I am gonna study this lady...maybe I can brain storm wtf is going on with her little plans [3 successes - rapport(7)]
* Simar listen intently
GM: She tells some of the artists working on the new arm how proud she is to have her city on this project, and she praises Molo for his truly brilliant plan to inspire the people of Pawlosz to free themselves. Molo is listening as well. She'll walk around the head, nodding in appreciation.
GM: When she thinks your not looking she'll give you a dirty look. Molo catches it as well, and he smiles, but not nicely. Then, when she makes her way back around the head she is all smiles.
Lady Soredh: "The work is going much better than we had planned, even with your adjustments." The reaches and refills Molo's cup. "Will you be returning to Pawlosz to oversee the cleanup as well?"
* Molo shakes his head. "It would be too dangerous now, considering their attitudes." He sips from the cup, looking directly at her. "But I do hope to return before the final consecration."
Lady Soredh: "I was wondering..." she moves to sit next to him on the stone, "Why you choose to replace the statue as this -" indicating Deimuu's head, "And not of our Great Lord Charatt?"
Molo: "Would you have Charatt oversee the rivers as well? We wish to serve all of the true gods."
GM: She smiles, but you can tell it's all ice.
Molo: "And we wish for peace, Lady Soredh."
Simar: she is setting him up to fail it seems
GM: She'll stand, walking back towards the artists. "Even under the gaze of the bastard god? Deimuu was Talia's folly, was he not?"
Molo: "What Charatt's wife does is her own business. And even Junon has his place, if a bit overstepped."
GM: "No matter," she says. "The will of the gods will always be done."
GM: Molo will finish his wine and stand, ready to tend to the next stage of polishing.
Simar: my studies of late help me with all this banter?
GM: A little - You know that Talia and Charatt are 'married' and that Talia only seduced Junon once, producing Deimuu.
Simar: k
GM: Basically, the core of the heresy is who made the sun. The church of the sacred stars claims that Junon called it from the Primal Fire, while the Ibarites say that only Charatt can command the Primal fire.
Simar: well she I pushing Charatt that's obvious
GM: There's more to than that, of course, but that is the central difference. The more fundamentalist Ibarites demand that Charatt be represented as central.
Simar: makes sense
GM: And Junon is seen as the usurper, since he stole Spera from Charatt, then drove his people to conquer everyone in their path, while they exterminated the dragons.
* Simar continues to keep a wary eye out for anything
O - Foolsday, Junori 8th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Well basically the next couple weeks will go by about the same - Denna and the occasional other keeping just at arm's length, constant construction on the statue, and Lady Soredh making a visit every once in a while. The weather will finally start to warm up, and the ice is reduced to drifts and patches.
Simar: I am usually, if not always not far from Molo...and keeping with my studies if he is willing to share more. although I have no intention of becoming a priest
GM: He's very willing to keep educating you, and you do learn quite a bit more about why you fight against the oppressor, and how the old gods originally were much more balanced.
GM: A few more messengers are sent to Pawlosz, and they always come back rebuffed, but one day the messenger is late. There is worry that things will come to battle, and that the statue may be erected near a dead town, but then a few days late the messenger returns with good news. Apparently the city is nearly choking under the martial law, and a small resistance has built up that is sympathetic to the Ibarite cause.
GM: Molo decides that this is a good time to return, and possibly finish the clean up at the site.
Simar: how's Molo's health?
GM: He's not as energetic as he was during the stormy season, but he's not badly ill. And he is determined to go.
Simar: k
GM: This time he plans to take a medium sized crew, with another just behind, and if things look well, he wants to send for a third. Denna will volunteer for first crew, which doesn't surprise you.
Simar: has any clearing been going on in the time up to now?
GM: Not really. too much potential trouble.
GM: If things work out right, the worst of the work could be done by the end of Junori with three crews, Even considering the mud.
Simar: and the consecration is supposed to be when?
GM: eve of Savarit [which is the last day of the 12th month (Savarit being the 13th and last)] Gives you time to clear, finish the statue, move it down there, get it set up, and do some temple work before the consecration. The statue's head has finally been finished.
Simar: right on so this is doable
GM: yes, it can be done.
GM: Molo is going with the second crew - he wants to make sure there's no trouble before he arrives. Last time was too close. This news surprises Lady Soredh, but she agrees that it is sensible
Simar: man!!! I can't for the life of me figure that bitch out
GM: The first crew, including Denna, Ivan, and a couple of Harekk's friends leaves the next day, and Molo and the second crew (including you, of course) leave just a week later.
Simar: wooohooo I got Ivan there I can pump him for the low down when I get there
GM: There is no message to stay when you leave early in the morning, and Molo is ready to ride. It amazes you how he can get that frail body on a horse and keep going. Garen is with you on this group, and he will take position with you by Molo. And, of course, he will pester you about Harra, but he doesn't push it as much now.
Simar: coool
GM: It takes a bit longer this time around, mostly because of the mud, but it looks like crops will be fantastic this year.
Simar: far better than before right?
GM: yes
GM: A few of the small villages you pass will come to see you as you pass, and it looks like the Ibarite faith is spreading like wildfire here. You will even see one of the old temples converted to Charatt, without it having been smashed first.
Simar: that's a goood thing.......I hope
GM: It's uncommon, but it's a good sign
Simar: k
O - Foolsday, Junori 15th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: You'll arrive at the temple site just after noon, and even though nobody is working, the place looks much nicer.
Simar: how long has the first team been out here?
GM: near a week. The largest pieces of debris make almost a wall, several yards wide and just at the edge of the old temple. It is Foolsday, so nobody is required to work.
Simar: k
GM: The rubble has been cleared out, and they're now clearing out the underground areas.
Simar: I stay by Molo for the time being so I can keep an eye on him
GM: He doesn't even dismount. He rides about slowly, looking at everything and occasionally nodding.
GM: Garen will follow with you at first, then decides it best to get the crew organized.
Simar: I ride with Molo [1 success - Rapport]
GM: There are several large underground rooms, mainly storage you assume. They've completely cleared the central well of the old temple - it's contents mostly crushed metal and broken glass. It's odd to you, the smells of food, the laughter, the easy manners of the men. You still feel the odd sensation of being watched, the heavy veil of the place's curse.
Simar: true I definitely feel wary around here no matter what
GM: Molo is looking for something - you don't think he sees it.
Simar: "sir? something wrong?"
Molo: "I am unsure..." he slows then stops next to a short caern, scraps of ornately carved columns stacked knee high.
GM: With the sun just behind the Cauldron's column the wall of ice takes on a purple cast
Simar: I watch Molo
GM: Here, one of the small chambers below has collapsed. Apparently someone was inside. Molo makes a sign over the caern, and then rides out to the far corner of the temple. You've been touring the grounds for nearly 3 hours now, and you're getting thirsty.
Simar: if I got a skin I'll drink
GM: Molo will finally be satisfied, turn his mount back towards camp and spur him to a gallop.
Simar: follow
GM: Garen is there when you get back, and he'll go with you to take care of the mounts. You'll have to help Molo down - the sun seems to have wilted him.
Simar: I do, and help him to where ever he wishes to go
GM: Once he's down he's better. He carries his staff closer now to keep his balance.
Garen: "You must have seen the grave out there..."
Simar: "is it from the battle?"
Simar: I will still assist Molo, and talk to Garen later. I wanna get Molo situated
* Garen shakes his head. "An accident. Ivan and Vohn were clearing a well when the walls collapsed.
Simar: "Ivan?"
Molo: "Are they well?"
Garen: "Ivan is fine, just a bump on the head. Vohn..." He'll stop for a bit. "Deimuu has claimed him."
* Molo will nod. "No doubt of that."
GM: Garen will show you where you're camping. Molo has a large square setup, with a small fire ring a few feet from the door. There is a guard's tent 2 yards to the left of it, right in front of a small stack of columns.
Garen: "We waited for you to do the funeral rite."
* Simar look at Molo
Molo: "We will need to seal that well."
* Garen nods.
Simar: "do you wish me to see to it?"
Garen: "No, I will set up a crew." he'll put a hand on your shoulder. "Keep our Master here safe."
* Simar nods
* Garen turns to gather his crew while you attend to Molo
Simar: I'll see to Molo "is there anything you need sir? do you wish to speak to the men?"
GM: The inside of his tent is very well spaced - a heavy carpet hangs midway, with just a crack of 'doorway' to the back half.
Molo: "Yes, of course." he'll sit on a fat cushion and stretch his legs out. "I'm so tired."
Simar: "maybe be you should rest first.....that will give me time to have then prepare any reports and such"
GM: Garen shouts some orders, and you hear men gathering tools and then marching out on the temple complex
Simar: "I am sure you will be needing a report of all that his be done this week?"
GM: He leans back and pushes the wall aside. "I believe you are to have the front then, if my altar is back here."
* Simar looks around
GM: The back half of the tent has his altar and candles set up, two ceremonial blades, a carpet with silvered markings and circle inscribed. There is a space for a bedroll in the front half.
Simar: "yes sir...that will be more than adequate....thank you"
Molo: "Is there anyone you do trust?" he half closes his eyes. "Always in danger..."
Simar: "there is Garen......."
* Molo nods slowly. "A good man. A fast learner as well."
Simar: "yes sir...a good man"
GM: There is a faint crunch of gravel at the door, someone is waiting to speak to Molo.
Molo: "No one else?"
Simar: "there is Ivan.....but he is young..." (yeah like I'm old )
Molo: "I expect something..." he hums a moment, "...momentous.
Simar: I'll go see who is outside the tent "excuse me a moment sir"
GM: Korg is kneeling there, his eyes downcast - waiting patiently.
Simar: "YES?"
Molo: "Let him wait."
* Simar look down and tell Kong
* Korg says, quietly "We await patiently for our Master's attendance."
Simar: "good..... you will wait here...til I come to get you"
Molo: "I'm curious, Guardsman. Are you still at the mercy of fate?"
Simar: "I know what I am to do now sir"
GM: "Yes, but who is master now - you or Fate?"
* Simar thinks about it
GM: He lays back, and you can tell he is still breathing hard from the long ride. He is terribly drained.
Simar: "I freely accept my path eyes are open to the road ahead"
Molo: "Still following..."
* Simar nods
Simar: "let me get you something to drink or some foood sir..... you look worn"
GM: He has this horrible melted-looking smile on his face. "How far has the sun gone?"
Simar: "the sun is setting sir"
Molo; "It won't be much longer now, I imagine." his body keeps relaxing and he's now sprawled on the cushion, and spilling onto his knees as if preparing to pray.
Simar: "is there anything I can get you sir or do you wish to be left to your meditations?"
Simar: if Molo has no need of anything else I'll tend to stowing my gear
GM: His faint gasping will slow, and it seems he finally begins to breathe easy. Are you hiding your sword as usual?
Simar: yes
GM: It's starting to get chilly as the Cauldron's shadow stretches its way to night. Once you're all set up, you'll turn and see Molo lying cross-legged on the floor, his head bowed low. He seems to be in a very deep trance. The candles and incense are all lit. He must have done it while you were busy. And you know that Korg is still in his place at the door. The smell of cooking strengthens, and you're sure that Garen and his crew must be finishing up and will return within an hour,
Simar: can I prepare some food and drink for Molo so he can have it when he is done?
GM: Yeah
Simar: cool. I do that
GM: It gets dark fast, and the Bright Moon rises quickly. When you get back, Korg is still there, still bowed. He could
almost be asleep.
Simar: set the stuff down and peek in on Molo [0 successes - intuition(7)]
GM: Molo is also the same. The candlelight against the red walls in his half makes it look like he sits before an open oven.
Simar: if I have any idea how far he is into his meditations ....if there is sufficient time I will send Korg to go get food and come back quickly but only if I think there is enough time
GM: Garen's crew returns, and you can hear the men eating now. Korg will stay and wait - Molo doesn't have to see him until night, and even then it is his whim to make him wait.
Simar: k
GM: For the first time you'll actually hear a few birds and insects out. Garen will come to the opening "Hey are..." and then pause, realizing Korg is waiting. Garen will kneel himself then, mark the Dragon's sigil, and bow his head to wait.
Simar: I have nothing left to do but wait also
GM: Molo's voice comes from beyond the screening wall. "Tell Korg to take 3 men to the grave. Give him this to spill over the caern."
Simar: I go to Molo
* Korg stands. Molo will poke his hand out, holding a small wooden urn out for you.
* Simar takes the urn
GM: It sloshes slightly as you carry it.
* Simar takes it over to give to Korg
*  Korg will nod and take it from you, then turn to go.
GM: Garen will stand. Molo then says "Go with Garen and eat. Then we can begin the ceremony."
* Simar takes him his food and drink
Simar: "I thought you might want this sir"
GM: When you go to the break in the wall, Molo says. "Leave it. I will eat before I come to you."
Simar: "yes sir"
* Simar leaves it and goes with Garen to eat
GM: Garen will peek his head in. When you turn his eyes are wide open.
Simar: "what?"
GM: As you go to the central fire, Garen will look back a couple of times. "He sounds well..." Looks back again. "Did he sleep?"
GM: He did sound much better
Simar: "you know how it is....priests and their meditations"
GM: The men are excited to see the second crew, although everything is low key due to the ceremony tonight.
Simar: I'll say my hellos and see if I can get the low down of the weeks happenings....keeping it low key. only if they have something to say.....I am not prodding them [1 success - Rapport(5)]
GM: Pawlosz has already sent men and another message or group of men is expected by day after tomorrow. Everyone is a little nervous about the excavations, especially with the first being a bad omen. Also, the men from Pawlosz were nervous because of the Imperial troops there. The militia in Pawlosz should be dissolved by Fireday.
GM: Molo will come out, spreading his arms out to greet the moon. Everyone starts to hush up. You can hear Korg returning - Denna and a pair of green recruits behind him.
Molo: "Do not fear - Deimuu's wrath has not been called upon us. Charatt does not lash out in anger. Talia does not smite us for an insult to her son."
GM: You can see Ivan looking down at his feet, upset.
Molo: "Deimuu has made his will quite clear. We will dig no wells, we will seal up every one we see. We must take our water from the source." And he points to the frozen waterfall, which glistens in the moonlight like twinkling stars from the faint drip of melt-off.
GM: A few of the men will grumble among themselves - seems that Molo is calling the death a good omen.
Simar: does this sound odd that Molo would say this?
Molo: "One was taken, and one was spared." he walks into the crowd. "Deimuu is pleased with our efforts, and the purity of our motive."
GM: hard to say - Deimuu is, after all, not always a pleasant god.
Simar: k
GM: Molo will take Ivan out of the group and begin walking to the grave. Everyone starts to stand and follow.
* Simar follows behind Molo and Ivan
GM: Ivan is badly shaken from his near escape, and you can see he is limping exactly like Molo. Molo will speak a blessing over him as you walk, and then you all get to the caern. The group makes a crescent around it, avoiding the gigantic block moved over to seal the well-room. Molo bows before the caern - the heavy fumes of the Dragon's Oil
almost totally masking the sweet funerary oil. He makes the blessing, and everyone joins at the end. Ivan reaches
a shaking hand out to take a torch, then lowers it to ignite the caern.
GM: Garen is following the blessing, mouthing the words quietly. Molo leads Ivan back to the camp. A few men will leave food or ale, and some leave tokens and copper bits.
* Simar follows behind Molo and Ivan
GM: The mood is lighter back at the camp, some of the man's friends will tell stories about him, but you didn't know him particularly. One of Harekk's friends.
Simar: I keep close by Molo for the most part anyway I have come to take it as my job now
GM: Molo will mingle some - telling the crew leaders what he thinks, getting plans organized, working out the new well situation. New watches are also organized, with a few of the newer men set for the latest watches.
Simar: where is Garen?
GM: He stays by the fire and drinks from a new flask - silver, etched with a moon and dragon's shadow. He seems to be keeping an eye on Denna
GM: But nothing unusual happens that night. Molo will eventually gather all of his information. The men will start to separate into watches and sleeping groups. And you don't seem to have to worry about watch duty.
Simar: that's good I will stay with Molo and see to anything me needs then.
(O - Fireday, Junori 18th -:- Dance of the Falcons - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Molo spends the next couple nights meditating, opening wax sealed scrolls and reading small sections. Molo is still asleep when you wake up. The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon. It's dewy and slick outside
GM: Garen is just outside his tent, buckling his armor on. You'll have to change your armor padding as well - it's warmer
down here now.
Simar: no prob...I can make the rounds and get any reports so I can inform Molo when he wakes and if Garen doesn't mind I'll take him along
GM: He has morning watch. He'll hand you a new shirt. "I have padding for you."
* Simar takes the padding
Simar: "thank you ....if I didn't know better I'd think you were looking out for me"
Garen: "You can help me keep an eye on your friend Denna." He checks his sword then resheathes it. He starts to buckle a knife-belt around himself.
Simar: "oh? you taking up watching him too? I saw you keeping tabs on him last night"
GM: One of the green recruits comes around the corner, then gives a short bow. Garen finishes buckling then turns and asks "Seen anything yet?" The young guard shakes his head, then bows again to leave.
Garen: <back to you> "I wonder about him."
GM: There are a few other men out, stretching and finishing dressing for watch.
Simar: "Denna?"
* Garen nods. "I think he..." he shakes his head.
GM: Denna is coming in from the central fire, licking his fingers. Garen will lower his voice. "I think he just acts incompetent."
* Simar watches Denna and whispers to Garen "any idea why he would be at the end of lady Soredh's leash?"
GM: He kneels down to adjust his boots, keeping his head low. "I have heard rumors." He looks up again to make sure Denna isn't looking. "But I had thought he was spying on Lady Soredh. We have a traitor here. Renegade Lords whisper in back rooms with spies. If Denna seeks to undermine the House of Soredh..."
GM: Denna and the rest of the morning watch are gathering - going back to the camp's center.
Simar: " seemed to me he was at her command in the city"
GM: When they're out of earshot he'll stand. "What better way to know their secret plans than to be commanded to do them."
Simar: "true"
GM: Once the watch has gathered and decided their paths you'll go out with Garen. He goes towards the wall of ice, which is beginning the day's cycle of drip.
Simar: sounds good
GM: The others who go this way are silent, their eyes scanning everywhere.
* Garen whispers "We have not seen a trace, no Elvish prints, no Elvish threats, no Elvish magick, nothing. And yet the men in Pawlosz are terrified of the curse. "
Simar: "they are a tricky lot. the fact that there's no trace doesn't bring my mind any comfort"
Garen: "I don't like standing in a trap so long. It makes me wonder..."
Simar: "do you think they'd move on us now that we've doubled our numbers?"
Garen: "Maybe we're the bait."
* Simar look at Garen
GM: He'll stop. "We still don't dare to go much higher." You're barely a quarter of the way up the ice wall.
Simar: "what's the farthest the scouts have gone?"
GM: He looks up, shielding his eyes from the sharp glare reflected from the wall. Then he points, maybe halfway up. There's a sudden thrashing just over your head.
* Simar looks up
GM: Something drops down, then just shoots out into the air - a narrow-winged black and gold bird flying out for breakfast.
Simar: from the ice wall?
GM: no, there are shrubs all along side it. The waterfall has frozen onto the original ice, which was only about as high as you are now. And, you notice, the trickling seems to be making it thicker. several other birds wheel out, and after a few minutes there is more than a dozen.
Simar: I'll scan where the bird would have came from [4 successes - investigation(6)]
GM: There is a nest there, old and full of broken shells. They must be just leaving their nests.
Simar: so nothing to odd to speak of just birds?
GM: nope. definitely no sign of Elf in any way.
Garen: "How did you come here, then?" He is looking at the wall, amazed. "Quite a battle."
* Simar shrugs
GM: He reaches out to touch it; a drop his his palm and he jumps, jerking his hand back. "What are they hiding?"
Simar: "I wish I knew"
Simar: [1 success - animal ken(7)]
GM: There is a pair of birds in another nest, this one at the base of the shrub. At first you didn't pay much attention, but now you think... well they seem to be listening.
Garen: "They must not be afraid of us, if they won't keep us away."
* Simar speaks towards the birds
Simar: "if they only would give us a chance, maybe things would be different"
GM: They'll stare at you with their beady eyes. They don't waver.
* Garen starts to walk back down, then forks right to the next trail down. "They never hear us..."
* Simar looks directly at them as if speaking to them
Simar: "so tell your masters that"
* Simar grins at then
GM: They continue to stare, one of them settling his head down a bit.
Garen: "What shall we have today, Simar?" He calls out from a few yards down, "I see quite a lot of birds, good sized for lunch I would say."
* Simar keeps looking right at the birds
GM: The two birds will look at each other, and one of them clearly nods. They'll take off, flapping right over your head.
Simar: "let the birds be.....let us find our food elsewhere"
* Simar watch them if I can
GM: One shoots upwards, then executes a forward loop. The other flies to the right and climbs, then dives through the loop as the first then banks out across the ice.
Garen: "What did you say?" and you see a knife flick up off the path, just after the diving bird. "Damn, they're quick!"
* Simar goes to Garen "leave the birds be"
GM: The bird starts to bank to follow the other across the ice wall, Garen is already throwing the second knife, and it seems to disappear right out of his hand. Garen drops his hand, then looks around. "What happened?"
Simar: "I think we found our elven look outs"
* Simar watches the birds
GM: They'll fly halfway across, then float downwards and over the lake.
* Garen will frown, then look a little embarrassed. "They should meet us in person."
Simar: "they were listening to us...... let us hope that in time they will"
Garen: "Then they know we're waiting for them." and he continues down.
* Simar follows him
GM: The birds will come out in small groups all day, then before noon they clear out quickly. A few of them will repeat the actions of those two - flying close to the ice's wall, then out over the lake. Then you see these larger shadows coming in - long winged falcons, individuals spaced just close enough for comfort. You count over a dozen. And they will float around the mountain, diving in and scattering some of the smaller birds.
Simar: I want to make it clear that no birds are to be shot at
GM: Any that get out far enough are immediately chased - the falcons circling them out over the lake, then herding them around into small groups, toying with them.
* Simar keeps watching
GM: The smaller birds will shriek, the echoes becoming an almost constant squall once they get them gathered. They do that all day, and when a bird drops from exhaustion the falcons will round up a replacement. A few are caught as they fall, the falcon bringing it back over to the woods, and when they all have one they're satisfied with it breaks up. You're back at camp by then, and everyone is complaining about the awful racket.
Simar: can we see where they are being taken?
GM: somewhere to be eaten
Simar: do the falcons hang around?
GM: Not once they have the one they want.
GM: The clearing out has been good today. They found 4 more wells, and they will be sealed before dinner. Molo and a couple acolytes are marking out where the statue will go, and how to get it there easiest. Once the falcons are gone it's quiet again, but everyone is still nervous - There may be more birds. Larger ones.
Simar: what eagles?...condors?
GM: Roc's have been seen this high up, especially right after spring
Simar: I think its time to go see to Molo
GM: He's still measuring out the road to the statue site. One of the watchmen gives a call - some men are coming.
Simar: ok......I think I will stay by Molo
GM: Garen takes a couple men, and the acolytes will bring Molo to you.
Molo: "It must be the men from Pawlosz. They are ready now."
GM: A wide shadow crosses the sun, then another. It looks like a mated roc pair.
* Simar watches them
GM: They seem small up that high, and compared to the vastness of the cauldron they are specks. But as they come in close, circling round each other, you can see they're young - large enough to take a horse perhaps. Another Roc will come out of the Cauldron's shadowy smoke. This one rakes at the bushes, scaring up a few dozen birds and chasing them down.
Simar: that's enough to make me cautious
Simar: 3?
GM: yes
Simar: and where exactly are we now, in camp?
GM: Yes. The men are approaching now. You see the militia captain and some of the men you fought.
Simar: I stay close to Molo case he has orders
Molo: "I wonder what they have planned..." and he stars walking, out to where mounts are kept.
GM: The horses are very nervous. A 4th roc comes around and is circling over the lake.
* Simar follows Molo
Simar: did Garen go to meet the men from town?
GM: The captain and Garen are at the back; Garen is reading a slip of vellum.
Captain: "We have been dissolved. The empire is coming here to see about the mining operation.
Garen: "That is a bad decision."
* The captain nods.
Molo: "They will infuriate Deimuu, and this place will be destroyed again."
Garen: "I believe the Elvish host here will be just as much trouble."
Simar: "they want to mine here?"
* The captain nods. "Pawlosz is here because once there was a rich vein of silver."
Garen: "But you never found more than that?"
Captain: "There was trouble with the Troll lords. And now this business with the Elves. They never bothered us before the Imperial soldiers came.
Molo: "I doubt that will change now. The Elves have not bothered us."
GM: the captain backs a bit away from Molo, who is getting decidedly creepy. "And your Lords would not want the silver for themselves? Pawlosz was here before any of you came, and the silver was easy to find. Now there is another war, and the silver is gone."
Garen: "Rest and drink, we can talk when you are more comfortable."
GM: The captain is obviously very afraid of Molo.
Simar: he should be
Molo: <to you> "He's right. Lady Soredh seems intent to bring Pawlosz under Dar Ibarite."
GM: The militia men will sit and drink some, but they don't mingle. Apparently, they don't want to join the heresy.
Garen: "If you will not join us, how can we help you?"
Simar: "so the lady has an agenda of her own"
Molo: <still low to you> "She must. But is the silver all she wants?"
Simar: "or what the elves have"
GM: One of the militia men is arguing: "There will be Imperial men here by morning. There will be a fight either way." The captain nods. "They know that the Temple-Smasher is here."
* Simar looks at Molo
Molo: "And do they expect another miracle?"
Garen: "There are Templars, Master. Of course they expect a miracle."
GM: another Roc is swooping above, and you can see two, doing the loop over the slushy lake.
Simar: are the militia men getting nervous at them too?
GM: Everyone is. They expect them to start fighting or coming after something bigger than finger food on the wing. A couple of the men will start to set up - the militia keep a discrete distance from you, but share the central fire. There are now 8 rocs in the sky.
Simar: oh my...........I'm thinking bout going to grab my sword
GM: Molo is studying them, as always - looking for omens. Two of them seem to be circling off, and then they begin to fight.
* Simar stays by Molo
GM: It isn't long before Denna and a few men start tossing coppers on which will be winner.
Simar: I was beginning to wonder where Denna was at
GM: Then the horses start kicking up, and you see a roc swoop down and drag one by it's neck for a couple yards - taking off with it. The rocs are swooping down on the camp and everyone is running.
Simar: I guard Molo, although don't think he's running, is he
GM: Molo loses his balance in the confusion. he starts falling back towards the tents.
* Simar grabs him, takes him back to the tents
Molo: "This cannot be a good omen."
GM: You half drag him back to the tent, and when you get in you see Korg over your bedroll, your father's sword in his hand.
Korg: "So'ts true what I hear..."
Simar: I leave Molo at the tent opening
* Simar rushes Korg
GM: [init]
GM: You fake right, and he dodges easily - unfortunately right into you. The sword clatters to the ground.
Simar: can I throw this dung pile? [0 successes - unarmed(7)]
Korg: "I know you're a traitor - your father was executed." He manages to wring out of your grip and dives out of the tent.
GM: Molo is now kneeling, watching as men are carried away by the giant birds
GM: [new init]
* Simar grabs the sword and goes after Korg
GM: Korg cuts right then stops as a horse charges across his path. When you're just 2 feet behind he darts across and hooks out towards the forest.
* Simar chases him [3 successes - athletics(6)]
GM: You start to catch up, but he seems to be more familiar with the trees. That's where you start to lose him.
Korg: "You would betray us to monsters?"
GM: The sword is starting to throb in your hand.
Simar: I will try to get this sword to kick in
GM: okay, but you need to catch him.
Simar: [2 successes - Athletics(6)]
GM: He stays ahead of you, but only just. The trees are muffling most of the screams and screeches from the camp.
Simar: "fight me you coward!!!"
Korg: "We will stop you from corrupting our sacred cult." he shouts back at you.
GM: The sword is throbbing very fast, and your head is starting to swim with it.
Simar: [3 successes - alertness(8)]
GM: He's led you into a trap.
Simar: oh this'll be fun. how's the sword feelin?
GM: jittery. tired of not being used
Simar: well I am welcoming the rush now
GM: And then you're surrounded - 8 men, then a dozen, a couple of them armed with man-catchers.
Simar: (OH MOMMA!!)
GM: They're closing in on you, carefully. "You are D'Vesku?" one of them calls out. "You are Anton D'Vesku's
* Simar keeps his eyes on the man catchers
Simar: " come closer and I will let you know for sure!!"
GM: That's where they're trying to herd you towards."
Tambran Soldier: "Your house is renegade Kai"
Korg: "And your house will never retake Cybaria!" he rides off, letting the Tambran men have you.
GM: One of the mancatcher men is a Templar. Are you going to bust a move on these guys?
Simar: lets start with an intimidating war cry [1 success - Intimidation(8) +willpower]
GM: Okay - They stop when you shout, backing into a defensive pose. The sword is swinging itself around, picking a target. They still outnumber you terribly
Simar: I am going try breaking through, let the sword pick my kill  [2 successes - Melee(8)]
GM: You lunge at the Templar - smashing the polearm aside and trying to get inside his defenses. A couple men start backing him up. The other one snags you from the left - you can try to dodge
Simar: yes [1 success - athletics(7)]
GM: Nope, he keeps moving with you, and now has your off arm pinned. Two men with swords come to either side of you, ready to keep you still. You feel yourself struggling against the arms of the man catcher, your vision is flooding with red.
Simar: [2 successes - self control(7)]
GM: You can feel the sword dragging you into this fight - [soak 2] Your struggling is catching you on the spikes, they tear at your armor.
Templar: "If you don't calm down you are going to hurt yourself."
Simar: any way to sever this mancatcher?
GM: You can try, but you'll cut yourself if you swing around.
Simar: I'm going to try it
GM: soak 3 then Melee(8)
Simar: [1 success]
GM: You push sideways then twist, hacking down on the mancatcher pole. It doesn't break, but it splits.
Simar: [2 Successes - self-control(7)]
GM: The sword raises itself up, but you stop it before it can throw you off balance.
GM: The Templar lets go of the pole and draws his sword as one of the other men comes around on your flank. [you may strike or defend]
Simar: I am gonna do a big circular swing to clear people out. maybe I can trip 'em up with the mancatcher too [3 successes - Melee(8)
GM: You smack the soldier in the head with the pole and face the Templar.
Templar: "You should repent, Kai. You might be spared."
Simar: I'm gonna let the sword do my taking for me
GM: Oh yes, and it is ready
Simar: [1 success - self control(8)]
GM: [init]
GM: whatcha gonna do? The Templar is keeping a sword's length from you.
Simar: this guy is toast. I'm swingin' [2 successes - Melee(8)]
GM: He blocks you, knocking your sword aside. "You will be tried and punished - your House has been stricken from the records."
Simar: "NOO!!"
GM: And now he has his blade in your face.
Simar: [botch - self control(8)]
GM: The sword has had enough of this - it raises itself up and strikes back at him.
GM: [init - add 7]
GM: You can do an all out attack if you like. or you can stand there and bellow out some nice comment.
Simar: I feel like killin this blowhard [0 successes - melee(7)]
GM: [oh, and soak 3 more] The spikes on the mancatcher are tearing up your armor. it won't likely protect you much longer. not that it matters now. but - After you charge towards him, dragging the half-split pole behind you, and missing with a wide swing, you bring it around and swing again before he can react. he's backing away and just keeping a guard up
Simar: [2 successes - Melee(7)]
GM: This one connects. [Damage, then soak 3B] He stumbles back, his sword lowering from a jab in the shoulder. You're being held back, but now that the blade has tasted blood it doesn't want to stop.
GM: [new init - add 8]
GM: your move - you're being hounded at every side, but the Templar is still on his feet.
Simar: I wanna let the sword take it from here so I follow its lead [5 successes - Melee(7)]
GM: It wants to kill the Templar. You smash right through his defenses. [damage +3 for attack successes & Soak 4K]
GM: You're picked at on all sides, but heedless as the Templar's blood sprays on you. You've impaled him through the chest. You can feel the sword pulsing, and the blood seeps between your fingers as the blade drinks it. You'll have to pull the blade out of him. You're head is clearing some, now that the sword has tasted blood. You're being attacked from all sides now. [soak 4B]
Simar: can I fling this Templar into some of these guys effectively getting him off my sword in the process? [2 successes - Might(6)]
GM: You shove him back, knocking down a couple of men. You've managed to back up towards a tree, and your head has cleared enough so you can act more rationally. Everything still looks like it's moving in slow motion. 4 men armed with swords are starting to make a half circle around you.
GM: [init +8]
Tambrans: "Bind Him!" "'Ware above! Rocs!"
GM: your move
Simar: can I run like a screaming bitch now?
GM: you're still in the man-catcher. you can surrender
Simar: no chance of getting this mancatcher off me is there?
GM: you can try, but you've got these yayhoos with the swords as well.
Simar: yahoos first then
GM: okee doke. you attacking? your defenses are iffy since your other arm is still pinned
Simar: the sword still throbbin?
GM: yep, but not with that hellish intensity
Simar: trying to get this thing fired up ......swingin' [1 success - melee(8)]
GM: One of them steps in to block you, the two at your sides attack, one with the flat of his blade to your head. [soak 2k your armor is at half - then soak 5B, 1 armor for the mask] Your head is spinning again, but not because of your adrenaline. He clops you right on the side of your face - the mask slips a bit, and you stagger backwards against the tree.
Tambran Soldier: "Stop this foolishness or we will be forced to kill you."
Simar: there's no way I can take em all on anymore
GM: there's just too many. You had them at first, with the speed and the surprise, but they've worn that down.
* Simar surrenders
GM: It will be a few minutes before they have you shackled and on a horse back to Pawlosz. You'll be kept in a cell, with only water for a couple days.

O - Moonday, Taliir 21st - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Apparently, Pawlosz doesn't have a judge high enough to try you, and they're having you sent to Castle Tambreci. It's over miles of hilly country - long routes to the center of the Tambran Empire. They can't execute you, since you are of noble blood, unless they can prove more than simple heresy. So they keep you in a shoddy apartment near the dungeons. There is no window, and the door is always guarded.
GM: You'll get a note with your meal - a corner of scrap cloth with daubed ink. "I know you're here -Helena" Your sister must be a servant here now.
Simar: (wooohooo I got a rooting section now)
GM: The next day you'll hear her outside, talking quietly to the guard. She has your tray of food.
Helena: "So cool down here. It has been such a day." She lays the tray down and waits for the guard to unlock the door.
Guard: "If y'can tolerate the smell."
GM: He puts an arm across the doorway, so you can't get out, then reaches and brings the tray in.
Helena: "What has this one done?"
Simar: do I see her?
GM: Yes. she's keeping her face down.
Guard: "He is the last of a Renegade House, a black hearted Heretic." He lets the tray drop the last bit over the small table, the crockery clattering and a slice of bread falling half out of the tray.
Helena: "Perhaps if he would repent, and know the truth of the Varia, he would know he was truly free..."
GM: The guard is backing out of the cell now. You see her face when she looks up, as the guard locks the cell.
Simar: she look alright?
GM: She looks worried
Simar: hell ...she isn't alone....
GM: She has a broken sword amulet on a chain
Simar: the broken sword I know that don't I?
GM: yes, that's one of Junon's symbols. apparently she's repented
GM: After you're locked up she turns her face back down and leaves before the guard turns around.
Guard: "This one seems willin' to die for the Dragon's Shadow."
O - Foolsday, Taliir 22nd - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: The next night she will come to visit you, whispering quietly with her back to the door.
Helena: "I cannot stay long... but my errands tonight are few."
Simar: "I heard they had you......."
Helena: "So you have come looking for me?"
Simar: "well I didn't plan on being in this situation.... it was fate that brought you and I together"
Helena: "You were better off dead. When I heard you were in this prison I nearly..." she stops, leaning out to peer down the hall. "... Our father is dead, isn't he?"
Simar: "........yes"
GM: "Good..."
Simar: "you sound bitter. you have changed"
Helena: "It was him and his filthy religion that got Junior hung for Heresy, and now you come here to die yourself Talo?" She sobs. "You can't turn your back on the rightful heir to Myth. Junon is king."
Simar: "so .....if you have given in then why are you risking even being down here talking to me?"
Helena: "I know this is my last chance to save you."
Simar: "save me?"
Helena: "Renounce Charatt, and you can live beyond our old name. I have served well here, I live well enough."
Simar: "so you want our family ....our father to be forgotten? maybe you can do that to our father but I can't"
GM: She'll run down the hall.
) - Earthday, Taliir 24th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: She doesn't return for another 2 days. This time it's later, only a couple hours til morning. You'll wake up suddenly from a nightmare, and her face will be there in the bars on the door.
Helena: "They are deciding what to do with you now."
Simar: "have you come to gloat?"
Helena: "I cannot change your mind..." she turns around to lean on the door, keeping watch for anyone coming. "I don't want to be your enemy."
Simar: "nor my family it seems"
Helena: "Our family is dead Kai! And now I will never marry..."
Simar: " then it is time for vengeance...."
Helena: "I can't afford your vengeance. I have to get you away from here."
Simar: " are serious.....?" she's got my attention now
Helena: "They think I can't read, you know. Father always wanted us to read the classics." and now you can tell she's smiling. "After your trial, I can have you... diverted. What did they call you, in that city?"
Simar: "I went by the name Simar why?"
Helena: "There are some prisoners being taken north, to be shipped to Alanth for labor. They must release you today before your trial, and Simar will be listed to go with them."
Simar: "you can do this?"
Helena: "I have a friend." She leans out and takes a step. "The guard is coming." she turns back to say goodbye, and you can see she's blushing.
* Simar grins
GM: And she walks quietly but quickly down the hall, away from the approaching guard.
) - Fireday, Taliir 25th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: This time he only has water, and an extra set of keys.
Guard: "You get until my watch ends to stretch your legs," and he'll hand you the flagon while he sorts through the keys for your shackles.
Simar: the door is open?
GM: He has a medium crossbow, hanging from his shoulder on a leather strap. Yes, the door is open, and he is now unlocking the shackles. The place is waking up now - men are coming out preparing for the day's work, watches are being changed over. You can hear some laundry-women that are in the floor above.
Guard: "Now don't try anything funny." and he unslings the crossbow, cranking back the string.
* Simar gives him a toothy grin
GM: When he's loaded he draws a dagger with the other hand, then motions for you to step out.
GM: [by now you've recovered 2 WP, btw - and you should be healed]
* Simar walks out slowly , sipping the water
GM: You'll walk out of a tunnel towards the old arena, which is now an exercise yard - and it's often used for whippings. A few dozen men are being organized. One man is being tied to a post for punishment.
Simar: "well looks like I'll get a show"
GM: That's what seems to be going on. The guards around the large group of prisoners are standing and watching as the man is tied, begging for mercy. You see your sister near the edge of the crowd, but she's looking a little off to your left, making faces. A man in black boots and wearing a dark blue cape comes out, bearing a 3 tailed flog.
* Simar tries to see what she's looking at
GM: She's making kissy faces at your guard. He's making them back.
GM: The caped man comes up beside you, startling you as he grabs your arm. "Come here. Come see what happens to dogs like you."
* Simar goes with Mr. blue cape
GM: K' - The guards gather the prisoners, and you're shoved into the crowd. "Quiet! Bow your heads before His Grace." The caped man throws back an arm and starts wailing on the guy tied to the post. He beats him for a couple minutes, then when the man finally slumps down sobbing instead of begging for mercy, he begins to count lashes. A few of the men cheer and boo, several men cringe.
GM: Another soldier comes in with a tablet, and he taps his finger against it. "I've come for the men to go north."
Caped Man: "1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .."
GM: The soldier calls out names during pauses in the count. One is Ivan, and you see the young man join the 5 already standing behind the man with the tablet.
Caped Man: "9 .. 10 .. 11 .. 12 .. "
Soldier: "Simar... Reinhe ... "
Caped Man:"16 .. 17 .. "
Soldier: "Simar!"
Simar: "18?"
GM: This gets a chuckle from the crowd. The soldier motions for you to step into the group.
* Simar get in line
GM: He calls out for two more men, but the last turns out to be the man being beaten. Then he'll lead you towards the front arch of the arena, where you're surrounded by guards and led to a wagon.
Caped Man: "22 .. 23."
GM: When they get you all seated they'll lift up barred sections and tie them together to make a cage.
Simar: shuts up and keeps his fingers crossed
( - Waterday, Junori 5th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: The trip is going to take a long time, because they're still on their way out. You'll see some of Sarna, the drier country to the east. Ivan keeps his mouth shut, and he looks very nervous. He's the youngest one here. When you finally get to Gvan spring has come 'round again.You're driven into the city late in the morning, and then put into a barracks with guards. There are trials today, and a hanging is expected.
Simar: how's Ivan?
GM: still sick looking. He stares at the ocean in the brief time you're outdoors, and his eyes are wide as plates. The guards are sharing some jokes - something about some sweet meat in the dungeons.
Simar: can I keep an eye on him?
GM: And you'll hear the men talking about the auction tomorrow - which you seem to be an item of.
GM: Ivan? Yeah, shouldn't be too hard
Simar: right on I'll do that

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