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Chapter Two: Passage

O) - Earthday, Junori 10th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: After the sunnier day the path isn't quite so boggy today. When you get closer you see they weren't joking - there are a lot of watchmen about. It looks like they've gained half-again as many crewmen from the ship, and you can see the first pier is finished, and work is being done on the second. Ivan will point out Derro to you when he sees him, sunning himself on one of the empty mess tables.
* Simar makes a point to avoid Derro
GM: The construction here is going at a manic pace, and they're clearing out more space to the south and east. It almost looks like they're trying to make another Gávan.
Jalya: <in Aelfar to Jos> "I best stay with the boys here... you should look for your Sidhe friends."
* Josilyn will nod. "They can't be too far." and she goes looking.
Zalith: *That Derro doesn't look too dangerous, which means he must be*
Jalya: *Yeah, he looks like a slimeball.*
Jalya: <in Verite>: "They look like they are in a hurry to build this place up."
GM: When you get to your crew a few will snicker. "Bring your little sister didja?"
* Jalya steps forward
Jalya: " *I* brought MY slaves."
* Simar says nothing
Jalya: (course not... I didn't tell him to speak... heeheehee ;))
GM: This gets a couple more laughs, but then the crew leader shuts them up and tells them to get to work.
* Zalith will sniff around, then sit - keeping a steady watch on Derro.
Jalya: <to Simar in Aelfar> "Let's go see if you can get paid, so we can depart."
Simar: <Aelfar> "now?"
GM: You'll see the two Trolls, still hard at work lugging logs to the second pier site.
* Simar shrugs and looks at Ivan
Simar: <Verite> "if you insist"
Ivan: "What?"
Jalya: <Aelfar> "How long would your shift be? When would we get out of here?"
GM: The crew leader will scowl at Jalya "Is it okay if I borrow your slave for the day?"
Simar: <Aelfar>"most the day....but we need the money"
Jalya: <Verite> "That's why he's here, good sir."
* Simar rolls his eyes
Jalya: <Aelfar> "sorry"
Crew Leader: "Well we need to get this wall up, unless you need a foot rub..."
* Jalya laughs...
Jalya: "Get to work... boy."
* Simar thinks to himself......"D'oh!!!"
* Simar gets to work
* Jalya turns and looks for Zalith
GM: Zalith is still watching Derro, who is now putting pegs in buckets. And, just beyond Derro you will see Josilyn talking to a thin, bright-yellow haired Sidhe.
Jalya: hmm... where can I go.... hmmm... there...
* Jalya Goes over to Jos
* Josilyn will wave to you when you get within a few feet. "This is my sister. Jalya, this is 'Cil. He's a knight from Alanth."
* Jalya extends her hand "Honored to meet you 'Cil."
GM: He'll take your hand and kiss it lightly. "Ghan Oricil, at your service. Josilyn tells me you and your mannish slaves wish to come to Alanth."
Jalya: "Aye... we do."
* Jalya smiles charmingly
Josilyn: "And soon, I might add..."
'Cil: "Have you brought them?"
Jalya: "Yes... they are doing work."
* 'Cil nods. "We hope to have Flausa built before the negamoon dominates again." he will motion for you to sit. "If we can open more trade from Alanth it can only benefit us all."
Jalya: "Ahh... that's why the town is being built up so fast."
'Cil: "Yes. We realize our refusal to help in the wars strains relationships with the mannish kingdoms, so we want to offer more peaceful help."
Jalya: "Best not to enravel oneself in their clash."
* Derro brings another bucket of pegs just when you get the wall set. He doesn't notice you, but you see he gives Ivan a long look.
Simar: geeez could I drop a wall on Derro or anything like that?
GM: actually, this wall hasn't been pegged yet. a good push might do the trick...
Simar: but do it without getting anybody else?
GM: that's a toughie. Ivan could shove one or two of the other crewmen out of the way, but warning him might give it away. good use of the Leadership ability, since you're both Ibarite Guardsmen
Simar: no ....... but if the chance to take him out by himself presents itself I am going to do it. (what do you mean?)
GM: [Leadership also involves command codes and battle language - basic commands]
Simar: (I can't do it if it means squashing others)
GM: Derro will leave, carrying a bucket to the next site, but you can see that he's mulling something over. But then you're put to the next wall and he's out of your sight. When the wall is finally put in place, Ivan will come over to peg the wall, saying quietly "I think he may have spotted me."
Simar: "he did ...... do you think we should ...... do him harm?"
Ivan: "I thought the girls didn't want us to?" as he pounds in the third peg.
Simar: "accidents happen......."
* Ivan grins. "Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out."
* Jalya smiles at 'Cil
* 'Cil nods. "Well, it's less a matter of getting entangled in their politics than of keeping to our own. The local lords can do as they please, of course, but we Sidhe who live with the humans in Alanth agree with them - the troubles are too far away."
Jalya: "yeah... When are we departing?"
* Jalya is eager to get away from trouble.
* 'Cil "We only came to deliver some men, since we wish construction to go as quickly as possible." he nods over to the pair of Trolls. "That is odd - I never imagined any noble faerie would reduce himself to labouring for humans."
* Jalya Should have stayed at the Maple
Josilyn: "Yes, it is strange. But how soon can we leave?" trying not to sound like she's nagging.
Jalya: "Sometimes circumstances demand that we do things we wouldn't normally do." [2 successes - etiquette(7)]
'Cil: "You sound as if you are in a hurry. Are you expecting trouble?"
Jalya: "Jos is always looking for adventure."
* Jalya puts her arm around Jos and grins
* 'Cil will smile. "Yes, with the wars it has gotten rather dull around here. And you will simply adore Alanth." his smile fades a bit. "Assuming you can avoid the Akkadians."
Jalya: "Who might they be?"
Josilyn: "Oh yes, I've heard nothing but wonderful tales about Alanth."
Jalya: "Me too" she lies.
'Cil: "They're these rabble who live in huts in the woods. I can't imagine why they're hostile to everyone, and they hate us Fae with a vengeance."
Jalya: "I see... we'll avoid them. I'm wondering... do you object to me bringing my familiar on the ship?"
'Cil: "Certainly not. I cannot bear to be without my own familiar, although she refuses to travel by ship."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Zalith hates ships as well, but I've never been on one before."
GM: and, at the mention of his name, Zalith will come up to you. *I think Derro may have spotted Ivan*
Jalya: "Zalith, this is 'Cil. This is my familiar" [gesture] "Zalith."
GM: 'Cil will give Zalith a pat on the head, but Zalith ignores him, giving you a serious look.
Jalya: *Uht-oh... hope Simar doesn't do anything stupid.*
'Cil: "What a wonderful creature, and I see he is lynx like the two of you. How charming."
* Jalya grins even bigger
'Cil; "I expect we'll be setting sail tomorrow, or mayhaps tomorrow night." he yawns, mostly for effect. "We're in no real hurry."
Jalya: "That's fine... I was just curious... most felines are"
Josilyn: "That sounds like rather a fast turnaround for not being in a hurry." then she shuts her mouth and blushes, realizing she should have kept her mouth shut from the beginning.
* Jalya glares at Josilyn
* 'Cil will smile at her. "Well, I for one am not interested in the local sights, and would rather be home. Have you managed a place to stay?"
Jalya: "Not this night."
'Cil: "Then it is settled. I will have you in my home until you are prepared for your grand adventure." he pats Zalith again, who responds a bit more favorably this time. "I will brook no argument."
Jalya: "Thank you, my friend."
Zalith: *If you like, I can make sure that Simar is careful*
Jalya: *please do*
* Josilyn will bow to 'Cil. "Yes, we can't thank you enough, good sir."
* Jalya bows
* Zalith will turn tail and trot over to the construction, avoiding the heavier traffic.
* Ivan will finish pounding in his row of pegs while you hoist up the last wall. Then, while he's pegging he'll whisper. "Derro's coming back around with a big grin on his face."
Simar: "that does not bode well for us I gather". well ......this may be our only chance.....should we?"
* Ivan looks around. "If you think it'll work."
Simar: I will do this only if it looks goood...I don't want to miss and get my ass thrown in jail or something
Ivan: "I can always step out and lure him over..."
GM: The crew leader starts shouting orders for men to peg the last wall as it's set into place.
Ivan: "We'd better be quick about it."
Simar: "ok it"
* Ivan will walk out casually and look around, then smile when he 'notices' Derro, calling him over. "Derro! How good to see you again!"
* Derro smiles wide, his beady eyes glittering in the sunlight. "Yes, good to see you too, 'Van." he walks over and claps an arm around Ivan's shoulders. "I missed your sale at the auction..."
* Simar gets ready to shove the wall
GM: The wall is set, and the peg men are waiting for the next bucket.
* Ivan walks Derro right beside the wall. "There was some trouble, so my sale was delayed after yours, I believe."
Derro: "Ah yes, I do remember some trouble." the sound of his voice just grates, and you hear the man from lunch grumble "That rat is nothing but trouble."
* Simar leans against the wall as if tired (hoping this will do the trick). hard if necessary
GM: the wall slides out a bit, but you'll have to give it more of a shove since it's been wedged between the other two walls.
Ivan: "I just didn't want to *push* ahead of the line, is all."
Simar: "......ooooops" I slip and shove it [2 successes - Might(4) w/ a willpower and a luck reroll]
'Cil: "Well, I hate to leave, but I do have business to do." he gives you a showy frown. "Money always seemed exciting when others had it." he stands and gives a short bow. "Will you be here tonight?"
Jalya: "We shall... Will you be meeting us here?
* 'Cil: "I may. Or I may have to send a messenger." he turns, looking around for someone. "But I will contact you before morning, for certain."
Jalya: "I thought we were staying with you tonight...?"
Cil: "Yes, but I still have to find where *I* will be staying." he laughs. "Ahh, there is the man I'm looking for. Good day ladies." and he walks to where some men are standing and watching - better dressed than the scattered workers.
Jalya: "Good day."
GM: Josilyn: <once he's gone a ways> "Well that was simple."
Jalya: "I hope we didn't come off as too eager"
Josilyn: "Same here."
Jalya: "What can we do now while we wait?"
Josilyn: "Where did Zalith go?"
Jalya: "To make sure Simar isn't going to do anything stupid. He's going to get us into trouble. I just know it."
GM: you see Zalith running back, his fur up. Then there is a loud groan of wood being torqued too far and a crash as walls fall and men scatter, shouting.
Jalya: "Oh fye upon it."
* Jalya runs towards Zalith (and presumably the crash.)
* Jalya mutters "I have a bad feeling about this."
GM: The wall gives you a little trouble, and just when you give up on it and bear off it falls just fine on its own, crashing down and taking another wall with it. Ivan jumps back, getting a faceful of dust, but poor Derro has become a scene from the Wizard of Oz, his legs poking out from under the fallen wall panel.
Jalya: *That was Simar's fault, wasn't it?*
Zalith: *And well done, I might add*
GM: Men shout, and the crew leader starts giving orders to hoist up the wall and tend to any injured men. The second wall did manage to clip a couple of workmen, but it's little more than bruises.
* Simar goes over by Ivan
* Simar helps with the walls
Jalya: *Bastard. I told him... 'no killing.*
GM: In a matter of minutes the walls are moved and Derro is lying there, unconscious. He's taken to where the priest are marking out space for a temple.
* Ivan hides his smile behind his hand. "I think that should do it."
* Simar hides his smile
Simar: "most unfortunate"
GM: The wall you pushed has a big crack where it hit Derro, but the other is fine. They bring another panel and start hoisting again. "And this time," says the crew leader "I want those pegs in TIGHT!"
Jalya: *I'm tempted to go have a few words with him.*
Zalith: *He's not dead, just out of the way*
* Jalya sighs
Jalya: "That's good to know"
* Josilyn will giggle. "I think it worked, at least."
Jalya: "It did... sounds like he planned an 'accident'."
Jalya: "I guess we don't really have to worry now."
Jalya: *Do we?*
Zalith: *I hope not. Are we getting out of here?*
Jalya: *Tomorrow... perhaps tomorrow night. 'Cil seems quite taken with you.*
Josilyn: "At least we won't have to burn any unnecessary mana now."
Jalya: "True...."
Zalith: *'Cil is a pompous dandy, but at least he's nice*
Jalya: *heehee*
* Simar gets back to work
GM: The crew leader will ride your ass the rest of the day, but since Derro wasn't exactly liked, nobody points any fingers.
Jalya: "Well... how should we entertain ourselves, Jos?"
Josilyn: "I doubt there's much entertainment to be found here. 'Til they build an alehouse, at least."
GM: By nightfall it seems the number of men they expected is finally reached, and you can see the shape of the city. Huge slabs of gorgeous black and green marble are brought from two of the Alanthi ships, and you see some heavier blocks are being brought in from the southeast.
Jalya: wow
* Simar works the rest of the day......happily
Jalya: When the guys' shift ends, I'll meet up with them and take them to the place where I met 'Cil
Simar: do we get dinner?
GM: In any case, the day goes on well, and the weather is warming nicely. With Derro out of the way, work is satisfying and you manage to put up another 3 buildings before your crew is let off for dinner. It's really just the same as before, but hearty food is hard to pass up.
* Simar is starved and will eat big time
* Jalya is wandering with Jos and Zalith, looking for Ivan & Simar
GM: Zalith can find them with little difficulty
Jalya: we'll follow him to them
GM: Lanterns and torches are lit and distributed, and the work continues without pause. You see that some of the initial work on the temple is being done, and the priests are beginning to bless the stone blocks. will the two girls be eating with the men?
* Simar is stuffing his face
GM: When you get to the crowd of sweaty, hungry men, you'll be the center of attention. Josilyn will smile and grin and flirt at first, then realize you're getting more attention than she. And, of course, there are the obligatory comments about Simar and Ivan.
* Jalya says "Thank you" to comments about her 'slaves.'
* Simar isn't saying a word
GM: Also, by now you'll hear that poor Derro managed to crack a few ribs and his right arm is broken. The priests hope to have him well by Waterday, but he'll be no good to work for a week if the healing doesn't take.
* Jalya notes Josilyn's mood change [3 successes - rapport(6)]
* Simar is feeling smug about himself...... see no killing
* Josilyn gets quiet at first, but then she starts flirting harder.
* Jalya walks up and hugs Jos, saying: "My sister is the best."
* Josilyn will smile "That's not what I heard."
* 'Cil will approach and wave to you. "Good evening." and he'll take a flagon of ale, sipping it - pinky out.
Jalya: "Greetings."
* Jalya bows, half way
* 'Cil will stand behind you. "I see you're quite popular with the men." then in Aelfar "I think you may be... arousing them a bit...?"
* Jalya giggles at that
Jalya: <in Aelfar> "Not I..."
* Jalya grins
Josilyn: <Aelfar> "I'm sorry, I got caught up..."
Jalya: <Aelfar> "would you like to meet my slaves?"
* 'Cil will lay a hand on Simar and Ivan's shoulders. <Verite> "These are the fine fellows, I imagine."
Jalya: "They are... and quite honorable. I have a cultivated respect for them."
* Simar looks up at 'Cil
Ivan: "Good evening to you, sir Sidhe." he keeps his head low.
Jalya: "Simar, this is 'Cil"
Simar: "I am honored to meet you sir"
Jalya: "Ivan... 'Cil. He'll be providing our transport."
GM: 'Cil has the fine features of the Sidhe - a thin nose and high cheekbones, sparkling green eyes the color of grass, and slightly pointed ears, pierced with alternating silver and gold rings.
'Cil: "Good evening to you. You may call me Sir Oricil."
Simar: "I am grateful for showing 'my goood lady' such kindness"
* Simar plays it to the hilt
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: I assume more than a few men have offered me food by now
GM: Jalya, you have been offered more than food...
Jalya: heeheehee
* Jalya makes sure Zalith eats (meaning I 'feed' him)
* 'Cil turns to Jalya. "I can see why you purchased such fine men. They should keep you safe on your adventures."
Jalya: "They will, I'm certain."
GM: One of the men calls out "I can keep ya safe!" and there's laughter all around.
* Zalith eats until his belly is round as a melon.
* Jalya ignores the cat-call
* Ivan will mutter to Simar: "I don't know what it is about her, but I think Jalya will need to have a stick handy soon."
Jalya: did I hear that? [2 Successes - Alertness(8)]
* Simar whispers to Ivan........."it seems she is enjoying it far to much"
Ivan: <whispered> "But they're twins, right? or near enough... Why does Josilyn have to work harder?"
* Jalya just listens
Simar: "some people are more at ease with being ....enchanting"
* Ivan grins.
'Cil: "Well, it seems the only place to stay would be on ship." He takes another sip of his ale. "But the quarters are just terrible."
Josilyn: "I don't mind."
Jalya: "Nor do I"
GM: The attention from the men is starting to get a little out of hand - some of them are starting to push against each other, trying to get closer.
Jalya: <in Aelfar to Simar> "Back them off, please?"
* Simar is going to try an intimidate them back [2 successes - Intimidation(7)]
'Cil: "will you need help bringing your things aboard, or can your men handle it?" he raises an eyebrow.
Jalya: "I think we can manage, thank you..."
* 'Cil will pat you on the shoulder as he leans down to whisper in Aelfar "Do not worry, I can keep these dogs back if need be."
Jalya: <Aelfar> "Again... thank you.... they can be... overbearing."
* Josilyn seems a little oblivious to the trouble brewing as she twirls her hair and smiles at every comment made.
* Simar stands imposingly
GM: When Simar stands to glare at them, the men back up a bit and give you some space. Ivan covers his grin by finishing off his beer.
* Simar eyes the crowd with a curl of his lip and an evil eye
Jalya: "Thank you, Simar... you'd think they'd never seen a Girl before."
Zalith: *Oh, not the ship...* and he makes a small grumbling mew
Jalya: *you can sleep near it on the ground, if you like*
Zalith: *No, no... I can endure* and he gives a little hiccup. *You may have to carry me*
Jalya: *I would love to.*
* 'Cil will look into his ale with a disapproving eye, then toss it to the ground. "Wretched dust in this place..." he sighs. "Well, you should gather your things then. I must speak with one of the foremen about some ghastly accident that happened today, then we can go aboard."
Jalya: "Let's go sleep on ship, guys..."
* Ivan will smile and stand. "Yes, m'lady"
* Jalya picks up her things, tying her staff to her pack and then gathers Zalith up like an infant
* Jalya taps Josilyn
Jalya: "You coming?"
Josilyn: "Awwww, do we have to go now?" as she winks at one of the men.
* Simar finishes off his ale and gets ready to head the crowd one last look
GM: The start to get rowdy when the girls get up, and Josilyn isn't helping much, tossing her hair and giggling, but they keep their distance.
* Simar falls in behind his 'owner'
Jalya: <in Aelfar to Jos> "You can meet with us later, but you might get gang raped without Simar here."
GM: Josilyn will follow you, but keeps looking back. <Aelfar> "But they look like so much *fun*!"
Jalya: <Aelfar> "they are... until morning, that is."
* Simar can't believe these women.......its like poking a sleeping bear with a pointy stick
* 'Cil will lead you to where the temple will be. You'll see Derro laid out on one of the stone blocks, covered by a blanket.
'Cil: "This shouldn't be too long. I can wait here if you need to get clothing, or anything..."
Jalya: "Poor man... terrible accident, I hear..."
Ivan <low, to Simar>: "We could always go and pay our respects..." grin.
Simar: "maybe add the fact that the poor wretch is addled. that anything he says is just the babbling of a damaged brain"
Ivan: "Not a bad idea..."
* Jalya isn't liking this
GM: 'Cil will speak with one of the priests, who points him to a pair of men who are looking over plans laid out on another block.
Josilyn: <Aelfar> "Wow, he really did get squished."
Jalya: <Aelfar> "Yeah... he may be a dirt bag, but I still feel bad for him.. he must have spotted them."
Jalya: "I hope 'Cil doesn't own him."
Ivan: "Funny, I almost hope he does own him..." he snickers
Jalya: "Then he'd bring him back with us."
GM: It doesn't take long for 'Cil to do his business, and sure enough, Derro is bundled up and prepared to be brought on board. 'Cil comes over, a bored look on his face. "Looks like we'll have to bring him with us. He's no use to us here."
Jalya: "Poor man..."
* Jalya really isn't liking this now.
Simar: "do you want us to carry him sir?"
* 'Cil will look at Jalya first. "Do you mind?"
Jalya: "no... not at all.'
* Simar grinnin' big time........... "I live to serve"
* Jalya thinks as hard as she can *Simar... please don't do anything stupid.* (trying to use primal)
GM: Ivan will go with you and help the priests get Derro up, then the two of you can carry him. He moans a bit, and you can tell he is having a lot of trouble breathing.
Priest: "I wish you would wait for the healing to take..."
'Cil: "Oh nonsense... we can heal him ourselves." as he waves the priest away.
GM: The priests look very concerned, but they know there's little they can do. 'Cil will lead you back to the girls.
* Simar gives Ivan a look
* Jalya looks sternly at Simar
* Ivan will grin back when the priests aren't looking.
'Cil: "If only those men had been more careful, we wouldn't have to cart this fool back with us." he straightens his shirt. "Shall we off then?"
Jalya: "we shall..."
* 'Cil walks ahead of you, head held high, leading you to the ship. "I believe we will be leaving once the Moon pushes the tide back up. Seems our captain wants to be out at sea by Windsday..."
Ivan: <again, low to Simar> "If only this idiot had kept to himself we would be out of trouble without any unnecessary accidents."
Jalya: "I can't wait... I've never been on a ship before... I hope Zalith doesn't hate it."
'Cil: "Oh it's terribly wonderful. That is, when the weather is clear. You must see the sun rise above the waters."
* Jalya looks down at the bundle of Zalith
* Zalith looks at you intently, then burps. *I ate too much again*
Jalya: *At least you won't have to hunt.*
Josilyn: "Have you seen the World Sea?"
'Cil: "Really, once you've seen the World Sea once you've seen it forever. Nothing ever changes there..."
Jalya: "Wow."
Simar: <low to Ivan> "I think we need to put the fear of the Fae in this poor soul"
* Ivan smiles. "Yes, just think if he displeases his new master..."
* Jalya is truly enthused now
Simar: "I have a feeling that this poor man just might be cursed"
Jalya: "What makes you say that?"
Simar: <low to Iva> "at least that's what I want Derro to think"
Ivan: "How often does one come under the service of the Fae by accident?"
'Cil: "He'll be cursed if he gives me any trouble, I warrant."
* Jalya mutters "curses..."
* Jalya thinks of Simar's sword...
GM: The ship isn't the largest of the 3, but it's a good sized light freighter. The crew seems to be half human and half faerie - mostly Sidhe and some unusual dark skinned faerie folk with deep blue eyes. Josilyn's eyes will light when she sees the unusual Fae - "Eshu! I haven't had the pleasure in years!"
Jalya: "Eshu?"
* 'Cil will laugh. "You must have been living in a rock, Jalya." he'll wave one of the Eshu over, a wiry man with nearly ebony skin - his eyes shining like summer sky (their eyes are all blue, like that Fremen thing)
Jalya: "no... but in a tree in Sarinilar "
GM: The Eshu will bow. "Aye Sir Oricil." He smiles, at you all. "I see you've brought guests."
* Jalya smiles at the Eshu man.
'Cil: "Yes. We will provide them passage to Dahla on Alanth - see that they have good quarters, and make sure their men are tended to as well."
GM: The Eshu will bow, still grinning. "As you wish." and he'll start leading you below decks.
Jalya: "I'd like them to have quarters next to mine, please... I spent my every last copper on them, which is why I treat them well."
'Cil: "And Budro...?"
GM: The Eshu turns... "Aye?"
'Cil: "Have them take this broken man to the chirurgeon, he is in need of assistance."
GM: Nothing seems to faze Budro, who keeps smiling and bows again. "As you wish."
Jalya: "Thank you..."
* Simar goes where directed
* Jalya looks around, wide eyed on deck
GM: The quarters he takes you to are small, but much nicer than 'Cil would have you believe. This must be some sort of diplomatic ship rather than a freighter.
Budro: "I can quarter your men across from you, if you wish mistress."
Jalya: "That would be perfect, Budro... Thank you."
Josilyn: "Budro, what brings you to these lands?"
Budro: "The wind, of course!" and he flashes another smile before showing Simar and Ivan to their quarters. His smile fades just a bit when he turns towards Simar. "Your room, sir."
Simar: "thank you sir"
* Budro will take Derro from you, effortlessly. "I'll take your burden."
Simar: "he's a little addled ...poor creature
* Jalya puts her things in her quarters, laying Zalith down gently on the bed, kissing him on the head.
* Zalith will roll over, watching as you arrange the room. *Budro seems friendly*
Jalya: *He does, doesn't he?*
* Josilyn peeks out the door as Budro takes Derro off. "Wow, he's strong."
* Jalya strokes Zalith
Jalya: "You wouldn't think it by how frail he looks."
GM: When the door closes, Ivan will turn to Simar, "Wow, can you believe that guy?"
* Simar looks at Ivan
Simar: "I am getting to believe a lot more lately"
Ivan: "His eyes were... Like he could see right to my soul." he shudders. "Like he's a million years old."
GM: His eyes are a little disconcerting, like looking into the ageless sky
Simar: "remind me not to stare"
* Ivan grins. "You may have to remind me."
* Simar gets settled
GM: Your quarters are far nicer than you would have imagined. A little cramped, but it's almost an estate compared to the past year.
* Ivan will flop onto his bunk. "Can you believe it? From warriors to slaves to men on the high sea."
Zalith: *What is an Eshu, anyway?*
Jalya: *Evidently another race of Fae*
Josilyn: "I can't believe you've never met an Eshu before. Oh they're so fun!"
Jalya: "How so?"
Josilyn: "If you ever want to find adventure, just follow an Eshu. Guaranteed to find your way on the most interesting path possible."
Jalya: "Hmm... Zalith has taken me on some very interesting adventures... but I'll have to try following one, one day..."
* Josilyn will sit on her bunk, looking up at the ceiling. "Isn't this wonderful? High adventure, travel with strange and unusual folk, intrigue at every turn." she sighs. "I wish mother could see us drinking in life like this."
Jalya: "I hope she's on Alanth..."
Josilyn: "If she isn't, then she must have gone to Aelfheim."
Zalith: *Spirits preserve us...*
Jalya: heehhehee no shit
Jalya: "I need to have a word with Simar..."
* Josilyn nods. "I'll finish making our room nice."
Jalya: "You mean it isn't?"
* Jalya grins, and exits
* Jalya taps on Simar's door
Simar: "come in"
* Jalya enters
Jalya: "Hello"
* Ivan will grin. "Yes m'lady?"
Jalya: "You can cut the act now, Ivan."
* Simar snickers
* Jalya grins
Jalya: "Listen... guys... I need you to promise me something."
* Ivan sits up
* Simar listens too
Jalya: "Don't kill the dirt bag."
* Ivan rolls his eyes
Jalya: "I mean it."
Simar: "then do me a favor"
Jalya: "what's that?"
Simar: "you think you can see your way to make him think he's been cursed or something. like if he's says anything his nuts will fall off or something "
Ivan: "Yeah, better you do than we do."
Jalya: "hmm..."
* Jalya thinks
Jalya: can I?
GM: Well, you can use your glamour to mess with him a little, but it won't be easy because he falls out of your actor realm now
Jalya: "I'll deal with him if he becomes a problem..."
Simar: "I am sure you can .... convince him to keep quiet"
* Simar gets up and bows to Jalya
Jalya: "But if you harm him on this voyage, we're all doomed."
Ivan: "We wouldn't dream of it." grinning at Simar.
Simar: "thank you goood lady.....I live to serve"
Jalya: "Cut it out already."
* Simar smirks
* Jalya giggles...
* Simar flops onto his bunk and relaxes
Jalya: "Thanks guys..."
Jalya: "good night."
* Jalya exits to get much needed rest
GM: The night will pass calmly, and you'll sleep almost too well with the gentle rocking of the ship. In the morning you'll awaken as orders are called to set sail, and you're off to sea.
O) - Fireday Junori 11th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: k' first off I'll need Endurance rolls to see how well you landlubbers take to ocean movement.
Simar: [1 success]
Jalya: [1 success]
GM: Fortunately the sea is calm, so you only feel a slight disorientation when you wake.
Jalya: how's Zalith taking it?
GM: Josilyn sleeps in a little late, curled up on her bunk, wrapped around her pillow. You don't see Zalith. Ivan, however, is green to the gills - lying on his back and moaning pathetically. There is a light tapping on Jalya's door
Jalya: "Enter..."
GM: A crewman opens the door and bows. "There is breakfast, if you are hungry m'lady."
Jalya: "I am famished... Thank you... Where is the galley?"
GM: The crewman will straighten. "I can escort you, if you wish."
Jalya: "I'd like that... let me look in on my boys first, tho."
* Jalya stands and heads to the 'slaves' room
GM: The crewman will turn with you. "Or I can have it brought if that pleases you."
GM: You hear an awful moaning inside.
* Simar looks at Ivan
Ivan: "Gods above..." he swallows. "I feel awful..."
Simar: "by the stars you do not look well at all"
Simar: "I can feel it too lad, I don't think I care much for sea travel"
GM: Ivan will roll his head towards you and sigh. "Just throw me overboard. I can swim from here."
* Simar lol
Simar: "maybe I can see if they have a herb for you to suck on ....or something"
* Ivan will try to sit up, and you see his face pale. "Ohhh..."
* Jalya knocks on the door
Simar: "you better just lay down Ivan. come in"
* Jalya enters...
* Jalya looks at Ivan
* Simar smiles at Jalya
Simar: "the lad is feeling the sea goood lady. he looks in bad shape"
Jalya: "Uhm... considering this man's state, I think that would be best. Thank you Crewman... would you bring meals for the four of us?"
GM: The crewman claps his heels together, bows, and turns to go.
Jalya: "Thank you, sir."
Ivan: "No... no food... oohhhh..."
Jalya: "you sure? it will give you something to spew later..."
* Jalya goes and sits next to Ivan
* Simar didn't need to hear that
Simar: "is there a brew or herb that could make him feel better?"
* Jalya thinks
Jalya: "Maybe..." [0 successes - Healing(8)]
Jalya: "Nothing comes to mind... perhaps the crewman will know of something when he returns. Lay down, Ivan"
* Ivan lies back, and some color does return, but it's mostly green. "I may need help on deck..."* Jalya opens it
Simar: "uh oh.....get the bucket"
GM: There is a scritching at the door.
* Jalya opens it
GM: Zalith trots in with a healthy rat in his teeth. Ivan looks away and gags.
Jalya: *there you are*
Zalith: *You wouldn't believe the rats I found! I didn't know they planned to have me aboard*
* Jalya grins
* Jalya giggles *I'm pleased that they thought of you.*
Ivan: "Oh no..." he sits up "Oh no!" ...
Simar: "move......move .......move"
* Jalya gets away from the door
* Simar helps Ivan out up on deck
Jalya: *Poor guy... I think he ate too much last night*
Zalith: *It'll pass. And quickly, from the look of him* he munches the rat, tearing off some of the fur.
Jalya: *I hope so...*
GM: Ivan manages to hold on, gagging a bit when you get to the stairwell. When you get on deck you'll pass a confused looking pair of men carrying trays.
* Simar gets him to the rail
GM: Just when you get him to the railing Ivan spews, and he hangs there a moment, moaning.
Ivan: "Just push me off..."
* Simar holds onto him
Simar: "you will get used to it. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
* Ivan will straighten up after a bit, and you see he looks quite a bit better.
GM: You'll hear Josilyn in the corridor - "Hello! Is this all for me?"
* Jalya stands and goes to her quarters
GM: A pair of crewmen are there in the corridor with amused looks on their faces. They're carrying covered trays, which exude the rich smells of fresh cooked fish and peeled limes.
Jalya: *C'mon, my love*
Jalya: "Thank you, guys"
GM: One of the crewmen will take the lid off his tray and hand you a small cloth bound bundle. "Give your man this, it should settle him."
Jalya: "Thank you... I shall."
Jalya: "This smells wonderful. Hungry, Jos?"
* Josilyn nods. "Absolutely!" and she takes one of the trays.
* Jalya takes one of the trays and sets it down
Jalya: "I'll be right back... gonna go help Ivan."
Simar: "there now is this an adventure? or is this an adventure?"
Ivan: "It can only get better from here, I suppose." he sits down on the deck, wiping his face.
* Jalya takes the cloth bundle up top
GM: It's a gorgeous morning, sickness notwithstanding, with only light clouds and a bright shining sun.
* Jalya blows a kiss to the sun
* Simar pats Ivan's back
Jalya: do I see Ivan & Simar?
GM: Yes, Ivan is leaning against the railing with Simar standing over him.
* Jalya heads over, and presents the bundle
GM: You're not too far out to sea, you can still see the bustle of activity in distant Flausa - termites crawling over their emerging new city.
Jalya: "Here, Ivan... take this..."
Simar: "I don't think food is gonna stay down him long"
* Ivan unwraps the bundle and takes out a few small grey-brown sticks. He looks at the dubiously, twirling them around in his fingers. "Um... thanks?"
Jalya: "It's a treatment for sea sickness"
* Simar snickers
Simar: "what's he supposed to do with 'em?"
* Ivan shrugs and sticks one in the corner of his mouth.
Jalya: "Chew on them, I suppose. Anyway... breakfast is below... best get to it before it gets cold"
GM: You hear a shrill whistle, and some crewmen scramble, pulling lines and shifting the sails.
* Jalya turns and heads back down
* Ivan chews on the stick a little then grins. "Hmmmm not too bad." he holds one up for Simar.
* Simar has never been on a ship to speak in interest awhile.....takes one of the sticks from Ivan
GM: It feels a little slick, and when you pop it in your mouth it seems fairly ordinary. then, after you chew it lightly a spicy taste suffuses your mouth.
* Jalya enters her quarters
Jalya: "It's so beautiful up there, Jos..."
* Josilyn has already cleaned up one platter of fish, and she's feeding small scraps to Zalith.
* Jalya starts eating
Josilyn: "It's wondeful sis!" she pops a fried crisp in her mouth and crunches. "I haven't had fish this fresh in a long time!"
* Jalya eats
Jalya: *How are you liking it, my love?*
Zalith: *Better than rats*
* Jalya laughs, nearly exhaling a bite of fish
Jalya: "Do we really think Mother is in Alanth, Jos?"
Josilyn: "I can't be certain, but I know she isn't in Ityrre." She munches more crisps, then starts on another fish. "And Aruath is just too dry for her."
Jalya: "Yeah... that makes sense."
Simar: "you think you're gonna be alright lad?"
Ivan: "I think so." he stands, a little wobbly at first, but he keeps a firm hand on the railing. "I think I may be able to handle breakfast even."
Simar: "that's the spirit"
* Simar helps him back down to the cabin
GM: When you get to the corridor you'll smell the food, and you can hear Ivan's stomach gurgle.
* Simar smiles to himself
Simar: "go easy now Ivan"
* Ivan sits on the floor and takes a whole fish from the platter, peeling off strips of flesh and chewing them. After a few bites he slows down, with a big grin on his face.
* Simar eats his food too
* Jalya hands a bit of fish to Zalith
Jalya: *Do you know where the dirt bag is being kept?*
Jalya: "This is really good... how are you guys liking it?"
Simar: "not bad at all"
* Jalya smiles
* Zalith munches on his fish *No, but he's not down with the cargo*
Jalya: *ok... if you happen to see him in your wanderings, let me know, sweetie.*
Zalith: *I'll find him, this ship isn't that big*
* Josilyn ruffles Ivan's hair. "Feeling better?"
* Ivan nods. "At least I can eat."
* Jalya scratches Zalith's ears
Jalya: "That's good... I was a bit worried about you."
* Simar keeps eating
Ivan: "Do you know how long it is to Alanth? I don't want to go through that again."
Jalya: "Uh... no. do you, Jos?"
Josilyn: "I think it should only be a week, if the weather is good." She leans back on her bunk. "Ahhh... now that was good."
Jalya: "I'll say. These sailor folk know how to treat a lady"
Simar: "a week eh?"
* Simar looks at Ivan
* Josilyn nods
Ivan: "A week isn't so bad..."
* Jalya finishes her breakfast, giving occasional bites to Zalith
* Simar grins
GM: You'll end up nearly cleaning the plates, and after a little more sitting and conversation there will be another light tap at the door.
* Jalya opens the door
GM: It's Budro and his wide smile. He gives you a short bow "Are we doing well this morning?"
Jalya: "Excellently, thank you Budro..."
Jalya: "Ivan was a bit... overwhelmed from the sea when he woke tho."
* Jalya gestures
Jalya: "Come in..."
* Jalya turns and sits on her bunk
* Budro laughs and steps in. "I wouldn't worry. We should have calm seas all the way to Alanth."
Jalya: "are you from Alanth?"
Budro: "Spirits no!" and he laughs again. "I've only been in Dahla once, when I met Sir Oricil. I was on my way to find where the dragons come from."
Ivan: "Dragons?"
Jalya: "Dragons?"
* Simar looks at Budro
* Budro nods. "They must come from somewhere, no?" and he winks.
Jalya: to Zalith: *Dragons... like the one that supposedly attacked Stanshyre?*
Zalith: *Dragons and an adventurous faeries. This one sounds like more trouble than you*
Jalya: "I heard of a recent dragon attack, you know... but I didn't see it myself."
Josilyn: "Where do you think they come from, then?"
Budro: "Have you ever seen a baby dragon?"
Jalya: "No... but one supposedly attacked Stanshyre last year."
Budro: "Stanshyre?" he thinks. "Sounds like a Hobbit home."
Jalya: "it is... I think Deece may have been drunk and telling tales."
* Simar studies Budro
Jalya: "But there was a lot of fire damage"
Budro: "Well, no-one I have met has ever seen a baby dragon..." he winks "Except a sage I met in far Leng. He tells of an island, where the Dragons lay their eggs."
Ivan: "Now that would be quite a prize."
Jalya: "I wonder how they taste. Dragon eggs..."
* Jalya ponders
Ivan: "You shouldn't eat a dragon's eggs! They would be sacred."
Simar: "true"
Budro: "I wouldn't wish to eat it, I only want to know."
* Jalya giggles. "You guys have no sense of humor."
* Jalya winks at Budro
Josilyn: "So you're from Leng then?"
Jalya: "Where is Leng? I never heard of it."
Budro: "Ahh no, but from lands even further." he settles back. "Leng is a fine and mysterious land, far to the East."
Jalya: "Ahh... I think I'm going to go sun myself on the deck... it's so beautiful up there."
* Simar rolls his eyes
Jalya: "wanna come, Jos?"
Simar: "you two just love driving men crazy don't you......"
Josilyn: "Sure. Can't stay down here all day."
* Jalya giggles
Jalya: "Yes."
Jalya: *Coming, darling?*
O - Sunday Junori 13th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: Very little happens that day, or the next. Sir Oricil will have a fine dinner on deck when you're far out to sea.
Jalya: Ooo...
GM: With the full Bright Moon overhead you can see why this is called the Sea of Silver - it feels like you're floating on layers of sheer silk. [Jalya regains a mana]
* Jalya blows a kiss to the moon
Jalya: "This is beautiful."
Simar: are the so called 'slaves' invited to this dinner?
GM: yes, if you like, tho they would be like footmen, as in not at the table but standing behind the girls.
Simar: I guess it would be up to our gooood lady
Jalya: yeah.. they can come...
Simar: heh
Jalya: we need someone to mop up the sailors' drool
GM: This is the first meal you have that is fish free - There is a gorgeous roast, and fresh vegetables, stewed apples and even sugar straws.
Jalya: yummy
'Cil: "I so tire of seafood on these voyages." as he forks a slice of rare meat onto his plate. "You would think, with all the storage we bear across the sea, that we could afford more good food."
Jalya: "I need to thank you Sir Oricil... This has been a great experience..."
'Cil: "I knew you would enjoy it." he motions for a servant to pour him more wine. "Has Budro told you of his quest yet? He is such a droll fellow."
Jalya: "To make a dragon omelet? Yes."
* Jalya winks at Budro
* Jalya takes some roast and hands a bite to Zalith
GM: 'Cil has made sure a place for Zalith is set, and the servants make sure that his goblet has plenty of wine, though he only tastes it once.
Jalya: *wish you had some meaded milk?*
Zalith: *Oh no, not that again*
Jalya: giggles
GM: One of 'Cil's retainers, a Sidhe named Quiel, will grin. "Yes, Budro is determined to find the lost Dragon breeding grounds."
Jalya: "Sounds like an adventure..."
Budro: "Certes!" and he stands. "In fact, once I have paid my debt to good Sir Oricil I plan to continue my quest, and take all those willing."
Jalya: "I'll go."
'Cil: "Assuming the last wasn't trapped in the Cauldron, of course."
Ivan: <aside to Simar> "Imagine, finding a dragon's egg"
Jalya: "Of course..."
Jalya: <to Jos (hoping she can hear this in her head)> *Next time I sun myself, I'm gonna be naked... Join me in creating a mild ruckus?*
* Simar doesn't seem to pleased about this line of conversation
Jalya: "The cauldron freaks me out."
Quiel: "Has anyone seen this dragon they say is trapped there?" he chews the end of a sugar straw. "I mean, I know it is supposed to be one of the mannish gods, but wouldn't the Primal Fire destroy even an incarnated body?"
Budro: "And well it should - The Cauldron is power, with no constraints."
Ivan: "The Great Dragon was borne of the Cauldron. It is his home." he looks down embarrassed when everyone turns to him.
Jalya: "I am from Sarinilar, you know.... And it does seem that the further I get from it, the less violent the world seems."
* Jalya munches on the stewed apples
'Cil: "Oh, it isn't the Cauldron, little one. It's the silver."
Jalya: "Silver?"
Jalya:<to Zalith> *He calls me 'little one one more time, and I swear... I'll do something... host or not, his attitude could use some adjustment.*
Zalith: *Now now...*
Jalya: *Seriously... just you watch.*
GM: There is a little light laughter, then Quiel says, "Of course it's the silver. Only money would make Man and Fae fight so."
Jalya: "I've had very little need for money... I only need it when others want it from me."
* 'Cil nods "Precisely. What other good is money for?" he tosses a fatty bit onto Zalith's plate.
* Simar just listens
Jalya: "So you are saying that the Fae and the Mannish wouldn't be fighting were it not for the silver?"
Jalya: "Cole once told me that the mannish are 'favored by the gods.' Whatever that means."
Budro: "You're Cole is quite perceptive. The Gods have a plan for men - have since they came to Myth. We, as the lesser kin of Gods can only watch in amusement."
* Quiel chuckles.
'Cil: "I'm certain they would find some other thing to fight over."
* Jalya mutters... "I miss those guys..."
Jalya: "That's too bad... Humans aren't so bad, once you get to know them."
* Jalya looks at Ivan & Simar
* Ivan rolls his eyes
Simar: "there are some 'mannish' that strive for peace"
Jalya: "True... but they seem to do it through war..."
Josilyn: "I think everyone is kind and good, when you find them alone." she munches the last of an apple bit. "It's only bad choices that make one evil."
GM: You can see Ivan is itching to say something but this time he holds his tongue, chewing on a bit of meat.
Jalya: "I think good and evil are subjective terms... like what that mage did to you, Jos.. that was an evil act, but he may have been a good man."
* Simar thinks he'll just listen too
Quiel: "So you don't believe in the absolutes of good and evil?" he finishes off his wine, waving off a servant who moves to refill it. "But what about the Goblins and Ogre-kind of Ordo? They have never acted in any way but savage and brutal."
* Jalya shudders
Jalya: "Goblins.. they don't have a soul, from what I can tell."
* Simar remembers goblins
* 'Cil raises an eyebrow. "Ahhh, so now we're an expert on the soul."
GM: There are some chuckles around the table
Jalya: *that does it.*
Zalith: *wait...!*
* Simar looks at Jalya
Jalya: [1 success - Self Control(8)]
Quiel: "I think it's just a matter of how one's spirit aligns with the world. Some spirits are always dissatisfied."
Jalya: "One can't listen to one's soul when they are listening to silver instead."
* Jalya holds her tongue
Josilyn: "I don' know. Sometimes I feel dissatisfied with things. Am I evil then?"
* Jalya giggles
Budro: "Evil, good, virtue... it's all just a dance." he stands. "I say we talk of lighter matters, lest the ship sink with the weight of our words."
* Quiel clinks his glass. "Hear hear!"
Jalya: "I'm not very good at abrupt topic changes, but I know something that can lighten the mood."
Jalya: *Should I strip?*
Zalith: *I think 'Cil would disapprove... No wait, I didn't say that*
* Simar gets all big eyed
* Jalya chugs her wine and motions for another glass
Josilyn: "I'm still curious about the dragon place. Where do these Leng folk say it is?"
Budro: "To the north and east some say, in the World Sea say others. If any were certain, my quest would be done."
Jalya: "Are there Pooka in Leng?"
* Quiel leans forward. "Yes, I hear you speak of Leng so often. What of the Faerie kingdoms there?"
Budro: "They do," he grins, "only in reverse. There they are known as the Hengeyokai."
Jalya: "in reverse? Do they walk on their hands?"
* Budro nods. "Instead of turning to animals, they are animals at heart."
'Cil: "Don't be silly. That would make them merely half-folk." he turns to Josilyn. "You're far nobler than a simple animal."
* Josilyn blushes.
Jalya: "Oooo... that's interesting.... I'd like to meet one some day"
'Cil: "No offense to good Zalith, of course."
Jalya: *Good thing he said that...*
* Jalya sips her wine
Zalith: *I'm not offended that easily*
Jalya: *Yeah... but if he knew about us, he may be.*
Josilyn: "If they're animals then, do they have features like the mannish?"
Budro: "When you see them yourself you will understand." he grins. "Of course, you would have to find one first."
Jalya: "Hmm..."
Ivan: <aside to Simar> "Oricil is walking dangerously close with Jalya's temper, I think."
* Jalya takes a sugar stick and starts sucking on it, sensually, dips it in the wine, then sucks it again
GM: Once everyone is done with the food servants will clear the table and music will be played. Budro will take out a small clear sphere and roll it in small circles on the table.
* Simar whispers......"I think he's toying with her....almost daring her to do something"
* Jalya winks, then licks again.
* 'Cil leans forward towards Jalya. "So, do your men do anything other than stand and look menacing?"
Jalya: <in Aelfar> "No... but they serve me in ways that are... well... interesting."
* Jalya winks
GM: Quiel nearly falls out of his chair laughing. 'Cil only smiles.
'Cil: "In that case, perhaps Budro would show us his skills...?"
* Jalya stands up "Yes.. please..."
* Budro will nod, take another ball out and begin juggling the two. He grins as he shifts them from hand to hand, then a third appears, a fourth, and then a fifth. He moves with the ship's motion, rocking the pattern gently back and forth. Soon Budro has 8 balls going, cascading in pairs, then in two interlocking circles of four.
Jalya: wow
* Jalya claps
Jalya: "Can I see one of those, Budro?"
GM: Even jaded Sir Oricil seems impressed, and he claps. Budro will catch the eight and bow low. "Thank you very much." and he hands one to Jalya. "Here you go."
* Simar wonders just what good that does in battle
* Jalya contact juggles [4 successes - sleight of hand(7)]
GM: Jalya falters a bit at first, getting used to the weight of the small ball and the motion of the ship, but soon she has it moving with her whims. Quiel is quite impressed, and he asks for a ball himself, joining in the dance.
* Jalya dances with the ball
GM: His motions are much broader than yours, considering his long arms, but he moves up and around you, complimenting your movements, though he isn't as graceful.
Jalya: =)
* Jalya cascades it up and down her arms to the motion of the music and the ship
* Simar watches Jalya ....somewhat impressed
Jalya: *watch 'Cil, my love.*
Jalya: "I love paying with balls."
* 'Cil nods and claps, then grins at your double entendre. "And you do so well..."
* Jalya smiles
* Jalya continues for a bit... then ends her dance by tossing it in the air and catching it on the back of her neck
Jalya: *See if he calls me 'little one' now...*
GM: Quiel will go for a finish, but not as spectacular as yours. Then he will bow with you as the rest clap. Then 'Cil calls for the table to be removed, and the dinner party breaks up.
* Jalya bows, sets the ball down, and goes over to the railing
* Jalya stares at the moon
GM: Josilyn will go with Budro for a bit, chattering about the dragon isle. Zalith will come and stand by you, watching the sea and the silvery waves.
Zalith: *This isn't that bad, actually*
Jalya: *I thought you'd hate it...*
* Jalya sits next to Zalith, stroking him lovingly
Zalith: *I thought we'd be rocking all day and I would have nothing to eat but cooked food and scraps*
Jalya: *I'm glad you are having a good time.*
Jalya: *Thank you for coming...*
* Jalya kisses Zalith between the ears
Zalith: *I would hate to miss you finding your mother, or the child*
* Jalya sighs
Ivan: "I'm glad she didn't make us do tricks."
Simar: "you and me both brother"
Ivan: "How did she do that?"
Simar: "what the thing with the balls?.......... I bet she's a thief... she could probably pick your pocket and look you in the face while doing it"
* Ivan pales. "Oh..."
* Quiel will come up to Simar and Ivan, looking around a bit first. "You aren't slaves, are you?" <quietly>
Simar: "now what would make you say that good sir?"
* Quiel smiles. "Slaves may speak out of turn, but none refer to the dragon in the Cauldron as a 'Great Dragon'."
* Simar looks at Ivan
* Ivan blushes.
Simar: "we hear stories. even you had a mother that told you stories ... am I right?"
* Simar looks at Quiel
* Quiel shakes his head, and gives a knowing smile. "You cannot fool me. Most of the mannish folk here consider that dragon to be dangerous and evil, not great."
* Simar looks at Ivan
Ivan: "Yes, it's a common tale around here."
* Ivan shrugs
Simar: "ah well then that explains it... we are not from around here then"
* Quiel nods. "Precisely. You have the bearing of a heretic."
* Ivan's eyes go wide.
* Simar thinks ...D'oh!!!!
Jalya: *the child... how are we going to find her?*
* Jalya looks up at the sky, hoping for some inspiration
Zalith: *An oracle, perhaps?*
Jalya: *know of any? We need one to find Kelethra.*
Zalith: *Oh, so you've named her now...*
Jalya: *calling her, 'the Child' seemed to demean her...*
* Jalya pets Zalith
* Zalith licks his whiskers. *If we could find an oracle, one untouched by greed perhaps, I'm sure we would know which way to go*
Jalya: *I love you.*
* Jalya kisses Zalith again
Zalith: *I'm starting to worry. Are you thinking of keeping the... er, Kelethra?*
Jalya: *would it bother you if I said 'yes'?*
Zalith: *I don't know*
Jalya: *we'll make that decision when we have her... I can't even know until then.*
Zalith: *Perhaps it is her destiny to be a changeling after all* he will watch the waves for a bit. *I think I found the dirtbag, incidentally*
Jalya: *Oh... Where?*
Zalith: *He was moaning in some room a deck below you. I think they're healing him, but they don't want to waste their magick on him*
Jalya: *He isn't worth it.*
* Jalya stands
Jalya: *C'mon... let's go see what trouble my twin is creating for us.*
* Jalya turns from the sea, and has a look around deck
Zalith: *She's busy trying to charm that Eshu. She's sure he can help find your mother*
Jalya: *I hope so... he seems quite a nice fellow, that Budro.*
Quiel: "Do not worry, your secret is safe with me." he winks a pale blue eye and smiles. "Your quarrels are not my business."
* Simar simply nods
Ivan: "How long have you known?"
Quiel: "Since you came up on deck. You aren't particularly deferential servants."
* Ivan blushes again
Ivan: "Now I feel foolish."
Quiel: "I only want to know what your intentions are."
Simar: "you seem interested yet not interested ....may I ask why?"
* Quiel just grins.
Simar: "my intentions are this and only this....... I owe my life to Jalya ... and I intent to honor that debt .. Ivan here is my trusted friend and goes where I go... it is that simple"
* Quiel nods. "Sounds simple enough to me." he bows his head. "Only, I would be wary..." he looks toward Jalya quickly. "Pooka can be... trouble."
* Simar mumbles....."I am learning"
* Jalya walks over to where Ivan & Simar are [2 successes - Alertness(8)]
GM: Quiel will nod as Jalya approaches. "And good evening. Such fine servants you have here."
Jalya: "Trouble, Quiel...? Not I."
* Jalya grins.
* Quiel smiles, his face totally blank.
Jalya: "And yes... they serve me well."
Quiel: "Trouble, no. I could never believe you would be trouble."
Jalya: "Lies do not become you, my friend."
* Jalya winks
* Quiel will grin and bow low. "Touché..."
Jalya: "Good night, good sir."
Quiel: "Good night to you as well." and he turns and leaves.
* Simar looks up at the sky and whistles
Simar: "nice night for it..........."
Jalya: <quietly> "I think I know where dirtbag is... He should be incapacitated until we get to Alanth."
Ivan: "Good."
Jalya: "Neither of you have been to Alanth, have you?"
* Simar whispers to Jalya "well our friend there just pegged us for not being real servants"
* Ivan shakes his head.
Jalya: "Well it shouldn't be a problem... Fae care little for the wars of the mannish."
Ivan: "He wanted to know 'our intentions'."
Jalya: "what did you say?"
Simar: "I simply said that I owed you my life. no sense I spinning more tales"
* Ivan nods
Jalya: "I'm glad you told him the truth... if he tells anyone, I won't have to lie. thank you for that."
* Jalya mutters "trouble indeed."
Simar: "I'll be glad to be off this ship"
Jalya: "Why? Your conflict isn't with the Sidhe."
Ivan: "I second that. This is getting a little close for comfort."
Jalya: "You are paranoid... like you have something to hide."
Simar: "you think 'Cil likes being lied to..... cause if you think about it that's just what you did"
Jalya: "How so? How did I lie to 'Cil?"
Ivan: "Ummm... we do have something to hide. Even if they aren't interested in the wars, we are still escaped prisoners." He looks around to make sure he isn't heard.
Simar: "you said we were your slaves that you bought us"
Jalya: "That was to just to get us out of that town, Simar. "Prisoners of your honor-bound oath to me... if anything, I'm an accomplice... Oh fye..."
* Jalya starts to get a little worried.
Ivan: "But Quiel said he would keep our secret. I think we are safe. For now."
Jalya: "that's good..."
Jalya: "By the way... who did I save you from? just the Tambrans, right?"
* Simar thinks
Simar: "I guess that will work"
Jalya: "what do you mean by that?"
Ivan: "We're heretics, criminals against the church and empire. So that should be right enough."
* Simar changes the subject
Simar: "and what's with you throwing yourself at 'Cil?"
Jalya: "We're in this together now, it seems..."
Simar: "I didn't like the way he was taunting you"
Jalya: "'Cil's lucky I didn't mooch his clothes into the sea."
Simar: "like he's so high and mighty"
* Simar spits
Jalya: "yeah... he's pompous... but he did get us transport."
Ivan: "And if you annoy him he can have us thrown in gaol."
Jalya: "yeah... better to be playfully friendly than to offend our host."
Simar: "I agree there. well................. now what?"
Jalya: "We need to find an oracle."
Ivan: "An oracle? Oh, you mean for the child, right?"
Jalya: "Kelethra. her name is Kelethra."
* Simar looks at her
* Ivan grins. "Okay, for Kelethra."
Simar: "really?"
Jalya: "it's what the moon told me her name was. Yeah... I only know she's safe, for now."
Simar: "an oracle would do the trick....... know of any?"
Jalya: "no... but we shall find one in Alanth."
Ivan: "That's as good a place to start as any."
Jalya: "my thoughts exactly."
Simar: "well.... lets hope we don't have to swim there"
Jalya: "we won't"
GM: You'll see Budro coming back up on deck, grin firmly in place. He'll walk up to your little group. "Well well, conspiring again, are we?"
Jalya: "Yes... we're going to set fire to the ship in 15 minutes. Wanna help?"
* Jalya winks
* Jalya laughs loudly
Jalya: "How are you, Budro... seen Jos?"
Budro: "Actually, I was hoping you would show me the trick of balancing balls as you do." he winks back.
Jalya: "I'll be happy to. Tomorrow morning, mayhaps."
Jalya: "you did a great job with your juggling as well."
* Budro nods. "I shall see you then. Your sister is delightful, but she was quite tired after our dinner, so I had to put her to bed."
Jalya: "hmm..."
* Jalya wonders
Jalya: "sounds... fun."
* Jalya winks
* Simar coughs
Budro: "I must be off then. I am to take the watch tonight."
Jalya: "Watch for what? Dragons?"
* Jalya giggles
* Budro grins. "Perhaps." he bows. "And a good evening to you all." and he goes to climb up the rigging.
Jalya: "Good evening."
Simar: "if you have no further need of us my goood lady may we go to our cabin?"
Jalya: "Yes, and you may escort me to mine on the way."
Simar: "yes goood lady"
Jalya: "let's go."
* Simar escorts Jalya to her cabin
GM: Josilyn is there, lying on her bunk - Zalith has curled up on yours
* Jalya pauses at the door and sighs "Awww...."
Jalya: is she awake?
GM: Yes. She looks up when you step in. She has an upset look on her face.
Simar: "we will bid you two goood night"
Jalya: "Good night boys."
* Ivan bows. "Aye, good night."
Jalya: "sleep well"
* Simar heads to his bunk...feeling tired all of a sudden
* Ivan flops onto his bunk, looking at the ceiling and sighing.
Ivan: "Uh oh, looks like a cry party in there."
* Simar lays down and tries to sleep
Josilyn: "He doesn't want to help us."
* Jalya closes the door.
Jalya: "what's wrong, sis?"
* Jalya goes to her bunk and sits next to her
Josilyn: "I asked him nicely, I almost begged, but he doesn't want another distraction from his great quest."
Jalya: "asked for what? Him to come with us?"
Josilyn: "Any sort of help, I don't care. But he just said no."
Jalya: "Well... we'll find Kelethra without him."
Josilyn: "No, I meant mother."
Jalya: "we'll find her too."
Josilyn: "I hope so."
Jalya: "but I do have somewhat worrying news."
* Jalya lowers her voice.
Jalya: "Quiel made Simar and Ivan to be what they are."
* Josilyn sits up. "Are they in danger?"
Jalya: "I don't think so... he said that their secret was safe with him. But there's more... he told them that Pooka can be trouble."
Josilyn: "We'll see when we get to Alanth, I suppose. We had better be ready to escape, just in case."
Jalya: "Yeah... just in case... but trouble? Us?"
* Josilyn giggles
* Jalya giggles too
Jalya: "Well.... maybe... but it was more HOW he said it."
Josilyn: "Well, trust the Sidhe to know better, I'm sure."
O - Moonday Junori 14th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: The next morning you'll all wake up with a strange sensation, something you can't quite place. You all feel well, and the ship is as calm as ever. Then you hear some alarm in the men outside.
* Jalya listens intently [2 successes - Alertness(5)]
* Simar wonders what's going on.... [3 successes - Alertness(7)]
GM: Once you've gotten up you realize what is wrong - you don't hear the water lapping at the ship, nor do you hear the swish of wind in the sails.
Ivan: "We're not moving..."
* Simar goes up on deck to have a look
GM: There is a bustle of activity on deck, and you see that the sails have been furled. There is a great wind going, perfect for sailing and making good time, but it seems they're not ready to use it. Half the people on deck are looking over board.
Simar: "this can't be good"
Josilyn: "I think we're becalmed."
Jalya: "Becalmed?"
Jalya: "That doesn't sound good."
* Jalya looks out the port hole
GM: You peer out and see that the ship seems to be bogged down in thick, ropy seaweed.
Jalya: "Looks like we're stuck in seaweed... let's have a look."
* Jalya goes up on deck
Zalith: *Stuck?!*
Jalya: *yeah...*
GM: Seems you ran into it just before sunrise - and none of the watch saw it,like it floated up from the depths and grabbed the ship.
GM: The men are in a bit of a panic.
GM: [rapport(7) if you want more info]
Jalya: [3 successes - rapport(7)
Simar: [0 successes - rappoer(7)]
* Simar is really beginning to hate sea voyages
GM: Simar just looks at the mass of greeny-yellowy seaweed, agape. Jalya does manage to pick up the source of the panic - seems that the mass out there is moving, trying to root into the ship. But there is an island somewhat close, and they hope they can somehow get there and get free.
Jalya: !
* Jalya informs Simar of this
Simar: !!
Jalya: "Yeah..."
Jalya: "not a good situation."
Simar: "can't they magic it or some thing?"
* Jalya looks around for 'Cil
Jalya: "You'd think so, huh?"
* Ivan starts to look green again.
Jalya: "Hang in there, buddy.... we'll be ok."
GM: 'Cil is nowhere to be seen. But you will see Budro, and for once he's not smiling
Jalya: "Budro... what is this? Why can't we just use the wind to get free?"
Budro: "That's what they're hoping for, but they need to cut some of these waterweeds away first." He looks overboard. "Only, this stuff absorbs mana."
* Jalya looks overboard
GM: You can see it writhing down there. At first you just assumed that was it drifting in the water, but now you can see it moving on its own, like a mass of snakes.
Jalya: "Freaky."
* Simar getting the willies
GM: They're just now finishing getting men harnessed to go overboard, armed with short blades to cut away the weeds.
Jalya: "So we can't use our glamour to get around it, can we."
* Budro shakes his head. "All muscle power."
Jalya: "Simar... you should help them."
* Ivan pales. "Oh no..."
* Simar was afraid you were gonna say that
* Jalya pulls Simar down to whisper in his ear "Use a blade they provide tho... not your sword."
Simar: "I will do whatever you ask of me. tell me what to do"
Budro: "I'm sure he would be best used as an anchor for the men." he pats Simar on the shoulder. "I don't think they could move him if they tried."
Jalya: "Sounds good to me.... please help them."
* Jalya smiles
* Budro smiles at Ivan. "Now he would be light enough to swing down and cut the weeds."
* Ivan frowns at him
Jalya: "Please, Ivan?"
Budro: "Don't worry, I'll be there to make sure you're safe." and he does a quick back flip and rolls to stand on his hands, then takes one step to the rail, springs up and floats. "I'll be supervising."
Ivan: "Okay... I guess."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Thanks. Simar should anchor you."
Simar: "sounds about right"
GM: Budro will shout for some men, and motion for them to harness Ivan. It takes a few minutes for them to tighten the knots and get Ivan to stop squirming, then they hand Simar one set of ropes. "We'll have another anchor in a moment, we're finishing up harnesses for the port side."
Jalya: "No need. I'll help anchor Ivan."
GM: He'll look at you like you're crazy.
Jalya: "what?"
GM: He shrugs, then turns to Ivan. "I hope you can swim." and he hands you the other set of ropes. Ivan gives you a hopeful look.
Jalya: "Trust me."
Budro: "Come on, the sand is still falling."
* Jalya holds on to the ropes
Jalya: "Simar... we make a good team."
* Simar readies himself hoping she's right
GM: Ivan will step up onto the rail with Budro's encouragement, look back at you once more, then slide down carefully. Actually, once he's over it's no big deal. Budro starts giving orders to you and a couple other groups, lowering and swinging the men to get to cutting The weeds don't look too tough from up here, but watching the men hack at them you can see they're quite tough. They manage to clear a small part, but when you go on the first place will be refilled. It gets frustrating after the first few times, but after about 20 minutes you'll have enough men down there to clear things out.
Jalya: "Simar... Did I tell you that I once broke down a prison cell door?"
Simar: "oh really....all by yourself?"
Jalya: "Yep. They locked me up, thinking I was Jos. Scared the hell out of Arlen, the priest."
Simar: "I guess you can be trouble"
* Jalya laughs
Jalya: "I suppose so."
GM: Then the nasty weeds start fighting back. [init]
Jalya: "Shocked the hell out of me too, to be honest... WHOA!"
GM: There is a sharp jerk on the line and you hear Ivan shriek from down below "They're coming up! They're coming up!!"
* Jalya holds on tight [4 successes - Might(7) w/ a WP]
* Simar braces himself [4 successes - Might(7) also w/ WP]
GM: You both pull back and snatch Ivan up just as tendrils of the weed start whipping around. Two other men are snatched, one going right under water and his two anchors hanging halfway over the railing. Budro swoops down and starts slashing at weeds, then dodging whips of waterweed as they snatch after his legs. One of them wraps around his leg and holds him fast.
GM: Ivan is just out of reach of the tendrils, for now.
* Jalya pulls him up higher [3 successes - Might(6)]
* Simar pulling Ivan on deck [1 success - Might(6)]
GM: You pull him up and over, and he flies into Simar, knocking him over. One of the anchors to your left is pulled screaming overboard, while the other is cut free from the rope.
Jalya: <to Budro> "Can't we move the ship with Glamour by pulling it out of the water?"
GM: Budro is a bit busy trying to cut himself free of the weeds. You'll see Quiel, who is the one cutting the anchor free. He'll run past you and cut another pair of anchor men free as they're pulled to the rail. "Get the men up! Get the men up!" The anchors pull furiously, in a tug of war against the sea weed.
GM: [init]
* Jalya runs to help others up
GM: Budro is pulled under the water, shouting and hacking away as a second, then a third rope of weed entangle his legs. Ivan is busy trying to get out of the harness, shouting. the water weed tendrils are rising up, nearly at the level of the ship's railing. You can hear deep groans as the weeds start to squeeze the hull.
Jalya: [3 successes - might(6)]
GM: You'll get to the next set of anchors and start pulling, managing to free the man below before Quiel is forced to cut the line.
Quiel: "You have a good idea, moving the ship out of here, but I don't know if any of us have the strength to escape this stuff."
* Simar grab any of the anchor lines and yelling for Ivan to grab the sword [4 successes - Might(6)]
GM: well... You run across to the port side and start hauling up on the last foot of an anchor line, just as the man is yanked overboard. A tendril reaches up to grapple the man, but you slap it away and pull him up. You see his face is white with terror. The tendril floats backwards, twirls, then whips back at your face.
Simar: [5 successes - athletics(5)]
GM: You step back as it whips towards you, and it swishes past your face.
GM: 'Cil comes up on deck, and you see he's flapping his arms.
Jalya: <shouting> "Let's get the ship out of the water, 'Cil."
GM: 'Cil's face is covered in sweat, and you can hear the groaning in the hull getting louder and more insistent.
GM: [init]
GM: Ivan finally manages to get free of the harness, and he grabs a blade and starts hacking blindly at the sea weed vines, screaming "BACK!"
Simar: any more lines to grab?
GM: there is one more line, but the anchors are pulling the man up.
* Simar grabs a sword if I can and starts whacking at the tendrils [botch - alertness(6) to find a blade]
GM: You look around in the confusion of running men and waving weeds, but see no blade. then you feel one of the tendrils wrap around your left arm.
GM: The tendrils are getting bolder and faster, and soon Jalya has 4 of them slithering towards her.
Jalya: [3 successes - athletics(8) + WP]
GM: You whirl around, realize your escape route is blocked, then duck and roll out of the waving tendrils. One of them ensnares another, and they start pulling on each other.
* Simar does the lando calrisian scream
GM: It starts to drag you backwards...
Simar: [0 successes - Might(6)]
GM: It drags you to the railing, where you plant your feet to keep on board.
* Simar really really really wants his sword ..right hear right now(just seeing if it'll come to him)
* Ivan runs up and slashes at a tendril as it goes after Jalya.
* Quiel starts shouting more orders. "Fire! Bring fire!"
GM: The ship lurches, then starts to turn clockwise. The main mast snaps as tendrils of waterweed wrap it and squeeze
Jalya: [3 successes - Alertness(6)]
GM: Simar - The tendril is wrapping around your arm and gaining strength
Simar:  [botch - Might(7)]
GM: Jalya, you look around as the ship is starting to be torn apart, and you see Simar is being dragged overboard. Ivan runs shouting, but he gets there just as Simar goes over the rail. Quiel starts throwing oil over the tendrils overboard, lighting up some of the tendrils. They recoil like slugs on salt, snapping back into the water.
* Jalya uses Legerdemein to lift Simar - making lifting motions w arms + this chant:
Jalya: "Lifting whims lifting spirits lift up Simar out of danger" [botch]
GM: The ship is starting to lift up out of the water, but the hull is splintering with the force. Simar splashes down into the water, surrounded by writhing weeds
GM: [well , you gain a temp reverie, unless you'd prefer a nightmare effect]
Jalya: [nightmare]
* Jalya screams "Simar!!!"
GM: The ship floats up, just out of the water, and coasts above the waving tendrils towards the scrap of land. Planks, ropes, cargo and men shift around, some falling into the sea. You go some distance and manage to get out of the weird seaweed field before 'Cil collapses and the ship falls apart.
Jalya: [1 success - Athletics(6) to swim to shore]
GM: Jalya swims with all her might, and finally she gets to shallow enough water where she will be safe enough. Josilyn will help you up on shore, but she is only barely capable herself. You lay panting on the rocky shore, surrounded by panicked and exhausted men. Ivan is there, his face in his hands. Zalith, however, is nowhere to be seen.
Jalya: OMG! "Zalith!"
* Jalya cries

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