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Chapter Two: The Egg

(O - Windsday Junori 16th - Imperial Year 211 · MYTH ·
GM: The sky is dark, only the slightest light from starts and the vague glow of the moon over the horizon. The sun should be up in an hour or less. Simar, you've crawled up onto the wet sand, where your fatigued muscles are beginning to cramp and you gasp for breath. Zalith rolls off of you and lies in the mud. It takes a few minutes for you to register the commotion - the sounds of men shouting above the constant rush of the waves.
* Simar looks around
* Simar looks for any sign of Polari too
GM: The beach is only as wide as the tide line - there are trees and thick brush just beyond that. You can see a campfire, in the same direction as the shouting. You don't see Polari.
Simar: [0 successes - Alertness(7)]
GM: At first you don't register it as Verite, but now that your head has cleared some you can hear things much clearer. Seems someone has escaped, and the men are shouting for their capture.
* Simar gathers up his sword and Zalith and heads towards the sound... sneaking if at all possible... until I see bodies [0 successes - stealth(6)]
GM: You hear scrambling in the trees - the sound of a chase, and it's getting closer.
* Simar is still concerned about Polari too
GM: You step into the trees, and are nearly bowled over as someone charges past you and stumbles onto the beach. They're followed by 3 armed men, shouting "Get 'er!"
Simar: who just ran me over?
GM: Just when you get your bearings straightened out you realize two things - the men have spotted you and are backing into a defensive posture, swords at the ready, and that they were chasing Josilyn, who is panting in the sand.
* Zalith sneezes
Simar: "by Charatt's teeth !! what is the meaning of this?!"
* Simar holds both Zalith and the sword
GM: One of them will step up to you, motioning for you to drop your sword, but the other two just stare.
* Josilyn stands up and gives you a very surprised look. "Simar?"
Simar: "Josilyn... what is going on?"
* Simar keeps an eye on the swords
GM: One of the men smacks the one approaching you on the back of the head. "That's the other one, you fool."
Josilyn: “They killed my sister!" pointing at the men.
Simar: "Jalya? ... dead?"
GM: The men lower their swords, and one reaches out a hand. "It is an honor to meet you.,” he says.
* Josilyn stands up and takes position behind you. "She was hit on the head by one of their traps." she points at them accusingly. "We told you he would come."
* Simar holds that sword intently still
Simar: "someone had better explain, before more lives are lost." [4 successes - Leadership(5)]
GM: The youngest one opens his mouth to speak, but then closes it and all 3 of them fall to their knees. "We were told by the other one that these Faeries were responsible for your death."
Simar: "what other?"
* Josilyn looks at Zalith. "Ohhh. Oh no..." and she takes him from you. "Is he okay?"
* Simar hands him over to Jos
Simar: "he’s not in good shape Jos. Where is Ivan?"
GM: The older one looks up at you. "You were foretold to us, but when only Ivan showed we were confused." he swallows. "And now we've lost the egg."
Josilyn: “Ivan was really angry when you were taken overboard. He blamed us."
* Simar tries to look commanding ... even though he just got confused
Simar: "Ivan?"
* Simar looks at the three men
GM: The men nod. "Ivan told us of their betrayal."
Josilyn: “We weren't the betrayers. Budro was."
Simar: "Budro? .... He made it to the surface? What is this egg you speak of?"
Ibarite: "It is for Charatt. Sarvas gave us a sign, and from him we found a dragon's egg. Only now it's been stolen."
* Josilyn nods. "He's the one who stole it."
GM: The men will rise. "You vouch for this Faerie then?"
Simar: "yes......"
Josilyn: “And if my sister is dead he's gonna cut your heads off for it."
(O - Earthday Junori 17th - Imperial Year 211 · MYTH ·
GM: The sky begins to lighten with the rising of the sun. The men start leading you through the brush to a path, taking you to the camp.
* Simar points to one of them
GM: He backs up... "It was an accident, I swear it! She tripped one of our traps, is all."
Simar: "where is Ivan?"
GM: The eldest of the men will nod his head back. "He is at the camp. When the egg was taken we were scattered. We are only just regrouping."
Simar: "so the egg is just stolen?"
Ibarite: "We fear it may be gone now. This Budro used powerful magick to distract us. Seems he used these fae sisters to that end as well."
Josilyn: "He flew off somewhere in the fog."
Simar: "can his magicks keep him flying for long Jos? do you have any idea?"
* Josilyn shrugs. "I've known some who can fly only minutes at a time."
Simar: "do you think he'd be able to fly off this island?"
Josilyn: "I think he has friends among the Mer-Folk. He must have led us into that trap."
GM: One of the men gives a sharp whistle, which is answered very quickly. You don't exactly recognize the signal, but you know its intent.
Simar: "but he was a prisoner in there with me..... unless ...this just doesn't make sense"
GM: The camp is well concealed, and they are on double guards. You'll see Ivan, his face in his hands as he sits by the fire. You'll also see Jalya laid out on the ground, and nasty gash in the side of her head. It looks like her arm may be broken as well.
GM: Josilyn runs to Jalya, and when the men go to stop her, the guards with you tell them to leave her be.
Ivan: "By the Eye! Simar you're alive!"
* Simar looks at Jalya ..... then at Ivan
Simar: "what have you done Ivan?"
* Ivan stands, watching as Josilyn looks over Jalya's injuries. He seems afraid to face you. "I was so angry... I thought that they had betrayed us."
Josilyn: "We kept trying to tell you Simar was still alive. Didn't you believe your own oracle?"
Simar: "Ivan tell me what has gone on here"
GM: [Jalya heal 1, and you're just beginning to come around]
* Jalya stirs
Ivan: "Our secret brothers have a plan." He watches as Josilyn snaps Jalya's arm back into place, cringing.
* Simar does the same
Jalya: "mm..... ow...."
Josilyn: "Don't sit up too fast now... you're in bad shape sis."
Ivan: "Remember the city? How fast they were building."
GM: Some of the men nod their heads.
Jalya: "... Tree, Talia..."
* Jalya sits up
Jalya: "...whoa..."
* Jalya puts her hand to her head
Ivan: "That city is supposed to be a trick. The Imperials know we're here, and they hope to lure us to that false city."
Josilyn: "Easy now, easy..."
* Simar listens to Ivan.....
Simar: "lure us?"
Jalya: "what happened, sis?"
* Jalya blinks
Josilyn: "You triggered a trap." she grins. "But I found Simar."
* Jalya looks in the direction of Simar's voice
* Ivan nods. "Only we know they know." he winks. "A double-double cross. We send some men to be captured in Flausa, while the real mission gets the egg across."
* Simar grins at Jalya
* Jalya gasps "Devesku.."
* Simar hears his name and winces
GM: The men shake their heads. "Only now with the egg lost the plan is undone."
Ivan: "Jalya has seen a vision - Talia came to her."
Josilyn: "That was the most terrifying vision I ever saw..."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Jalya: "Where's Zalith?"
GM: Josilyn will put Zalith in your lap. He's limp and ragged looking, and his breathing is labored.
Josilyn: "I think he's really sick."
Simar: "wait.... maybe we can have Jalya divine where the egg is .... provide you didn't scramble her egg to much"
* Jalya will try to heal him [3 successes - healing(7) w/WP]
Jalya: "later... he comes before all things."
* Simar understands
* Jalya also mutters a prayer to Talia
Josilyn: "If Budro can't fly beyond the island, then he must be with the Mer-Folk."
Jalya: "And you said he was 'fun'."
Simar: "Polari........."
Jalya: "what?"
GM: You're certain that Zalith is ill from being under water for so long. You can ease his discomfort, but for now that's the best you can manage. Then you hear the echo of Talia's voice in your memory... 'The one you love is ill, Jalya. That may be payment enough...'
* Jalya continues tending to Zalith, wrapping him in her cloak
Simar: "Ivan......I must go back to the of the merfolk .... a little girl named Polari.....she helped me escape"
Josilyn: "How was I supposed to know he was a bastard."
GM: The men will mutter amongst themselves. one of them says: "How can you trust any of the Mer-Folk?"
Jalya: "If I glimpse him again, I'll nullify him. I swear that to all the Blessed Gods."
Simar: "she helped think me to be lying about it?"
* Simar looks around
Ivan: "Even if she did save you, she can't live long on land..."
GM: The men avoid your gaze - intimidated by your mere presence
Simar: "she is alone now Ivan.....because she helped me.....we must find her "
Josilyn: "Well, why are we sitting around letting Budro get away with your egg?"
Jalya: <to Zalith> *you are going to be fine, my love... you're safe now...*
Ivan: "If that is your wish, then that is what we must do."
Zalith: *I feel awful*
* Zalith coughs
Jalya: "Oauoa.."
* Jalya sniffles
Simar: "I still want this island scoured for any sign of Budro...we keep looking until we get that egg"
Jalya: *You're going to be fine...*
* Ivan turns to Jalya. "I know you can't forgive me... for the way I acted towards you..." he looks away. "I can't explain it. I was just so angry..."
Jalya: "Remember.. I get to kill him."
Josilyn: "He played us well, I daresay."
Jalya: "Ivan... you need to learn to judge people by their actions. not by their race. Fathom?" [0 successes - Intuition(7)]
GM: The guards rotate their positions, and you'll hear a few more being led in from their hiding places. Seems that the original camp has been completely searched, with no sign of Budro or flying rocks.
* Simar fills Ivan and the ladies in on everything that went on after he fell overboard
Ivan: "It wasn't what you think, Jalya. As soon as I saw your face on the island I was..." he looks at you now and you see tears in his eyes. "I had never hated anyone so much in my life before."
* Simar looks at Ivan
* Jalya perks up her ears
Simar: "you are not the first to let emotion get the best of you Ivan"
Jalya: "Why? What did I ever do to you?"
Ivan: "I just knew you had betrayed us. That you had killed Simar."
Josilyn: "So you became a slave anyway... Talk about fate chasing your tail."
Jalya: "a slave to your prejudices and hatred."
* Simar thinks about it
* Ivan just shakes his head.
Simar: "that's one way of Budro making sure I was taken care of......"
GM: The men's spirits don't seem very good, and they don't seem to be improving. All the news that comes in shows no sign of Budro.
* Jalya gently sets Zalith down, then stands, and starts barking orders to the men.
Simar: "but sir Oricil he didn't look at all well..... you think Budro dealt with him like he did me?"
Jalya: "I want him FOUND! I want him ALIVE. I get to nullify him, and send him to the way after! Fathom? FIND HIM." [0 successes - leadership(8)]
Josilyn: "How do you mean?"
Simar: "it could be Sir Oricil is still a slave"
Josilyn: "I saw the power 'Cil was pouring into the ship to save us. I'm surprised he survived at all."
GM: The men look to Simar when you shout, but they already have their plans made. They mainly ignore you.
Zalith: *What's going on?*
* Simar nods to the men....."she speaks good reason...we still search until every rock on this island has been turned over"
Jalya: *Everything that transpired on the ship the day it sank, was Budro's doing.*
Simar: "Jalya I want you to divinate as soon as you feel up to may be our only chance"
Zalith: *Who is the woman in the mask?*
Jalya: "And don't forget to check the trees"
GM: Another group comes in - they've found the oracle's body.
Jalya: *Talia*
Jalya: "The oracle is dead?"
Zalith: *Oh...* he sneezes. *She says I'll be sick forever*
Jalya: *She lies.*
GM: The men nod solemnly, and you hear them talking about funereal preparations.
Simar: "a curse on Budro"
Zalith: *okay*
* Jalya picks Zalith up. *I love you*
Ivan: "If we cannot find the egg Budro stole, we can get another one."
Simar: "Jalya.......I want you to find think you can do it?"
* Simar looks at Ivan
Simar: "another one?"
Jalya: "I get to kill him D'Vesku"
Zalith: *So who is Talia, exactly? And why does she wear a mask on the back of her head?*
Ivan nods. "Where did you get this egg from?"
Simar: "I will let you too Jalya"
Jalya: *She's Charatt's wife."
Jalya: "I'll do what I can..."
GM: The men will shake their heads. "It was sold to us by a strange merchant - our oracle made a complicated deal to get it."
Zalith: *Oh. So a goddess says I'll be sick forever...* he coughs weakly. *I think I'll have to believe her*
* Simar will hear this out.....who knows
Jalya: <to Jos> *Zalith can see Talia.*
Ivan: "So let's find the merchant. Maybe we can convince him to sell us another, or tell us where he got it."
Jalya: *She lies, my love... she wants you to give up.*
GM: Again the men shake their heads. "Lengese merchants rarely come this far west."
Jalya: *Don't listen to her, Zalith*
* Jalya hands Zalith to Jos
Zalith: *She says it's your fault... what did you do?*
Simar: "Lengese eh?"
Jalya: *I wish I knew*
* Jalya kisses Zalith
Josilyn: "Wait... Why is this Talia punishing us?"
* Simar looks at Jos
Jalya: "I have no idea."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Ivan: "What did she say to you? Which face did she speak with?"
Jalya: "Both of them, and it's really fuzzy right now."
* Simar gets all big-eyed
Simar: "you spoke to Talia?"
Jalya: "She spoke to me."
Ivan: "She must have been truly angry if both faces spoke." he thinks a moment. "The moon was bright when you saw her, yes?
Jalya: "Jos fainted, but at this point, she probably remembers more than I do."
Jalya: "Yeah... it was."
GM: The men are now watching you with amazed looks.
Ivan: "When you played her - took her image. That must have offended her."
Jalya: <to the men> "Why are you standing around gawking? Find Budro."
* Simar remembers the farm now
Simar: "the farm........"
Jalya: "Probably... but I had no ill intent."
* Ivan shakes his head. "It doesn't matter. Talia's two faces make for a complex goddess."
Jalya: "Have you glimpsed them, Ivan? Until you do, you'd be better off not to assume anything."
Ivan: "My mother wanted me to be a priest."
Simar: "gods don't take kindly to impersonators I guess....."
GM: The next group of men make their way out, still no news of Budro.
Simar: "..........I am sorry Jalya ........ If we didn't send you in there....."
Ivan: "I imagine if you had any idea of the goddess, you wouldn't have impersonated her in the first place."
Jalya: "It doesn't matter now, does it?"
* Simar looks at Zalith
* Jalya turns and walks into the woods
Josilyn: "That all depends. If she's the one making Zalith sick, then maybe it does matter."
Simar: "I want to check the shore wanna come?"

* Ivan nods. "Anything, as long as it's not sitting here."
* Simar heads for the shore where he swam up at
GM: The woods are quiet - the only sounds you hear are the Ibarite men searching
GM: The shore is still littered with debris from the ship, though the waves are claiming the last bits.
* Simar looks at Ivan a moment
Jalya: is there a maple tree around?
GM: not here - this island is mostly beech trees, and the occasional stand of pines
Ivan: "I feel like I just woke up from a nightmare. I don't know where all that hate came from." He looks out at the silvery sea. "I just knew you were dead, even if the oracle said otherwise."
* Jalya sits down next to a tree, buries her head in her arms and sobs bitterly
Simar: "no matter what has is good to have you here with me my friend"
* Simar goes and wades out in the water some....calling Polari's name
Ivan: "We had things right in our hands." he clutches at the air. "And that bastard Budro took it away. We could have regained glory for our lord Charatt."
Simar: "we will.....maybe not this day.....but we will"
* Simar is genuinely worried about Polari ........
Ivan: "No, I mean it. If we could have gotten that egg to the Cauldron, Charatt would be free, and his Shadow would purge the oppressors from our lands."
* Simar thinks about that...............damn that Budro
GM: J: When you look up, you'll see one of the Ibarite guardsmen watching you. He looks away suddenly, finding something more important to do.
* Jalya looks up, wipes the tears from her eyes, sniffs a few times and says to him "What?"
Ivan: "You said that this Polari killed her father." He shakes his head. "It must have been terrible down there."
GM: The Ibarite man will turn, but he avoids looking right at you. "You… grieve?"
Jalya: "Only for what may come."
Simar: "and now she is alone.......she is but a child.....out there..."
* Simar looks out to the water
Simar: " many men are in this encampment?"
GM: He shakes his head. "You mustn't grieve for the future. There is the only place we will be free." He offers you a waterskin. "vodką?"
Ivan: "We had near a hundred, but we've only found half that." He grits his teeth. "Budro saw to that."
* Jalya takes the skin
Jalya: "Thank you."
Simar: "I was thinking.....if the ladies can ... change to look like anything they want...maybe Budro is doing the same thing...cept he's one of our own men... "
* Jalya takes a big drink.
Jalya: "Have you ever seen Talia?"
* Simar looks at Ivan
GM: He looks around, then sits down beside you. "I am Karl..." he looks a little nervous.
Ivan: "I hadn't thought of that... Maybe you're right."
Jalya: "Hello Karl."
Karl: "Yes, I saw Talia when my wife died."
Jalya: "Did she see Talia before she died?"
Simar: "I wonder if the ladies can see through the magic?"
* Karl shakes his head. "No. I had gone to pray, in hopes that Talia would take away her pain." He takes a swig from the skin. "And she did."
Ivan: "If they could, they should have by now..."
* Simar is not happy with himself for leaving Polari out there, like he did
Jalya: "Sounds like you didn't know how to ask for what you wanted... or else Talia just has a sick sense of humor."
* Jalya takes another drink
Ivan: "She can't be in too much danger. Those are still her own people."
* Karl laughs. "You cannot know our gods. Talia knew that death was her only release. Vania had been ill for years."
Simar: "I am worried about this child Ivan.........she wanted to leave ....and I used that to my advantage..... I will tell you I am not proud of myself Ivan"
Ivan: "You did nothing wrong. And the child took care of her own problem."
Jalya: "After what I've seen, I'm not certain I want to know your gods."
Simar: "she has murdered her own kind....I do not know there laws but I know ours...they will punish her if they catch her"
Jalya: "no offense."
* Jalya takes another drink, and hands the skin back to Karl.
Karl: "What do you expect of them? The gods are the powers that move Myth. Not all life is kind."
* Simar searches up and down the beach aways in both directions [1 success - Investigation(7)]
Jalya: "I don't know what to expect any more..."
GM: Ivan pats you on the shoulder. "Always worried about others before yourself..."
* Jalya reaches into her pouch, and pulls out a rune, trying to locate Budro.
Karl: "You must remember, Talia is goddess both of healing and of sickness - madness and clarity. Talia has two faces, because the moons are her home."
Jalya: "Is she the goddess of abhorrence as well?"
Ivan: "We can't search out here forever..."
GM: Simar - you're getting tired, certain that it's a fruitless search, when you see a glimmer in the waves, some distance off.
* Simar heads that way quickly
Simar: (how far out?)
Karl: "She has complicated moods. She can be quick to anger." he shrugs. "Seeing a vision of her is rarely a good sign."
GM: [looks at least a half mile]
* Jalya reaches into her pouch, and pulls out a rune, trying to locate Budro.
Simar: "Ivan....look.....what is that?"
GM: [Divination(8) since a soothsay cantrip won't work on him]
Jalya: [2 successes]
Jalya: =)
* Ivan squints, shading his eyes from the sun's bright rays. "Could be more flotsam."
GM: You draw Wyrd - he must be hiding
* Simar thinks....if there's any chance......and starts to call Polari's name
Jalya: "Do you believe in fate, Karl?"
GM: The glimmer disappears, then you see a splash and someone swimming to shore. In a few minutes, you see Polari's face poking above the water.
Karl: "We must all believe in fate, and become the master of our own."
* Jalya rubs the rune in her fingers
Simar: "'re OK!!!!"
Ivan: "I don't believe it!"
Jalya: "Who taught you that?"
Polari: "I saw your friend!"
Karl: "That is Charatt's teaching. Become the master of your fate and will, or it will master you."
Simar: "WHO?!?!......tell me which one?....the dark one?"
* Jalya places the rune back into her pouch
Jalya: "I see... He tells the truth, in a weird way."
* Jalya pushes herself up.
* Jalya wobbles a bit
GM: Polari swims up and flops onto the shore. Then you see her scaly legs shimmer, and she becomes the image of a normal little girl.
Polari: "Yeah, the one with the pretty dark eyes. And he had this beautiful round stone."
* Simar hugs Polari
Jalya: "Let's find Budro. He's hiding somewhere, and I need to kill him."
Karl: "Charatt has wisdom beyond the raging storm. His is the truth behind strength."
Simar: "and is he back with your kind?"
Karl: "I fear we will never find him. If he flew, as your sister said, he must be gone by now." he pushes himself up. "We may have to find some way to get another egg."
* Polari nods.
* Ivan pats her on the head. "And you came up just to tell us?"
* Polari looks at him. "Nooo... I wanted to thank Simar for helping me get rid of Daddy-Eldon."
* Simar grins big time at Polari
Jalya: "There are those who would say we make our own truths... like we make our own destinies... And I think he's still near us..."
Jalya: "Let's go."
* Jalya starts drunkenly lumbering back to camp.
Simar: "it is I who should be thanking you little one.... you helped me ....and for that I owe you more that I could ever repay you"
Polari: "Oh that's okay. I'm glad you got out of there. Is Zalith okay?"
* Karl will help you walk - he seems much less affected by the vodką than you.
Simar: "well as best as can be we can see him if you wish..........but first... the stone that pretty eyes has is very important and we need to see if we can get it you know where he took it to?"
Polari: "No." she thinks a minute. "But I'm sure that Lord Sarrast will see him tonight. You know, he really wasn't a slave. I heard Daddy-Eldon talking about that."
* Simar nods
Simar: "I know now.... he stole that stone Polari"
* Simar grins at her
Polari: "Really?"
Simar: "would you like to go see Zalith.... and meet his friend?"
* Simar points at Ivan
Simar: "this is my good friend Ivan"
Simar: "Ivan this is my good friend Polari"
* Polari bows to him. "I am Polari." then she smiles. "It would be good to get in the shade."
* Simar finds a good-sized palm frond to shade Polari
GM: As you lead her back to the camp, she looks all around, amazed and wide-eyed.
Polari: "I never thought it would be so green up here."
* Simar takes his wet shirt and drapes it over her head too
Ivan: "How did you do that? With your legs, I mean?"
Jalya: "You know something Karl?..."
* Polari giggles. "All Mer-Folk can, only we don't like to. I was always told that surface folk were only good for labor."
* Karl grins. "You should be careful with the vodką."
Jalya: ".. sometimes I wish I would never know what could have been...."
* Simar grins at Polari
Jalya: "Why?"
* Jalya giggles
Karl: "It goes to your head. And one as little as you, it has only so far to go."
GM: When you get back to the camp you'll see each other across the clearing - Simar and Ivan with a little girl, still dripping; Jalya being helped by one of the taller guards.
Simar: "there is a lot I hope we surface dweller can show you Polari other than what you have heard"
Jalya: "Right... I'll need to remember that..."
* Jalya pats Karl on the stomach
Jalya: "Yer such a good friend..."
GM: Polari runs to Zalith. "Oh poor kitty!" Josilyn looks up at her and smiles. Polari asks her, "Will he be okay?"
Simar: "Jalya........I want you to meet someone"
Jalya: <to a tree> "This is my friend"
Simar: "Jalya.....are you sossed?"
Jalya: "MMM... maybe...."
Jalya: "Whoz yer friend?"
* Jalya falls down next to Jos & Zalith
* Polari giggles
Simar: "this is my good helper beneath the waves ......Polari"
* Jalya waves
Simar: "and that pickled fish Polari is my good surface dweller Jalya"
* Jalya makes her fingers on her other hand 'walk' beneath her waving hand
* Jalya busts out laughing
Polari: "Did she chew on binderweed or what?"
Jalya: "hi"
* Jalya giggles some more
* Simar points at Jos
Simar: "that's Jalya's sister Josilyn"
* Jalya looks at Jos
Simar: "and you already know Zalith"
Simar: "listen Jalya.......Polari saw Budro...he's with the merfolk alright"
Simar: "and he has the egg"
* Jalya straightens up a bit
* Polari pets on Zalith.
Jalya: "To the Cauldron with the egg, I want his head."
Ivan: "Exactly."
Jalya: <to Jos> *Can you help Zalith any?*
* Jalya didn't like the way Ivan said that.
Simar: "Jalya it possible to be a merfolk with that disguise magic?"
Polari: "Lord Sarrast won't let him go without an audience."
Jalya: "It's possible to look like merfolk, but it wouldn't capture any of their abilities."
Simar: "hmmm then can you make yourself into say a fish or a big fish?"
* Jalya pets Zalith
Jalya: "Yeah, but I couldn't swim like one."
Polari: "I can take one or two of you with me. You would be safe."
Jalya: "Jos... stay here, take care of Zalith."
* Simar really doesn't want to endanger Polari in this....
* Jalya stands
Josilyn: "Are you sure you'll be okay?"
Simar: "Polari...........this could be dangerous...I can not ask you to do this"
Jalya: "I'm going to send Budro to the Way After."
Ivan: "Are you certain you can get back?"
Polari: "Dangerous?" she shrugs. "Not to me. But if you get captured you'll be a slave again."
Jalya: "Ivan comes with me."
Jalya: "He can get the blasted egg, and I'll nullify Budro"
* Simar looks at Jalya
Ivan: "Why not just lure Budro out?"
Jalya: "How?"
Josilyn: "How does he know you don't have another egg?"
Simar: "you think he's greedy enough to want two eggs?"
Ivan: "I'm sure he overheard us... But maybe we can make him think he got a decoy."
Jalya: "may not be greed that motivates him."
Jalya: "How, pray tell, do you propose we do that?"
Jalya: "You just don't want to go below, do you?"
Polari: "If I bring Simar back, he can say that."
* Simar thinks about that........
Simar: "she has a point"
Zalith: *The girl makes sense. Budro doesn't know that he escaped.*
Jalya: "No Simar... not really."
Jalya: *true*
Jalya: "On second thought..."
Ivan: "But are you sure he would believe you?"
Jalya: "Budro knows you worship the Dragon, right?"
Polari: "He would believe me."
Jalya: "Simar could tell him that he got a bogus egg, because Simar would know what the "real" egg looks like."
Jalya: "But, you'd risk becoming a slave, Simar... I can't let you go."
Simar: "we really have little seems crazy enough to work"
* Jalya pets Zalith
* Simar grins
Polari: "What is this egg, anyway?"
* Jalya walks up to Simar
Ivan: "It is a great treasure, Polari, and Budro stole it from us."
* Jalya looks up into his eyes
* Simar looks at Jalya
Simar: "what?"
Jalya: said softly: "Listen... I risked my life to save yours. The result has been you being enslaved to me, to repay the debt. I can't let you risk becoming a slave in body as well as spirit."
Jalya: "you aren't going.":
* Simar grins at Jalya
Simar: "oh really.... "
Jalya: "if something went wrong, you would be enslaved... and I couldn't live with that."
Jalya: "really."
Simar: "and yet you would let that happen to you and Ivan...... no I will not have it"
Simar: "I have my sword this time"
Jalya: "Please... stay. Watch after Josilyn and Zalith. Please. If you stay, your debt to me is nullified."
* Simar looks at her
Polari: "If you want this plan to work, it has to be Simar. He's mine."
Jalya: "It means that much to me."
Jalya: "Yours?"
* Polari nods. "Daddy-Eldon bought him for me. I'm supposed to be looking for him now."
* Simar grins
Jalya: "I see...."
Polari: "They think maybe the sharks ate you."
Simar: "looks like it's you and me Jalya"
Jalya: "Excuse me a moment..."
Jalya: "I need to speak with Jos before we go, D'vesku."
Simar: "alright"
* Simar looks at Ivan
* Jalya motions Jos over to the edge of camp
Simar: "so how would I have found out about the egg then?"
* Josilyn will settle Zalith and follow
* Ivan goes up to Simar and takes him aside. He asks quietly: "Why does she call you that?"
Jalya: [in Aelfar]: "Jos... I need to tell you something..."
Jalya: "I really don't expect to make it back..."
Simar: "it''s what she calls me......its probably means something in her language"
Ivan: "Oh..." he thinks a second. "It sounded familiar."
Josilyn: <Aelfar> "You shouldn't say such things."
Simar: "so I am to just tell Budro the egg he has is a fake?"
Jalya: "Listen, sunshine... It's my fault Zalith is ill."
Ivan: "I think what Jalya says may work. Since we're heretics, we should know what a dragon egg looks like, right?"
Josilyn: "So this is a sacrifice then?" she frowns at you.
Jalya: "I'm going down there to exact revenge on Budro... Then, I plan to ask Talia to let him go... and that I take his place."
Jalya: "Call it a sacrifice if you will, but it's not that at all."
* Josilyn turns away. "You do what you must. I'm not explaining this to Zalith."
Jalya: "It's best that he not know."
Jalya: "I don't want him bearing the burden of this."
Jalya: "He means too much to me for that."
* Josilyn walks back towards the camp. "If you must."
* Simar goes back to Polari
* Jalya mutters: "That didn't work out the way I intended."
GM: The men are getting anxious, seeing the arguments and plans being made
* Jalya heads back towards camp
Simar: "Polari...... what are we to say about your fa...I mean Eldon?"
Jalya: "sharks got him."
* Simar looks at Polari
* Polari nods. "That's what I already told 'em. And that you tried to chase 'em off."
Simar: "ok"
* Jalya kneels next to Zalith
Jalya: *I love you.*
* Jalya kisses Zalith between the ears
Zalith: *You be careful*
Jalya: *I will... I'm going to get those who did this to you.*
Jalya: *..and you get better, Beloved.*
Zalith: *Talk about vengeance...* he sneezes.
Jalya: *sharks won't have enough of Budro to feed on when I get through with him.*
* Simar looks at Jalya and Zalith then to Polari
Simar: "Polari go tell Zalith you'll watch out for Jalya for him"
Jalya: *Jos will take care of you until I get back.*
Polari: "How will we explain her, anyway?"
Ivan: "You be careful down there. I don't want to lose you again."
Simar: "she is gonna hide until we draw out Budro......right Jalya?"
Jalya: "In a manner of speaking..." (kept looking at Zalith when that was said)
Polari: "But she can't hide for too long. Unless you can breathe underwater..."
Simar: "then she is gonna have to look like one of your kind if she plans on keeping near us"
Simar: "maybe a guard of some sort?"
Jalya: *I love you, Zalith.*
Simar: "a guard that can hold my sword for me"
* Jalya kisses Zalith between the ears again
Zalith: *My heart is always with you*
Polari: "Hmmm... I guess so."
Jalya: *I know... I'll see you soon.*
Simar: "how's that sound Jalya?"
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "That sounds good to me."
Jalya: "I need something bigger than my knife to skewer Budro with anyway."
Simar: "then what are we waiting for.......lets do this"
Jalya: to Jos, in Aelfar: "I'll be back, sis... I swear it."
* Polari grins. "Wow, I never thought this would be so exciting."
Josilyn: "I will wait for you on the beach."
Jalya: "Just wait, child..."
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "let's go."
GM: The water is lapping at the shore, and Polari seems eager to dive right in.
* Jalya turns towards the ocean
* Simar takes Polari's hand and heads for the beach
Polari: "You have to stay close or you'll drown."
Jalya: "I think I'll need a better weapon that Bunnyslayer here."
* Jalya points to her knife
Simar: "you want the sword now?"
Jalya: "Ok... important safety tip... thanks."
Jalya: "Not just yet."
Jalya: "when we get closer"
* Simar nods
Polari: "They're not gonna believe you're one of the guards..."
Jalya: (can I heal myself so I don't get that nasty penalty?)
GM: [using Healing will take some time first]
Jalya: "They will..."
Simar: (can Jos heal you)
Jalya: (she already did)
Jalya: (do we have time?)
GM: [that's all up to you]
Jalya: "hang on a second... I should be in the best condition I can be in... Still woozy."
* Jalya goes over to a tree, and sits
* Simar waits
* Jalya heals herself (hopefully) [0 successes - Healing(7)]
Polari: "What did this Budro do anyway?"
* Simar looks at Polari
Simar: " he was supposed to be our friend ...but he lied to us"
Simar: "then got the merfolk to attack our ship it seems"
Jalya: "Ok.. let's go."
Simar: "then he stole the stone(egg) from us for himself"
Polari: "That's not a surprise. Lord Sarrast says we need more slaves."
Jalya: "I don't fathom slavery."
Simar: "well it was not wise for him to get Jalya here mad"
* Jalya dives in the ocean
* Simar grins at Jalya
Jalya: "No... it wasn't"
* Jalya smiles a twisted grin.
* Simar follows Jalya
GM: The water is very cold, and for a moment there is a disorienting feeling. Polari will take a hand from each of you and lead you down into the depths.
GM: [J: resistance(7)]
Jalya: [1 success]
GM: The water is very murky for the first few minutes, and then it becomes crystal clear once you've cleared the surface currents. Jalya, you feel the natural urge to hold your breath, then realize a few minutes that you forgot to, and that you're breathing normally.
Jalya: whoa... coool
Polari: "I don't know if they followed me this time, but I doubt it. They were very busy chasing the sharks away."
Jalya: "sharks?"
Simar: "yes.....sharks"
* Polari grins a wicked little grin. "Yep. The ones that got Daddy-Eldon."
Jalya: "I think I might want that sword now, Simar...."
GM: You're just now grazing the tops of some ragged kelp, and you can see the thick tangles of the binder-weed off in the distance.
Simar: "trade me"
* Jalya hands her knife to Simar
Polari: "I still don't think they'll believe you're one of the guards."
* Simar gives Jalya his sword
Jalya: "Do merfolk use swords, Polari?"
GM: [J: resistance(7)]
Simar: "I only saw them use tridents"
Polari: "Not very often."
Jalya: [0 successes]
Jalya: :P
Simar: (uh oh)
GM: When you take the sword from Simar you feel an icy spike of pain run up your arm. [lose 1 mana]
Jalya: ack
Jalya: "Ow..."
Polari: "What? You didn't grab the sharp end..."
Jalya: "It's sharp everywhere, sweetie."
GM: You're settling down into the thick kelp, mostly hidden from view. It's hard to judge distances down here - everything always seems far away.
Jalya: "Simar...? would you cover her eyes, please?"
Simar: "wonders why?
* Simar wonders why
Jalya: "please?"
Polari: "You're not gonna do anything gross are you?"
Simar: "come here Polari"
Jalya: "nothing you want to see, Polari..."
* Jalya smiles
Simar: "lets do as she says"
* Polari flips her hair and floats over to Simar. "Okay, but hurry up."
Jalya: "I shall"
* Simar covers Polari's eyes
* Jalya makes herself like a mer-folk (male) [3 successes - subterfuge(7) w/WP]
GM: The water swirls around you, remaking your hair into long greenish locks, and tinting your skin a deep blue.
Jalya: "Polari...? how's this?"
* Simar shows Polari
* Polari will look you over, swimming around you. "Maybe... I don't think they would believe you're one of the soldiers, but you could be a farmer."
Jalya: "I'll have to fake it then.
Jalya: "Let's go"
Polari: "My ma'll be glad I'm home, but she may want to sell Simar back." she giggles
Simar: "lets hope we won't have to worry about that"
* Jalya mutters "I'd buy him."
* Simar rolls his eyes.....seeing a trend
GM: Once you're past the kelp beds you can see the outskirts of the mer-folk town - mostly squat stone structures.
Jalya: "I'm kidding you oaf..."
Jalya: (ahh like an under-sea Flintstones cartoon...)
GM: Polari will swim up a little bit, flying over the rocky terrain below and towards a more sparsely populated area where the stone seems to be a much higher quality. She brings you down just before a small house, decorated in pink and green shells.
Polari: "Maaa!"
* Simar waits patiently
GM: Polari's mother pokes her head out the door. You can see she's wracked with grief, and she rushes out, wrapping Polari in her arms. "Where have you been?! Your father went looking for you..." She turns a baleful eye to Simar. "You were supposed to PROTECT her!"
* Jalya looks at Simar
Simar: "I kept my word"
Simar: "she is safe"
* Polari makes a great show of grief, sobbing out: "It was sharks ma! They got Daddy-Eldon when he came to get me, and Simar had to chase them off."
Ma: "What do you mean the sharks got him?" she looks at Jalya. "Did you see this?"
Jalya: "I did."
GM: Polari lets out a long ragged sob, horribly fake sounding, but matching her mother's when she gets what has happened.
Jalya: "It was... terrible... I can't talk about it..."
GM: Her mother will shoo you all in the house. "No, no... I should have known." She composes herself, and stands up straight. "Can I offer you anything Mr...?"
Jalya: "Jaleen"
Jalya: "I'll be fine, Thank you."
Jalya: "mis... "
Jalya: "...?"
* Simar acts respectful and stays out of the way
GM: She nods. "Mr. Jaleen. I'm so glad you got my daughter home safe..." she turns to Simar. "Why were you so close to the binder-weed beds? She knows better than to go there."
Simar: "it was the sharks"
Jalya: "She saw me there... I went after this nice artifact from the surface-world..."
Jalya: "She was kind enough to come and warn me about it,."
GM: She turns to Jalya, a little embarrassed. "I'm so sorry, I've been rude." she curtseys. "I'm Klea."
* Jalya points to the sword
Jalya: "Greetings Klea"
* Jalya bows at the neck
Polari: "Zalith told me he saw that pretty sword and I wanted to see it myself. That's when the sharks came."
Klea: "Do you tend the binder beds?"
Jalya: "I'm being trained to at the moment..."
Jalya: "Very hard to control, they are."
Klea: "I wish they had never put those cursed things there. All they do is draw trouble." she steps over to Polari. "You should know better than to play in the binder weeds. And here I've scolded our servant for your behavior."
* Jalya looks at Simar
Klea: "And now we're stranded here." her composure slips a little. "I should have known Eldon would get himself killed on some fool errand."
Polari: "We can go back home, ma."
* Klea shakes her head. "I don't think there is any home for us, Polari."
* Jalya motions to Simar (quietly saying: "c'mere")
GM: Polari sits at her feet, looking down. You can tell that the fake despair is slowly settling to reality.
* Simar slowly slips over to Jalya
Jalya: whispers in Aelfar: "This reunion is touching and all, but where the hell is Budro? How can we get to him with all this drama happening?"
GM: [S: alertness(6)]
Simar: [3 successes]
Simar: (am I able to speak Aelfar?)
GM: [yes. it's still a little rough sounding, but that's mainly due to minimal use]
GM: When you step back to confer with Jalya you see into a part of the house you've never seen before.
GM: At first you just dismiss what you see, assuming it's more of the aquatic decor, but then you realize you see a shrine to Deimuu. Odd - you've never heard of Faerie folk who give worship to the gods.
Simar: <Aelfar> " this might work to our advantage...she may have to go to the king now"
* Simar double checks to make sure
Jalya: "Hmm..."
GM: Definitely - the offering dishes are the same, and the representation is almost identical to the statue Molo Naur was designing.
* Simar thinks this is odd......what are they doing worshipping mannish gods
GM: You can hear Polari and her mother talking in the other room quietly - making plans on how they'll live
* Simar whispers to Jalya
Simar: "maybe you can hint to Klea to go talk to the king"
Jalya: (whispering) "Why should I do it? Why would they need to speak to the King?"
Simar: "I can't think of any other way to get there.......can you?"
Jalya: "No.. good point"
Simar: "her husband was kinda important maybe suggest a service I don't know"
* Jalya calls "Miss Klea?"
* Klea comes over. "Yes?" she wipes at her eyes. "You wouldn't happen to want to buy a slave, would you?"
Jalya: "Miss Klea? Perhaps we should go to the King, and suggest a service for Master Eldon."
Jalya: "I may... wish to buy him..."
* Jalya looks at Simar, winking
Klea: "I don't know if Eldon would want a special service. But I can ask Lord Sarrast when we see him tonight." She looks back at Polari. "We'll be going back to Yar'Uchil now that Eldon is gone."
* Simar looks at Jalya
Jalya: "I must ask ye, mistress... why would you want to part with a fine servant?"
Klea: "I never wanted him." she blushes. "We never kept slaves in Yar'Uchil."
Jalya: "But you'll sell him? Me thinks ye would just set 'im free."
Klea: "I know, but if I just let him go he's certain to be recaptured, and maybe even tried for Eldon's death." she steps into the hall, closing the door to the shrine. "I thought maybe you would be kind to him."
Jalya: "Were he mine, Care for him well, I would..."
* Klea turns to Simar. "I'm so sorry I've been cruel to you. I had hoped that if I didn't like you Eldon wouldn't keep you."
* Jalya thinks "moot point now"
Simar: "I understand.....but truth be known... my only concern was for the child"
Simar: "and it is still important to me"
Klea: "It's refreshing to find someone else here who dislikes the binder weeds and the slaves it brings. But how do you work, Mr. Jaleen?"
Jalya: "Beg pardon?"
Klea: "At the binder beds." she gives Simar a sad look. "I'm sure that's where you would have ended up if Polari hadn't insisted."
Jalya: "It's complicated... we need to speak with them telepathically to control them... Hard to learn the weeds' thought pattern"
* Jalya smiles
* Simar hopes Jalya doesn't over do it
Klea: "Oh... Must be something new then." she shrugs. "Will you be staying for dinner? We plan to have our audience with Lord Sarrast as soon as we can."
Jalya: "I'd love to stay, if you'll have me."
* Jalya cracks a big grin.
GM: She steps into what appears to be the kitchen and starts scaling a large fish. "Had you ever met Eldon at the binder beds? I know he didn't go often, but he was proud of the work."
Jalya: "No... I was recruited yesterday, just before the incident."
* Klea laughs. "You know, it's a shame. I don't know if I'll miss him."
* Jalya thinks of Hamm, for some reason
Jalya: "I fathom that sensation."
GM: She starts to fillet the fish, setting thin strips on brightly polished plates. "I thought it was so wonderful here in Kulu, but then the binder weeds and the soldiers..." she pushes the fish's skeleton aside. "It's just not nice here anymore."
* Polari pops in and takes the plates, weaving between you.
Jalya: "It has changed, hasn't it?"
GM: She starts picking through some thick leafy greens, pinching off the stems. "My family were always fishers, and when Eldon..." she gets a dreamy look. "When he won me, he was a fisher too. But then he got the call to glory..."
* Polari taps her foot at the doorway. "He wasn't even that good a fisher, ma."
Jalya: "He won you?"
* Jalya looks at Simar, perplexed
* Klea nods. "Herte, that's Polari's father, he and Eldon were always rivals. Then Eldon challenged Herte, and he won me."
Polari: "I think he cheated."
Klea: "Hush now!" she turns back to you. "I never knew he wanted to take me away."
Jalya: "Ahh.."
* Simar looks at Jalya with that "what" look on his face
* Jalya takes a bite of the fish
Jalya: "Sometimes we can't help being subject to fate."
* Jalya looks at Simar
* Jalya takes another bite
GM: The fish is wonderfully fresh, alive while she was scaling it.
* Jalya looks away
Klea: "Tonight I'll ask Te-I-Mun for guidance, and maybe he'll tell us where we should live."
Jalya: "Is he your oracle?"
* Jalya winces
* Polari kicks you under the table as Klea gives you a perplexed look. "Oracle?"
Polari: "I don't think Jaleen keeps a shrine of Te-I-Mun, ma."
* Simar thinks "uh oh"
Jalya: "Sorry... I was told by one of the new slaves that one was an 'oracle'... one who can glimpse that which is to come..."
Jalya: "I think my mind was still in that world."
* Klea gives you this sad look. "You haven't heard the wisdom of Te-I-Mun?" she shakes her head. "I only wish more here did. They would be at peace."
Jalya: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to be a land-dweller?"
* Klea shakes her head. "Whatever for? All we could need is here."
Jalya: "True..."
* Jalya looks up
Jalya: "But I still wonder sometimes..."
* Polari takes the dirty dishes away, and you start to feel your cantrip unraveling.
Jalya: (fye)
Klea: "Let me dress, and then we can go. I don't wish to be unseemly before Lord Sarrast."
Jalya: "good idea"
* Polari will grin at you when she comes out of the kitchen, the go and dress herself.
* Jalya tries to restore the cantrip
* Jalya bunks verbally: "Gods above, gods below, here in the sea I still go... under oceans turning now and then, make me still be mer-men." [botch - subterfuge(6)]
GM: [oh goody, do you want to do another nightmare or just take the reverie? it's only 1 pt.]
Jalya: fuck it... reverie
GM: As you reweave the mana around you, you start to feel a little short of breath. You realize that Polari is too far away to maintain both of your air supply, and the cantrip fizzles out.
* Simar thinks "oh dung!!!!"
* Polari floats in, wearing a polished pearl necklace and smiling, but then freezes when she sees you. "Oh no!"
* Jalya swims closer to Polari's location
Jalya: "Oh no is right..."
Jalya: (can I try again?)
* Simar whispers ......"what are we gonna do?"
Polari: "What did you do?"
Jalya: "I don't know..."
GM: [yes, but it will take a few minutes, which you doubt you have]
Jalya: "Nevermind... Distract your mother in the next room, I'll try to fix it...."
* Klea calls from the other room: "Polari... Could you find my pebble bracelet..."
Jalya: to Simar: "I know you couldn't have stayed next to her the entire time you were here... where did they keep you?"
Polari: "I'll try... Coming ma!"
Simar: "in a room with air....a shed of some sorts"
GM: The room is only just down the hall from here, which should get rid of your impending breathing trouble
* Simar drags Jalya off to it
Jalya: (when we get to the room) "I swear by Charatt, Junon, Talia and all the gods and Goddesses I will never step foot on a ship as long as I live."
Jalya: "Except the one that will get us off the island, that is."
Simar: "I thought that spell would last longer....what happened?"
Jalya: "Sometimes spell weaving is more difficult than other times."
GM: This room is much more spartan than the rest of the house, almost a cell.
Jalya: "I bet you went nuts in here."
Simar: (the room is only down the hall........that one)
Jalya: "Oh, Simar...?"
Jalya: "Thank you..."
GM: You hear Klea and Polari in the hall, Klea asking if you two have stepped outside.
Simar: "thank you?"
Jalya: "...for taking care of Zalith while you were down here."
* Polari answers that you must have gone to get dressed too.
Simar: "I had to ....I know how you feel for him...."
* Jalya bunks verbally: "Gods above, gods below, here in the sea I still go... under oceans turning now and then, make me be just as mer-men."
* Simar prays it works
* Jalya repeats it, 4 times [2 successes - subterfuge(6) w/WP]
GM: The cantrip reweaves itself around you, but you can feel it's not as strong this time, and the hair is a darker green.
* Simar looks at Jalya
Jalya: (hopefully, she won't notice)
GM: Klea and Polari leave the house.
Jalya: "Let's go"
Simar: "oh dung they're leaving"
* Jalya swims to the outside
* Simar follows
* Jalya holds her breath
* Simar does too
GM: You swim out and barely manage to catch up to them before your lungs start to hurt. Polari sees you coming, she blows a kiss your way, and you feel the slight fizzy sensation as the water becomes airy enough to breathe.
Jalya: (whew)
Klea: "Oh there you are." she stops a second and then smiles. "What a wonderful trick you've done with your hair, Mr. Jaleen."
Jalya: "Thank you... "
* Simar thanks Charatt she didn't freak
Jalya: "I thought it suitable, considering our audience"
GM: When you get clear of the houses, Klea gives out a loud call, summoning a pair of dolphins. They swim around you, chittering and squealing, and they take a great interest in Jalya.
Klea: "My, they are playful today." she takes hold of one gently, and Polari takes the second.
Jalya: =)
Jalya: (can I communicate with them?)
Jalya: "The certainly are..."
* Simar looks at Polari
GM: [nope]
Polari: "Come on, Simar. He won't bite you."
* Simar grabs onto Polari's dolphin
* Jalya grabs a dolphin's dorsal fin
Jalya: (I guess Klea's)
* Simar thinks...." this has got to be the weird way I've traveled ever.....".
GM: When you've got a good grip the dolphins will speed off, climbing up and splashing over the surface, then diving back down. [might(5)]
* Jalya pets the dolphin
Simar: [4 successes]
Jalya: [2 successes]
GM: When you dive down the dolphins will spiral around each other, chittering back and forth, before they pull up and slowly float down in front of a giant palace of black basalt.
GM: Polari laughs, while Klea works on fixing her hair from the rapid dive.
* Simar thinks that was a crazy way to travel
* Jalya does too
* Simar worries about their escape now
* Jalya does too
GM: There is quite a crowd here, and you fall in with them into the palace. When you get to the audience chamber, you'll see an imposing figure on a tall throne, a halo of white hair flowing around his head. And at the base of the throne, Budro, kneeling with a wrapped package in his hands.
Jalya: mutters "I'll kill him..."
Simar: "compose"
* Jalya works her way towards the front
Simar: "Jalya wait"
GM: The crowd seems anxious, and when you get a bit closer you can hear Budro making a big production of things.
* Jalya ignores that
* Simar hopes she doesn't get herself killed
* Jalya gets closer to him
Budro: "... delivered, as promised... And I wish to return the reward given, Lord Sarrast, for I have what I came for." and he whips the cloth form the package.
GM: You can only get a few yards to him before you get to a line of guards, who are working to keep the crowd back.
* Jalya stops at the guards
* Simar stays with Polari......worried about her still
* Jalya keeps her eyes on Budro
GM: Budro holds up the black orb, the dragon's egg. It catches in the gem-lights of the chamber, throwing an iridescent glow. The crowd ooohs and aaahhs.
Budro: "I wish to thank you, Lord Sarrast, for helping me find this great treasure." and he bows.
Sarrast: "What is it?"
GM: Budro starts to speak again, but you hear Polari shout from the back. "It's a giant moonstone!"
* Jalya gasps
* Simar laughs loudly
* Budro turns, grinning. "It may appear so, but it is far more than a moonstone."
GM: Jalya, your cantrip is shifting a bit, it may unravel soon.
* Simar hopes Budro sees him
Jalya: I'm close enough to him...
* Polari makes her way forward. "It's my moonstone. I lost it."
* Simar follows Polari
* Jalya screams "Budro you fraud!"
GM: When Polari clears away the crowd, Budro gets a clear look at Simar.
Budro: "You know what this is, don't you?"
Simar: "yes.....that is a moonstone alright"
* Jalya looks for a way around the guards [1 success - alertness(7)]
GM: The guards will push some people out of the way, letting Budro, Polari and Simar speak.
Simar: 'what did you think it was Budro?"
Budro: "It's an egg. A dragon's egg."
* Simar lol
Simar: "a what?!?!"
GM: You can't get through the guards, but you can see one of them is holding his trident loosely. Given a few minutes, you're sure you'll be able to slip past him.
Simar: "Budro I hope you didn't pay a lot of money for it"
GM: [S: Subterfuge(6)]
Budro: "Of course it's an egg."
* Jalya slips a bit closer to said guard
Simar: [3 successes w/WP]
Jalya: "Fraud! That's a moonstone if I ever saw one."
Simar: "tsk tsk Budro stealing little girls moonstones to impress others"
GM: Budro's grin slips a bit, but you can see he's seething inside. He turns to Jalya, and at that moment her cantrip slips away. Then his smile goes completely, and he throws the egg at her, growling with rage. [Jalya, athletics(6)]
Jalya: [2 successes]
Budro: "I've been tricked!" He points, first at Jalya, then at Simar. "Get them! They've tricked me!"
* Jalya heads for Budro, sword wielded
GM: [you don't want to catch the egg?]
Jalya: "Liar! I'll kill you, you bastard... you mother was a man-horse"
Jalya: (no, she doesn't care about the egg)
GM: Jalya sidesteps the egg and runs towards Budro through the opening in the guards. [Melee(7)]
Jalya: (she cares about vengeance)
* Simar goes for the egg [4 successes - Athletics(7) using Luck]
Jalya: [1 success]
GM: When you get to Budro, sword waving, he fakes left then dives behind the throne. The sword starts to throb in your hands.
GM: From above you, you hear Lord Sarrast call out "Halt!"
* Jalya attacks the bastard Budro
GM: [hold on, I have to see if Sarrast's cantrip goes off]
GM: Simar starts for the egg, but loses his footing. Fortunately, during the brief pause, the crowd parts in front of him, and the egg practically rolls right into his path
GM: When Sarrast stands and shouts the audience chamber goes completely silent. Lord Sarrast surveys the room with his yellow-green eyes, making sure none dare disobey.
* Simar gets the egg
* Jalya stabs Budro
* Budro peeks his head out, and he withers when Lord Sarrast glares at him.
GM: [you can't. you'd have to spend a WP to defy Sarrast's edict, and you're out]
GM: [but you can try next turn after a WP roll, but for the first turn you can't]
Jalya: [so I am...]
* Lord Sarrast turns his attention to Jalya. "Who are you to come into my palace and attack my guests?"
Jalya: "I am one whom this piece of shark dung has crossed... betrayed and nearly killed."
Jalya: "You have been betrayed as well, Your Majesty."
Jalya: "Let me kill him."
Jalya: "Dragon's Egg, indeed."
Budro: "Untrue! This creature tells only lies, Lord Sarrast. She has come to steal my treasure."
* Sarrast holds his hand up to silence both of you.
Sarrast: "Budro, your deed is done, and you have taken your payment. Do you want the egg?"
* Budro shakes his head. "No, if it's not really an egg it's of no use to me."
Jalya: "It's not an egg, your Majesty..."
* Simar starts praying for Talia to take mercy on one whose sole intent is to save the egg of her husband's kind
Jalya: "..let me kill him..."
* Sarrast turns to Jalya. "Budro is my guest, and you come here with no explanations, only wishing to kill." He shakes his head. "You are not welcome." He sits. "Guards, seize her."
GM: When the guards step up the sword starts to throb in your hand again, and you start to get a little dizzy from it.
* Jalya dives at Budro, sword slashing
GM: Then the ground starts shaking, and Sarrast's Protocol cantrip is shattered as the crowd starts running in panic.
GM: [Jalya, you gain a point of reverie - melee(8)]
Jalya: [1 success]
GM: Budro steps back as you slash at him, and you manage to cut his hand as he raises it to defend himself.
GM: Sarrast shouts above the crowd and the rumbling earthquake, but it's lost in the din.
Jalya: (great... that'll attract the sharks...)
* Simar looks for Polari
GM: The top of the palace then rises up, and you see a gigantic face peering in. The rumbling is its voice as it says: "You will do no more disservice to this poor creature." and it reaches in, taking Jalya up. Simar, you nearly faint when you realize you are face to face with the god of rivers and oceans - Deimuu.
Jalya: (holy fuck)
Jalya: !!
Simar: (of course Deimuu)
Simar: (shoulda thought of that)
GM: Deimuu lets the palace roof back down, like a lid on a box. With his free hand he strokes his green leafy beard, letting schools of fish swim out. "I am sorry my mother mistreated you so, Jalya." you have to hold your hands to your ears to keep your head from nearly bursting with the force of his voice.
GM: Polari stands wide-eyed as the roof is let back down. "It's ... It's... " and Klea finishes for her. "Te-I-Mun..."
* Jalya weeps
* Jalya can't help it
Jalya: "I ............... I don't know what to say............
* Simar think......."ah I see it all now"
GM: Deimuu lowers his hand and sets you down gently. His tail sweeps back and forth, creating titanic waves. "You wept for a bauble in my honor, and now I repay your kindness. My mother will lift her curse."
* Simar now thinks he should get the fuck out of here
Jalya: "Thank you..."
* Jalya bows
GM: He then reaches up and opens the palace again, as if it were just a toybox. He reaches in, taking up Simar, Polari and Klea.
* Simar decides to wet himself ....but hey nobody's gonna notice
Jalya: LOL
GM: He tosses Klea and her daughter to the currents, telling them "You will no longer wander in search of a home." and you see them tumble a bit before they right themselves and swim on.
* Simar holds onto the egg for all he's worth
GM: He then turns his scaly face to Simar. "You have no doubts?"
* Simar isn't sure what he refers to
Simar: "none"
GM: He points to the egg. "I cannot favor my mother's husband, as I cannot favor my father. What you have there could tip the scales."
Simar: "plez lord I ask your council"
* Jalya just sits there, awed by the majesty of it all
GM: Deimuu shakes his head, letting loose another school of fish from his shaggy beard. "Remember whose hands your fate rests in." and he sets you down. He then turns away from the palace and starts to swim, his tail sending you both sprawling. "I will remove this blight on my waters, and I will come here no more." as he swims towards the binder weed bed.
* Jalya gasps" S.... Ssss... Simmmmar...?"
Simar: "head for the island"
* Simar heads for the surface
* Jalya swims
GM: What begins as a frantic swim turns languorous as the water flows its way up with you, finally spilling you both up to the air in a spray of foam.
* Jalya gasps" S.... Ssss... Simmmmar...?"
* Simar gets his bearings
Simar: "Jalya? alright?"
Jalya: "is it common to glimpse 2 gods in 2 days?"
GM: You can see the island, and the moon just beginning to rise in the sky, and you can hear the water churning behind you as Deimuu tears the last of the binder weeds out.
* Jalya swims towards the island
Simar: "HAHAHA you are truly lucky"
Jalya: "or crazed..."
* Simar swim for the island
Jalya: "or blessed..."
Simar: "heheheheeee"
GM: [Jalya, you heal one level]
Simar: "I am going to say blessed....but only cause you are still breathing"
GM: Josilyn is waiting there on the beach, as she promised. Zalith is curled up at her feet.
GM: She's watching the commotion out in the water with some concern
* Jalya splashes up to the shore, and hugs Jos, nearly knocking her (and herself) over
Jalya: "Told you I'd come back..."
* Josilyn rolls with you, laughing. "What is going on out there?"
* Simar heads for shore and lays there awhile
* Simar clutching the egg
Jalya: "Deimuu... he's destroying the Bind-weeds"
Josilyn: "And you got the egg back!"
Jalya: "We did."
Jalya: "but Budro still lives... the bastard."
Jalya: "His mom was raped by man-horses, I know it."
Josilyn: "At least he doesn't have what he betrayed us for. And if he comes for it..." she grins.
* Jalya giggles
Jalya: "Jos... I was in the hands of a god..."
Josilyn: "Again?! What did you do this time?"
* Simar lays there
Jalya: "I wept in his honor..."
Jalya: "I so need to tell Cole about this...'
Simar: "the statue....he was talking about the statue"
* Josilyn goes to Simar and strokes his forehead. "Poor Simar. You must suffer so to have to be with us."
* Jalya pets Zalith
Jalya: (is he dry yet?)
* Simar looks at her with a grin on his face
Simar: "oh I could get used to it"
GM: Yes, and he's sleeping peacefully.
* Simar smirks
Jalya: good
* Simar feels so alive after seeing a god for some reason
* Simar gets up and gives a victory yell
GM: The splashing and churning finally calms down, but you can see the waters will be rough for some time.
GM: Long ropes of torn up binder weed float to shore
* Simar grabs Jos and dances with her and the egg
* Simar is feeling kinda giddy
Simar: "heheeeeee"
* Jalya giggles
GM: By now the commotion and your celebration have drawn some of the men, and when they see you have the egg they start to whoop and holler, and you'll be carried back to the camp.
* Simar figures this happens when you get a face to face from a god
* Simar grabs the sword
* Jalya happily lets him have it
GM: Yes, once the sword is out of your hands you feel its oppressive heat finally leave you
Jalya: "Jos...?"
* Jalya takes off her wet clothes
Josilyn: "Are you okay. You look... worn out."
Jalya: "Remind me to never touch that sword again, ok?"
* Simar revels in his "god high"
* Josilyn nods.
Jalya: "I'm sorry, sis... for everything..."
* Jalya hugs Jos again...
GM: A feast is put together, and you'll end up spending the night in revelry. Nearly a hundred cheers are thrown up, for you and for the glory of Charatt.
* Simar plans on getting freaking plowed
* Jalya could use a drink or 2
* Jalya never bothered to get dry clothes
* Simar gives credit to Jalya though......wanting the men to respect her
Jalya: =)
* Jalya graciously accepts some of it
GM: cheers are given up to them as well, especially once they hear about Budro falling for the fake egg story
* Jalya gives the rest to Deimuu
* Simar also decides to let Ivan be the new egg caretaker

(O - Earthday Junori 17th - Imperial Year 211 · MYTH ·
* Jalya slept nekkid on the beach
GM: By the time the sun comes up you're all full of fun and settled into the weariness of victory. The fire is now just embers, and most of the men have gone to sleep. Later today plans are to be made.
Jalya: "Simar... how will we get off this rock?"
* Jalya slowly strokes Zalith
GM: Zalith seems much improved already.
Simar: "these men must have a ship"
Jalya: "are you sure that Charatt didn't just dump them here?"
* Jalya giggles
* Simar snickers
* Ivan settles the egg in the embers, burying it in ash. "You know Simar, we could be great men because of this."
Simar: "after yesterday...I won't say no to it......that's for sure"
* Simar looks at Ivan
Jalya: 'hehehehehe"
Simar: "what do you mean Ivan?"
Ivan: "The rebirth of Charatt. It's right there."
Jalya: "I'm glad I'm not pregnant with it..."
Jalya: "So the egg is coming with us, then?"
Ivan: "When we put it in the Cauldron, Charatt will be a prisoner no more."
* Simar thinks about that.....that is a good thing right?
GM: well, if Charatt is freed, then the Ibarite cause is certain to be boosted.
Simar: (and that is my goal isn't it?)
Jalya: "But we aren't going to the Cauldron, Ivan... not just yet, at least."
Ivan: "You may not be, but I am. This is my calling, Jalya. This is my chance to make my people free."
Jalya: "and what of your debt to us... you said you would help us find Kelethra."
Ivan: "You've named this child, you've centered your life on this child. It's not yours, Jalya. I will find you an oracle, and there you will find your answers."
Jalya: "It should have been mine, Ivan."
Ivan: "Should have, could have, but isn't."
Jalya: "I'll be grateful if you would take us to an oracle, but we may still need your help."
Jalya: "DO you fathom what Kelethra means?"
Ivan: "I can only go by what the oracle tells us."
Jalya: "hmm"
Josilyn: "Let's wait until we can get passage from here. Then we can decide."
Jalya: "Ok... that sounds good... I think I'll leave you all to pass out where you will."
Jalya: "I'll be in the woods until my clothes dry out."
* Simar thinks that is a good idea
Jalya: *Zalith... wake up Zalith...*
* Zalith opens his eyes slowly. *What?*
Jalya: *Last one to the top of that tree is a mannish."
* Jalya smiles, and bolts (naked) heading for the forest
GM: He gets up and stretches. *I don't know what you're babbling about* and he yawns. *Have a been asleep long?*
Jalya: * Too long... C'mon... I have a present for you...*
GM: Zalith lopes along after you, slowly picking up speed to catch up. *What are you on about?*
Jalya: =^. .^=
Jalya: [the rest can be implied....]

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