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Fun With Animals

Blipio Cats

These happy critters came about during my Palm Hills campaign, and have remained a mystery and source of annoyance ever since. They originally existed in an unstable realm within the Tempest. When certain events in the game caused the realm to collapse, the Blipio cats were shunted out into the real world all over the west coast of America. Many of them became normal cats after exposure to the harsh rigidity of the physical plane, but those that came to Palm Hills were subject to its naturally high level of Glamour and thus protected somewhat from the "normal" paradigm.
These Blipio cats do not have the same level of ability with Correspondence as they did in the looser environment of the Death-realm, but they are still capable of strange things. Each Blipio constantly exists in 3 separate places at once and each body is capable of totally independent action. Whenever 2 Blipios can see a place, the third can manifest itself there as well, thus making very few places safe from their abundant curiosity.
Stats -
Str- 2 Dex-4 (catlike, of course) Sta-3
Per- 3 Int- 1 Wit- 2
Athletics- 2 Alertness- 4 [+2/additional cat] Investigation- 1 Brawl- 2 Stealth- 3 Dodge 3
Willpower - 2 (each)
Countermagick- 1 die (Also, see below)
Special Advantages- Correspondence mutation- Since all Blipio cats exist in 3 places at once
they are difficult to affect with mystical abilities. Unless Correspondence (or a similar power) is
used to concentrate on their 3 bodies, they can combine all of their Countermagick together and
spend Willpower for the others. Also, they can move wounds from one body to another, allowing
one to function perfectly while the others take a beating. However, if one is killed the others will
soon sicken and die unless they can manage to find a source of magick to re-form the body.
This is also the source of their limited teleporting ability. At least 2 of the cats must sit and
concentrate on the place where they wish the third to manifest and this takes several minutes.
Flaws - Curiosity
Health Levels: OK, -1, -2, -5, Incap.
Attacks - Bite/3 dice - Claw/2 dice
Appearance: The Blipio cats look like good sized yellow-orange striped cats (you know, the Morris kind). They usually have bright amber or green eyes that seem to stare through objects instead of at them. Blipio cats tend to be cautious around humans and are generally not too friendly. They usually stake out a small territory and dominate it with their natural talents.

Hive Dogs

This is an excellent critter to have guarding any sort of redneck Wyrm lair. They look like your average guard/farm dogs, probably a Labrador or coon hound type breed. From a distance they would look totally normal, of course, but up close they seem to have an unusually large, barrel chest. When they pant they have an almost asthmatic wheeze to them, and their bark has a peculiar buzzing tone to it.
When alarmed (or attacked) their ribs will extend, causing gill-like slits in their sides to open. This reveals their beehive-like innards - which explains the strange sounds that they make. The dog itself is little more than a normal critter, but the bees can swarm and sting and cause all sorts of havoc.
Stats -
Str- 3 Dex-3 Sta-3
Per- 3 Int- 1 Wit- 2
Athletics- 2 Alertness- 4 Tracking- 3 Brawl- 2 Stealth- 1 Dodge- 2
Willpower - 3 - Health Levels: OK, OK, -1, -1, -3, -5, Incap.
Attacks - Bite/4 dice Claw/3 dice
Bees: An individual bee sting will only cause a +1 modifier to all of the victim's rolls. A swarm of bees will do 3 dice of damage per turn (the difficulty is 7, not 6). Killing a swarm of bees is not exactly easy, but any area-effect attack should at least disperse them (and hit the victim as well). Assume that a swarm has 3 health levels. The dog can create no more than 4 swarms in a week.

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