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Prelude - Jalya: Mohr'Kaidann

GM: alright - looking at your sheet, I see you have a dominion of 2. how did you come by it?
Jalya: I wander a lot... always have.
GM: if you have a dominion, you'll need to stay by it.
Jalya: so I can't wander?
GM: you can maintain a range and have your dominion at the center, or at a particularly nice point. could be your home, or a hideout.
Jalya: that sounds territorial of me...
Jalya: I do have some favorite places that I frequent. they're all pretty close together
GM: one of them can be your dominion. which is why you frequent those places - they're near something
GM: have you decided what your dominion is?
Jalya: the maple tree by the river is a particularly favorite spot.
GM: sounds very nice.
Jalya: it's away from he trail a bit, but not too far from the edges of the city
Jalya: I like to go fuck with the humans. :D They can be a surly bunch
GM: There is a small village called Pawlosz, just north of Mohr' Kaidaan
Jalya: I'm not certain what they call it, but if Pawlosz is the smaller one, that's the one I have been to.
GM: Up this high the winters are pretty fierce
Jalya: that's what fur is for. :)
GM: of course.
GM: you have an ally listed
Jalya: would that be other than my familiar?
GM: your familiar is your companion
GM: your ally is someone else
Jalya: then my ally is Josilyn... she's another pooka
Jalya: no... wait that's not her at all
GM: k'
* Jalya got confused
GM: it happens
Jalya: Josilyn is my estranged sister....
GM: a littermate... LOL
Jalya: heeheheheheheehehee
* Jalya was thinking of Gynnlyn
Jalya: Gynnlyn is a Pixie
GM: a pixie...
Jalya: she's a fun one. makes potions, some of them have hallucinogenic effects
Jalya: it's fun to sneak in to Pawlosz and spike the drinks of humans....
OŘ - Moonday, Galici 7th - Imperial Year 208 • Myth •
GM: well, fun's been dry lately. they haven't been drinking for some time. it seems that another temple is to be demolished.
Jalya: most of them think I'm really pretty after that....
* Jalya grins
Jalya: what? why?
GM: Ibarite's were spotted near Mohr'Kaidaan just a couple months ago. they must have seen the new statue the Tambrans put there.
Jalya: so they are going to tear it down? bastards... I can't let them do that
GM: most of the fighting is a bit further down the mountain slope, but with the statue their they're sure to send a demolishing crew.
Jalya: it's wrong to destroy a site that another holds sacred
GM: it's a beautiful statue too. it's of a river god
* Jalya likes the river
Jalya: I'm gonna go have a look-see
GM: Mohr'Kaidaan is the waterfall that feeds the Baidiin river. It's a troll stronghold - which annoys them, because it means fighting right on their doorstep.
Jalya: ahh
Jalya: trolls don't like pooka, do they?
GM: some do some don't.
Jalya: still destruction of a sacred site is wrong. and the Ibars are bastards anyway. but this goes too far. The statue may not be natural, but it IS pretty, and I do like the river.
GM: Mohr'Kaidann is in Ordo - just over the border, Pawlosz is just inside the border.
Jalya: are goblins dangerous?
GM: they can be. They certainly can't be trusted
* Jalya will have to remember to be in animal form in that area
GM: it may make them want to eat you
Jalya: it will make it easier to run
GM: true
Jalya: and hide
GM: also true
Jalya: so I can fuck them up later
GM: what about your companion?
* Jalya strokes her lynx
Jalya: this is Zalith. he's my....
Jalya: uh... familiar
GM: he wanders with you, I presume
Jalya: most of the time.
GM: he isn't allowed in human dwellings, unfortunately, and he doesn't seem to care for them anyway. lots of hunting dogs in Pawlosz
Jalya: sometimes I'll have him spy for me
Jalya: dogs are evil, sometimes
* Jalya covers the lynx's ears and whispers "I leave when he's sleeping to go mess with the humans"
* Jalya scratches Zalith's ears
GM: they do have some beautiful snow dogs there though. good wolf stock, strong for the sleds
Jalya: as long as they don't chase me, or him, I'm fine. when they do, they'll be sorry
GM: alright - you'll leave Zalith at your tree and look in on Pawlosz. the place is nearly buried under snow. even during the day it's just twilit. the cauldron is pouring out dark clouds.
Jalya: is the Inn open?
GM: Some traders have come in. Strangers, from the other side of the Cauldron. 4 of them, tall men with blue eyes
Jalya: are any of the cute?
GM: One of them is quite handsome, he looks to be the youngest, and he's quite nervous.
* Jalya has black pointed furry ears
Jalya: as I walk into the inn, I wink at the cute stranger, and motion for him to follow
* Jalya needs a drink
GM: The man with the black beard must be his father or uncle. He nudges him and nods to you. The older man looks at you sternly, and shakes his head.
Jalya: what a dork.
GM: There is a barrel tapped. if you have a copper you can get a cup. Or, if you have a cup you may be able to get it filled
GM: The younger man takes two big cups to be filled while the other three continue haggling with the locals. They have gorgeous silver jewelry.
Jalya: ooo sparkly
Jalya: I'll still head over to the booth, semi- flirting w/ the younger cute one as I saunter
GM: okay. he'll finish filling one cup, and he sets it down, then bows to you. You can't understand a word he's saying.
GM: His eyes are an amazing color of blue. you've only ever seen eyes this blue in an elf's head.
Jalya: I'll smile and say: "buy me a drink, sexy" in Verite
GM: you'll have to imagine something that sounds probably Swedish. He smiles back. he's very pale, but now he's blushing red. He's younger than you thought initially. he shakes his head and says more of his language
* Jalya twirls her hair
* Jalya reaches down, grabs the cup, and helps herself to a swallow, then kisses the guy on the cheek
GM: He'll take his pouch and tap a coin on the bar. When the innkeeper walks over the kid points at a cup and hands him a few coppers.
GM: The innkeeper shrugs and hands you an empty goblet from the cupboard.
* Jalya fills it
* Jalya smiles and says "thank you" and kisses him on the cheek again
GM: The innkeeper mumbles something and counts his coins.
GM: it's a very sweet wine
Jalya: mmm.....
Jalya: I'll ask the innkeeper if he understands them (their language)
GM: The kid will fill both of his cups and then wave to you before going back to his friends.
* Jalya waves back
GM: The innkeeper stops short when you talk to him. He seems suspicious.
Jalya: of me?
GM: most humans don't trust faeries
Jalya: that's because we're cute
Jalya: but still, he should at least answer
Innkeeper: "Thee ar from Balgar."
GM: you see the coins in his hand now. they're big and heavy looking silver rounds.
Jalya: hmm
* Jalya thanks the innkeeper
GM: The place is starting to get loud now. You see some men are playing dice on a table in the far corner
Jalya: hmm, I'll go get a closer look
GM: One of the tall men is doing very good. He has a dozen more of his heavy silver coins, with the smaller Tambran silvers by the dozen beside them. The innkeeper's daughter Joli is chatting up the young Balgar man.
Jalya: hmm
GM: A Templar with his mail coat shined starts to win a good run and the men stand up, shouting.
Jalya: I'll slip in next to him...
GM: you see he has taken 2 of the tall Balgari man's silvers, and he rattles the dice in his hand. His retainer stands by him, grinning and chanting 'Crown Crown Crown' with a few others.
GM: The Templar opens his hand, and the bones tumble to the table. men at each corner pound their fists on the table three times, shaking the dice all over. when they land, 2 show crowns, and 2 show blanks. the retainer cheers and claps the Templar on the back. more coins are dropped while the Templar picks up the blanks and shakes them.
Jalya: I'll smile and say "you're lucky tonight..."
GM: Joli goes to help her father bring out another barrel. This place is already rowdy, and it's not even night yet.* Jalya takes a sip of her wine
GM: He'll smile at you then drop the dice. After the table is pounded and shook, the dice settle on another crown. more coins are dropped, and the Balgari man says 'nigh' and shakes his head. He gathers his coins and sets out.
GM: The Templar picks up the remaining die and tosses it to the table.
GM: There is a loud crack from outside - loud enough to overcome the shouting, pounding men. When the thunder rolls out the place is dead silent, and the final die reads a skull. It's pouring rain out there, and it will be freezing once the sun goes down.
Jalya: I should go back. but I'm gonna get one of these guys to take me
GM: you won't make it back without needing shelter
Jalya: they have to have horses, or something like that
GM: they're going the other way, north down the mountain.
Jalya: shit
GM: Zalith will be safe. he can take care of himself.
Jalya: I'll still need lodging until this storm blows itself out. I'm certain I can talk one of these nice men into getting me a
room for the night. I turn to the Templar and ask him: "Good sir" <grin> "would you be so kind to a maiden in distress
to offer part of your winnings to get me a room for the night?"
GM: he didn't win that last roll tho' he lost half his pile to the other men
Jalya: he still has half left
Templar: "Will you bring me luck? My fortune has just left me."
GM: The Balgari man gets an angry look and shouts. He doesn't want you at the table.
Jalya: smiles and seductively places her hand on the Templar's chest
and says "I May not bring you luck, but that doesn't mean you can't get lucky..." bigger grin & hair toss:
* Jalya ignores the Balgari man
Jalya: [2 successes - kissing up( 7 )]
GM: The innkeeper comes over to calm the Balgari, and then he says to the Templar "Do no' let her mux this tebble."
Jalya: =)
Jalya: "mux? me?"
Innkeeper: "t'would be cheatin"
* Jalya grins
Jalya: "I would never do that, sir..."
Jalya turns to the Templar, "please, mister... uh... what is your name?"
GM: the Templar takes a couple gold coins from a pouch and hands it to his retainer, telling him to get you a bath.
Jalya: "thank you, mister...."
* Jalya kisses him on the cheek
GM: the retainer leads you towards the back of the house, and you see they have a few steam baths here. lots of natural hot springs here, which is why Pawlosz remains a viable city.
Jalya: mmm nicccce
GM: the retainer bows and indicates a pool for you, then lays a cloak on the floor for you.
Jalya: "thank you"
* Jalya bows
* Jalya removes her clothes and plunges into the pool
Jalya: ahhhhhhhhhh
GM: from a pouch he hands you a vial. "Sir Gregory likes this scent, m'lady." He turns his back when you undress. "You can go to the fourth room when you are finished."
Jalya: ooo.. Sir Gregory....
Jalya: "thank you"
GM: You're in the pool, daydreaming in the lazy, steamy haze. There is loud shouting from the main room, then a small rumble of thunder from outside.
GM: You can hear the storm outside is getting terrible. It's going to be a cold night. Good thing the Templar is having you tonight.
Jalya: I hope Zalith is ok...
Jalya: the templar is having me (heeheehee) or so he would think...
GM: Well, he hasn't handed you any silver yet.
Jalya: Sir Gregory may not have to. if he's honorable, I will treat him the same... if not... then I'll be equally dishonorable.
GM: He is decent looking for mannish, but not like the young Balgari .
Jalya: he was cute...
GM: have you smelled the vial's contents yet?
Jalya: not yet. I'm too busy being warm.
GM: The men are still shouting in there. Sounds like another game is starting. Sir Gregory sounds like he's winning.
Jalya: he left me a vial, but no dry clothes?
GM: The water is starting to get warmer, and little bubbles are rising.
GM: no. there is the towel. it's really more of a long cloth, but will serve as a towel. Unless you want to shake off...
Jalya: heeheehee I'll do that... do I have to go outside to get back to the main room?
GM: you can go into the hall, and go down to his room. or just cross the hall and go to right by the bar.
Jalya: I think I'll wait for him in his room
Jalya: I'll cautiously sniff the vial... from a distance. [1 success - smell( 6 )]
GM: It has a perfume in it - very light
Jalya: I'll dab some behind my ears, and a touch on my wrists, then curl up in the "towel" on his bed for a nap...
GM: His room is the biggest one you've seen, only it has 8 beds in it. Apparently his company sleeps in here too. There are swords by the door, and 2 shields with the broken sword emblem on them. [that means they're tambran knights, and he'd be their leader.]
Jalya: hmm... any packs?
GM: one is near the door.
GM: you can hear shouting in the hall now, only it doesn't sound good.
* Jalya peeks her head out the door & listens
GM: You can see Sir Gregory and his retainer leading several other men to this room. There is a dwarf with him, and he has a dour look on his face.
Jalya: the dwarf or Sir Gregory? (the dour look)
GM: both of them, actually. If you don't move they're going to push past you
Jalya: I'll hop into one of the beds and feign semi-consciousness
* Jalya keeps the towel around her
GM: okay, there's only a lantern in the room, so it's mostly dark in here. When they open the door they have candles, and you see the men arming themselves. One of the Balgari men is with them, and he's listening to the dwarf intently.
Dwarf: "We have spoken to four elven warriors, and they told us these men from beyond the Cauldron can help you."
* Jalya stretches
Jalya: "what's going on, Sir Dwarf?"
Sir Gregory: "And you say your Lords have withdrawn?"
* The Dwarf nods at him.
GM: The dwarf pays you little mind. you see he's got a knife in his hand, and it looks like he's whittling a small stick.
Jalya: [is the Balgari guy the cute one?]
GM: [no, it's one of the other 2. this one looks like thor would]
Jalya: hmm......
* Jalya continues to listen
GM: The Balgari man nods after the Dwarf tells him something in his tongue.
Jalya: I wish I could understand that
* Jalya stretches and yawns loudly
GM: The men finish arming themselves, Sir Gregory takes his shield. The dwarf listens to the Balgari man for a second, then as they're leaving says "We should meet at the Temple." They all go out into the hall, but the dwarf stays behind. He turns to you and asks "Who do you serve?"
Jalya: I'm going to go with them.
* Jalya says (loudly) Sir Gregory...?
Jalya: I serve all who are against evil. what's happening?
Dwarf: "He is leaving now. The men from the far coast saw Ibarite priests coming. They're planning a summoning."
GM: The ground starts to tremble slightly. The dwarf looks down. "It's beginning."
Jalya: that doesn't sound good.
Jalya: "need an archer?"
Dwarf: "Do you know any?" he says, slyly.
GM: He's turning to leave. "Leave the fighting to warriors."
Jalya: "wait... I'm coming... let me get my bow"
* Jalya pops out of bed (forgetting the towel) and hastens to put her gear on
Jalya: "I'm an archer, Sir Dwarf... I'll help you"
GM: Are you taking all your stuff? The dwarf keeps going, but you can follow them easily. You can pilfer some food too - enough for 2 days easy
Jalya: everything that I need for this... mostly my bow, pouches and backpack... I don't think I had anything else
GM: that sounds like a complete list.
GM: you may want to tie your hair up
Jalya: I'll snatch some food and place it in my pack...
* Jalya ties up her hair
GM: It's raining stones outside, little pebbles of hail pelting out of a black and white puzzle of lightning filled sky.
* Jalya hopes Zalith is ok
GM: The ground rumbles again, harmonizing with the thunder.
Jalya: can I see the warriors?
GM: Yes, just barely now. They have big torches, so as soon as you get into the trees with them they'll be easy to follow. the bare branches in the forest afford little shelter to the storm.
Jalya: I'm not going to bother trying to follow quietly... the storm will muffle the sound, but I will try to keep about a 10 meter distance
* Jalya nocks an arrow
GM: When you get past the woods and get near the temple, you can see a wide circle in the clouds, the moons shining in interlinked faerie rings. One of them is dark, but at this phase you can see a faint purple ring against the black
* Jalya blows a kiss to the moon
GM: The statue is gone.
Jalya: fucker
GM: There is no rubble, no destruction. Just the empty pedestal.
Jalya: they will pay
GM: You see a ring of the Ibarites, the wind circling around them in their clearing in the storm.
Jalya: I want them all dead. I know that's wrong, but they keep destroying, and that can't be allowed to continue...
Jalya: am I close enough to fire my arrow?
GM: You can hear Sir Gregory now. "The statue was not enough. The gods will not help us tonight."
Jalya: I'm going to climb up a tree to get a better view (and maybe a better shot at the ibars)
GM: You need to be about 100 yards
Jalya: is there a tree that close?
GM: Yes, but you'll need to climb an icy tree
GM: There's a high pitched whoop, and then you see 4 elves appear in the air above the Ibarite priests.
Jalya: !!
Jalya: I'll stay on the ground until I get closer to the walls
GM: "Morh'Kaidaan" they call out as they fall, and they draw swords before they hit, slashing the 4 corner priests.
Jalya: but when I get close enough, I'll fire my bow at the closest priest
GM: The central priests points, and the whole circle is lit up with electricity. The temple walls fall, and the 4 elves are just crisped. Sir Gregory and his men charge. You can pick off some of the retreating priests.
* Jalya aims for the one closest to her and lets her arrow fly
GM: Well, this is prelude, so what I want to know is how long do you stick around for battle? If the Templars don't get the High Priest, expect another blast. Don't even underestimate them, they are magickal tac-nukes.
Jalya: until the end... I still haven't had my way with Sir Gregory yet....
* Jalya aims at the high priest in the center
GM: You can't. You're not close enough.
* Jalya runs closer
GM: There is an army of Ibarites around the temple complex, which is now about 4 football fields of ruin. Above you, the spray from Mohr'Kaidaan sparkles in the moonlight.
GM: All the warriors that were bunking in Pawlosz and the two outlying camps are here. This is a big battle. It's just earlier than expected.
GM: There are small groups of elves that are firing arrows down into the temple ruins. The elves are defending the waterfall, which apparently the troll lords have abandoned.
Jalya: how close am I? Am I close enough to see the high priest?
GM: You can't see the priest anymore. The circle is demolished, and only a few small fires light the night. Smoke is starting to cloak the moonlight.
GM: The temple complex is enormous. there is a large clearing around that, filled with battle. just a few yards beyond this is woods, where you are at the edge of.
* Jalya climbs a tree to get a better view
GM: There are at least 200 yards of battling men, dwarves, elves and some very dangerous Magi between you and that circle. In fact, if you don't want to be attacked you'll need to hide now. There are human archers in the trees, but they're mostly keeping Ibarites out of the woods.
* Jalya climbs into a tree
GM: The dwarves have entrenched the edges of the woods, and the Ibarites are driven back. Again, you pick off a few.
Jalya: [2 successes - archery( 5 )]
Jalya: I'm going to keep shooting at them until they are all dead, or I run out of arrows
GM: The ground rumbles again, and there is a gigantic shadow that falls across the moonlight like an eclipse.
Jalya: [2 successes - Last shots( 6 )]
GM: You save one of the humans by sticking a warrior to the the ground that was about to stab him in the back.
Jalya: I hope he notices
GM: You also finish off a goblin drawn to the fight. It looked like just a scout though.
GM: (are you looking up?)
Jalya: no. unless I was climbing that way (to secure myself)
GM: Okay. You have 2 arrows left at this point.
Jalya: shit, ok. I'll scrounge for more when these two are in the hearts of ibar priests
GM: There is this enormous crash as what looks like a huge iceberg crashes down the waterfall, crushing a good sized section of the temple's ruins and spraying the battlefield with icy water.
GM: The dwarves start to talk excitedly. It sounds like they're going to commit themselves to the battle. [they're just outside a ring of inward facing spikes
Jalya: do I see the dwarf that was speaking w/ Sir Gregory?
GM: Yes. He's grumbling orders, and you see they're forming squads. Roughly 1/3 have shields, and they're all daubed in
white paint.
Jalya: I'll jump down from the tree and head over there
GM: You're seriously thinking of joining a dwarf warrior charge?
Jalya: yes. sort of... I mostly need arrows to cover them with. and I do have a might of 2
GM: The Ibarite priests are pushing back. The Tambran men have been smashed.
Jalya: to the dwarf : I need arrows or some other weapon if you want my help.
GM: You see 2 men in blue robes warding back some black creatures, and then 4 green clad Storm Knights wipe them out.
GM: One dwarf does drop a quiver at your feet, it's half full. Then they start charging in groups.
Jalya: I put the arrows in my own quiver and nock an arrow. "Tell me when"
GM: as the next couple of squads go by, more arrows will be left for you. There are a few elven archers here too, and the dwarves are giving them arrows, though most of them seem to be readying to charge. Several of these elves are rare warriors - they make a lot of animal calls.
Jalya: hmm... animal calls
Jalya: when they charge, I start firing above them at whatever foe may be in front of them [0 successes - cover fire( 5 )]
GM: You're not particularly useful, but it may be the range and the horrible mist.
GM: Lightning rains down on small groups, sometimes coming in waves from Ibarite charges.
Jalya: I'll get a bit closer (like 20 yards)
GM: 20 yards beyond the woods?
Jalya: is that not wise?
GM: you may be spotted by Ibarites
Jalya: ok... I'll get back in a tree
* Jalya fires another arrow
GM: By the time you run out of arrows the battle moves further beyond you to the river. With the temple now clear you can see there are at least 2 warships on the lake just beyond the rapids under Mohr'Kaidaan.
Jalya: Ibarite?
GM: 1 is mannish, the last of the Tambran forces. The other is a goblin thing - they're coming like stormcrows to raid the fields.
Jalya: damn goblins...
Jalya: I could retreat, but that's not an option at this point... I'm too pissed off
GM: The waterfall haven is secure now, with a new Elven and Dwarven alliance, and the Ibarites are moving back.
Jalya: can I get more arrows?
GM: You can raid the battlefield on your way to the river side.
Jalya: I'll do that... I'll look for a melee weapon too
GM: You will see Sir Gregory's shield. There's a ballista bolt through it as thick as your wrist.
Jalya: :~
Jalya: any short swords?
GM: yes, there are a couple. however, it takes a few minutes to find one in good condition. Many are bent or broken.
Jalya: ok.. I pick it up, and I'll keep heading for the river
GM: You can see that when the mannish ship finishes burning the goblins are going to pour over the battlefield and scour the ruins clean.
Jalya: can I get on top of the falls?
GM: Without magick it would be a 3 hour climb [that's in good weather]
Jalya: can I use my magick to do it? move myself up?
GM: you can't lift yourself up that high. but you can use it to avoid the nastier spots. still takes 3 hours.
GM: but it would be a good place to retreat to. the goblins won't get past the elves or dwarves.
Jalya: ok, I'll head in that direction...
* Jalya must be an odd sight for the elves - beautiful woman, wet and bloodstained, carrying an unsheathed short sword and a bow flung around her. but captivatingly beautiful anyway
GM: The guards will let you pass. Just inside the entrance you see 3 elves kneeling before a floating silver goblet, glowing faintly in a circle of Glamour. The Dwarf captain is lying down, wounded but alive.
* Jalya briefly kneels then goes to tend the Dwarf
Jalya: to the Dwarf captain: "sorry I couldn't have been more help"
GM: He's lost his left thumb. He doesn't open his eyes, but he does mumble "Foolish men placed their faith in a fickle god."
Jalya: "men tend to do that. the goblins are over-running the battlefield, searching for whatever they do"
GM: yes, but up here it's no matter. The elves guarding the entrance just watch the goblins swarm like ants below. They can see far better than you can, even in your lynx form.
Jalya: I need to get home...
GM: It will be another night before you're able to go back to Zalith.
Jalya: figgerz
GM: The once beautiful temple is now a scorched and blasted ruin. The goblins spend the day despoiling everything, and the next night dragging away anything of worth.
Jalya: to the Dwarf: "Thank you for trying to save the temple."
GM: It's barely dawn when you finally find Zalith, dug into a rabbit hole.
* Jalya pets Zalith
Jalya: (insert some non- game related role-playing here...)
Jalya: he's coming with me next time

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