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Jalya - Chapter One: Gávan

O - Moonday, Yanissir 14th -:- Yaniss' Baptism - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Alright, it's early morning, and you're in the North. The country here is just the foothills of the mountains, and with the Cauldron behind you you can see the sun rising steadily in the East. The delta of the Baudaiin sparkles, and you can see the mannish city is a buzz of activity.
* Jalya yawns
Jalya: [north = warm, right?]
GM: [away from the cauldron = warm]
GM: Children are running and gathering baskets - that is what woke you. The women are just beginning to sing.
Jalya: the cauldron freaks me out, especially after what happened last time I was near it
GM: It is a dark and dangerous place, a primal point on Myth.
* Jalya shudders
Jalya: Zalith and I are going to head into the city and have peek...
* Jalya is in animal form
GM: Ah, but the song in the city is starting to grow stronger. The weather is gloriously warm, and the seabreeze is perfect in the middle of summer.
Jalya: =)
GM: When you scurry into the city you can see that the song is not as full hearted with the men. There has been a drought here.
Jalya: hmm....
GM: And the river is very low. You wonder if that gigantic hunk of ice is still there, blocking the waterfall.
Jalya: how long ago was that?
GM: about a year and a half ago
Jalya: k
GM: The women pay little heed to you, but the men are irritable. You can hear them cursing the 'Heretics.' The children will spot you instantly.
GM: [do you look like a totally 'normal' lynx? Lynx are uncommon here as it is]
Jalya: yep
Jalya: it's good to be uncommon...
GM: Zalith doesn't seem interested in being played with. (by the children)
Jalya: that's ok... we can climb the trees
GM: there are few in town
Jalya: I want to see what I can learn about these "heretics"
GM: This is a bustling mannish town and port
* Jalya ducks into an alley w/ Zalith and changes to her human form
GM: Zalith looks annoyed at you, realizing that he's going to be percieved as a pet here.
Jalya: he knows I love him...
GM: He sits and stares at you, while licking a paw slowly.
Zalith: *You know you're going to have to steal clothes again.*
* Jalya grins
Jalya: *well, I suppose we could go back...*
* Zalith continues to lick his paw.
Jalya: *what do you want to do, my love?*
Zalith: *Don't you see what they're doing? This is supposed to be a festival.*
GM: "Excuse me." says a woman, from behind you.
Jalya: *well... it's good to celebrate*
Jalya: "yes?"
GM: "Is this the line for the bath?" it's an older woman, a busy matron with 4 children in tow. The children look very solemn, dressed in some formal clothing - deep red.
Jalya: "no... it's the location of the next nudist's meating."
* Zalith sniffs.
GM: The woman frowns at you, then walks on. The 4 children walk single file, younges to oldest.
Jalya: hmm
GM: You can hear women chattering and more song, and a rhythmic squishing.
* Jalya is again in lynx form
GM: There is a sharp smell in the air - and very sweet. Soon the whole city is suffused in a juicy aroma.
Zalith: *I wonder what they'll sacrifice for the feast. Do you know what this festival is?*
Jalya: *no, baby... what is it?*
* Zalith stretches his claws out. *How should I know, I can't read.* He sniffs again, laughing at you.
Jalya: heehee
GM: He seems to think its funny that you can't read, and he teases you about it a lot.
Jalya: {playfully} *you are so infuriating*
Jalya: [can he read?]
GM: [he's not allowed to]
Zalith: *Well I know they're making wine, so they must be having a feast.*
Jalya: *here's the plan: we run to where they are making wine, and see if they talk about the feast*
Zalith: *run...*
Jalya: =^. .^=
* Jalya scampers towards the squishing sounds
GM: You hear Zalith pad behind you, but he stops at the alley entrance. Beyond is a large court, and there are huge wooden vats, with women crushing grapes and other women pouring the juices into heavy kettles. The smaller children are now stacking the baskets, and the larger ones are starting to play. are you going to go out into sight?
Jalya: when I notice that he stops, I turn back to look
Zalith *Wait until we find out what the feast is for. I don't want to be an omen.*
Jalya: *ok*
GM: A small girl has noticed you. She seems delighted, but she diligently finishes her work.
* Jalya slips back into the alley
GM: By now you've heard the name Yaniss in the song about a hundred times. He seems to be the god. And the older children are talking about a baptism.
Jalya: hmm
GM: Most of the banners are deep red and dark purple.
GM: You can see that one of the kettles is being added to and stirred slowly.
Jalya: *think they eat felines?*
GM: Every child that finishes with their work is taken, dressed in a dark red robe, and taken away.
Zalith: *Maybe they eat children.*
Jalya: hmm - is there anything to climb in this alley?
GM: in your current cat form you could do a short running jump for a balcony just above you. but there will likely be men up there.
* Jalya will have a look anyway
Jalya: [5 successes - athletics(7)]
GM: You land cleanly on the edge, then step down gracefully beside a potted plant that is beginning to wither. Inside you can hear the men playing cards. They're not very enthusiastic, and when you peek in the window, you see that there is little money on the table.
* Jalya listens in on the conversation
GM: "I don't know what sort of sorcery was used, but it was catastrophic ... I hear a noble man was killed there, that none of his men survived ... It's cursed now, the faeries saw to that ... "
* Jalya keeps low
Jalya: [why would the Fae curse the land?or am I supposed to discover that?]
GM: [keep humans away]
Jalya: [I'm glad I'm not human]
GM: After that comment, that man loses, and the man standing behind him spaks the back of his head. "Serves you right for bad mouthing the gods"
Jalya: heeheehee
GM: "Has anyone heard if one has been chosen yet? ... We should find out how they've blocked the river... We still have troops near Pawlosz ..."
GM: You can hear Zalith growling below.
* Jalya skitters to the edge to see what's up
GM: He has one end of a rib in his mouth, and a young man is tugging the other end.
GM: There is a loud shout from beyond the opposite wall. A little girl screams, then there are splashing sounds.
GM: The young man relinquishes the meat, which Zalith takes back into the alley. The men are all standing.
* Jalya watches
GM: By now a crowd is gathering at the arch in the far wall. more splashing. the men are now in the street below.
Zalith: *Do you want any of this?*
Jalya: *yes*
* Jalya jumps down
* Jalya goes up to Zalith and starts munching
GM: He's already chewing on a thick piece of fat.
Jalya: *yummy*
Zalith: *These mannish folk. They do such peculiar things to the animals they kill.*
GM: It's been aged and marinated. Apparently the slaughter took place some time ago.
Zalith: *Peculiar, but delicious.*
Jalya: *yes... thank you baby.*
Zalith: *When we catch things, that part is usually to annoying to eat.*
* Jalya giggles
Zalith: *What beast is this huge* he bites another piece off the end.
Jalya: *children?*
* Jalya bites another piece
* Zalith snorts, then holds the bite of food on the ground while he snickers.
Zalith: *You can't tell me you don't want to know what is going on?*
Jalya: *considering the scream... wanna investigate?*
Jalya: *let's go*
GM: He picks his bite back up. *When I'm finished with this. I don't like humans.*
Jalya: *ok*
GM: He's finicky. Only cat you know who chews his food.
* Jalya cleans her ears
Jalya: lol
GM: By now the splashing has died down, and the men are carrying a form in a wet sheet and soaked purple banner. The ground is covered in thin trickles of watery purple-red liquid.
Jalya: hmm
GM: A priest comes and kneels beside the body. It's a woman.
Jalya: I'll bat at some liquid and smell my paw. [2 successes - investigation(6)]
GM: It's grape juice and water, but there is some blood in it as well.
Jalya: hmm
GM: You can see the four children from before, sopping wet. The woman is their mother.
Jalya: they were looking for a bath
* Jalya tries to get a better look at the body
GM: The priest is chanting quietly - only faint echoes make their way to you.
GM: [you going over there?]
Jalya: yes, and Zalith too
* Jalya is being stealthy [3 successes - Stealth(7)]
* Zalith will frown at you, but he'll follow you. [0 successes - Stealth(7)
GM: You hide behind one of the crushing vats, then dart across the square. Zalith hesitates after you, and stops, frozen just beyond the vat.
Jalya: *come on*
GM: "... It will be her fifth ... I cannot believe her faith and piety ... another curse I say .."
GM: You can see that some of the men are getting nervous.
Jalya: she's pregnant again?
Jalya: oh.. she's having one early
GM: "How long was she in there? ... Is she still alive? ... Why was the priest here so late? ..."
Jalya: hmm.
GM: The priest stands, and he tells the crowd "Worry not, the baby will be a healthy son."
GM: The men are grumbling now, still nervous. "How can Carla need so many bastard sons? ... And she was in the wine I heard ... Could mean a battle coming ..."
Jalya: hmm...
* Jalya looks back for Zalith
* Zalith is cringing. You see that a tall, gap toothed teenager is aiming a rock at him.
Jalya: damn...
* Jalya runs up and pounces, claws out, at the teen's back
GM: [you are seriously going to attack this guy, right at this big moment?]
Jalya: yes. [3 successes - unarmed combat(6)]
Jalya: "arrrereeeoownnn" <hiss>
GM: Alright, you leap up and have your front claws in his shoulders. You rake your way down and dig in when your legs touch the ground. He shouts, dropping the rock. Zalith growls, and you see 3 men drawing swords. The priest shouts "Stop!"
* Jalya turns her attention towards the priest
GM: The priest walks over slowly. He has a quarterstaff with an ornate head on it, encrusted with beautiful jewels.
Jalya: (and starts scampering that way)
GM: He looks into your eyes when you meet, kneeling down and reaching out his hand.
Jalya: oh shit
* Zalith growls again.
Jalya: he know's im Fae, doesn't he
Priest: "We can give it to her." he says.
* Jalya gets closer to Zalith
GM: "But what if it's a blessing?" asks the oldest boy.
GM: The children are very poor.
* Jalya backs up a foot or 2
GM: "Yes," the Priest says. "Capture it and her mate, and we can give the child away."
Jalya: *RUN*
* Jalya runs
GM: where do you want to escape to?
Jalya: we're surrounded?
GM: more or less
Jalya: *be friendly to them*
Jalya: *the last thing I want is a thousand hands grabbing for me*
* Jalya runs up to the priest
* Jalya jumps in his arms
* Jalya starts purring
GM: Well, Zalith is going to run, and he's chased by about a dozen men. The priest looks shocked when you jump at him.
Jalya: [1 success - rapport(6)]
GM: he drops you, but he doesn't raise his staff to you. He starts to walk around you cautiously
* Jalya sits and purrs
Jalya: "merrow?"
GM: He nods, and a banner is thrown over you. He picks you up as gently as he can.
Jalya: can I peep my head out?
GM: not at first, but after carrying you for some ways he does let you stick your nose out.
Jalya: I have acute hearing ... where does it sound like he's taking me? I mean... are we on pavement, grass? does it sound like lots of people are following?
GM: you're inside the church, in the back buildings. you can smell incense and cooking food.
GM: The priest pauses and goes through a door, shutting it behind him.
Jalya: does it smell like the ribs Zalith got?
GM: no actually, it's not as rich smelling
GM: The priest lets you down, carefully unwrapping the banner. he's humming to himself. "Lucky creature. You look very healthy."
Jalya: "merrow?"
GM: He takes a mortar and pestle, sprinkes in some herbs and some salts, grinds them quietly. "I wonder how many kits you can take..." he's going towards your tail end.
Jalya: not if I can help it
* Jalya jumps off the table
GM: okay, he doesn't push it
* Jalya stares at him inquistively
GM: he finishes grinding. there is a piquant odor in the air as he pours the crushed mixture into a flask. He takes up a bucket. "I'll need fresh water for this." and he reaches down to you, proffering a treat.
* Jalya backs away
Jalya: "merrr"
* Jalya starts pacing near the door
Jalya: "merrow?"
GM: you're not taking the treat? it smells wonderful, it's fresh fish.
GM: He seems friendly enough, and he reaches to pet you on the head.
Jalya: I would be able to smell if it were poisoned or laced w/ something right?
GM: hard to say. that would be herbalism
Jalya: since he's petting me, I'll cautiously take it
GM: okay, it's a nice piece of fish, you have to pick a bone out of the center
* Jalya eats the treat
GM: he goes out the door, shutting you in. you can hear people rushing around the mood seems to be lightening. ] * Jalya listens intently for his voice
GM: the fish is a tad oily, so you'll be licking your paws.
* Jalya licks her paws
GM: Then you hear someone coming closer "... I don't want to see this creature"
* Jalya shifts to human form
GM: the door opens and they escort the woman in. She looks irritable. They nearly catch you mid-change, and you're very nervous.
* Jalya wraps herself in the banner (around her waist, only)
GM: One of the acolytes with her blinks when he sees you. "Excuse me!" he says.
Jalya: "Can't a girl get any privacy around here?"
GM: The woman frowns at you. "I won't have it! It's my blessin'>"'
Jalya: "what are you talking about?"
GM: The priest returns, he has the bucket half full of water now.
GM: The woman points to you "That is not the animal you found in the courtyard."
GM: The acolyte starts to lower himself to look behind the altar.
Jalya: "if you are looking for the wild cat, she got out between your legs" [2 successes - subterfuge(7)]
GM: The priest looks very surprised
GM: the acolyte goes out the door, looking around
Jalya: heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee
Priest: "What luck!" and he puts the bucket down.
GM: The woman turns to leave.
Jalya: to priest: "Pardon me, good sage, but what *IS* going on?"
Priest: "We could not work such a miracle on you against your will, child.
* Jalya saunters up to the priest
Priest: "There is no need to anger your kind."
Jalya: [in a sultry voice] "what have you done to get me angry?"
GM: He turns from you modestly. He tosses the powder he just ground into the fire, the room has a sharp lemony odor for a moment, then it fades back.
Jalya: "explain, please? What have I tumbled in to?"
Priest: "Have you not seen the moon? When it is dark you'll know. Tonight is Yaniss' Baptism."
Jalya: "who is Yaniss?"
Priest: He smiles. "He is the bringer of great joys and powerful pain. Tonight is the night of his blessing."
Jalya: "...and I was about to be sacrificed to him?" (she is speaking calmly, and deliberately)
Priest: At that he laughs out loud. "No no, child." He sits, accidentally tapping the bucket. A little water splashes on the floor.
Jalya: "what's that for?"
* Jalya points to the water
Priest: "I was going to pass Yaniss' blessing to you. That is, when I believed you were merely an animal."
Jalya: (purrs) "We're all animals, good sir..."
Priest: "Will your friend be angry with us for capturing him."
* Jalya gets a seductive look and cracks a grin
Jalya: "he may... did you catch Zalith?"
Priest: "Yes. We have him in one of the lower rooms."
Jalya: "I'd like to see him please. He's my... familiar. :) "
Priest: "He isn't one of your kind? Believe me, I have been fascinated with the tales for some time."
Jalya: "He's a lynx, and I've been assigned by my sages to be a lynx and learn about intuition..."
Jalya: "... being with him helps me a lot. When my tutoring is over, I plan to keep him."
GM: He'll go to the door and call out for the acolyte. He tells him to bring the lynx up.
Jalya: =)
Priest: "Do you know the elves of the mountais?
Jalya: "some of them, yes. I fought along side them during the winter."
Priest: He nods. "The elven knights I have met are very tight lipped. Do you know why they curse this drought upon us?"
Jalya: "there wasn't time to get to know them. After the defeat, no one felt like talking anyway... at least I didn't."
Priest: He nods. "I understand."
Jalya: "tell me more about this ritual of yours..."
* Jalya still hasn't covered her breasts
Priest: "Tonight our god Yaniss chooses who will receive his blessing in the villages. When I saw you with your familiar, I thought to pass it to you."
GM: You can tell he is a chaste man. He is also rather older.
Jalya: [I'm not seducing him, or anything... she's doing that because it makes him uncomfortable]
Jalya: "the blessing of what?"
GM: The acolyte returns with Zalith, who looks pissed. He's in a wicker cage that you know he could tear apart if he wanted to.
Jalya: *calm down... everything will be fine*
GM: The priest thanks the acolyte and opens the cage for Zalith. "This year it would be another child for Margaret."
Jalya: "why her?"
Priest: He shrugs. "Only Yaniss knows."
* Jalya walks over to Zalith and pets him
Priest: "He chooses while we baptize the children. Often if he chooses one of them it is a great blessing."'
GM: Zalith will purr after a moment, but he's mad.
Jalya: "why did you choose me?"
* Jalya scritches Zalith's ears
Priest: "Because it appeared you had a mate. That would guarantee a little kit to pass the blessing to."
Jalya: "and what is this blessing?"
Priest: He shrugs. "Only Yaniss knows."
Jalya: *did they hurt you, my love?*
Zalith: *I let my stomach get us into this*
Jalya: *no... I was being curious too... let's not blame, let's just see what it becomes*
Jalya: to priest: "You know... I've learned something about the gods of the mannish folk..."
Priest: "Will you stay for the feast? It appears Margaret would like to keep her blessing again this year."
Jalya: "Let me consider that for a second... can Zalith eat with us?"
Jalya: *you want to stay, sir growling belly?*
Priest: "Of course."
Zalith: *I do not wish to stay here. I won't be domesticated*
Jalya: *just for dinner? We can slip out easily... I want to see this ritual*
Zalith: *I'm game*
Jalya: "Ok... we'll stay, but we'll need to return to the forest right after."
Priest: "He doesn't appear to like me"
Jalya: "He's wild, not a domestic type cat... but we have a relationship, and I'll assure you, he'll be civil to you & yours."
* Jalya kisses zalith between the ears
GM: The priest washes his hands in the water. offers it to you, if you wish. "Then we should return."
* Jalya puts down Zalith & washes her hands
* Jalya wraps the banner around her breasts
Jalya: *i hope they're the toga type*
GM: while you wash your hands he'll get you a light robe.
* Jalya tosses her hair
Jalya: "Ok... ready"
* Jalya takes te robe and picks up Zalith in it
Jalya: "Thank you. :)"
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: "Show us the way... uhh... what was your name?"
GM: He'll lead you back to the feast in the court. "I am the High Priest here, for the Duke of Outer Cybaria."
Jalya: "how shall I address you?"
Priest: "You may call me Arlen."
GM: He bows to you, and as you approach the table he'll find you a place. "And you are...?"
Jalya: "my name is Jalya... and this is Zalith..." :)
* Jalya presents Z to the priest
Jalya: "pleased to meet you, Arlen."
* Jalya bows at the neck
GM: The table his heaped with fruits, plenty of freshly roasted meats, and there are large pitchers of wine, beer and juice. You see there are two pitchers of milk as well.
GM: The fruits are small
Jalya: not enough water, eh?
Jalya: is it outdoors or indoors?
GM: it's mostly outdoors, but there's plenty of shade. the day got hot, but with the seabreeze it's still very nice. the shade is a litte scrawny, but they have some shades built up too.
Jalya: *this is going to be good... not hunting for food for a change*
GM: the mood has lightened, but you can tell the year has been disappointing. the water here must be low. There are
several priests about now, lighting incense and putting out torches for when the sun goes down.
* Zalith will sniff at the milk.
Jalya: *want some?*
* Jalya grabs a cup
Zalith: *Where did This come from?* He'll put a paw on the table.
Jalya: *i'm not certain*
* Jalya fills her cup with wine
Jalya: *if you want something, let me know*
Jalya: *we must appear gracious among the mannish... it's a holy day for them today.*
GM: He'll gnaw on some meat, then lick at the fatty side.
Zalith: *I would like some of that* nodding towards the milk.
* Jalya grabs another cup, and fills it w/ milk, then looks for a place to sit
Jalya: *I'm out of hands*
Zalith: *You can just place it on the ground*
Jalya: *ok*
GM: One of the woman's little boys is coming.
* Jalya sets it down, and turns to the boy
* Zalith will lick at it. *This is wonderful. You should have some.*
Jalya: "hello there"
* Jalya sips her wine
Jalya: *i will in a bit*
GM: The wine is sweet and very light.
Jalya: *this isn't bad either*
GM: The little boy stops when you speak, looking at his feet. He's cute, about eight summers you would guess.
Jalya: "Don't be afraid... I'm Jalya"
Boy: "I wanted to know..."
* Jalya kneels to be at his level
Jalya: "yes?"
* Zalith stops lapping the milk and looks up.
Boy: "... whyyyyeeeeee... why you wanted to take our baby brother 'way?"
* Jalya giggles
Jalya: "that was a misunderstanding of your customs... I'm new to this place... it's strange to me..."
Jalya: "I didn't understand"
Boy: "Would you have brought him back?"
Jalya: "yes... I'm not much older than you are. I couldn't care for a child."
GM: You can hear his mother's voice in the crowd somewhere...
Boy: "I heard that you keep them until you're done playing with them."
Jalya: "heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee who'd you hear that from?"
Jalya: *what IS this kid talking abut, hon?*
* Jalya tries a sip of the milk
GM: It's thick and very creamy. quite sweet. it has honey blended into it.
Jalya: mmmm....
Zalith: *They believe you steal their children for fun.*
* Jalya sets it back down for Zalith
Boy "But Orrin told me that his cousin ended up on a ship and she was only 4." he holds out the fingers to show you.
Jalya: *their silver or clothes, maybe... but their young? Ew.*
Jalya: "hahahahahaha... those are stories people tell each other to prejudice you against having an open mind about people, sweetie... those stories aren't true."
Boy: "You mean Orrin is a liar!"
Jalya: "Orrin is retelling a tale that may have happened... but when something is unexplainable, it's easy to pin the blame somewhere. Not all mannish folk like the Fae"
Boy: "What do you do with your babies then?"
Jalya: "I don't know... I have vague memories of my mother and sister... but I wandered and got lost in the forest."
* Jalya smiles
Boy: "Okay..." He says. He reaches up on the table and grabs one of the pears, taking a bite. It's pretty juicy for such a small thing.
* Jalya reaches up for one
* Jalya bites it
Jalya: "this is pretty good... what's your name, little boy?"
* Jalya wonders if she shouldn't go try to move that iceberg, somehow
Boy: "Odél." He says, and takes another bite.
Jalya: "Hi Odél... I heard your mom in the crowd... want to take me to meet her?"
* Odél shakes his head. "No, I think she's still drinking her wine."
* Zalith knocks the cup over trying to drink from it. He's got milk on his whiskers
Jalya: "Ok... well you best go back to her... I don't want her thinking that I'm trying to steal you."
Jalya: *thirsty for more, dearest?*
* Jalya giggles after her line to the boy
* Jalya also smiles and winks
Odél: "I get to stay with my father tonight, which means with good  weath'r tomorrow he could see the races."
* Jalya smiles...
Jalya: "I hope it's good weather for you tomorrow"
* Jalya gets Zalith some more milk, and her self some meats as well
* Odél smiles and nods, finishing off his pear. The pears have a nice tart flavor to them, you definitely want a second one.
Jalya: *want some meat?*
* Zalith has a goofy look on his face. He's licking the milk from his paws.
GM: You realize why when you stand up. Your head is very light. That must have been   mead in the milk.
Jalya: *do you feel weird?*
GM: He keeps licking, very slowly now. His eyes look unfocused.
* Jalya grabs slice of meat
* Jalya puts it in front of Zalith
GM: By now it's cooling off, the sun is low in the sky. The festival is now starting to get loud - musicians and performers and dancing break out, while some of the servants clean up the tables and the broken dishes.
Zalith: *How do they make this?*
Jalya: *I think they stick it in fire or something*
GM: he snorts at you, licks his paw some more.
* Jalya sighs
GM: Odél's mother has a small circle of admirers around her now.
GM: The servants stay clear of you, but they aren't rude.
Jalya: hmm..
* Jalya puts on the robes that the priest gave to Z
Jalya: *do I look holy?*
Zalith: *you look like a servant girl*
GM: A cheer erupts and the music starts to sputter and go out.
* Jalya takes off the robes
* Jalya investigates
Jalya: *You coming?*
GM: when you turn around you can see that some ships are coming into the port. several people start to shout, and the crowd starts moving towards the approaching ships.
* Jalya starts heading in that direction
Jalya: *Zalith?*
GM: Zalith will meander behind you, he's not in any hurry. you can see that he's weaving.
Jalya: heehee
GM: you feel wonderful
Jalya: wooHOO!!
GM: the wine took a few sips to get used to, but the milk was unexpected
* Jalya starts skipping towards the dock
GM: The ships are gorgeous - there are 4 of them. the central one seems to be a frigate, but it's riding light in the water. the other 3 are much lighter, with narrow orange and purple sails. One of the smaller ones finally lands and they begin
throwing lines out. A golden haired man stands at the stern, decked with jewels and rings on both of his long pointed ears - one of the Sidhe.
* Jalya waves towards him
GM: You're in a large crowd.
Jalya: i know that, I'm waving anyway
GM: He steps onto the dock and starts giving orders, working the frigate to a good spot.
* Jalya stops waving
GM: 4 short, curly haired individuals unload large crates from the small ship. Hobbits rarely go seaward, unless they intend to settle down.
Jalya: hmm.
GM: The frigate and other 2 ships dock, and from one of the other smaller ships you see they're escorting a beautiful woman.
Jalya: how beautiful?
GM: She has the pale skin of the mannish folk in the high mountains. But instead of the thick dark black hair, she has rich mahogany tones. She is dressed eleganty, with light furs for the cooling weather.
GM: Lanterns are lit as the sun shines its last, and you can see the bright halo of the full Moon rising
* Jalya blows a kiss to the moon
GM: The people here seem surprised when she arrives, and as she's escorted to the courtyard gossip spreads like wildfire.
Jalya: I'm gona keep my eye on her...
GM: Her name is Lady Moxinne, or sometimes she's called Countess di Aiul.
Jalya: [3 sucesses - path(6)]
GM: When you blow your kiss at the moon it's just as it comes over the horizon. There is a faint shadow across it - a catlike print.
Jalya: =)
Jalya: hmm... I know her name... I can do magick on her. ;)
GM: Once she's led back to the courtyard you can see that her servants have already set up a place for her. There are standing candelabras, carpets placed on the cleared ground. There is a dour man there, taking a seat as servants place a table before him. You saw him earlier, but he was at the far end of the table.
Jalya: aww... he should be happier
GM: Lady di Aiul is given a seat, and food is brought. 3 Sidhe join them, as well as 2 men. A chess table is brought out, with chairs, and you see some of the footmen (Human and Sidhe) sitting under trees and at benches playing cards. But those at the table lean in, excluding the rest of the festival.
* Jalya get's close to the table
GM: By now the music has picked up again and the dancing resumes. Odél's mother is nowhere to be seen.
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: [2 successes - Investigation(5) - listening in...]
GM: The dour man is angry with Lady di Aiul. The Sidhe don't say much.
Jalya: hmm
Jalya: and these people are playing chess?
GM: nobody is playing chess, although some of the servants are eyeing the board.
Jalya: ok
* Jalya listens to the conversation at the table
* Jalya is trying to not be noticed
GM: You'll hear of troop movements too, and a mention of "that backwater town"
Jalya: why are the mannish always at war?
* Jalya sighs
GM: should any sidhe look at/for you, you'll be recognized.
Jalya: that's ok if I am... but I'm curious... I want to know what's going on.
GM: One of the Sidhe says "That is none of our business. What the elves protect is beyond our notice."
GM: The Countess agrees with him
GM: someone taps on your shoulder.
* Jalya turns around and smiles (that pretty, charming pooka smile)
GM: It's a smiling man, just shorter than you. You haven't seen a Hobbit in years. "I know yer mum's aunt Tooley."
Jalya: "You do?"
* Jalya smiles even bigger
GM: He takes a pipe out of his pouch, thumbing some dry grass into it.
Jalya: "Let's go talk."
* Jalya stands up
GM: He nods and winks. "Yeh. Or I should say surr'gate aunt."
Jalya: "You mean Gynnlyn's sister?"
GM: He shakes his head. "Nay nay... Wait a moment here while I have his lordship buy my passage South."
* Jalya starts walking towards a tree, trying to stay away from the crowd
Jalya: "ok..."
* Jalya waits
Jalya: "I'll be right here"
GM: You can see one of the other Hobbits joining him. They interrupt the discussion at the table, which was just getting heated.
Jalya: [2 successes - Investigation(6)]
GM: The dour man, who the others refer to mostly as Your Grace, warns the Sidhe from going too far inland. The hobbits don't seem to care, they intend to meet some kin in the mountains.
Jalya: When I hear that, I creep a bit closer to the table. like 3 or 4 feet
* The Countess shakes her head and stands. "I will not interfere, Your Grace." the dour man reaches for her hand, but she takes it away too fast.
Hobbit: "We will need no escort. We have friends among the Elven."
GM: And the elder Sidhe remain sitting, eating slowly.
Jalya> [I have 5 dice in Enigmas... can I try to piece together
what is going on based on what I've heard?]
Countess: "We intend to leave in the morning, and we will pay in good faith."
Jalya: [1 sucess - Enigmas(8)]
GM: The dour man is an emissary from the land the mannish call Cybaria. He wants the countess and her sidhe friends to help with the war, and she's declining.
Jalya: good. there's too much of that shit
GM: He is, however, asking them to fight the armies of the evil god Charatt. The Heretics.
Jalya: those are those who destroyed the statue?
GM: yep
Jalya: those bastards need to be stopped.
GM: the dour man starts to follow her, but then changes his mind.
GM: The sidhe all rise and thank him. He gives them a pouch of coins and tells his men to board with the sidhe.
GM: The hobbit man returns, his cup full of meaded milk.
Jalya: "Where did you get that?"
Zalith: *Yes, is there more of that?*
* Jalya would like some more
* Jalya picks up Zalith
GM: "The Duke does not care for it, so I took his cup."
Jalya: "And I'm being so impolite... I'm Jalya, this is Zalith. And you are...?"
* Jalya extends her hand
GM: He'll sit on one of the old benches and shake your hand. "I am Larn Joenz," he says. He gives Zalith a scratch behind the ear. "What a lovely friend you have here."
GM: This sets Zalith's purr to second gear.
Jalya: "Thank you. Zalith is very special. Do you know where we can get some of that milk, Mister Joenz?"
Jalya: :)
Larn: "Tooley is Gynnlyn's friend, the lady that my third cousin took ya to when you were found in the woods."  He'll set the cup on the floor and let Zalith lick out of it.
Jalya: *save me some* :)
Larn: "I had hoped to meet Gynnlyn while I was away from home. Have you seen her lately?"'
* Zalith will lick some more, then stare at you. *Take a sip. It keeps refilling."
Jalya: "Not in a while... After what I saw happen near Pawloz, I needed to get away for a while...
* Jalya takes a sip of the milk
Larn: "Yes, I had heard about the crazy humans there." [btw, you are speaking Aelfar]
Jalya: "I was in that battle, you know. It was terrible... it freaked me out. I cried for a week when I got home... but it took a week for the shock to wear off."
GM: He blows a thin smoke ring, flipping a coin over the knuckles of his left hand. "I will be near that site. I have to meet a Dwarven friend. It's good to meet you here. You can save me pointless wandering around in Sarinilar."
Jalya: "I shall do that... :) We need to do something up there... and I need you and the Sidhe to help me."
* Larn shakes his head. "The Sidhe won't go. The don't want to interfere in the mannish wars."
Jalya: "This isn't about the war... this is about Nature. We need to right a wrong that that battle caused."
Larn: "The Elven keep their secret safe. The humans cannot harm Mohr'Kaidann."
Jalya: "This area is in a drought. The river is running low. In the battle that took place up there, a large piece of ice fell, and blocked the rive. It needs to be moved."
Larn: "Perhaps we can convince the elves to move it."
* Zalith finally gives up lapping at the milk. He looks drowsy.
Jalya: "Perhaps. It needs to be set right. But I can't do it alone."
* Jalya drinks some more milk
Larn: "We'll finish loading the ship tonight, after the Duke finishes taking up the wrong space."
Jalya: "Will you help me talk to the Sidhe and see if they can back me up on this when I go meet with the elves? I want to come with you."
Larn: "I can meet with you tomorrow. I doubt the Sidhe will stay here past dawn." He puts the pipe away and takes a deep draught of the milk.
Jalya: "I'll need to go get my gear... it's on the outskirts of the town. Thank you, Larn."
* Jalya tries to stand up
Larn: "I know four of us are going to Stanshyre. We could always use a friend on a long journey."
Jalya: [how tipsy am i?]
GM: You're pretty wobbly. You may end up sleeping under the stars.
Jalya: "If you can, I'm coming with you."
* Larn laughs. He puts the cup back on the abandoned table, and it is quickly snatched up by a servant.
GM: Larn and several of the sailors then go back towards the docks and begin loading the ship with crates and barrels.
* Zalith is now snoring.
* Jalya carries Zalith, and follows Larn
GM: Larn will be loading all night long. the party will go on until the moon sets, but I doubt you want to drink anymore. you can help load... but you're quite drunk, so you might piss them off.
Jalya: I'd rather go get my things, and then sleep a bit.
Jalya: "I'll be here in the morning, Larn. Thanks."
GM: you'll only need about 4 hours of sleep, 5 max. Zalith however may sleep 8.
GM: Once you are alone, the sailors will leer at you. But they don't follow you out of the city. The only faerie folk in the city now are busy hobbits.
Jalya: When I get to the outskirts of the city, I remove the banner, and start carrying Zalith in it.
Jalya: nothing's prettier than nudity in the woods. :)
* Jalya slings Zalith over her back and makes way to the campsite.
O - Foolsday, Yanissir 15th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: You'll wake up to the sailors as they wind up the lines. The air is still and clear, with streaks of gold from the rising
* Jalya streches
* Zalith opens his eyes, but doesn't move. *I feel terrible*
* Jalya faces the sun, arms out, palms up and welcomes the New Light.
GM: you feel parched yourself, but otherwise fine. it is very dry here. you're much nearer to the river and you can see how low it is.
* Jalya pets Zalith's head
Zalith: *Why do you look so relaxed?* He finally stretches some, but then just rolls over to his other side.
Jalya: *do you want to come with? Or do you want to meet back near Gynn's in a few weeks?*
Zalith: *We haven't visited with Gynn in a long time*
Jalya: *I know. She's been on my mind lately tho. You would probably get there before me, and tell her that I'm coming soon*
Zalith: *It would save me the trouble of more cities*
* Zalith belches lightly *I shouldn't have had anything at that festival*
Jalya: *I think you just need to eat a squirrel*
GM: He sits up abruptly, waking up more. *Wait, where are you going?*
Jalya: *To talk with the elves...*
GM: He narrows his eyes, annoyed.
Zalith: *Yes, I remember that. But you said in a few weeks. Where are you going?*
Jalya: *Larn is a friend of the family. I need his help to convince the elves to move the iceberg that's blocking the rive.*
Jalya: *It may take a while*
*Zalith lays back down.
Jalya: *Elves can be stiff necked about moving anything*
* Jalya strokes his head
Zalith: *I have an errand to run anyway. I didn't want to tell you, but since you'll be busy...*
Jalya: *what is it?*
* Zalith shakes his head
Jalya: *c'mon...*
Zalith: *I have refused a call from the Lord twice now. He will brook no further coyness from me*
GM: he belches again, then lies back a little nauseated.
Zalith: *And here I have broken a taboo*
Jalya: *what does that have to do with anything? no one need know*
Zalith: *The Lord does not want me to become a pet, that's all*
Jalya: *You know I spend most of my time in feline form... that's hardly me making you my pet*
Zalith: *It's just best I show up without you* He purrs and lifts his chin to be scratched under.
* Jalya kisses Zalith & scratches his chin
Zalith: *And we can meet at Gynnlyn's treehouse by a moon's turning*
Jalya: *I love you, sweetie... Have a great journey.*
Zalith: *Larn isn't an Elvish name...*
Jalya: *He's a hobbit... Know's Gynn's sister*
GM: He snickers
GM: By now the sails are up and the ships begin to drift out to sea. You can see the duke and his entourage on the last ship out, a dark green smudge against the orange-red sailcloth
Jalya: *but he also knows a few Sidhe... and if we can get the Sidhe with me on this, the Elves will be more likely to help us.*
Zalith: *Hobbits know everyone, so I have heard*
* Jalya giggles
GM: He gets up, rubbing his temple against your wrist
Zalith: *You should go then, if the Hobbits are your companions*
* Jalya scratches his ears & kisses Zalith again
Jalya: *Bye, my dearest... see you in a few weeks.*
GM: He grooms himself as you leave, taking his time getting up.
Zalith: *By one turning of the moon*
Jalya: *By then... I love you.*
GM: The town is awake, but moving slow. Most of the children are trudging towards the temples, carrying fruit and offerings.
* Jalya heads towards the dock
GM: The hobbits are all relaxing on barrels and benches, smoking their pipes and tapping their long toes on the boards.
Jalya: (lol)
* Larn spots you immediately and waves.
Jalya: [what color was that banner?]
GM: deep purple red
* Jalya likes that color. in fact, she's going to steal another one so she can make an outfit out of it.
* Jalya waves to Larn
GM: You can grab one while you go to him. The few still out are soaked in wine and ale, tattered, and strewn about. You'll definitely want to wash them
* Jalya * flyingtackletothegroundtumblerollscreamshuddergropeticklegigglehugs * Larn
Jalya: "How's THAT for an enthusiastic greeting?"
GM: He giggles himself.
Larn: "You must have enjoyed the festival last night." He puffs on his pipe "Too bad you lopped off before the Sidhe decided to join for true."
Jalya: "Honestly, I was pretty tipsy last night, but Zalith got really drunk on that milk."
* Larn grins "Aye, for Deimuu's sake." and he winks.
* Jalya giggles
GM: The hobbit behind you laughs "I always find a human to party with during this month!"
Larn: "It's too bad we weren't in Stanshyre. I hear a trago of Satyrs runs the rounds there this time of year."
GM: That gets general laughter all around.
* Jalya smiles
Larn: "Are you all ready then? We've been waitin' since daybreak."
GM: There are 5 Hobbit men here, and they've already lost any semblance of sea gear.
Jalya: "Sorry if I kept you waiting... I was saying 'bye' to Zalith."
GM: They all shoulder their heavy packs and put their pipes away.
Larn: "That's fine child. We can't expect you to work like us."
Jalya: "I'm ready when you are."
* Jalya grins
Jalya: "One day in a city every few months is more than enough for Zalith, I can tell you..."
* Jalya starts walking
GM: They take a leisurely stroll out of town, bowing to the ladies as they go. The townsfolk will smile but they are too busy to stop and talk, which is fine. Once you get out of town they pick up the pace, and by sundown you're nearly exhausted.
Jalya: I should locate myself a walking staff for tomorrow

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