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Cups: 3
(1996[?] Charcoal on paper)

Cups: 3

Divinatory Meanings: Take your choice now! Celebrate and enjoy what is before you. Perfection. Abundance.
Reversed: Satisfaction with life. No responsibilities.

This is the first of my Tarot creations, which is oddly appropriate. I drew this when I was living with some good friends, just when I was coming out of a very dark period in my life. I was just learning to celebrate my life and the gifts I was given, and this drawing captures some of the inspiration I felt then.

[Card definition from The Herbal Tarot Deck by Michael Tierra, which is 1988 U.S. Game Systems, Inc.]

XVIII The Moon
XIX The Sun
Knight of Wands
Three of Cups
Queen of Pentacles

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