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Pentacle Queen in Neon
(2000 JPEG image)

Pentacle Queen in Neon

Divinatory Meanings: Woman in charge of nurturing and caring for others. A mother or a business woman. A woman of means and accomplishments. A wise crone. Someone to turn to for advice.
Reversed: Irresponsible woman. Not following through with primary responsibilities and cares. A wise stately manner that can hide inner emptiness and lack of true knowledge.

I got this urge to make a new image; it was so strong I knew I had to do it. Unfortunately, the inspiration was entirely vague. I tried drawing it out, to plan it before I made the final product, but every trial image was just horrible. Then I just sat down at the computer and started fiddling around with the Clip Art thing. Then, out of the blue, I saw this totally 50's housewife image, and I wanted to make an art deco sort of card.
As you can see, the art deco influence went right out the window, and quite quickly. Once I had the original clip turned into the neon figure on the right, I reversed it, then made a negative, which (after some cleanup) became this version of the Queen of Pentacles.

[Card definition from The Herbal Tarot Deck by Michael Tierra, which is 1988 U.S. Game Systems, Inc.]

XVIII The Moon
XIX The Sun
Knight of Wands
Three of Cups
Queen of Pentacles

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