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XIX The Sun
(2000 JPEG Image)

XIX The Sun

Divinatory Meanings: Warmth. Openness. Friendliness. Happiness. Earthly joy and contentment.
Reversed: Boisterous, insensitive person. Lack of compassion for others. Conceit. Aggression. Moods ranging from excessive joy to violent anger.

While I was working on the Queen of Pentacles image, one of the first initial sketches was an attempt at The Sun. Every drawing looked like total crap - nothing worth scanning and recoloring. Then, when I had finished with the Queen, I continued to fiddle around with the computer and came up with the sun image above. Most of it was rather easy, but the sun rays themselves took an entire day to get just right, what with the computer not comprehending what I wanted it to do.

[Card definition from The Herbal Tarot Deck by Michael Tierra, which is 1988 U.S. Game Systems, Inc.]

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