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Jalya - Chapter One: Love

OŘ - Moonday, Diandir 7th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: You'll start off towards Pawlosz, since you totally bypassed it before, but when you see how fortified the place looks you think better of it.
Jalya: there's an army in Pawlosz?
GM: There was a small army before, and it looks like it's grown.
Jalya: do I recognize its crest or emblem?
GM: They are the same as before - the Broken Sword of Tambrect. They're not in the best of condition though.
Jalya: I hate armies. I hate wars
GM: Well, this one has been going on for nearly a century now and it doesn't look like it will be stopping any time soon.
Jalya: *humans are so violent, Zalith*
GM: He seems quite eager to be away from Pawlosz. *They are very good at disagreeing with one another.*
Jalya: me too...
* Jalya picks up the pace
Jalya: am I still limping?
GM: A little. You're sure that in another day or two it should be fine.
Jalya: =)
Jalya: [BTW, did Gynn give me another potion?]
GM: [Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, I'll come up with one in a sec.]
Jalya: [ok]
O) - Fireday, Diandir 11th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: A few days later, when you near the river's fork and the little town of Du'lak, the weather gets a bit cloudy. You can smell rain will be coming, probably tonight. But staying in Du'lak is definitely out of the question, considering what happened before.
Jalya: I have an idea
* Jalya spends a mana point   =^. .^=
GM: k'
GM: Zalith gives you his catty half smile.
Jalya: *we can find a place easier this way. Let's see if we can find an abandoned fox hole or something*
GM: There are certainly plenty of good burrows and nooks - finding one unoccupied may be a challenge.
Jalya: [2 successes - survival(7)]
GM: You manage to spook a few critters, plenty of whom are busy with broods, before you spot a fine place under and within a fallen log. It smells a bit squirrely, but considering the snakeskin just a few feet beyond you're sure the previous occupants won't be returning.
Jalya: heehee
GM: Zalith will sniff at the snakeskin a bit, then trot over to examine the tree's hollow - playing the alpha male for a moment.
Jalya: [for the record, I hid my clothes & equipment before going to Lynx shape]
GM: [Yes, and you'll spend a little time dragging them to your shelter]
Jalya: =)
O) - Waterday, Diandir 12th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: The rain doesn't come that night, and next morning the air is heavy with the promise of a storm.
Jalya: *I think we should stay until it blows over. Do you want to get breakfast or shall I?*
* Zalith grins. *How could I possibly make you hunt*
Jalya: =^. .^=
Jalya: *I love you, you know.*
GM: He'll squeeze his way out of the little den, then turn back. *That is something we may need to discuss soon.* Then trots off to hunt.
* Jalya gets a sinking feeling
GM: It is a gorgeous day, but the humidity and Zalith's words conspire to make it flat and dull. He's gone for some time - probably being picky as usual.
* Jalya wonders if Hamm said anything incriminating. I mean... it's not like I kissed him, or anything
GM: It's nearly noon when he finally returns, a wilted looking chicken in his jaws.
Zalith: *These mad humans pen up these useless things, then kill off the ones that can fly*
Jalya: *you have such good tastes, my dear*
GM: He drops it on the ground and wrinkles his nose at it. *They're incredibly stupid*
Jalya: *hehehe no wonder they let the humans cage them up. How do they taste?*
* Jalya sniffs
GM: He'll start biting the feathers off of it, shaking his head to get them off. *I don't remember there being so many of them around here before. I think another battle may be coming.*
* Jalya claws at the breast feathers to help Zalith
Jalya: *yeah, I got that impression too... I wonder what's up?*
GM: After he's cleaned it mostly off he'll tear a wing off. *Try it for yourself*
* Jalya chomps it
Jalya: *kinda oily... but it's pretty tasty...*
GM: The storm finally breaks that night, although it's not as furious as promised. But it does rain all night and into the morning, and you catch only a glimpse of the moon.
Jalya: wooHOO!!
Jalya: when it stops raining, I'll shift back to my 'human' form and put my clothes back on (outside the den, of course)
O - Sunday, Diandir 13th -:- Feast of Passions - Imperieal Year 210 • Myth •
GM: The rain will last well into the next day, but mostly as a faint drizzle. It does make everything smell wonderfully fresh and new, though quite muddy.
* Jalya finds it curious that Zalith hasn't asked why we were going to Stanshyre, but doesn't say anything
* Jalya sings - "so tell me... did you sail across the sun...."
GM: You cross over into Ityrre, being careful at the river crossing to keep Zalith near in case someone should take an unhealthy interest in him. He's been uncharacteristically quiet since his little statement.
Jalya: hmm
* Jalya sings - "there'll always be something on your mind - you'll never quite find... won't you ever make your mind up"
* Jalya is trying to make a subtle hint to Zalith in that [2 successes - Rapport(7)]
GM: Just across the river the trading town is full of people and lots of activity.
Jalya: Zalith isn't going to like this part one bit, is he?
GM: not likely
Jalya: *I know you hate cities... just stay near me, ok?*
GM: He definitely has been thinking about this for some time, but it's only come up recently - something about you. and he's very reluctant to bring it up. He keeps close, as usual, and you're through the worst of it in very little time. But you'll have to stay at least an hour or two for supplies, unless you want to keep roughing it.
* Jalya keeps singing - "Now you'll never be sure if this is the time... if this is the moment - the end of the line... you'll never decide..."
Jalya: I don't have anything to barter with... unless..... did Gynn happen to clean those banners that were dirty & trampled?
GM: More or less. It's cleaner than when you last wore it.
Jalya: I have like 4 of them....
Jalya: I could barter away 2 for something, I think...
Jalya: I'd still have enough fabric for an outfit...
Jalya: [one was listed in 'good condition' the rest needed to be washed (badly)]
GM: yes, the ones that were filthy are in much better condition now.
GM: [BTW, I have the potion - A foamy yellow-green mixture in a squat glass bottle.]
GM: [Gynn "I thought I'd keep it simple this time. This should help keep you out of trouble in those taverns you like to frequent. Or get you into it..."]
Jalya: hmm  she's a pixie, so I know she has a jovial side... (if not downright mischievous) must be where I get it from... ;)
Jalya: I'll take the 2 cleanest banners, and try to use them to barter with
GM: The market is such a buzz of activity that it spills out all over, and there are stands set up nearly everywhere. Zalith keeps looking around warily. *Don't tell me it's another one of their holidays...*
Jalya: *it looks like it is... don't worry tho... I won't get wrapped up in it this time* (pardon the pun)
GM: You can see a few pennons of a similar color around, but most of the banners are of a deep red and fiery orange. What are you trying to get - just food, or anything else?
Jalya: Food... for one, the other I would like to trade in services
GM: And it appears that anywhere the dark purple banner is hung they're selling wine.
Jalya: Hmmm
GM: There are a few Fae faces in the crowd - several groups of elves keeping tight cliques, the occasional dwarf or hobbit.
* Jalya goes up to a stand selling dried fruits, and tries to barter 1 banner for whatever quantity of food she can get [4 successes - subterfuge(6) haggling with the man at the booth]
Jalya: =)
GM: The man will smile at you widely, something you haven't seen from a human in quite some time. He seems more than willing to trade with you, and will tell you that he'll throw in a skin of fine wine for a favor.
Jalya: "ok... what's the favor?"
* Jalya smiles
GM: He holds up a hand for you to wait, then ducks into the back. He'll return with a baby girl, not even a year old, who is squalling her lungs out.
* Jalya gets maternal
GM: He'll hold her out, still screaming like there's no tomorrow. "Please, bless her. She has been ill."
Jalya: "what's this?"
Jalya: wish I still had that healing salve...
* Jalya holds out her arms
GM: She is very warm, and her cheeks are bright red. When you hold her she'll look at you, then scream some more.
* Zalith sits, looking at you intently.
* Jalya kisses her forehead and whispers "don't cry..."
Jalya: Do I have any magick that can help?
GM: not particularly, though this poor man seems to think so.
Jalya: *who does he think I am? The messiah?*
Zalith: *Oh just kiss her on the head and act magickal*
Jalya: I have a 2 intelligence, and no herb lore... but living w/ Gynn, I think I may have picked some up
* Jalya kisses her on the head and says "may the stars always be with you..."
Jalya: would I know of an herb to reduce fever? [3 successes - Healing(8) w/ WP]
GM: You do remember when you would get ill, and Gynn would brew you tea to keep you quiet and keep the fever down.  She'll calm a bit when you hold her closer.
* Jalya holds the child closer and says to the man "what have you been treating her with?"
Vendor: "My wife used to brew her some remedies, but she has taken ill herself, and I have trouble managing. And now with the Our Lady's Feast tonight I am busier than ever."
Jalya: *you are either going to love me or hate me after this... I'm not sure which*
Jalya: "I'll make you an offer, good sir... I'll care for your child, and your wife today, in exchange for food and one night's lodging."
GM: He'll open the side of the booth and wave you in. You see a young man come forward with your supplies.
Jalya: " you can run your establishment today"
* Jalya smiles
Jalya: has the child calmed down?
GM: Somewhat, but you can tell she's very feverish
Jalya: "where do you keep the water?"
GM: He'll kneel down in front of you. "I cannot thank you enough for this."
Jalya: *I wish all humans treated me like this*
Jalya: "please get up... I need to get started... food and lodging will 'fice"
GM: The boy will lead you into the back, where they have a makeshift living area set up. The woman is tall and thin, with beautiful mahogany hair that is currently limp from sickness. When she sees you come in with the baby she looks alarmed, but the boy calms her.
Jalya: *coming, Zalith?*
Jalya: "I'm Jalya... you should be lying down..."
* Jalya smiles
GM: He'll follow you, and when you give the baby back to her mother to get to work he'll curl up at their feet. The boy seems fascinated by him, but then he has to get back to work himself. She seems dubious at first, and she'll shout directions for you, but when you return and she sees your preparations she'll just smile and nod.
Jalya: "I have a need to help the needy, m'lady... I have been in need myself before..."
Jalya: I assume that I fetched the herbs from a stand with silver provided by the booth owner
GM: There are some there already, but you know you'll need more.
* Jalya starts making the brew
* Jalya sings to herself softly as she prepares everything
GM: By the time the Feast begins you will have them both settled and feeling better. The baby is asleep, and her mother is not far behind. You miss a lot of the festivities since you have to make two more batches, but it's fun to watch from the booth. It seems to be a very bawdy celebration, with wandering players and minstrels singing songs that aren't in the least bit subtle.
* Jalya mentions to everyone at the booth not to bother Zalith
GM: That night the moon has an enormous faerie ring around it, shaded just a faint pink. The celebration continues late into the evening, and you're sure lasts well until dawn when everyone goes home. Zalith seems very content, actually - he even lets Rhea (the wife) pet him some, and he stay by her when she's resting.
Jalya: would I know any meta-physical meaning to that ring?
GM: Could be a blessing
Jalya: =)
Jalya: hmm... I don't want to get ill myself....
GM: The vendor will tell you that it will be difficult to find a room now, as he makes a space for you in the booth's front. The city is crowded.
O - Moonday, Diandir 14th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: You'll sleep your usual few hours and awaken well before the others do. You have plenty of time to get the next batch started and check in on them. The baby is doing much better, but you can tell she's been ill a bit too long. Rhea should be well enough by noon. Zalith will stay close to you, watching as you make the brew, pack your supplies, and check on the baby.
Jalya: *Are you mad at me?*
Zalith: *no*
Jalya: *you've been quiet, what's up?*
GM: He'll lick his paw, stalling.
* Jalya pets his head slowly
Jalya: *what's wrong?*
GM: You'll hear the baby stir a bit, then Rhea wakes and calms her.
Jalya: "Feeling better Rhea?"
Zalith: *I don't know how to tell you...* He stands and goes to check on the baby.
Jalya: !
* Rhea nods, then goes to get the morning's brew.
* Zalith will sit up and look at the baby, then turn and walk out. *I don't have as much time as you do*
Jalya: "Be right back..."
* Jalya follows Zalith
*  Rhea will nod. "Thank you for helping us."
Jalya: "no worries..."
Jalya: "where are you going, Zalith?"
GM: Zalith hops up on the counter and watches as the sun rises. The street outside is littered with small ribbons and favors, scraps of cloth and food. He'll turn to you, and for the first time ever he looks very sad.
Jalya: *what is it?*
Zalith: *I was wondering what would have happened if we had let that priest give us that woman's blessing*
Jalya: *...and?*
GM: He sniffs his version of a laugh. *Of course, a blessing from a fickle mannish godling isn't necessarily the best idea...*
Jalya: * probably not...*
GM: He'll peer over your shoulder as Rhea and the baby come out to see the sun rise. Rhea looks radiant, though it is still partly the fever. She gives Zalith a pat on the head. "He is a beautiful animal. You are very lucky."
Zalith: *But I think...* He stops and looks at Rhea. *I think it would be the only way. And I must have children. I have no choice*
Jalya: "I am...."
Jalya: *why?*
Zalith: *I'm obligated. I don't want to go, but I will have to one day. And perhaps one of my own can finish the journey with you.*
Jalya: "I'm so fortunate to be blessed with his company. He's taught me so much."
* Jalya sheds a tear
GM: She'll sit on a stool and feed the baby, cuddling her close against the morning's chill. "I must apologize. When I first saw you I was afraid you would take her/"
Jalya: "That's not my nature... I was a lost child myself..."
* Zalith smiles in spite of himself. *If only you could have taken the blessing. Then they could be ours, truly ours.*
Rhea: "You poor thing. And do you wander Myth to find your parents?"
Jalya: "I never really fathomed why I wander, but now that you mention it, I suppose I do."
Jalya: *I think there's another way...*
* Rhea smiles. "I hope you find them. No child should be without their mother."
Jalya: *do we have to talk about this right now?*
Zalith: *When you are ready.* he turns to the sunrise. *We should be going soon.*
Jalya: "I have an adopted mother... a Pixie named Gynn. but I remember my sister too... I'm more curious about her."
* Rhea laughs. "A pixie? How wonderful! I remember when I was a little girl my mother would tell me when she was little and there were pixies here still."
Jalya: *we'll go... I'm in the middle of a revelation right now... so calm down...*
GM: He'll hop down from the counter, wind around Rhea's legs a bit and look up at the baby. Now you see why he was so reluctant.
Jalya: "She's the best..."
Rhea: "Perhaps your sister looks for you as well."
Jalya: "I hope so... I figure I'll recognize her by the ears..."
* Jalya twirls her hair
* Rhea smiles. "Where do you travel to now?"
* Jalya bends down and pets Zalith
* Zalith purrs contentedly
Jalya: "Stanshyre... I promised my Hobbit friends I'd visit them when I was better. I need to stay until the market opens again, at least... I want the seamstress to make me a cloak"
Rhea: "I've never heard of Stanshyre." she shrugs. "But since the recent battles there have been several new villages." Then she'll stop and cover her mouth and laugh, coughing a bit. "How silly I am, of course I have not heard of it. It is a Hobbit village."
Jalya: "They saved my life."
Rhea: "We had some Hobbits here, near a week ago. My husband wanted to buy some ale from them, but they said it was already bought."
Jalya: "That was THEM. Great guys, and yeah... they were trading it for land. if they didn't drink it all on the way."
* Jalya relates the story of the ice to Rhea (while waiting for the market to open)
GM: [how much about the elves do you tell her?]
Jalya: [I didn't tell her any locations, just said "went to see the
Elf lords" and left it at that.]
GM: [k' - just making sure.]
Jalya: [I went into details about the council (especially the mooching) tho, and the significant events after.]
GM: Her eyes will widen at the tale, and at the end she'll applaud at the end. "How wonderful! I had not known about the ice - we all thought that the Elves had cursed us for fighting in their sacred place."
Jalya: "I think someone was trying to curse something, but it wasn't the elves."
Rhea: "Well, with the ice removed now, I am certain there will be another battle in Pawlosz, or perhaps even as close as Du'Lak. The Heretics come ever closer."
Jalya: "But the good thing is that ice is not blocking the river any longer. The mannish are always fighting... (slight pause) no offense"
Rhea: "Aye. The crops here have been good, and trade is always with us, but I hear down-river things are not so well."
Jalya: "It wasn't... which is when I decided to do what I could to fix things... nearly got me killed"
Rhea: "And you say the Elven lords just left it there..."
GM: The market is now starting to open up - men are sweeping out their booths and you can hear a few flower girls (likely de-flowered after last night) warming up their songs.
Jalya: when the market opens, I'll ask the owner if he'd be willing to part with a couple silver so I can have the other banners made into a cloak.
GM: He is more than willing.
Jalya: :)
* Jalya hugs everyone, and wishes them well
Jalya: (how many silver did he give me?)
GM: Their son is still asleep - he was working very late last night. Rhea and her husband are sad to see you go, and their blessing follow you all the way into the court. [none - he gave you a Gold Crown]
Jalya: wooHOO!!
Jalya: "Thank you again, for everything... May the Powers that Be bless and keep you"
GM: It will take a few hours to get the cloak made - 6 silver, and if you want it lined for warmth it will cost 2 more plus material (which you don't have enough for just yet...)
Jalya: I'll pay for the extra lining
GM: Rabbit will cost 3 Gold, Fox will cost 9
Jalya: hmm, ok... just the cloak is fine
* Zalith grins when he hears the prices *Rabbit, eh...?*
Jalya: *I need to tell you about something...*
Zalith: *Do tell*
Jalya: *I was hunting a rabbit... and got picked on by 2 mannish knights who were trying to get my breakfast.*
Zalith: *Let me guess, you fought for the rabbit, even though you were outnumbered.*
GM: The woman will sniff at you when you change your mind, then just shrug. "Freeze then. It will be a hard winter." and she'll make a few cursory measurements with a length of yarn.
Jalya: *You know me too well. Bastard really wrangled my back before he threw me into the tree.*
Zalith: *You do realize that your hide is worth more than a scrawny rabbit's*
Jalya: *Yeah... I adopted a motto that day...*
GM: You see a clique of Elves walking up the road, looking around as if assessing the place.
Jalya: "Let the humans have the rabbit" (aloud so the shop owner hears)
GM: She'll look at you funny, then wind up her yarn strands and take the banners to cut them.
* Jalya walks away
Jalya: do I recognize any of the elves?
GM: No, They'll nod to you as they pass.
* Jalya smiles at them
GM: They're speaking quietly in Aelfar, only really it's just loud enough to be heard. "... I imagine we'll be seeing these men soon enough ... Yet another tired battle ... I imagine Lovirein will call the Dancers again ..."
* Jalya stops at that
GM: yes, you do recognize that name
Jalya: in Aelfar "Not another battle..."
GM: They'll turn when you speak. The tall elf with the pale green hair will stop and take an apple from a stand, tossing a copper to the man. "Oh yes, it is inevitable."
Jalya: "I know Lovirein... What's happening?
GM: The second elf, this one with dark blue hair tied back with a silver ring will laugh at you derisively. "You do not know Lovirein. Mayhaps you know *of* him, but you cannot know him." The third decides to take an apple himself, making sure to get a larger one than the first. "You can see the soldiers as well as we. The mannish battles will never end."
GM: the shopkeeper looks at you all nervously as he takes the copper. You can tell he doesn't understand, and he finds the elves unnerving.
Jalya: "I did some work with him once... so I sort of know him"
GM: The first elf just snickers and crunches into his apple. The third one eyes the shopkeeper as he takes the copper, then says "Lovirein is charged with the secrecy and safety of Mohr'Kaidann. I do not envy him."
Jalya: "Nor do I. Tell me where you wander next."
GM: The one with the blue hair gives you a facetious bow. "We journey to Mohr'Kaidann, to meet with the great Dancer himself."
Jalya: "I beg you... take a message to him."
GM: The first just rolls his eyes, but the third one says "Aye, if you wish."
Jalya: "Earlier this month, Lady Annan granted me audience..."
GM: That shuts the other two up.
Jalya: :) "She agreed to grant my request for assistance in removing that glacier from the river."
Elf: "Glacier?"
Jalya: "In that event, I was buried under the ice - it broke apart. Please tell the court that I, Jalya the Pooka, have survived and have recovered?"
GM: The tall one elbows him. "The wall of ice from the battle you fool."
Jalya: "It was blocking the river - that's why it's been so dry Northwards"
GM: He'll nod. "It shall be done."
Jalya: "Thank you, kind sir."
* Jalya smiles & bows
GM: Zalith is lounging under a tree, waiting patiently.
Jalya: :)
GM: By now the court is filling with people, many of whom look very partied out. And you are attracting some rather amorous looks.
Jalya: :)
* Zalith looks at the men as they pass with a bored expression. *If only they knew...*
Jalya: *...they'd be so envious of you, my love*
Jalya: "How is the road towards Stanshyre? Anything I should be on the watch for?"
GM: They turn to leave, but the more polite one pauses. "Stanshyre? You mean the Hobbit village? Nothing to watch for now. It's gone."
Jalya: "Gone? What the hell? When?"
* Jalya gets an enormous sinking feeling
Elf: "Just recently - I would say no more than a week ago."
GM: The first one stops and adds "I hear it was a dragon, at least a very small one."
* Jalya is shaking
Jalya: "I have friends there..."
GM: The first one is for the first time not so haughty "I don't imagine you do anymore."
* Zalith will stand and come to you when he hears the news. *A dragon? Here? Couldn't be.*
Jalya: "there had to be survivors... And a Dragon? No... there's something not right..."
GM: The first Elf says "Certainly, but they have fled the hills." the third adds "And if it were a dragon, I would not return."
Jalya: "I need to know where any survivors may have gone... the Hobbits who saved my life were just moving there... I must find them."
Elf: "I wouldn't be surprised if some were to arrive here by tomorrow."
Jalya: *Should we stay here?*
Jalya: "I don't know what to do..."
Elf: "Just wait and be patient. Rushing to save them will do you no good."
Zalith: *He's out of his mind. As long as we don't see this so-called dragon we should find them*
Jalya: "I need to know."
GM: They'll shrug. "We can only tell you what we've heard."
Jalya: "So you didn't see this alleged dragon..."
Elf: "No, 'tis only rumor." "On good authority I have it."
Jalya: "I'm willing to accept that Stanshyre was attacked... but not by a dragon. That's insane."
GM: The tall one will shrug. "Go and see for yourself then."
Zalith: *That's what I say*
* Jalya is curious (or stupid) enough to see for herself
Jalya: "I have to do that... if they're headed here, I'll glimpse them on the way."
GM: Your cloak should be done soon, and you'll have time to spend your 2 silver bits if you want. anything you think you'll need to purchase?
Jalya: we have food... shouldn't need much else
GM: k' you wait around, now too shocked to pay attention to the men who slow as they pass, and finally your cloak is ready. The sun is just climbing to its zenith.
Jalya: "Thank you so much... May your journey be blessed with light."
* Jalya puts on the cloak
GM: It's much nicer than you imagined, sewn with good heavy waxed thread on the outside seams, and it fits over your shoulders perfectly
* Jalya compliments the seamstress, and gives her an extra silver piece
GM: She'll smile - she was dubious at first, but now she seems much friendlier.
Jalya: *I hope I'm giving the mannish a good impression of us Fae*
Jalya: "May the stars keep you..."
Zalith: *We can only hope. Those Elves didn't help.*
GM: she'll wave. "And you as well."
Jalya: *let's go.... so, is this my color?*
Zalith: *More or less. Not exactly good for hiding, unless you fall into a wine cask.*
Jalya: *I plan on striping it later*
Jalya: *How, I'm not certain. You know something?*
Zalith: *Usually...*
* Jalya laughs
Jalya: *No... really... back there with that family... I realized something...*
Zalith: *I thought it might.*
Jalya: *I want to be a mother...*
Zalith: *You have plenty of time, Jalya. You're young for your kind.*
Jalya: *but you will pass before me*
Zalith: *That is the way of things. No sense in regretting it. I have my own eternity*
Jalya: *I know... and I know you. And I love you. And you are right about something...*
Zalith: *Aren't I usually...*
Jalya: *I should have accepted the blessing*
Zalith: *Ahh, but the choice was not yours, was it. I do remember the woman wished to keep her 'blessin'*
Jalya: *Honestly, I thought I was doing the right thing*
Zalith: *I think you were. If she wanted the child then you shouldn't take it.
Jalya: *You do?*
Zalith: *You do remember her son... whatever his name was*
Jalya: *Odél?*
Zalith: *Yes, that's it. Imagine him without his little brother*
Jalya: *But that brother wouldn't have been if I had received the blessing.*
Zalith: *Precisely. Mayhaps you should visit your could have been - when he's born*
Jalya: *You know something else that you aren't telling me... I know you. I can tell*
Zalith: *Well, I had meant to tell you earlier, but you wanted to wait.*
Jalya: *I needed to... you have no idea how hard it is to carry on 2 conversations at a time using 2 different ways of communication. It was a bit much.... now... what did your cat lord tell you?*
Zalith: *It's more a matter of what I told him. That is, everything. I cannot deny him, you know.*
Jalya: *I suspected that... and that's fine with me, so long as it stays with him. and I do want to have your child. Some way, it will be...*
Zalith: *Of course. He has little to say to the others. But when I told him of the blessing he was very angry. He has forbidden a child between us.*
Jalya: *If we defy him?*
GM: He'll just look at you.
Jalya: *yeah... I thought so...*
Zalith: *But as I said, when I must finally leave to father kits of my own, I pray that one may find its way to you. That is my eternity, Jalya. And my burden*
* Jalya stops
* Jalya kneels down and reaches out to Zalith *c'mere...*
* Zalith comes forward, smiling his catty smile.
* Jalya grins, but still has a touch of tears in her eyes
Zalith: *We make quite a sad pair...*
Jalya: *yeah... I know it will have to end for us, my beloved...*
Zalith: *Our time has been good - and our future is bright*
Jalya: *but that can be in the soon after... in the now, I need you.*
Zalith: *But of course. I have no intention of straying*
* Jalya smiles
* Jalya scratches Zalith's head
Jalya: *I know it will need to happen eventually... I can't hide from the Fae all my life because I fell in love with you.*
GM: He grins his sharp teeth at you, then stops - *I wonder why we haven't seen any fleeing Hobbits yet*
Jalya: *yeah... Unless they are all dead... but I need to see for myself...*
(O - Foolsday, Diandir 17th ‡ Myth ‡ [Polite lurkers welcome]O) - Waterday, Diandir 12th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: On foot the way to Stanshyre may take 3 days.
Jalya: That's fine with me
GM: The weather clears while you travel - the humidity goes down, but the air is starting to take on the crispness of late summer.
Jalya: Good thing I got the cloak, huh?
GM: the rest of the trip is pleasant, with warm breezy days and cool nights. When you get in sight of Stanshyre you'll see that it is still there, though some of the hills have been turned up and there is some evidence of fires.
Jalya: we'll head for where the boys were getting the land
GM: A few of the children will run up, giggling and singing, and when you get within the winding paths you'll first see Cole, puffing his pipe and haggling with someone over some firewood.
* Jalya flyingtackletothegroundtumblerollscreamshuddergropeticklegigglehugs Cole
GM: [lol you really think he'd let you do that?]
Jalya: (I intentionally blind-side him - the grope is accidental)
GM: You will scare the holy hell out of him, and actually manage to get him to half-shout "'Ey now wot's that?"
Jalya: heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee
Jalya: "Hi Cole"
Jalya: (that's the loudest I've ever heard him speak)
GM: You'll land atop him, and when he sees you his face will set into it's customary near frown. "... never thought ... again ..."
* Jalya smiles
GM: The man he was haggling with is rolling on the ground, laughing fit to burst.
Jalya: "What happened... are the other guys ok?"
Jalya: :)
* Cole indicates the damage, which right here isn't to terrible. "... fire ... panic ... you know ..."
Jalya: "Hamm? Larn?"
GM: He'll get up and brush himself off, then look for his pipe. "... start another'n... crazy feline ..."
* Zalith will sniff at the woodseller, who pats him cautiously, then he'll go to your side.
Jalya: "I think I need some of that..."
GM: When Cole finds his pipe he'll wave for you to follow him.
Jalya: wooHOO!!
GM: "What 'boutcher wood Cole?" The seller calls to him, but Cole just ignores him, or is too quiet to hear.
* Jalya turns and yells: "He said ' for tits..'" (trying to imitate Cole)
GM: He'll lead you around and around the paths, back to the plot they had haggled for. You'll see Hamm and Deece there, sitting at a table with John, who is apparently boring them to tears.
* Jalya waves
Jalya: "Hi guys"
* Jalya braces for the impending Hamm-hug
Jalya: ;)
GM: Hamm does indeed stand, with a look of elation (and relief?), and half-charges you to give you a hefty hobbit hug. Deece and John will be behind him, Deece hugging you first, and then John right behind.
Deece: "We were worried when you hadn't shown up, but it was for the best."
Hamm: "Yeah, we had a bit of trouble, just when we got here in fact."
* Cole taps his pipe out and puts it away, giving John the stink eye.
Jalya: "What happened? And where are Arny and Larn?"
John: "Where ya been beautiful?"
Hamm: "It was wild, right when Larn and I got here the whole place was covered in smoke."
Jalya: "I've been at Gynn's... go on..."
Deece: "Thought maybe Cole had lost control of his pipe."
* Jalya laughs
John: "Ohhh... Gynn... sounds like a pretty name." and he'll give you a wink.
Cole: "... show you... " looks at John "... heh... claws n all..."
Jalya: "You never met Zalith, have you John? He's my familiar"
Hamm: "And then Arny just comes runnin' out screamin' dragon and Larn started backin' the donkeys up..."
Deece: "Yeah, cause we wouldn't want t'lose our land payment..."
Jalya: "So there was a dragon here?"
GM: John reaches down to pet Zalith, who shrinks away and growls lightly.
Cole: "... dragon ..."
Hamm: "No. Arny's just got an imagination bigger'n his head."
Jalya: "He's not a pet... he's wild."
Deece: "Yeah, it was just a silly ol' firedrake that someone'd pestered. Musta had a nest nearby."
John: "I like 'em wild..."
Jalya: "The elves mentioned a dragon attack here... think they have a big imagination?"
* Deece points at John, who just grins like an idiot. "Trust this one t'spread the story."
John: "Looked like a dragon to me."
Jalya: "I think we need that pipe now, Cole. And some of that meaded milk."
Hamm: "Anyway, Larn took a spill and so he's laid up for a few days. Arny's at the pub, trying to buy back all the ale he can manage."
John: "Yeah, how 'bout the pipe Cole." and he grins wider.
Jalya: "by drinking it there, I suppose..."
Cole: "... poke's dry... show you... "
* Hamm smiles. "Yup."
Deece: "Meaded milk? Hmmm...."
Jalya: "They had some in that town where we met... what's the name again? that was good stuff"
* Deece rolls his eyes up in thought, but Hamm says "Gávan - with Lady Aiul."
Jalya: "Yeah... that's it..."
* John pesters Cole a bit more to fill his pipe, finally Cole just stares him away.
Jalya: "Any of that around? The milk.. or that sacred herb?"
Deece: "I can make the milk. 'Course it may taste a bit differn't."
* Cole just shakes his head, then makes a quick nod towards John.
Jalya: "that's fine..."
* Deece goes through the round door inset into the higher of the 3 hills, and comes out with a heavy flask. "Be just a couple minutes."
Jalya: "Alright... is Larn inside?"
Hamm: "Yeah, but he's been a grouch since we got here."
John: "Well, I gotta go anyways 'cause I got like some things to do. I'll see you guys." and he'll turn to you. "And I hope to see you later."
Jalya: "Likewise"
GM: He'll lead you into the Hobbit hole, with Cole right behind. You'll see Larn is propped up in a chair, one leg out and on a splint. He'll nod when you come in. "H'lo Jalya. How do you fare?"
Jalya: "Better than you, I see... How'd ya hurt yourself?"
GM: Hamm will set about getting Larn a cup of tea and Cole will sit himself at a table, taking his poke and pipe out of the pouch.
Larn: "Damned donkey took a fright when I was unloading the second cask." He'll lift up the blanket and show you his swollen knee. "And like a fool I tried t'catch it."
Jalya: is Zalith still outside?
GM: Nope, he's sniffing Hamm while he makes tea. Hamm will relent and give him a saucer of cream.
Jalya: "You think off loading cargo would have taught you better..."
* Larn shrugs "Apparently not." When Hamm brings him the tea he'll thank him, a bit gruffly.
* Cole finishes stuffing the pipe "... idiot... old stuff ..." and then takes a coal from the hearth to light it.
Jalya: "Thank you Hamm."
Hamm: "I tried to help, but I always get caught up in the straps on those things." he looks down sheepishly. "They're too tall."
Jalya: "I'm relieved that the reports of your deaths were greatly exaggerated"
* Larn rolls his eyes. "That idiot John told everyone and their mounts that we were attacked by some sort of baby wyrm."
Jalya: "The elves told me that Stanshyre was gone."
GM: You hear Hamm choking behind you, and the sharp smell of smoke filters around the room. Then you'll feel a light tapping on your shoulder
* Jalya grabs the utensils
* Jalya puffs
* Hamm grins. "Cole says this is the good stuff."
Jalya: "Hmm... I wonder...."
Larn: "Spirits be, children. Can't you get enough of that?"
Jalya: "No."
* Jalya smiles
* Cole will giggle.
* Jalya exhales upward, toward Larn
GM: Deece will return with Arny in tow, literally, since he can barely stand.
Jalya: "Had enough ale, Arny?"
Deece: "Found him passed out under the tap." and he pushes him down onto a stool.
Jalya: "Was it open?"
* Arny grins "Heee... w'll met Zzzalya."
Deece: "Empty."
Jalya: "Don't heave on me, Arny..."
* Deece hangs 3 heavy skins on a pole strung to the wall. "I think these should be good on the morrow."
* Arny smiles wider, leans back, then falls off the stool, passed out.
Hamm: "More for us, I imagine."
Jalya: "Nah.. he drank it all..."
Deece: "Quite nearly. They had to hide the two remaining barrels."
* Jalya giggles and twirls her hair
Jalya: "I bet"
* Larn shifts in his chair a bit, then grumbles a little. "So Jalya, how long do you plan to stay in this fair shire?"
Jalya: "I don't know... the elves speak of war... I want no part of it, but I have a feeling we can't escape it."
Deece: "I hear'd the Imperials up north are gathering Templars to reclaim the temple at Pawlosz. That won't make the elves happy."
Jalya: "Very little makes the elves happy"
Larn: "I fear we may all be part of it, what we like or no."
Jalya: "Dire situation..."
* Jalya is starting to fathom why Cole mumbles
Larn: "Aye, and I imagine they will be asking the Sidhe once again to war with them against these so-called Heretics."
Deece: "They won't. Why should they?"
Jalya: "They might help..."
Hamm: "Lady Aiul does not want them to, unless they wish it."
Jalya: "I have some Sidhe ties... maybe I can talk to them. I think they'd listen to me. I'm not a member of the court or
anything, but that's a benefit in this case."
Larn: "I wouldn't. There is no need to be dragged into this on any side. Best to defend our own."
Jalya: "Best to ally oneself against a common foe, my friend."
Deece: "Yeah - I don't like the idea of Dragon Lords running about around here."
Jalya: "me either."
Larn: "What business of it is ours what gods they choose?"
Deece: "But it's the Dragon God!"
Hamm: "Yeah - that's why they had the first war anyway..."
Larn: "That's what I mean. A war to stop the dragon, now a war to let it out. What shall they fight over next?"
Jalya: "Gods who destroy have no respect in my belief. They are the Nemesis."
Larn: "You will see. Soon enough you will see."
Jalya: "The nemesis must be nullified, or it will nullify you."
Hamm: "I like the dragon where it is, thank you."
* Larn just shakes his head, the motions for Deece. "Come and help me up. I want to lie down a while."
Jalya: "Seeing as we're staring impending doom in the face, I say we party."
GM: Deece will help Larn out and to rest while Cole and Hamm find some place to stow Arny before he starts snoring.
Jalya: "Take care Larn... I'm glad you are ok..."
Jalya: "Is there any wine? I hate that ale... no offense"
Hamm: "I think so. Unless Arny got into it last night."
Jalya: *I'm going to indulge myself tonight*
Jalya: "Yay!"
Zalith: *Tonight? As if that makes a difference...* licking the last of the cream from his whiskers. He goes and curls by the hearth.
Jalya: *Hee hee*
GM: Hamm manages to find you half a bottle of some dandelion wine, and they tap a keg of some lighter ale, and everyone has a very nice, but not too loud time
Jalya: :)
* Hamm, of course, decides to sit by you and make sure you have plenty to drink.
GM: While you stay in Stanshyre, Cole will show you a little of Soothsay - how to read runes and signs, and how to recognize fate's hand in things. It's not easy, since Cole rarely makes the effort to be understandable.
Jalya: heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee
GM: You notice that a lot of his work deals with the humans - he seems to place some sort of importance on their place in things.
* Jalya asks him why this is so
Cole: "... watch them ... mortal and frail ... favored by the gods ..."
Jalya: hmm
GM: The children in the village just love you and Zalith, and he can often be found with a ribbon tied to his stumpy tail.
Jalya: Hopefully Zalith doesn't mind that too much. tho I fathom if he did, he'd claw them
GM: He seems to like it, tho' the ribbon is a bit much
GM: You also spend some time with Larn, who will show you a few tinctures and simples he makes - and a lot of what Gynn started showing you starts to really click into place. Arny and Deece spend most of their time working on the burrows, and after a month there will be three fine Hobbit homes in the hills.
Jalya: =)
GM: Hamm ends up getting into a fight with John, something he doesn't seem to want to discuss.
Jalya: I won't pressure then. tho I think it's about me
GM: But after that, John doesn't come around much more. Unfortunately, since John's father is the innkeeper, Arny loses his supply of the Dwarven stout.
Jalya: Well... Arny is a lush
O) - Earthday, Taliir 10th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: Then, some weeks later, your wandering spirit starts to feel the pull of the open road.
* Jalya starts to wonder about that mannish god's 'blessing'
GM: The high summer days are now waning into cool autumn evening - the grass browns a bit and the leaves start to gild their leaves with gold. Larn heals well, but still has a noticeable limp.
Jalya: hmm - where to wander
* Jalya is starting to wonder about the child
GM: As you're preparing a poultice for him to help the ache in his knee, Larn will lean down and quietly say "I know your feet are becoming restless."
Jalya: "They are... I'm not used to staying in a township"
GM: You see there is a small jug of meaded milk on the sideboard - a gift from Hamm.
Jalya: :)
Jalya: "I'm thinking about wandering, where they will take me... just haven't been able to break the news to Hamm yet."
GM: You rinse out one of the bandages, then start to wind a replacement. Larn winces a bit, then smiles as you wrap it just right.
* Larn nods "You will have to tell him goodbye. He is afraid, you know."
Jalya: "afraid of what?"
GM: You have noticed that his little gifts have been a bit more frequent lately - flowers every Foolsday (blue maids this morning), songs when the moon is bright, and he makes sure you never want for meaded milk.
Larn: "He knows you will leave, and he knows that he cannot go with you."
GM: In fact, he tried to hide from you the fact that it's actually goat's milk, then blushed like mad when he discovered Deece had told you right off.
Jalya: "Yeah... I never meant to lead him on..."
* Larn just shakes his head. "He will mend."
Jalya: "Yeah... still he makes me wonder a few things."
* Larn chuckles - "You know, he was determined to let Cole have you - make sure you had the better man." he'll shift a bit. "Funny..."
Jalya: "heh... 'let Cole have me...' yeah.. that is funny."
Larn: "I imagine that when we next meet, Hamm will be married and Cole will have wandered away somewhere."
Jalya: "Maybe... I don't know Larn... Hamm makes me wonder about a lot of things..."
* Jalya ponders
GM: He'll raise an eyebrow. "You could never be happy with him. A hobbits life is too close to home for such as yourself. You're young, Jalya." He grins. "Hells, if I were a younger man myself..."
* Jalya giggles
Jalya: "I suppose now is as good a time as any..."
Larn: "And I know if you stayed in Stanshyre too long there would be trouble. Deece tells me the womenfolk have been talking."
Jalya: "oh?"
Larn: "Sometimes, when all the men's eyes are on you, you forget to listen to the tongues waggle behind them." He frowns. "Your reputation, and I imagine all of ours, is somewhat spotty."
Jalya: "they must be jealous of my ears."
* Jalya grins
Jalya: "I'll be departing in the next day or two, so I fathom this will blow over with my departure. But I would like one night on the town. Feel like coming?"
* Larn grins "You don't want some clunky old man limping after you."
Jalya: "Some how I thought you'd say that. Can I impose on your generosity once more then? I need to borrow something of yours."
Larn: "Certainly. I would be happy to help."
Jalya: "I would like to borrow your identity tonight to go out on the town."
* Jalya smiles an impish grin
GM: He'll laugh. "If you think you can pull it off."
Jalya: "I think I can"
* Jalya tries to be Larn. [2 successes]
Jalya: hobbles about with grouchy expression on my face  (no offense to Larn)
GM: He'll laugh when he sees you, and you'll catch your reflection in the milk jug - yep, that's Larn all right.
Jalya: "How do I look... think I can fool the others?"
Larn: "I imagine you could."
Jalya: "Where's Hamm?"
* Jalya grins & rubs her "aching" knee
Larn: "I haven't seen him since he brought you the flowers. But he did leave with Arny and Deece."
Jalya: "Know where they went?"
Larn: "Since they can't go to Ormal's, I'm sure they'll be in the commons or somewhere near."
Jalya: "Hamm never did tell me what the fight was about. You know anything?"
Larn: "John fancies himself a lady's man."
Jalya: "He's a master at making himself a fool"
* Larn nods. He'll be trouble though."
Jalya: "Not if I can keep this up... seen Zalith?"
Jalya: is it day?
GM: it's late in the day
Jalya: :)
Larn: "Hmmm... now that you mention it, he left right after they did."
Jalya: "Uht oh..."
Larn: "This is so strange - talking to myself..."
Jalya: "He'll come back, I think. If he does, just tell him that I went out incognito, and will likely be back after a bit."
* Larn nods "I shall"
Jalya: "Thanks..."
* Jalya smiles and hobbles off grumbling "Damnit Hammhock head, where'd you get to?"
* Jalya tries to intuit the pub where they would be
GM: By now you've gotten the feel of the hobbit paths - it seems they always take you where you want to go if you stroll about in no particular hurry. Several townsfolk will wave and call out 'good day' to you, and a few seem surprised to see you out this late.
* Jalya will call back "I'm off for a drink... can't stay in that musty hole all the time.. bad knee or no."
GM: And sure enough, Hamm, Deece and Arny are in the commons. Arny is sitting on an upended ale cask, swinging his feet while Deece hops around in front of Hamm, apparently trying to cheer him up.
* Jalya hobbles up to them
Jalya: "Knew I'd find you guys here... that hole had a damned draft."
GM: Deece will wave to you, and Arny calls out "Good eve Larn - I thought you were going to be in early today?" Hamm waves at you listlessly. He looks terrible - pale and depressed.
Jalya: "Had to get out... can't be laid up for too long when you're my age or the joints go stiff..."
* Deece nods knowingly.
Jalya: "Stop brooding, Hammhock. You're bringing down the mood."
Hamm: "I can't help it."
Arny: "That sothead Gor Ormal still won't let us in his sloppy alehouse."
Jalya: "He's a nuisance... glad we finished the land deal before you made fools of us, Arny. Get over it, Hamm... she's a Pooka. They need to wander, you know. I'd not be surprised if she left inside a week."
* Arny just rolls his eyes "If his stupid son would just keep his mouth shut about her there wouldn't be any problem."
Jalya: "I think I can talk to Ormal... get him to let us in..."
Deece: "Yeah, she's just a Pooka. Don't know why you let her get you bent out of shape."
Hamm: "I don't want to go. I'd have to punch John in the eye again, and I don't know if my hand can take that."
Jalya: "What the hell happened between you two anyway?"
* Deece grins "John started..." but then Hamm just shushes him.
Hamm: "He made me mad, s'all. He started talking about Jalya, about how..." he blushes "you know, her ears and a bridle and..." he gets too flustered to talk.
Arny: "It's just talk, Hamm. John thinks he has to prove he has the stones."
Jalya: "I need to know, damnit. We may need him on with us on another deal, and I don't want some fickle dung-matter getting in the way. Fess up, Hamm."
Hamm: "Well I don't like him talking that way."
Jalya: "hmm... you hit him over Jalya?"
Arny: "Go on, tell him what he said Hamm."
* Hamm glares at him, then just sighs. "Well, then they started to laugh, and Deece told him he had a snowball's chance." he pauses. "Then John says. 'Bet she keeps that cat around to keep 'er warm!' and they all started laughing, and..." he looks down. "Well I didn't want to hear him talk that way."
Arny: "Yep, it's just indecent, I say. He deserved it."
Jalya: [2 successes - intuition(7)]
GM: You can feel your cantrip is ready to unravel. You have a minute, maybe just a bit more, before your Fuddle is cleared.
Jalya: "I'm going to go have a talk with him... stay here."
Hamm: "He'll just start up again..."
* Jalya goes hobbling to Ormal's pub
GM: You make your way out of the commons and you feel the cantrip is winking out. You'd better get out of sight if you don't want to draw attention.
* Jalya shouts back "I'm not going to have a friend of mine insulted in such a way... I'll mayhaps even sack him myself."
* Jalya ducks behind a building
Jalya: (the timing on this is actually good) [1 success - wits+stealth(6)]
GM: You hobble to the left, but see a couple coming your way. Just as you back up and duck behind a shed the cantrip fizzles out completely. You hear someone call out "How do, Larn?"
* Jalya is silent
GM: The woodseller you met when you first came rounds the shed and sees you. He smiles, "Well good day to you, Miss Jalya. Did you see Larn come around here?"
GM: You hear a light thump above you, and there is Zalith. *What do you think you're doing?*
Jalya: "Good eve... I saw Larn pass, but he seemed to be in a hurry somewhere."
Jalya: *Shh... not now.*
Woodseller: "I can imagine..." and he winks. "Enjoy yerself."
Jalya: "you too.."
Jalya: *I have to have a few four-letter-words with John Ormal.*
Zalith: *This is becoming too much trouble. And poor Hamm.*
Jalya: *Yeah... wait a sec... what do you know about Hamm? I know he has a crush on me, but...*
* Jalya is getting irritated
Zalith: *what for - because he guessed about us?*
Jalya: *Yes. I'm going to pummel him. I won't be blasphemed like that, even if it is true.*
* Jalya drinks 1/2 the potion Gynn gave her
* Zalith rolls his eyes. *I know how males react to you. Why do you think I came to you in the first place?*
GM: There's not much in it - just a small swallow really.
Jalya: *And I appreciate you for that.. but right now, I need you to go back to the Hobbits' place.... I need to take care of this on my own.*
* Jalya drinks it all then [botch - Resistance(7)]
Jalya: (oh no)
GM: [LOL] The potion is slick and a little oily, and the foam makes it a bit hard to swallow.
* Zalith looks at you *If you insist* then hops off the shed and walks down the path.
* Jalya goes into Ormal's
GM: You start to stomp towards Ormal's, but by the time you get there you're quite light headed. Giddy, in fact. You feel just happier than you have in some time. There's a good crowd of guys here, and the look like fun. Lots of fun. Makes you just want to smile and dance and laugh and sing.
Jalya: good idea
GM: They're more than happy to get you drinks, sing and dance with you; it's one big party, and it looks like you're the star.
* Jalya makes a conscious effort to flirt shamelessly
GM: Actually, it's worse than that. Every time you open your mouth you just don't know what will come out, and you are pleased to agree with whatever anyone says. You start to lose grasp of it, what with all the spinning and laughing and drinking.
Jalya: [oh no...]
GM: [oh yes]
O) - Fireday, Taliir 11th - Imperial Year 210 • Myth •
GM: You wake up sometime the next day - the sun is up, but it's not quite noon. Zalith is sitting by your side, watching you. He has a rather irritated look on his face. Your things are here, wrapped up in your new cloak. You're filthy, you smell like beer, your hair is ratty, and your thighs hurt.
Jalya: [oh no...]
GM: [oh yes]
Jalya: *what?*
Zalith: *Well, at least you solved our Hamm problem...* He stands up and stretches.
Jalya: *How?*
Jalya: "I need a bath..."
Zalith: *After Gia Ormal finally managed to pry you off her husband, then had you run out for not only upsetting her son John but trying to do something she kept calling 'unspeakable acts' with her husband, the party really went downhill. That, I believe, is when Hamm saw you.*
Jalya: *you're kidding, right? I know I was a bit flirty in there, but you have to be pulling my leg.*
GM: [incidentally - drop that temp dot of reverie - at least something good happened.]
Jalya: =)
Zalith: *Trust me, Jalya, there were plenty of them pulling your leg.* He starts walking towards the stream. *Frankly, there wasn't room.*
Jalya: *explains why my thighs hurt. I thought taking Gynn's potion would enhance how I felt, but it evidently did the opposite.*
GM: The stream is very cold, but once you get used to it it's quite refreshing. Zalith just waits at the edge for you.
Jalya: I need to have a chat with her about that
Zalith: *I know you love her, and I know she's sweet, but she just always seems to get you into trouble.*
Jalya: *As if I needed help... I should go say 'bye' to the fellas *
* Jalya Gets out of the stream and gets dressed
* Zalith yawns *I wouldn't bother now. Hamm was... well let's just say he wasn't happy.*
Jalya: *Are you?*
Zalith: *I know better*
Jalya: *don't be cryptic...*
Zalith: *I watched you drink the potion. Did you think I would just let you wander on one of Gynn's concoctions? Besides, I think Larn understood. Well, in his own way. He had your things brought to you. And like I said - it solved our Hamm problem.*
Jalya: *Did it save our secret?*
* Zalith yawns again. *I suppose*
Jalya: *If so, then I guess it was worth it.*
Zalith: *Time to find another place to wreak havoc on then*
Jalya: *I think we should go north.*
GM: You'll wander about, sometimes following the river, sometimes wandering in Ityrre or crossing over to Sarinilar. It's quite beautiful down here, much nicer than the last time.
Jalya: Good. The river is set right again. :)
GM: But as you get closer to the mannish towns near the north you'll see they're gathering again for war. Battle pennons seem to be at every town and village, and it's not uncommon to see very serious tournaments being played.
* Jalya sighs
GM: Once winter settles in you'll find a small nook to stick around - somewhere near enough to town for supplies, but in good woods for hunting.
Jalya: :)
GM: And as things finally begin to thaw, you'll wander to the edges of Sarinilar towards Maush. But when you find Goblin tracks and see a few of the Ogre-men you decide it may be best to stay within known lands.
* Jalya wants to go see her would have been child
(Ř - Earthday, Junori 3rd -:- Junon's Call  - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: You'll wake up this morning, feeling cold but pleased with the continual thaw. You're near the coast now, and it should be near the child's birth. Gávan is not too far away.
Jalya: *I'm going to go to Gŕvan... come with me?*
GM: He'll stretch and then roll over, getting some sun on his cold belly. *Has it been that long?*
Jalya: *yeah... it has. You still think this is a good idea?*
Zalith: *Why not? *
Jalya: *Just checking*
GM: You'll see a few ships out a distance from shore, bearing yellow banners that you recognize a bit from when you were last in Gávan.
* Jalya stays in human form this time
Jalya: think I can find my way to the temple where that priest would be?
GM: Most likely - Gávan isn't laid out like a village, so most things are easy to find. Unless you're right by the port anyway
Jalya: =)
* Jalya heads towards the temple
GM: You'll get to the outskirts of Gávan by the time the sun starts to set, and you can see that yet another of their festivals seems to be wrapping up. This one must have been something to do with the wars, because you can see sword crests and tourney pennons everywhere.
Jalya: great.. they celebrate war. How nice.
Jalya: *I don't fathom what Cole sees in the mannish. He once said that they were 'favored by the gods'*
Zalith: *Well aren't they? I don't see you praying to the gods*
Jalya: *I do, in my own way.*
Zalith: *And I have yet to see any of your kind receive the kind of help that these humans do.*
Jalya: *They are always asking for war. All I want is love. My goals do not comply with the mannish.*
GM: You manage to get into the gates before they put up the night watch, and the crowds are mostly funneling towards inns and the temples. The city is decorated with white and blue banners, most with the Broken Sword crest with the Crown of Tambreci. You'll see a few small circles of people, surrounding men in mock battles.
Jalya: *Think they'll recognize this cloak, Zalith?*
Zalith: *I hope not.*
* Jalya heads for the temple
GM: You finally manage to push your way to the temple, which also has the blue banners, but these have a different mark on them - a white sun.
Jalya: would I know what that means?
GM: not really. you don't pay much attention to the mannish gods
* Jalya takes it as a good omen, as it has a mark of nature, and not a mark of the mannish
* Jalya enters
GM: Inside there are several people praying, and you can hear a chorus is warming up for an evening's ceremony. The main hall is filled with the smoke of a light and airy incense. Just as you get clear of the main crowd and start to look for
Arlen, someone points at you and shouts "There she is!"
* Jalya throws her arms up and says "Yes... here I am."
GM: This gets a great deal of attention, and soon guards are called. The people around you gasp and a few run, but most try to grab at you.
Zalith: *Oh no...*
Jalya: !
GM: Obviously something is drastically wrong
Jalya: *uht oh*
* Jalya doesn't resist, but does ask to explain what is going on, and asks to speak w/ Arlen
GM: Zalith will arch his back and hiss, and when he spots an opening he'll run under legs to escape. *RUN*
* Jalya runs [botch, even w/ a WP - Athletics(8)]
Jalya: oh no
Jalya: "Is this because of the cloak?"
GM: You struggle and nearly get away, but then realize too late that you're running further into the temple than back out. You're soon overwhelmed, grabbed and shoved roughly, and finally end up in a locked cell. [and, soak 2]
Jalya: great
Jalya: (so I'm at bruised, right?)
GM: [yep]
GM: You'll be in there a couple of hours, with little more than muted chanting and prayers from somewhere above you to keep you company. Then finally you'll hear footsteps, and Arlen's angry face will appear in the barred window of the cell's door.
Jalya: "What did I do?"
Arlen: "How dare you return here."
Jalya: "I don't understand?"
Arlen: "Not content to leave things be, are you? Come to take another of Margaret's children? Wasn't the newborn enough for you?"
Jalya: "I didn't take anything. What are you talking about? I came to see that child's birth."
Arlen: "And we saw you that night, faerie - running away with her only daughter." and he turns, stomping down the hall. "We will find her, faerie!"
* Jalya rushes at the cell door and tries to break it down [3 successes - Might(8) w/ a WP]
* Jalya shouts "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"
GM: You set yourself at the back wall, angry and confused, then charge at the door, shouting. To your amazement the door comes right off its hinges and crashes to the floor with you standing on it. Arlen pauses at the end of the hallway, then turns slowly. His eyes are panicked.
Arlen: "G... g... "
Jalya: [is my equipment with me or do I have to hunt for it?]
GM: [it's not with you - but it should be near]
Jalya: "I WILL NOT be accused of something I DID NOT DO! FATHOM?"
* Jalya storms up to Arlen
GM: He'll back away, right into the wall. You'll hear the boot stomps of approaching guards
* Jalya grabs him and throws him against the wall via his neck
* Jalya puts her hands to his throat
GM: Three armed men in Tambran colors will come up, swords drawn. They hold back when they see you.
Arlen: "P... please..."
Jalya: "Call them off so we can discuss this civilly or you'll give your own last rights. Fathom?"
GM: He nods the guards away. They'll back up a few steps, then lower their swords
Jalya: "Let's go get my belongings, and then we'll go chat in the sanctuary."
* Jalya still has him by the neck, but not as tight.
Jalya: <to the guards> "Try anything and I'll break his neck." [Botch - Intimidation(6)]
GM: He'll nod, nervously.
* Jalya must be too cute to be intimidating
* Jalya slowly walks Arlen past the guards
GM: He leads you back down the hall, and you can hear him praying nervously. The guards will follow a few steps, but they keep well back. When you get to a wide door he'll fumble with some keys, still praying. Then, when he gets the door open, he'll reach out a hand to lead you in.
Jalya: "I don't know who took the infant, but I'm willing to help you look. I made a mistake by not accepting the blessing last year, and I came back to speak to you about atoning for that sin."
GM: When you get inside the room you start to feel a bit dizzy, and then your vision starts to tunnel and you black out.
Jalya: ack
(Ř - Fireday, Junori 4th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: You'll wake up in the cell again, only this time there's food.
* Jalya eats it
GM: It's not unpleasant, but it is cold - a thick stew and some coarse bread with flagon of cool water.
* Jalya drinks the water, but only half the stew
GM: Your head still feels a bit heavy - not sure exactly why you blacked out.
* Jalya calls for the guards
GM: Arlen will come within a few minutes of your call, and when guards do arrive he'll send them away.
Arlen: "Are you well?"
Jalya: "A little groggy.."
Arlen: "I'm sorry I had to do that. I didn't mean to hurt you."
Jalya: "I want you to know I had no intention of actually harming you."
GM: [oh - your bruise is gone now too]
Jalya: "I fathom why you did that. But I didn't take the child, I swear it to you."
Arlen: "I believe you, I do." he looks down. "I was angry at first, but when I hear the truth said, I know it."
Jalya: "So you're going to let me out. I will help you find it."
Arlen: "But I don't understand. I saw you when you came here at New Year's, and I saw when you left with Margaret's daughter." He frowns, and half mutters. "Could be trickery."
Jalya: "I got here yesterday... Zalith knows, but he can't exactly tell you that. but I know who took the child."
Arlen: "You do?"
Jalya: "I have a sister."
* Arlen gives you a confused look
Jalya: "I was separated from my family in my childhood. She looked like me then, and likely looks like me now. I just don't know where she is."
Arlen: "Well if this is true then she must be near."
Jalya: "Let me out... I can find her."
* Arlen shrugs. "I cannot. At least, not today. But I can convince the tribunal of your innocence."
Jalya: "What if you kept me in your care."
* Jalya smiles
Arlen: "You are, for now. I can see about getting you better fare."
Jalya: "Please do. And if you could do something about the cell, I'd appreciate it."
Arlen: "I hope to have you free tomorrow morning. You see, we've had many prisoners to deal with lately, what with the war against the Heretics."
Jalya: "Every day I'm in here, my sister gets further away, and her trail gets colder. I need to be let out now. it will free up space for another heretic."
GM: He gives you a sad look. "We needn't worry about space - tonight there is to be another hanging." He'll call for a guard and tell him to bring you some better food.
* Jalya is saddened by that
Arlen: "And as I said, I cannot speak to the tribunal until tomorrow. They still believe you have Margaret's child."
Jalya: "Well, thank you, Arlen. May Yannis be with you."
* Arlen looks at you, bewildered. "Uh, thank you..."
* Jalya smiles
(Ř - Waterday, Junori 5th - Imperial Year 211 • Myth •
GM: It's cold in the cell, and by next morning you've had quite enough of it.
Jalya: I bet
GM: Arlen will come to wake you early (for a human, anyway), and you are escorted with a couple of guards up some stone steps and through into a courtroom. 3 judges are seated at a table, a light breakfast and some papers strewn about on it. Margaret, Odél and his brothers are there, behind a roped off section. When you come in there is some shouting, and Margaret will cry out "There she is! Bring me back my daughter!"
* Jalya says nothing.
GM: Arlen will speak with the judges quietly, and after a few minutes they'll stand. One of them goes to a cabinet and retrieves an iron dagger, the other two will flank you.
Jalya: <to no one in particular> "I didn't take the child."
GM: The judge with the dagger holds it out in his right hand, pointed at your throat. "Because of our priest's word, we will forego the trial for an Ordeal of Truth."
Jalya: "You are going to torture me? I didn't do anything wrong."
GM: The touches the blades tip to your neck, nicking it slightly, then drawing it back and watching as the blood drop trickles down the blade. Margaret shouts from the crowd, but is hushed by the guards.
Arlen: "It isn't torture, child. They must see for themselves is all."
Jalya: "Ow!"
GM: He then holds the dagger out, point straight up. "If you should lie or deceive us, that will not be the least of your blood shed. You will answer our questions, then you will grasp the blade."
Jalya: "I shall."
* Arlen says a brief prayer, and gestures over the dagger, then nods for the judges to proceed.
Judge: "Did you, on the 2nd day of Junori, come willfully to Gávan with the intent to steal this woman's child, as a changeling prize?"
Jalya: "No sir."
GM: He lowers the blade for you to grab onto it.
* Jalya grabs the blade
GM: When your hand closes around it, it feels thin, almost like a blade of grass. As you release it there are some gasps from the audience, but Arlen is convinced. The judge holds up the blade, blooded only by a single drop. "It is truth."
Jalya: "It is."
* Arlen steps up beside the judge. "She tells me she has a sister, and that she wishes to help us find her, and perhaps the child."
GM: One of the other judges says "Why not just hold her, and wait for her sister to return and find her?"
Arlen: "No, the sister does not know she is here."
Jalya: "She hasn't seen me since we were children for all she knows, I'm dead."
GM: The judge thinks a moment. "How can we be sure you will return the child to her mother? If it truly is your sister, why would you not go with her and the child?"
Jalya: "Last year, Yannis' blessing was almost bestowed upon me. It was fate that that child were not given to me. It doesn't belong with Pooka. It belongs with men."
GM: Arlen will smile, and the judge nods. "Your sister is guilty of a grave crime. We must bring her here to justice."
Jalya: "I'll get her. that is, if I can find her."
GM: The three judges will return to their table for a brief whispered conference.
* Arlen will whisper to you, "But you must. I do not imagine you will like their judgment..."
Jalya: "I'll find her. She's my sister. She has my scent. I just hope it isn't faded too much by now."
Arlen: "They will imprison her. She will be shackled." he pauses, looking at the judges, who seem to have come to an agreement. "It must be her or you..." then he straightens up as the judges return.
* Jalya listens intently
GM: The first judge clears his throat, then says in a measured tone "You will accompany four men in a hunt for this sister. If she is not returned by the eve of Valithir then you are forfeit for the crime." then all three judges intone "So mote it be."
Jalya: <quietly to Arlen> "If this is to work, I need to go alone. She'll sense the steel."
Arlen: "There is no other way. Their judgment is final."
GM: You are released into Arlen's care for the rest of the day while they decide on the men who will be hunting with you. After you leave you will hear the next trial begin - the hearing of a Heretic, captured in a battle some few weeks ago.
Jalya: "Why are you mannish always at war?"
Arlen: "Would you have us let the Heretics unleash their unholy hordes upon Myth? They call the Great Dragon, claiming he is the father of the sun, and they wish only to destroy us all."
Jalya: "Cole told me that men are favored by the gods, but I don't fathom what god wishes destruction."
Arlen: "The gods have their own will."
Jalya: "By the way, how have you fared lately? Last time I was here there was a drought."
GM: He'll make a small space for you in his little apartment at the temple. A couple of guards will stay at the door, just in case you get any funny ideas.
* Jalya ignores the guards
Arlen: "Things have been well - the river has returned, and Deimuu blesses us once more."
Jalya: "Uh... what if I said that Deimuu had nothing to do with it."
* Arlen laughs "Deimuu works his will as he sees fit." and he goes about preparing for his nightly ritual. "You should get your rest, it will be a tough day tomorrow."
Jalya: "I'm the reason the river returned."
* Arlen regards you a moment, then smiles. "As you see it."
Jalya: "Were it not for me, that fickle god would have not blessed you once more. I moved the ice that blocked the river, with the help of the Elves. I think you need to show a bit more faith in the flesh."
Arlen: "Ahhh... so if Deimuu did not wish for the river to come again then you believe you have defied his will?"
Jalya: "I guess so."
GM: He smiles again, "as you see it." then bids you goodnight.
Jalya: "Have a good evening at your prayer service, Arlen."

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