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The Faerie Folk

Humans aren't the only sentient inhabitants on Myth - there are also the mysterious Faerie races. These strange beings keep their secrets close, and their alliances are as unknowable as their motives. It is known that they do not worship the gods as the Mannish races do, but rather seem to be related to them. Most human scholars see the Fae as spirits trapped in flesh, which is almost entirely true.

The Faerie Courts

Faerie folk have a hierarchy somewhat similar to humans, except that theirs extends to all of the Fae races. Two separate Faerie Courts are known - most of those who live in the Varial lands have an ancestral home on the island of Aelfheim, and the oriental lands are said to have their own Faerie organizations.

The Fae known within Tambrect are separated into three distinct castes - the Nobles who hold court, the Commoners who are overseen by the nobility, and the Half-Folk, who are seen as lesser beings. The Noble Fae consist of 4 races, who appear to be ruled by the 4 elements - the Elves (air), the Sidhe (fire), the Trolls (earth), and the Mer-Folk (water). The Common Faeries will ally themselves with one of these four kingdoms and serve them - and in turn be served with protection and leadership.

There are many Common Faerie races, many who have traveled with the Elves and Sidhe from Aelfheim to settle in and near the Varial lands. The diminutive Hobbits are the most common - resourceful and rustic, these small folk often live in hilly country, making their homes in holes. Pooka are also quite common, especially among the Elves - wily and rambunctious, these mischief makers are the jesters and provocateurs of the Faerie Courts. Dwarves, who most often ally with the Trolls who make their homes on the Caudron, are more often heard of than seen, their artifice the stuff of legends. Sluagh can be found in the foothills of the Cauldron, though they are rarely spoken of except in whispers. Dryads and Nymphs are very rare and almost never seen - only a handful are known to have made the journey from Aelfheim.

The Half-Folk are those Faeries who still retain most of their primal nature - being half-animal or half-elemental. These beings are very rare and often shunned by their 'more refined betters.' Satyrs, Centaurs, and Goblins are the most common of the Half-Folk in the Varial lands - the Goblins being the only ones that make communities larger than small villages.

The Faerie Lands

Those Fae who lived in the central mountains of Myth have their own ideas of who is the lord of the land, and they call their kingdoms by different names.

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Sarinilar is a land in contention - originally ruled by the Trolls, this small kingdom was nearly torn apart by the humans Dragon Wars, and now the Elves are moving into the territory. Mor'Uhlur is still a Trollish stronghold, with Dwarven warriors fighting near constant wars with the Goblin hordes. Ityrre is the Elvish stronghold on the continent while Aruath is the Sidhe kindgom. Maush was once a stronghold of the Elves, but after the Dragon Wars they abandoned the place. South of Ityrre and Aruath the lands are mostly lawless, filled with Half-Folk.

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