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The following pages list the rules used in Myth. This game uses a fusion of the original Storyteller System with the modified version found in Aeon/Aberrant. I will not be posting all the rules here (because of copyright restrictions mainly, but also for space), instead I will put those rules that need easy referencing, and listing the major differences between the Storyteller rules and those in Myth.

Character Creation

  1. Basic Concept -


1> Prioritize Attributes (7/5/3)
2> Select Abilities (30 - no more than 15 or less than 8 in any one
group, no more than 3 in any one Ability)
3> Advantages
  a> Backgrounds: 5 (Allies, Companion, Domain, Fame, Followers,
Font, Mentor, Title, Treasure)
  b> Virtues: 5
  c> Magick: figure later
4> Finishing Touches
  a> Path = Conviction+Self-Control, Willpower = Courage
  b> Languages - 2 in native tongue, +1/ dot in Academics and Cultures
  c> Freebies - 15 for Magickal characters, 21 for Mundanes

You'll probably not want to spend freebies 'til we can discuss merits
& flaws, magick, or whatever else, but if you want to increase a
particular thing or get a Specialty or whatever, go ahead. Here's the
cost chart JIK:
Attribute: 5
Ability: 2
Background: 1
Virtue: 3
Willpower: 1
Path: 4
Language: 1
Specialty: 1
Magick Traits run about 3+, so you may want to save up

Character Sheet
Paths of Virtue
Merits & Flaws
Faerie Glamour

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