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Faerie Glamour

Those Fae who choose to be Magickal instead of Mundane use the power of Glamour. This works as presented in the Changeling books with the following revisions:

Casting Cantrips

Cantrips are cast almost exactly as listed in the Changeling rules, however a point of Mana is not necessary in all cases. The D# of a particular cantrip is generally 8, or derived from the target (usually w/ a +3 modifier). This D# is then modified by the Bunk performed for the casting. A Bunk can be omitted by spending a point of Mana instead, although this does not reduce the D# at all and is best in an emergency 'fast cast' situation. The most simple Bunks do not reduce the D#, while the more complex ones can reduce it by 3 or 4. If 2 or more Realms are required for the cantrip, a Mana point must be spent for each Realm beyond the first. Each individual Art has a particular Dice Pool, listed below.


Chicanery - Most things remain the same, but the roll used is as follows:
Fuddle - Subterfuge(Enigmas+3)
Veiled Eyes - Manipulation+Stealth(8)
Fugue - Manipulation+Rapport(Intelligence+Conviction+3)
Haunted Heart - Subterfuge(Intelligence+Alertness+3)
Captive Heart - Leadership(Willpower+3)

Bunks - This Art requires that a verbal Bunk of some sort be performed. This can be as simple as making up a new word to the reciting of a sonnet. Many Chicanery Bunks take the form of silly phrases, though songs also perform adequately.
Simple Bunk: A single word or short phrase (Say a word backwards 3 times, Insult your subject, Make a strange sound)
Average Bunk: At least a full sentence (Sing part of a song, Offer a toast to the subject, Start an argument between two people)
Complex Bunk: Several paragraphs or a complete poem (Narrate your every action before doing it, Recite a long poem, Make up a long involved curse)

Legerdemain - This power is not a power of illusion in Myth, but is in fact direct manipulation of the world. Because of this, the powers had to be slightly rearranged.
Gimmix - This allows crude telekinetic manipulation of the target, determined by the Realm. This does not allow you to lift anything heavier than you yourself could lift, but can push or otherwise move heavy objects. The roll is Sleight-of-Hand(8 or Might+3). Using Scene allows you to manipulate many items in the area, but not using it in conjunction with the individual Realms imposes a +1D# penalty.
Mooch - This allows you to relocate small objects from one place to a nearby area. The object in question must be within sight or must have been viewed within the last minute. People and any living creature cannot be moved with this power - Realms delineating living beings instead represent the owner of the item in question. The object cannot be larger than a fist or weigh more than 2 pounds. The roll is Dexterity+Subterfuge(8 or Intelligence+Alertness).
Ensnare - This power allows you to trap another by entangling them in the environment. The Realm used determines either the target, or what is being used to ensnare them. Unlike the power described in Changeling, this power does not allow you to move objects in any fashion except to be used as a trap, nor does it create anything to entrap the target if nothing is there unless the Realm used describes the target. The roll is Dexterity+Might(8 or Might+3).
Effigy - This works as described in Changeling. The roll is Dexterity+Arts(9)
Phantom Shadows - This works as described in Changeling. The roll is Dexterity+Enigmas(9).

Bunks - Legerdemain requires Bunks where the Faerie perform some action or movement, generally silly or superfluous. Such actions may require a separate roll to accomplish, or may hinder the caster in some fashion - the more involved or obvious, the better the Bunk.
Simple Bunk: A subtle or simple action (Curtsey or bow, cross your eyes, Leap as high as you can and touch the ceiling or a high branch)
Average Bunk: A blatant action, often requiring a full turn to complete (Roll around on the ground and giggle, Drink an entire flagon of ale w/o stopping for breath, Juggle)
Complex Bunk: A complex action requiring at least a turn, if not several (Make an origami figure, Perform a magic trick, Stand on your head and spin)

Primal - This power works similar to the power in Changeling, with only one major change.
Spirit's Whisper - This works essentially as described in Changeling, allowing you to speak with anything. Using a Realm describing a sentient being makes this power work as an automatic translator, though the duration may be prohibitive (and the Bunk used somewhat disconcerting). The roll is Intelligence+Intuition(8). If used on a sleeping individual, this power may reveal information the target may not normally give, in which case the D# is their Willpower+3.
Soothe and Rouse - This power allows you to quiet the rage in others, or to bring it to the surface.The roll is Intelligence+Rapport, and if the target is sentient, then the D# is their Willpower. Using it to calm them makes it impossible for them to take any aggressive action for a number of turns equal to the successes, while rousing their anger forces them to react aggressively for the same amount of time. Using it on an inanimate object gives a D# of 8 and prevents the item from being used aggressively, or makes it 'want' to be used aggressively. If used against natural forces (such as fire or violent weather) it makes it harmless to the caster for a number of turns equal to the successes, and this protection can be extended to others by expending a success for each other person. If it is used to rouse the phenomena, it makes any damage it causes be resisted at a D# of 8 instead of 6 and causes it to whip into a frenzy for a number of turns equal to the successes.
Mending Touch - This works as described in Changeling. The roll is Intelligence+Rapport(8 for objects, 9 for places, 4+ # of wound levels for beings).
Shield and Strike - This works as described in Changeling. The roll is Intelligence+Might(9).
Alter Form - This works as described in Changeling. The roll is Intelligence+Endurance(8 for self, 9 for inanimate objects, Willpower for other beings).

Bunks - Bunks for Primal require the attainment and use of a natural element. Higher level Bunks require that the element be crafted in some fashion.
Simple Bunk: Common elements (Imitate a bird call, Sprinkle the subject with fresh water, Listen to a seashell)
Average Bunk: Uncommon elements, or crafted common ones (Eat a 4-Leaf clover, Cut your palm and offer the blood, Eat a cake made with many spices)
Complex Bunk: A rare element, or crafted uncommon one (Strike your subject with a holly whip, Massage the subject with scented oils, Drink a vile concoction made of unusual ingredients)

Soothsay - This power works mostly as described in Changeling, with only one major change.
Sense Fortune - Intuition(8)
Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair - Perception+Enigmas(9)
Scrying - Investigation(8 or subject's Wits+Stealth+3 if they are trying to hide)
Vision - This works in one of two ways. The roll is Perception+Divination(9), and the successes determine the clarity of the vision. It gives a brief and often cryptic vision of future events, relating somehow to the Realm used. If 3 or more successes are rolled, the caster may opt to describe an event relating to the Realm, which the GM will insert into future events. The GM is not in any way obligated to follow outlandish or inappropriate prophecies, and if they are given he is more than welcome to apply the caveat 'be careful what you wish for.'
Fate Fire - Perception+Meditation(9)

Bunks - The Bunks of this Art require that the caster employ the tools of divination and fortune. At higher levels the caster will need to perform a divination ritual taking several turns.
Simple Bunk: Wield a minor divination object (Gaze into a quartz crystal, Roll a pair of dice, Hold a lock of the subject's hair)
Average Bunk: Perform a simple divination (Scatter runes on the ground and read them, Stare into the broken shards of a mirror, Burn a bag filled with special herbs and scatter the ashes to the winds)
Complex Bunk: Perform an extended divination (Sprinkle blood on the sand and read the patterns, Perform a 3-day crystal divination, Chew the wax of a candle burned for 7 days)

Sovereign - This works as described in Changeling, with the following rolls:
Protocol - Etiquette(8)
Dictum - Charisma+Leadership(Wits+Self-Control+3)
Grandeur - Charisma+Seduction(Willpower+3)
Royal Seal - Charisma+Intimidation(9)
Geas - Charisma+Leadership(Wits+Conviction+3)

Bunks - This royal Art requires that the caster conduct himself in a noble manner or adorn himself with royal garments. Grand and haughty statements and gestures are the province of these cantrips.
Simple Bunk: A simple gesture (Put on a pair of spotless white gloves, Salute your subject, Break a wine glass upon the ground)
Average Bunk: A commanding statement (Apply intricate makeup to your face, Gesture with an ornate wand or weapon, Swear loyalty to your subject)
Complex Bunk: Issue a proclamation (Henceforth call the subject by a new name, Stand on high ground and recite an epic poem, Swear an oath by your full name and/or that of your target)

Wayfare - This also works as described, with only one exception.
Hopscotch - Wits+Athletics(8)
Quicksilver - This power adds the successes to all following Initiative rolls as long as the Bunk is maintained. If the target is an inanimate object then its speed is increased by a factor of the successes. Using Prop to increase the speed of a weapon acts as if the wielder were the target, though the GM is within his rights to increase D#'s if the effect is unexpected or wildly successful. The roll is Wits+Courage(8).
Portal Passage - Wits+Burglary(8)
Wind Runner - Wits+Endurance(9)
Flicker Flash - Wits+Enigmas (7 if the target is willing, Willpower+3 if the subject, or whoever is holding the subject is unwilling)

Bunks - The Bunks for this Art require that the Faerie physically move his body in some manner - anything from a simple jump to leaping and spinning in the air and landing on his head. At higher levels, these Bunks require a prop of some sort.
Simple Bunk: A simple, quick movement (Jump in the air, Do a cartwheel, Flap your arms like a giant bird)
Average Bunk: A simple action with a prop, or a complex action (Perform a short dance, Make a pile of sand on your hand and blow it off, Trace a route on a map in blood)
Complex Bunk: A complex action requiring a prop or great physical force (Thrust a blade into the floor, Draw a face on an egg and then break the egg, Jump off the top of a tall building or tree)


Actor - This Realm deals with the Mannish folk. How the Faerie relates to the human determines which Realm level is used. This works exactly as described in Changeling.

Fae - This Realm describes the Faeries, and all manner of Magickal phenomena. The level used is determined by how close to the Faerie the target is.
Familiar Kith - Any Faerie of the same Court who claims the same Homeland.
Foreign Face - Any Faerie of the same Court that was born in a different land.
Manifold and Many - Any corporeal Magickal creature, or any Faerie of a different Court.
Tenuous Spirit - Any Magickal creature without a physical form.
Aura of Mana - Anything created by or powered by Magick that isn't alive.

Nature - This Realm comprises the awesome forces, elements, and beings of Nature. This had to be totally reworked for Myth.
Stable Elements - Water and Earth, plants, and unliving organic material.
Cold Creature - Any normal animal that is cold blooded and not sentient.
Dynamic Elements - Fire and Air. This does not affect lightning, nor does it account for weather that could be classified as a storm.
Feral Animal - Any normal, warm blooded animal that isn't sentient.
Natural Phenomena - This covers storms, earthquakes, lightning, and other major elemental occurrences.

Prop - This Realm covers all manner of inanimate objects, created for some particular use. It works almost exactly as described in Changeling.
Ornate Garb - This can affect money at +1 D#
Crafted Tool - as is
Mechanical Device - as is
Complex Machine - Anything up to the size of a carriage, with moving parts and even involving chemical reactions. Use of this realm requires that the caster have a basic working knowledge of how the device works.
Arcane Artifact - Anything larger than a carriage, up to the size of a room, or something the caster does not understand.

Scene - This works as described in Changeling 1st edition and depends not only on the amount of area covered, but what that area is. The Realm names basically describe the area.
The Chamber
The Cottage
The Lonely Lane
The Glen
The Castle

Time - This Realm works differently than the others - it is never used alone, but is instead used to either extend the duration of the Cantrip, or to delay the effect for a time. If used as a delay, the D# is increased by the Realm level used (rounded up).
Parting Glance - The effect is sustained until the caster leaves the area of effect, or is delayed until the caster leaves.
Hourglass Turn - The effect is sustained or delayed an hour.
By the Sun - The effect is sustained or delayed until the next sunrise or sunset.
Labor's Length - The effect is sustained or delayed for a week.
Moon's Measure - The effect is sustained or delayed for a month.

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